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  1. Skoal is the Walmart brand of dip. Like, sure, it's not the worst and there are definitely worse options to be had, but my god why would you purposefully choose it over some of the other clearly better options that won't hit your wallet any harder?
  2. Well TD came back from all of his injuries and had a pro bowl career, but I think that's more the exception than the rule. I'm hopeful for CMC as it was a non-contact injury but still, it's worrisome
  3. Yeah the lingering is what worries me. I don't want an expensive and hobbled CMC.
  4. I'll say this about CMC. I had a slightly torn labrum in college from a football injury. It still doesn't feel right sometimes, especially if I'm going heavy on overhead press or if my bench form falters. Granted the labrum doesn't self repair like a partially torn hammy will, but still. This has the potential to nag/reoccur with CMC going forward
  5. I'm suspecting Horn is gonna be out 6-8 weeks. Possibly shorter, depending on severity. CMC is likely dependent on an MRI today. If it's not a full tear, and it doesn't appear to be, then I think he'll probably be out for anywhere from 3-8 weeks. Honestly, not even that worried about all this. I'm very zen-like about it. Maybe the 3-0 record has me optimistic but it just feels like we're gonna be fine.
  6. With 888 yards, Sam Darnold has the 2nd most passing yards behind Kurt Warner among QBs that have started 3-0 all time. Kurt's number? 900 yards, I believe. This offense could be a recreation of the greatest show on turf.
  7. Seriously, I wouldn't put it last Tepper to sign one of the guys from Charlotte FC, pay them something silly high for an unproven guy for one year just to promote the team to BoA attendees for the Panthers.
  8. We're waiting to unleash the secret weapon. Our ace in the hole. Adam freakin' Armour.
  9. QB has to deliver the ball. It's not like they were plucking balls out of the air that they had no business catching all day. So yes, the QB gets the credit. They always get more of their share of both the credit and the blame. You are right, we do have a lot of talent around him, but it means nothing if your QB is checking down instead of going for the deeper open man. That first TD would not have been thrown with Teddy. Zero shot he waits on that late crosser, he instead hits the open arrow route three steps into the boot. That's what I mean. As much YAC as we're getting this season compared to past years, you don't think SOME of the credit there goes to Sam? At least a little?
  10. We literally have a QB playing out of his mind and frankly he carried the offense today (we averaged just under 3 yards per carry rushing). I'll take a pick where he's trying to make something happen and he gets bumped so it fails once a game if he keeps this up. Granted, he has only played the Jets and a hobbled Saints D, but he looks damn good with the majority of his decision making, which is encouraging.
  11. I'm still viewing Darnold like a rookie in a lot of ways. He's still figuring it out and he looks sound. Just needs more time and more reps. I anticipate by season's end we'll see a more locked in version of him, which is good because he looked damn good at times yesterday. If he can settle down in the redzone a bit, we could have our QB for the foreseeable future. Exciting time for us.
  12. Offense had a rough second half but we also sort of changed our gameplan. Not mad about a w
  13. Except for one missed throw and the botched handoff, I'm very pleased with Darnold.
  14. This....this is the most wholesome the huddle has been in a while.
  15. Once again, always able to see who played football in any serious capacity based on reactions to training camp performance. No player is spotless in TC. No player is spotless in a full week of practice in November. Darnold is gonna be fine.
  16. Bingo. Dude said some racist poo before, fought a teammate, probably rubbed ownership the wrong way....yet, Slavin and Jordan both said they want him, Marc Staal apparently had a talk with Rod about him, and a few others. They vetted this move. Saying this guy's irredeemable because he said some stupid poo and doubled down on his right to say whatever he wants is whatever. The only questions that matter now are, 1) are you going to be a problem for us right now, on the ice or in the locker room? 2) are you gonna be able to handle everybody, including fans, hating you until you prove you've changed or at least aren't going to be a douchenozzle anymore? 3) can you play and produce? Anybody taking some moral stand on this need to take a look in the mirror. I never fought a teammate or called a man a racial slur, but there's poo I ain't proud of and we all got something. If he's an asshole while employed by the Canes, cut him with a fug you very much and go fug yourself. If he's not, hey, it's 1 year and he either earns another contract or he is a stop gap for a long term solution. Win either way.
  17. I've spent an hour on Twitter trying to explain to the weirdos that people change and Rod don't play no bull. If DeAngelo becomes a problem, he'll be gone. If he can not be a jackass, he'll help us big time.
  18. Looking for rebounds. Trying to pick corners has lead to too many one-and-done possessions these playoffs.
  19. My love for hockey grew because of the games tbh.
  20. We'd all understand the reason why...but maaaaaan idk. Risky to mess with the mojo. Ned getting rest is pivotal though. He saw a lot of really good, tough cross crease shots so you know he's tired after all the ot this series.
  21. There's a weird stat called expected saves, meaning would-be goals that the goalie is usually saving basically. Mrazek was 9. Ned was 14. Reimer was in the negative. Lol. They're all good goalies, Rod stuck with the hot hand in Ned. Mrazek has the experience but he's not as explosive after the injuries. Here's a good playoff stats run down on goalies, just to put it in perspective. http://moneypuck.com/goalies.htm Goalie isn't something that's easy to look at and know exactly what a good goal and what a soft goal is for most casual fans (took me watching since 2005 and playing goalie in NHL15-20 to really grasp it, honestly). Ned is playing very well. Could be better, but he's 25 and this experience is either going to make him become a league great or he'll wilt.
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