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  1. Herbert obviously has better arm talent. But that alone not why Herbert was a great player this season. I like Mac Jones. I think he can become a very good QB in the NFL. He' a got a good arm and he has shown he can make every throw you can ask for. Great pocket movement. Doesn't have a cannon like any of the top prospects in this draft, but I think he fits in a system much like Brady's like a glove. Personally I like trying to trade up to 3 and getting whoever is there between Fields or Wilson the best but i don't think walking away with Mac at 8 and building our roster up through
  2. I remember you being very strongly against Herbert last year too. Look at the player not the Helmet. Was he throwing to wide open guys? Absolutely but he was making pinpoint throws more often than not. Great movement in the pocket and has more than functional ability to improv and throw on the run. Even if he turns out to be a Joe Flacco/Jay Cutler ceiling we'll be fine with him.
  3. Kelvin Joseph would be a riser rn if we had a typical combine. He would probably have a really good combine and at 6'1-6'2 he's got prototypical size at CB. Dude is my #1 CB. I like him more than Surtian. I like him more than Farley. He is technically sound, patient and can matchup with so many corners in the NFL. Has some ill-elaborated "character concerns" I've heard varying degrees of, but would love LOVE him in the second and I'm screaming to the podium if he's there in the third. Davis Mills is my first real "has a chance to be a starter early" QB prospect in a few years. That
  4. Dudes the most mechanically sound QB behind Lawrence. Makes NFL throws on the regular and has great pocket presence. Scouting the player and not the helmet he's easily better than McCarron and way more polished than someone like Daniel Jones, Mitch Tribusky and Blake Bottles. He's a first round QB easy. I'd say the asking price of QBs make him worth a top 10 pick. He has a higher ceiling than QBs that got this kind of rise like Ponder, Dalton, etc. But I get the question marks, but I think they're overblown a tad with the hype around pocket presence. Is he a better prospect that Fiel
  5. May not be the place but what's your take on Suratt?
  6. Can I use this post to start the Marcus Mage train because I fuging would kill for us to pursue Marcus Maye
  7. Going in as the starter =/= no moves at QB. It's Febuary 19th. Free Agency hasn't started. We don't know what the hell is gonna happen with the combine. We don't know what's happening with Watson. We don't know what's happening at 3 or possibly 2 yet. There's a lot of dominoes still to fall. We have no idea what's gonna happen with QBs all over the leauge, not just here.
  8. If that's what they're looking for from our FS Chinn might be the new starting S. Which I'm not against.
  9. I'm not pouding the drum for him but they did play him as a Mike for a bit. When they played him at edge wow, he looked really good. If Rhule likes him and the price is right, would be a great pickup to pair with Burns and lets YGM play with his hand in the dirt consistently.
  10. I agree with most of this. I doubt Godwin is going anywhere though so that makes Curt the best speed guy in the FA. Depends on what the market is for that.
  11. We are now manufacturing touches foe D.J. Holy poo. And "go to" in the redzone is hilarious because our redzone offense is terrible. Why are we having this pissing contest? They're both good WRs. But isn't signing everyone that's remotely good one of the reasons we hated Marty and was in cap hell. It sucks but unless the FA market blows for him we'll probably see him walk. He's not better than D.J. and he's definitely not better than CMC. Recency Bias got y'all twisted.
  12. Not crazy about this trade. We just watched a team in our division dismantle teams with better defenses and o-lines than ours throughout the playoffs and we're gonna pull a LA and just go without first rounders for a while? It's a massive fugin reach all day. Long game and stay the course is my hope. We're not just a QB away.
  13. If the QBs and OTs are gone I'd much rather trade down. That said I wouldn't hate Surtain or Parsons at 8. I think Surtain gets smoked by guys like Ridley and J.J. in the NFC, but he matches up very well against tons of other NFC talents like Adams, DHop, and Robinson (if he sticks around), not to mention guys like MT and Evans in our division. Parsons doesn't need much explanation. I like him a lot as a Blitzer too. Pair him up with Shaq next season and if we can get a replacement for Shaq we can cut him or just keep Shaq around as a solid vet. Wouldn't hate either pick
  14. Let D.J. play the slot more on passing downs, sign or draft a guy to play X or Z more often.
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