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  1. starts off really strong and is probably a 10/10 up until season 5. that's when you will start seeing some outrageously stupid poo happen but it's still a fun, enjoyable experience. the later seasons are more like summer blockbuster movies though - turn your brain off and try to enjoy the pretty stuff. horrific ending. overall the most disappointing show of all time.
  2. the rams just gave the lions 2 first rounders (+a 3rd and goff) for stafford. you don't think anyone is willing to do that for watson? he'll probably bring 3.
  3. https://streamable.com/e/011t
  4. i love how they don't flag the launching spear helmet to helmet but threw the flag on the clean shoulder to shoulder hit by cinci's safety in the first half.
  5. am i crazy or was that obviously not a catch?
  6. i can't fuging believe we're forced into another game winning drive because of bullshit officiating.
  7. is it just me or are the giants the dirtiest team we've played this year by far?
  8. so they throw the flag when it costs them 1 yard fuging bullshit
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