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  1. i'm not celebrating until we've faced more than a rookie making his first start and famous jameis, or whatever rookie is on deck on TNF. We get past Cousins, Dak, Ryan and those are holding up? Then we'll know we have a juggernaut
  2. offensive line drafting is waaaay too much of a crapshoot IMO. would rather just save the big FA money for those guys, and continuing loading up on maintaining our monster defense
  3. this board has always had such a victim/persecution complex my god. why care so much about braindead sports media pundits, whose entire purpose is to traffic in hot takes? jesus. focus on turning a clearly external locus of control to an internal one and it will improve your life measurably.
  4. let's not go crazy. he's a low to mid level game manager letting the talented skill position players carry the offense on a team led by the strength of the defense, and he's being paid like one for that reason, which is GOOD. we don't want him trying to carry the team
  5. i hope someone poaches this bum before the end of the season. He couldn't call up a TD if every play of the game was 4th and inches
  6. Would have been the best QB on the roster last year and this year
  7. low tier game manager, but at least he's only being paid like one
  8. has no one to blame but himself, for both reasons on the field and off the field
  9. Honestly a lot of you guys I guess aren't fans of teams in other sports that have won one or multiple titles and it shows. "win one and i'd be fine with losing seasons the next ten years" isn't true, you would be pissed regardless, believe me on this.
  10. The comparison should be never won since 1995 to be fair. So add Jets, Bears, Dolphins, Raiders, and Redskins, and suddenly that's more than half the league.
  11. This franchise has no vision at all. Tepper and Rhule are both chumps winging it and doomed to wallow in suck
  12. Rhule is a chump for not trading up with Detroit
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