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  1. Always a good day when you switch out a player who isn't top-50 at his position with one that's at least in the top 25 or so
  2. Correct as of now. Darnold is not a top 50 QB in the NFL, he couldn't lead the 85 Bears to the playoffs. Sub in a QB who is merely the 25th best in the league, and it's suddenly very different
  3. 90% of that article is spin artist BS from Watson's camp. He wanted max dollars plain and simple. He would have come here if Tepper had been foolish enough to bite
  4. I want. He's on a prove-it deal, and at his peak had a better season than Darnold could ever dream of. And if it doesn't work out, almost nothing lost.
  5. So has Albright donated that $10,000 yet?
  6. This ended very well for us. Our rivals bruised their cap situations and roster futures, and alienated their current QBs, without getting anything out of it.
  7. Massive overpay. Whoever backed down, whether it was Tepper or Fitt, made the right decision. I feel better about ownership than I did all of last week. Browns just crippled their franchise. We need to get on Baker
  8. After seeing that deal, thank god he isn't coming here. That number is going to ruin their franchise
  9. good riddance. Enjoy rotting in Atlanta, and better bring your rehab clinician with you because those knees won't last
  10. Yeah this talk of needing to attach picks for him, let alone a 1st rounder, is nonsense. At the end of the day he's still a top 16 starting QB in this league right now, and he only has two years left on his deal, not 5 or 6. Some team will move picks for him
  11. A sixth or seventh rounder? We should make that deal then
  12. I think they're still just a little bit short, otherwise we'd have already been officially eliminated, instead as last resort in case both Falcons and Saints can't make it work
  13. In retrospect it was obvious he wasn't coming here, or at least had no intention of doing so, after he didn't pull the trigger for us after the team met with him. The rebuttal to that line of thinking was "well he didn't pull the trigger for New Orleans or Atlanta either!" but those two teams actually have to do work just to open up the books, whereas we've had enough cap space since day 1. Not comparable. So best case is Ryan remains untradable, and Loomis can't squeeze the last 10 million in room, and we get Watson, who doesn't want to be here, by default. He doesn't play most of this year because of suspension, and then after three seasons he's a free agent again who very well still might not want to be here and could leave us. So how is that worth continuing this pursuit?
  14. At absolute best, we're a distant third who is only the fallback option if for whatever reasons the cap situations in New Orleans and Atlanta prove to be intractable.
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