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  1. If I’m not mistaken, Tampa Bay drafted a kicker in a second or third round a few years ago and it turned out to be a bust
  2. Yes! Slye is better than what we have now.
  3. How much “say” does Chase have on choosing a kicker vs Rhule? It just seems like each kicker is worse…that has to be a sore spot right now.
  4. Zane Gonzalez does not appear to be the answer. Not because he missed an extra point but because his kickoffs were painfully short. My understanding is he has to stay on the active roster for 3-games so I guess he is here for the Texans and the Cowboys. Eberle is on the practice squad but I guess if he was the answer than Gonazales would not have been brought in. Hard to win in this league without an decent kicker. You think the Panthers trade for another or are they stuck with what they got?
  5. Heinicke would have been a better #2 QB for the Panthers than what they have now or had last year.
  6. I thought they signed Eflin so Sam would have some consistency in running for his life just like he did behind Eflin when with the Jets.
  7. Not that Slye was good but I think he is better than Santoso or Gonzales.
  8. Since the Jets used a kicker to punt maybe the Panthers think they can user a punter to kick…LOL
  9. The offense yesterday looked very familiar to the offense from last year which is not good. The Panthers obviously felt that Teddy was the issue….let’s see if they were right. I think we will get a good idea this Sunday when they play the Saints.
  10. Maybe that is why the Panthers have 4 TE’s…..perhaps Arnold is not as good as advertised
  11. The biggest concerns have already been listed. So certainly not the biggest issue but PR needs to be addressed. I can’t even remember the PR dudes name but I think the Panthers can do a lot better. I mean Copper last year was better.
  12. Well I guess we know why rhule didn’t go for a 50 yard field goal
  13. Sam has been given the opportunity to prove “them” wrong. As a Panther fan, I sure hope he does or it is going to be a very long and disappointing season.
  14. If Sam is “is not the guy”, we have to believe Rhule will start to feel the Tepper heat. That would mean two straight years of poor QB choices with no backup plan either year. Huge risk to go into this season without a plan B after what happened last year. It is what it is…missed opportunities.
  15. “Alex Smith” would be better than any QB the Panthers have had since Cam 2017….
  16. Good for Cater and he has worked hard. But, I have a feeling that the Panthers aren’t quite done with the linebacker situation. Would not surprise me if we see some new people coming in. I think LB is still a work in progress position.
  17. Heineke looked really good against the Panthers last year and also in the playoffs. Saw him play some preseason too. Perhaps the Panthers gave up too soon on him as he could have been a decent #2 and certainly better than than PJ or Grier.
  18. Norwell not playing tonight but he is still the starting LG for the Jaguars. The Panthers have been searching for a legit LG ever since they lost Norwell.
  19. Huge missed opportunity last year but Brady was convinced Teddy was his guy.
  20. Is Slye any different from what he was a year ago? Seems the Panthers should have been trying out kickers long before now….they have only had the entire offseason.
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