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  1. Looking for rebounds. Trying to pick corners has lead to too many one-and-done possessions these playoffs.
  2. My love for hockey grew because of the games tbh.
  3. We'd all understand the reason why...but maaaaaan idk. Risky to mess with the mojo. Ned getting rest is pivotal though. He saw a lot of really good, tough cross crease shots so you know he's tired after all the ot this series.
  4. There's a weird stat called expected saves, meaning would-be goals that the goalie is usually saving basically. Mrazek was 9. Ned was 14. Reimer was in the negative. Lol. They're all good goalies, Rod stuck with the hot hand in Ned. Mrazek has the experience but he's not as explosive after the injuries. Here's a good playoff stats run down on goalies, just to put it in perspective. http://moneypuck.com/goalies.htm Goalie isn't something that's easy to look at and know exactly what a good goal and what a soft goal is for most casual fans (took me watching since
  5. We got them gassed that period. You could tell. fuging stay on them in OT and don't give them a PP to work with
  6. Resulted in nothing but that zone entry was beautiful. Svech is special with the passes.
  7. We've outshot them what, 13-2 or something in the third?
  8. To add, Mrazek simply got out-played by Nedeljkovic down the stretch. Mrazek got hurt, Ned stepped in, and once he came back Reimer sort of went to the wayside (he wasn't playing well anyway).
  9. Two of these goals tonight came because the d in front utterly failed him. Ned is fine. Rookie getting his first NHL playoff starts.
  10. We're in our tempo. Keep at it. A goal is coming.
  11. Notice...we have control...now they're going for the poo after the whistle. Nashville's strategy is literally win the mental game and get you tilty.
  12. I'd pay good money to have Svech mic'd up for a game.
  13. Saros is locked in. Just keep ripping em. One will find it's way in
  14. Jesus. Christ. Lorentz, get the puck up. That's as pretty a look as you'll get
  15. Teravainen is the man for that. Jesus Christ can we stop the lazy passing for just one period?
  16. Hence the lack of goals. We should be hanging 35+ shots every game with this team. We're focused on the wrong thing.
  17. Again, self inflicted. We're just being careless. Hopefully Rod is chewing asses at intermission.
  18. I love physical hockey...but that ain't us right now. We grind boards, we don't try to muscle plays unless we're talking Svech.
  19. Lorentz is the biggest head scratcher for me on this team. What does he do, exactly? Like he's good defensively and good at digging out pucks...but I know a few guys I've played with in pick up at Indian Trail that would produce more.
  20. Seriously, take away the unforced turnovers, Nashville is just taking advantage of us trying to play their game again. We're not going to beat and bang them to death. We won't win doing it. Keep skating and passing around and start shooting. Constantly one too many passes that lead to turnovers because they collapse the slot.
  21. Not really. Most of this is self inflicted. Only area we're getting dominated is the faceoff circle.
  22. This crowd is literally a high school football crowd. "Canes you suck" is weak sauce and section 328 would like a word with them
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