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  1. This franchise has no vision at all. Tepper and Rhule are both chumps winging it and doomed to wallow in suck
  2. Rhule is a chump for not trading up with Detroit
  3. Everything that happened this season was worth it if we get Sewell
  4. He won't touch us with a ten foot pole. I bet he'd retire before coming here. He can ask for a trade to the Chargers or something while he moonlights on Jeopardy
  5. ...and has zero interest in ever playing for the Carolina Panthers
  6. I'd jump up on the table and pump my fist in the air if we got him at 8. Imagine not having to worry about LT for another decade
  7. Sounds like we bid against ourselves. And I thought JR and Hurney weren't in charge anymore?
  8. "he was just in a bad situation" is the new "He went 5-0 as a starter!"
  9. Don't make a mistake, Jets fans are dancing like it's V-day 1945 right now at the thought they were able to get off Darnold for a SECOND ROUND PICK. Tepper just got snookered by one of the worst franchises in American sports
  10. Keep coping, Darnold was garbage all three years including pre-Gase. Ryan Tannehill? We'd be lucky to get Ryan Fitzpatrick level of play
  11. This dude can't play a lick, I don't care that it was the Jets, he SUCKED. We have two bad options at QB, so unless our strategy is to build another 2000 Baltimore or 2013 Seattle level defense, at least we'll be drafting high for the foreseeable future
  12. No, in light of the volume of these allegations, just no. I have daughters and can't in good conscious support an athlete with this vile level of personal behavior.
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