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  1. Burrow is a damn stud. The difference between him and the absolute three garbage signal callers we've brought in the last two years cannot be overstated. Darnold isn't even worthy to wipe his brow with Burrow's jockstrap
  2. means we'll probably bring in D. Jones to be a bum here too
  3. Of course i do, under the umbrella of roster decisions and trades as part of a coach's total job, then yes he's an absolute failure as a coach, no question, and he must go. But to a narrower definition of coaching on game day, i'm not saying he is Walsh, i'm saying even if he was, we would never know because of the situation he created in building such a crap roster, with the crap QBs as the cherry on top.
  4. Honestly I don't have much of an issue with Rhule the coach, I think that's mostly impossible to determine given the crap roster the last two years, my biggest problem is his horrid ability to identify talent or fair value given the bad signing and even worse trades of two absolute bum QBs the last two years. He could be Bill Walsh on the sidelines on game day but if he continues on his trajectory of misjudging talent badly across the board along with bringing in his Temple and Baylor cronies then it doesn't matter at all
  5. What difference does it make? He’s not coming here. Every other team opening has a better QB, while the Panthers have the worst collection of QBs in the league, and they certainly wouldn’t be on the hook for paying another coach for five more years
  6. It was Brady/Rhule who brought in Bridgewater and Darnold. They're the ones who will hang first, while Fitt should at least be given the chance to get his own guy at coach and QB
  7. Three starting QBs in the last month and each of those threes would unquestionably be considered the worst starting QB in the league. Whoever created that situation is the one who needs to be gone
  8. We have the two worst starting QBs in the entire league, and those two are inferior to many backups in this league. Fire whose responsible for that state of affairs
  9. Not sure who would have done any better given the crap he was given at signal caller and offensive line
  10. Pro: He is very quick to see personnel mistakes after they happen Con: He and Brady keep making these mistakes
  11. Excellent news. Let Miami ruin themselves on and off the field
  12. The 2nd rounder for him is an even worse trade than Chicago giving away Olsen for a 3rd. Considerably worse.
  13. This is the worst because there's no light at the end of the tunnel. We're stuck with Sam, who we gave up a 2nd rounder(!) for, with no worthwhile alternative in the draft
  14. One thing's true, if you stay a fan through all this, no one can call you a bandwagonner.
  15. We will be ranked anywhere from 28th to 32nd in some powerrankings coming out, and frankly I don't disagree
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