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  1. 3 firsts + any two players or 3 1sts, 1 second, and any one player, or 3 firsts, 2 seconds
  2. If they weren't taking offers they wouldn't be using their reporting mouthpiece McClain to put out prices.
  3. He’s ours, the writing is on the wall. Dolphins front office has already convinced themselves that Tua on a rookie contract + all those picks are better for them than Watson, and Jets will come to a similar conclusion with Wilson/Fields. Our front office would have too if we were picking that high, but we aren’t, and Tepper has something to prove, and we’re in the NFC, so Watson will be ours. I’ll wager anyone on here in dogecoin. Huddlers will cry about it saying we overpaid but they’ll sweep that under the rug when we win the division
  4. Watson will be the TD, passing, and wins (reg season and playoffs) leader in Carolina by the time he hangs them up. And he will be holding up a Lombardi trophy before it’s all said and done
  5. Absolutely, it's such a no brainer it would be a crime if it didn't happen. We could go 50 years without drafting a QB as good as Watson, easily. Just ask the Bengals, Lions, Bears, etc
  6. decades? good god the anti-Deshaun crew is becoming more and more disconnected from reality
  7. we need a jackass or two to tell us that Houston is not going to trade them, because of course we should take them at their word. Watson, Russ, just get one of them
  8. This trade isn't as bad as it looks. Yes, Anderson+Burns + 2 firsts is a lot, but that's probably at minimum what the Texans can fetch for a talent like Waston, and i'd rather movie Robbie than a third 1st rounder. Moving CMC hurts because of his talent, but he is an RB that's getting paid -- never smart to do -- and most importantly is the price we pay to dump Two Yards in the process. I'd pull the trigger in a second.
  9. I'm all in the vibes. Let's vibe this into existence man! I'm getting my chakras aligned as we speak
  10. If you're the Jets/Dolphins brass, are you really going to move three 1sts when you're thinking fug it, just take Wilson on a rookie deal and put the finishing touches around him? Said this before but it actually works towards our advantage that not such equivalent prospect is sitting presumably at #8, where that calculus becomes much less enticing.
  11. I need someone who posts an average of 100+ times per day to explain why we still shouldn't get our hopes up
  12. Both those teams are also in position to draft those much better QBs coming out of college, allowing them to keep those draft picks for themselves
  13. Months before it happened I called that the worst case scenario of squandering the release of Cam would be by signing an absolute lead balloon like Teddy Twoyards, naming him specifically. It was my biggest fear that Hurney and the new coaches would be conned into thinking that with their swagger and huge egos, that they could take this career loser and turn him into a playoff QB at only 60% the cost and get one over the rest of the league. Like the braggadocios wannabe lady killer who thinks he just needs to get a lesbian into bed to turn her straight. Of course it was a clear
  14. I would do it. You're kidding yourselves if you don't think Russ has 10 elite years left. He's an ironman and allegedly is already doing the same diet poo that Tom Brady is doing to extend his athletic years left.
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