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  1. Pride is at worst solid depth. He had no business being in some of the matchups he was as often as he was last season and he still looked okay as a late round pick. Depth guy/STer with potential to grow isn't a bad thing.
  2. To be fair, the HBs and TEs and usage of Slot WRs, and the schemes used to expose these mismatches, in today's NFL is way different than what Shaq has to cover on a regular basis. Like 8 years ago we'd love Shaq unanimously here.
  3. That's not good for a linebacker. Targeting mismatches against LBs is becoming the trend more and more - it's why Chinn was basically a LB for us last year because we already had two liabilities in Shaq and DEFINITELY in Whitehead -- and Shaq is Just Solid enough against the run and tackling that it's acceptable. He's Eric Reid 2.0. He still tries to react to pass plays right when they happen instead of identifying the route concepts he's going against.
  4. Sees one throw in second ota Beings Self Fulfilling Prophecy
  5. Yes Adam Gase was bad. We don't need to reassure ourselves on that. He sucked and rode the coattails of Manning. This is on us as an org and Sam now. He's in a better situation. He doesn't need to be a world beater this year, just show progress.
  6. It's Charlie and he doesn't just toss poo and let it stick. He's usually good with his sources. Shame he's stuck on Walterfootball tho
  7. With D.J. due for a contract and us having TMJ to develop there's very little reason to believe we're gonna pay for a role guy nearing 30 who will probably want to get paid. That said I'm not crazy about trading him. Let him walk get a comp.
  8. To be fair I don't think we had a DB on our roster that coulda saved us that savage asswhopping outside of Josh. And love Josh to death but he has never been a shadow the best WR for 60 minutes husband that showed QUICKLY in Washington But I mean that can also open up a discussion about how Ron. Just did not value the secondary even an iota when he was here.
  9. I have been watching in agony for the past decade as they constantly draft mid to late round WR and never miss a beat. Same can't be said for their secondary tho lmao.
  10. Holy poo this is a quality post for the Huddle A fugin + my man
  11. We're not scraping the barrel for O-line help so I imagine this is just kicking the tires on a talent rather than desperately trying to fill our starting tackle role. Man how on God's green earth did we let Chandler happen.
  12. Oh boy an early season TNF game for a young team my favorite!
  13. Do you believe any of this or are you ao desperate for human interaction you'll make the most bait posts out there? Serious question here.
  14. It could've been the Steelers picking at 60 and if they heard Marshall was likely the next pick then they would've likely still taken him at 59. It's not so much who's after us but rather who was going to be taken. "Marshall was quickly becoming one of those guys whose name was beginning to stick out on the board, with not much space above him, but a lot of space below at his position. He was becoming a value guy"
  15. The fact that he can contribute as a blocker instantly is what makes me hype about this. Compare this to Ian Thomas, who had to get more polished as a receiver AND as a as a blocker. There's a HUGE chance Tremble becomes a JAG at receiver to outright bad, but if his blocking pans out we have the receiving core where we wouldn't need him to be more than the 5th option At Best.
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