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  1. He's been...ugly this year to say the least, and honestly he might be more Gase than Shula.
  2. He required CPR, so this is normal. Anyone receiving CPR has to be intubated. The best new information is that he's alive. Please don't take this as new information as to his current condition.
  3. Yeah like, I'm not saying C.J. is good but 1 - He should not be on an island vs Mike Evans (nor Keith Taylor) 2 - We have no pass rush that isn't started by BB or a blitz. We got hit with the injury bug. Happens. Look at teams liek Ravens, 49ers and Chargers in the past.
  4. Called it in the prediction thread, our secondary would be the problem and wouldn't you know it, they were. People'll find a way to blame this on Sam but when you have pressure on the edge and interior what can u do.
  5. we find new ways to be cardiac every fuging year
  6. I don't mind the shot, gave his guy a chance and...Sullivan? just got bodied again. When he let it go I was hoping it was TMJ, he's our only real jump ball guy.
  7. We're not running the ball for the same reason we couldn't run the ball well against the Steelers Elite NT flaked by really solid LB play. Except TBs LBs are better. I'm just mad we punted on those 4th n shorts.
  8. Bowles' clock management makes me thankful we had Ron Rivera's
  9. Luvu legit keeps shutting me up every time I doubt him please lock him up Fitts.
  10. dont know if i agree with that one chief
  11. Who gave that lazy af tackle effort from behind at first
  12. took 1 play to remember why i dislike keith immensely.
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