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  1. we need to draft and sign all offense this offseason not saying Brady, Cam or Darnold are flawless but no one named CMC (and occasionally Hubbard) has consistently stepped up
  2. need for whenever someone tells me D.J.'s a #1 because he can get open deep
  3. "i talked to a guy for 3 minutes got told "it could be this or may be that" and have come to the conclusion that our angry takes might possibly be right or it could be literally anything else. it's one of the two."
  4. isn't it rude to answer a question with a question?
  5. Anyway we do have the ability to go deep, but we don't have a modern NFL deep threat now. No body is current NFL fast on our roster and really didn't really replace it when Curt left. It's not damning, but it sucks when it seems like our WRs don't get tons and tons of elite separation easily and quickly, which is what we need with our o-line
  6. do you just like try to make the most controversial takes ever or it's an artform at this point so i'm curious
  7. i know this is a reactional thread and no one is gonna be rational here but it's easy to blame the coaching but how about we hold the PoA and fugin' tackle on defense. Idk how that's the coaches fault.
  8. "this guy is fast and good at covering but all of a sudden he wants to tackle at CB? he's only looking to get paid cut him so i can bitch about him being good on another team next year."
  9. are you serious real millennials only cope with sarcasm wym
  10. even cam said he understood and he wouldn't let it happen again. we all know there's emotional players out there who would've let the energy get the beter of them for the detriment of the team. Cam did not. No need to defend him here. No need to criticize Cam here. Everyone got it. No one cared. Everyone loved it.
  11. say less is the same thing as say no more. don't know where it started. heard it a while ago. sometime slang just happens. don't think about it too hard just go with the flow.
  12. this is my favorite huddle thread bar none
  13. luckily our running game has been looking improved. Both Abdullah and Chubba have been fine in spurts releiving CMC and Royce Freeman as an emergency. Hopefully we can keep Cam's shoulder mostly rested and on a pitch count. Cam isn't Super Man anymore. He's our Clark Kent now and he's already buying into that role. It is a concern though. We can only hope we manage it well.
  14. Keep our heads up, but keep rational. One week at a time. #1 is back, anything is possible.
  15. Yeah this. Like Cam's deep ball ain't what it used to be, and even if it was a "duck" it's still miles better than anything we've seen since 2019. he can still get it down field don't you worry.
  16. heard he sucked not worth a top 10 pick
  17. guys scary thought are we actually thankful for Belichick here
  18. When this first broke that we signed him, I really wanted to mostly stay away from social media in general and all the hot takes and just let it set in, and I'm glad I did. This is the first thread I've really dove into surrounding the Cam signing and man hearing and seeing him talk it's like he never left. I am so, so excited to have him back and i want nothing more than to win while he's here. On to Arizona.
  19. i completely over estimaited the capabilities of this offensive line (not just the FA signings) and I think we all took Teddy's ability to operate under pressure for granted last year.
  20. It's really funny how you took one post and made a grand assumption about my take on the season and this team and this season because I'm not mad and want everyone to get fired and want Sam to combust or some poo. I'm not even gonna correct you. I'm just gonna let you keep your dumbass assumption.
  21. that wasn't directed at you as much as it was the board. that said i don't entirely agree with that take, i do think there's some players you can expect to work out. And I can absolutely understand kicking the tires on Sam. He's 24 and we wanted to try something. I don't think these results entirely were expected, this is the most cynical posters wet dream.
  22. well duh now i go into hindsight mode and tell you all the moves we should've made and why my ability to be right 1/58th of the time on the internet should nominate me to be the next gm/owner/hc of the panthers
  23. I've been hard on Brady all season but today really...wasn't much on him. it was either that or rely on CMC like always. I'd rather lose like this tbh.
  24. have we hit the meltdown point of the season?
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