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  1. Navarro was my choice of potential owners to buy the Panthers........
  2. I agree. If Tepper was smart, he would realize that people would have a lot more respect for him if he admitted his mistake, and corrected it. It really is the elephant in the room....everyone knows he messed up...just come clean and move on. This team has some good players...get the right coach, and they could be competitive.
  3. LOL. We are arguing which year was the worst Panther year. It is more interesting than talking about the game! Tepper is a terrible owner....we can all agree on that. Rhule should have been fired last year and a new coach/regime should be in place now.
  4. The defense and special teams played well. This offense reminds me of 2010 when the Jimmy was QB
  5. So why didn't Tepper just hire Doug Pederson when he was available?
  6. In 2020, DJ had 1,200 receiving, Robbie had 1,100 yards and Curtis had 800 yards….and the QB was Teddy. It seems like the QB position has gotten worse each year. How did the Panthers go from there to where they are now? This team has playmakers, 2-3 above avg WR’s, a revamped o-line, one of the best RB in the game…..but can’t score points. The Panthers offense was more dynamic and exciting when Kyle Allen was the QB. I do not think this is all on Mayfield…it seems like “they” are not setting this team up to be successful.
  7. McAdoo was not a Baker fan when he was being drafted. Perhaps Baker did not fit 'his system' and how he wants to run the offense. What we see is a hybrid mess that fits nobody. Unless Baker has changed McAdoo's view of himself and/or McAdoo was wrong about his initial pre-draft analysis....wonder if Baker was not his QB choice and he is trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. That Baker looks worse now than with the Browns, you have to wonder if the scheme being run does not fit his strengths. He may not be the answer, but he should be at least serviceable....and he is has not been so far. Obviously, something is off....Baker does not look comfortable at all. I think the O-line, while not perfect, is a noticeable upgrade from last year. This team has solid weapons with DJ, Robby, CMC, Smith/Higgins and etc. Baker has time in the pocket.....I mean he can't be this bad...right? I am still hoping it will click but he seems to have gotten worse each game.
  8. Since the offense looks very similar and equally as bad as last year I can’t help but to wonder if the offensive coordinators…Brady & McAdoo are/were being told the type of offense run by the head coach. Maybe they are not able to run what they want and are limited due to what Rhule wants to run. New offense, new coordinator, new O-line, new o-line coach, new QB = same result. Offense looks terrible. Is this really a coincidence?
  9. I thought the secondary was supposed to be a Panthers strength
  10. Tepper isn’t shaking his head about the game. He is disgusted because his waiter brought the wrong branded ketchup for his steak.
  11. Why would Rhule care if he is fired? He still gets his money and then he can go back and coach college ball. It’s a win win for Rhule. The fans are the real losers in all of this as we have to watch as incompetence continues.
  12. I miss the days of mediocrity. At least then I knew the Panthers would have a winning season every other year.
  13. Biggest concerns: Run defense and the kicker…Panthers will need to score a lot of points to win.
  14. Son of Tony.....of the famous 1983 draft. Went to the Patriots.
  15. Our QB #1 position has been frightening the past few years too! Pretty sad when we talk about the Kyle Allen days.
  16. Obviously #1 is Kicker. DE - need another pass rusher after loosing Reddick.... DT - not 100% sold on the current group.
  17. Well, I will at least say that PJ looked better than Sam this preseason. He could at least move the ball. I know that is not saying much, but let's face it....if Baker goes down the Panthers are picking in the top 5 again whether it is Sam or PJ at QB2.
  18. The #2 QB is important, but not as important as Zane Gonzales getting hurt. As Panthers fans we have suffered through multiple seasons of poor kicking...it finally felt like we found a decent one. His injury did not look good.
  19. McD is a great coach but would Tepper allowed him to be the coach or would he have been a meddling owner just as he is now. Tepper has not been a good owner and for a franchise to be successful it needs 1). Great coach 2). Great GM 3). An owner that lets the great coach and great GM to do what they do best....and stay out of their way.
  20. So I honestly don't know the answer to this question, but you seem very confident. My question is: How do you know Corral was not prepared vs he just wasn't very good? Like the game was too fast for him, he got nervous and just did not play well. And whether he played well or was not prepared - i am sure he will do better the next game. This is just preseason.
  21. It’s nice to actually have a real NFL kicker on this team. It’s been a struggle to get one for several years.
  22. we have to trust that Campen knows what he is doing....or at least Rhule will listen to him.
  23. Last year when the Panthers gave away a very high 2nd round pick for Sam (that still hurts), Rhule said that Sam reminded him of Matthew Stafford. LOL. It would be interesting if he ended up being a backup to Stafford.
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