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  1. Sam did miss him on a wide open TD but yeah he's been mia a lot.
  2. he started picking a hole and just hitting it. best run of his was when he picked a spot down the sideline and just hit it. No hesitation. No waiting. Great vision.
  3. we had players step up when they needed to. we saw three of our rookies get better tonight we saw adjustments and not us letting go of the reigns this coaching staff is getting me giddy
  4. just in time for arguably the best WR core we'll face all season. horray!
  5. lmfao jk we're 3-0 let's ignore going into dallas without jaycee and just enjoy this
  6. i'm sure we're the only team ever to benefit from this no one said otherwise, but it's part of the sport. but also it's the texans, this doesn't change a ton besides one really good skill player being out.
  7. When he had to choose between trying to block Burns or Chinn? Probably my favorite moment of the game.
  8. the left side is still pretty euuuuuuuuuuuugh tho ngl
  9. Guy who we all thought only made the roster because of his ST play made several key catches today Hopefully he keeps it up.
  10. yeah but mahomes and brady don't throw ints like that so we just gotta draft the next mahomes or brady like zach wilson -- er (next hot first round pick qb here)
  11. I'm still worried about our safeties and LBs in coverage against guys not named Marquez Calloway and Lil'Jordan Humphries in the future, but I am hella encouraged by how the front 7 and whole team held up against the run.
  12. I'll be the first to say I expect this offense to have growing pains throughout the season. but this team has looked good the first two weeks and Sam has been a part of that, not in spite of or even just taking part in it.
  13. the one in the second is the one I was thinking about yeah. That was ugly, worse than the choice he actually got picked on (i don't think that one is picked if Daley isn't pushed back in his lane there but still, take the sack). I don't remember another throw to D.J. in double coverage besides the one that would've been a first if it were caught. I'll skim through that window and see if I can fin what you're talking about. but even with those bad plays, I'll still take the good plays and even smart plays he's made the past two weeks. That's all you can ask of Sam right now. Don't fug up and keep growing. All this to say my thread was entirely to call out the "WE NEED PRESEASON SNAPS" crowd just to see how they'd react we 2-0 bb
  14. Robby showed up in the end but it's concerning how little he's been targeted.
  15. that one in the 4th? to moore in double coverage? If moore's a #1 and wants to get paid like one sometimes that's the read. That throw was fine, Moore almost had it, knocked out in the end. or did you mean another throw?
  16. you're goddamn right i am. I have no idea what the rest of the season holds but I can absolutely pound my chest here. It's football, preseason means nothing. This whole fuging message board acted like Sam missing the first two spelled doom and our coach was just babying him. And look! It meant nothing!
  17. pick was boneheaded but it wasn't egregious as some of his old boneheaded mistakes. other than that Sam has looked exactly like I thought he would - young but solid. I was told he'd be terrible and this offense would be horribly out of sync. there's no way anyone would expect Sam Darnold to throw nearly 40 times in week 2 and only have two turnover worthy throws
  18. hm maybe those joint practices were better for the team after all
  19. Like Tulane is Tulane but goddamn look at this throw You can't teach that
  20. I agree. I don't think anyone here is arguing he's wroth lock down money. No one's said that. But if he plays well this season he'll like still want a contract that's "expensive" and by all means, he;ll deserve it. And I don't this games lowlights for him are worse than his highlights.
  21. what have i said about Jackson's skill level? I talked about the matchup, nothing about his skill. but go off. die on that hill, i guess. It's amazing how we can have an NFL corner back give up catches smh my head we neeed nothing but lockdown CBs.
  22. We had him matched up on a 6'4 former top 10 pick and he didn't get destroyed and made his fair share of plays. Idk what y'all want. Yeah he was picked on but that's not his fault he had that MU.
  23. sucks but it's his business. that said, this is our chant. y'all wanna keep it alive; keep it alive.
  24. idk CB is still a huge need for us. Like if we had Slater obviously it'd be good but our secondary would be. just as bad, if not worse than last year rn.
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