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  1. Maybe in Canada. Dundon took over a bottom feeding low point Hurricanes team and turned the team into perennial contenders for years to come in a single year. Selling out at home, max capacity at all times, team turning a profit. And that's a hockey team in the South. Not exactly ez mode.
  2. It's the off-season, most of the talk is pre-draft hope. Meanwhile, over in Raleigh we have a hockey team about to enter the playoffs hot with one of the best owners in professional sports (if we're basing it purely on results of what they bought and where the team has gone since) running the show from a very involved approach. Which again stirs in me the question of why in the fug Tepper isn't begging Dundon to show him what he sees and how he runs a team because I think Dundon is specifically the type of owner Tepper is trying to be, he's just way better at it than Tepper. https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Articles/2024/04/15/tom-dundon-hurricanes
  3. TMJ and Mingo have potential. Whether they develop and grow into that remains to be seen. We haven't had a functioning offense in years. Kinda hard to judge
  4. I think he'd be fine as an NFL QB...given the time to develop. This instant success requirement of rookie QBs is just dumb. He was never going to be that because most aren't. Corral could've been our guy. Just needed a competent organization to see it through, let him ride pine and learn and turn him loose in year 3 or so. Instead we abandoned him immediately. He'll sign somewhere and ball.
  5. I mean in theory I get the line. In practice, it just doesn't work. But wtf are you gonna do with those guys? Kuz third line? Svech third line? Necas third line? These are all top 6 guys. But I do think you're right. Gotta shake it up. Necas third line, Turbo up with the Kuz and Svech. If that doesn't fix it, what, Marty up? Drop Jarvis to 2 to put Svech with Aho?
  6. It was hilarious for a while there. It was a given that his shot was hitting glass or board, so every goal felt like a moment lol
  7. Look, we all grant Jordan a pass for his stretches of "and Staal's shot misses the net", so we can do the same for Svech lol
  8. Yeah I'd test and consider. But rod is bullish. How many cold snaps did Aho play through?
  9. I think people expect more dominant play out of Svech because of his style and talent. We know the potential when healthy and hot, so people want that. It's why everybody got down on Eric Staal late in his run here. Svech's contribution is still felt, it just isn't translating to 5v5 goals right now.
  10. Howell is objectively the better physical guy. Bigger arm, bigger body, more prototypical in general. Between the ears is his question mark. We don't have that as much with Bryce I don't think. One's issues can be coached. The other can't. If it's offered I think you have to do it, if Canales wants it. But I don't think anybody is ever doing that trade head up. Howell will be a solid starter in the league in time. Never an elite guy, but can make a playoff run on the right team I think (if he can clean up the turnovers).
  11. Did you even watch last season? DJ was destroying when Fields wás healthy
  12. First pick has to be a success. Period. I don't think anybody will really give a fug the position as long as that player produces at a high level.
  13. Pretty sure if the ball is inside of 5 yards of the LOS it's good.
  14. I think he's gonna play to Bryce's strengths. Doesn't mean the pass game will necessarily be short. Canales' history says he likes going deep, but it's a fast, decisive deep shot, not waiting for things to develop. Scheme will be there, so execute. If Bryce falters, I don't see him remaining if whoever we have in the QB room is capable. He wants to win now, and he's not as married to Bryce as Tepper and Morgan are. Hopefully Morgan has told him "nobody is sacred, win above all else". That seems to be his mindset, and consistency is talked about a lot, so let's hope
  15. Well to the defense's credit, they were on the field forever. Our D wasn't a big issue last season. It wasn't perfect or sexy, and we didn't have playmakers doing much, but it wasn't necessarily bad by any stretch. I like our defensive scheme a lot. Just need players man.
  16. I get the pessimistic reaction in here, but this is dealing with people. I think the actions post-Reich have shown Tepper has reflected some. Now, it could be a play and he's not changed at all and he's still the meddling owner that is destroying the franchise, but I am willing to let my optimism win. Tepper introduced the press conference, introduced the GM and HC and fuged off. Good. Hopefully it is a sign of change. But I'm cautious.
  17. One of Tepper's locker room snitches. One of several. Hopefully the rest get the boot. You destroy a locker room by having guys reporting their findings back to the front office
  18. Anybody else get back into it? I beat it on initial release and enjoyed my time into endgame content but stopped on Deviljho. Got it for PC when it went on the massive sale on Steam and really dig it with my PC which can crank higher frames on ultra settings (PS4 looked nice, but this is truly impressive). I'm probably gonna stick with it into deeper endgame this go around and see what iceborne is about. It's a nice getaway from CS2/Valorant and Escape From Tarkov (I don't know why I can't quit that beautifully poo game).
  19. Give. Me. Mike. Vrabel. I don't want to experiment with some coordinator who may or may not work out. Gimme the guy who did a bang up job with a roster made of chicken poo and the ownership traded away the chicken and handed him spam in the form of rookie QB. Give me the man who isn't putting up with bullshit and laziness. Give me the man driving men to be great.
  20. If you knew Sting, you'd know two things about that reference. Multiple times he pulled off a mask to reveal another Sting mask. Which parallels our lack of change, particularly recently. Also, his tag line of "the only thing for certain about Sting, is nothing is certain". But no, the Panthers aren't iconic. Lol
  21. The stench of Rebel Yell should be lifted by now. Let's do it. I don't watch as regularly as I used to, but I def keep up via the Internet and catch episodes when I can @Zod is the only one you can @ but I doubt that he's checking notifications on that one
  22. That was rough. Promo work is getting worse too. There's too much leaning into the fourth wall now. They acknowledge that we know it's a work. Everything becomes hollow.
  23. It's like they watched what Vince did the last decade, realized the only real spots they did were the setup and the finish, and decided "hey, let's do the opposite, have no story and no real match, just dudes hitting spots for 7 minutes until the fans tell us they're bored, last spot before boos get too loud wins". Lol
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