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  1. Are some of you even watching the games? Erving right now is playing like our 2nd best O-Linemen. For all of those asking for Christensen, he's not playing because he's not ready. Too much information? Game too fast? Not trusting the men next to him? Who knows, but he's not looking ready right now.
  2. All the best RB in the last 20 yrs of NFL history had no problem playing at an elite level while getting close to (in some cases, more) 400 in a season. In most of these cases, the majority of their touches came on rushing plays, which is (on average) way more taxing on the body than getting hit on passing plays. Tomlinson, Alexander, Holmes, Faulk. Faulk's workload, especially 1998-2002 closely resembles what we can expect from CMC in the next years. Those elite RBs didn't have access to all the tools and recovery options RBs have these days. Hell, we have an entire department charged with analyzing data about player's performance and health. You can make a counter case about NFL players getting bigger and faster, but being raised as an athlete like CMC was from a very young age, as far as recovery and prevention, plays a bigger role in that. On another note, I wasn't really pleased with our offensive efficiency. But you gotta consider how our offensive scheme works. It's not like we force-fed the ball to CMC. It was probably more the result of our coaching staff's gameplan. 9 reception were the result of the Jets defensive calls. They were bringing pressure and covering our best receivers with their best defenders. In this scheme, the O# takes what the D# gives
  3. I went back and watched clips a little bit more. Overall, the guards weren't that bad. A lot of their bad plays was the result of a difficult assignment. You can clearly see that the Jets DT are extremely good and there's only so much an average/above average Guard can do against those too. I can't say who is who, but Elflein went against the better DT most of the game and it clearly showed. Still, he played smart football and was good at limiting him, given his lack of strength compared to the opponent. Daley was helped most of the game by Paradis. The only sack that was allowed? 3 D-linemen stacked 1 on 1 against our 3 inside. There is little you can do skill wise or scheme wise. Pressures? Most of them, the result of Elflein trying to slow down a vastly superior opponent. Before judging the O-Line, I'd like to see them play against more average competition. Also, Erving played smart football and was consistent most of the game. The run game was good for the most part. But we're not really good at mauling the opponent, and that really shows in short distance situation. Only a good scheme design can help us there, or putting a Deonte Brown in
  4. Thomas is 260 lbs, Huff 255 lbs. And that wasn't a 1 on 1 block
  5. Pathetic. What's even worse, is that Erving chipped #47 at the beginning for a combo block, before getting to the 2nd level. This means Thomas' effort and intensity was really really next to 0. FWIW, Huff is listed at 255 lbs
  6. More than a drop, that was a hell of a play by Carter II
  7. Flexing, bragging and talking $h|t on your own vs Flexing, bragging and talking $h|t while facing/directed at an opponent Also, the penalty name is pretty clear. Flexing and shouting, not directed at another player, is not the definition for "taunting". The rule has been in place for several years, it just wasn't enforced enough. For reference, Cam's celebration against the Titans, even if dragged for a little bit too long, was not taunting.
  8. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/have-many-coronavirus-patients-died-italy/
  9. I'd like to repeat say that deaths numbers are the least accurate data you should pay attention to (related to how deadly the virus in one country compared to another). This is because each country has its own protocol (or lack of it) for what is considered a CoViD death. Italy, for example, has been counting ALL infected patient as being killed by CoViD, where as other country aren't. Also, Italy and Germany avg age and % of people older than 60 are reaaaaaally similar. Just saying..
  10. Thanks. Didn't saw this graph yet. But it's in line with what I was telling, that sadly measures taken in the US were late compared to Italy. But the other graph showed an "Italy begins quarantine" that was totally inaccurate. Please stay safe guys, just received a terrible text from a friend in Bergamo. 30 mins from here, it's like being in a war zone. Also, France prime minister, just 3 days ago, was showing that going to theather was absolutely ok. Right now, they are enforcing martial law... Really?
  11. For those interested in how the situation evolved here in Italy, wikipedia has a pretty accurate page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_coronavirus_pandemic_in_Italy#Lockdown_areas
  12. Where is this taken from? We experienced a lot of different phases, so this graph is as inaccurate as it gets
  13. You've got your way of twisting the truth in order to look brilliant. What you can't see is how infectious and quick at propagating this virus is. A virus that (almost?) nobody has defences for. If you wanna talk about facts, the WHO(an organization that probably knows a thing or two about health than somebody on the Huddle) declared the H1N1/09 a Pandemic in June. The virus was tracked back to September 2008. We don't know yet, but even if we say that the CoViD-19 began spreading in September, we are 3 months in advance in declaring the pandemy. Ebola average RoD is around 50%, but that doesn't make it more dangerous than the CoViD-19, because of how it's transmitted and because it's "really difficult" for an ill patient to go around and spread it
  14. That's 40% or so less than the current mortality rate. I was just suggesting another possible reason why the numbers are so high, not THE reason
  15. Since there is a lot of talking about the incredibly high death rate here in Italy, compared to other countries, I asked one of my best friend who is a doctor and a book-smart the why of it. Just for reference, I texted him on 23rd Feb (we had about 100 positives at the time), and he said that even if Italy took the harshest counter-measures of all EU, those weren't enough and that the virus was a lot more dangerous than what the authorities were telling us. Yesterday, answering my question, he said that deaths here are labeled as "CoViD deaths" just because the patient tested positive to CoViD, not because he died from it. And he implied that in other western countries, this is not the case (he cited Germany, as having an healthcare similar to ours in terms of quality and average age, but just a bunch of death compared to ours). I've got to admit that even if sometimes we're a mess of a country, our communication regards the virus has limpid
  16. I wasn't refering to how it's transmitted, but how it interacts with the human body. Very little is known and nobody can tell for sure who can be considered an "healthy person", related to the virus I live 20 mins from Milan, but in my town we have really few cases. But people in Bergamo, about 30 mins of highway from here, said they are "living between coffins". It's unreal. People there think they have already reached the peak of it, but for the rest of the country, I think it's just the beginning (and we've been in soft lockdown for the past 7 days)
  17. Problem is, that nobody really knows how this virus attacks. We've already seen healthy guys in their 40s die, here in Italy. @Danish Panther please be safe man. 3k more positives here today. From the stats, 124k have been tested so far. Meanwhile, in the UK, nobody is taking any precautions, no event has been canceled...
  18. https://time.com/5796425/china-coronavirus-lockdown/ None of the western countries put up the restrictions China did for the past 2 months. Also, a lot of dead are from the Hubei region, of which Wuhan is the capital. The army locked down that region
  19. I don't really get the narrative that the US have reacted much better than Italy. Even with a sub-optimal response, the first red zones were quarantined as soon as the first patient was found. As of right now, mostly of these measures (from the article above) have been in place for 3 weeks at least All schools are closed in all of Italy. All churches are closed (including St. Peter's Basilica). All weddings and funerals are postponed. All restaurants are closed. In fact, all stores except grocery stores and pharmacies are closed. People are urged to work from home unless they work in special designated factories Also, has been reported that "patient 0" could be from Germany, and got the virus as soon as January (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-italy-scientists/coronavirus-may-have-reached-italy-from-germany-scientists-say-idUSKBN20Y35B) Again, when the first couple of cases were reported, thousands of tests were run in the towns of those tested positive. Italy's response has been far from optimal, and even now people are kinda acting in a lousy way (going out for jogging, which should be avoided), but I'm really failing to see how you have reacted "much better than Italy". https://theintercept.com/2020/03/12/italy-coronavirus-united-states-preparedness/?fbclid=IwAR1rp43U7411hkkyZqfDDTVx1IaIHakzdg2OjNc8jEMp7akf0kxnuxzr0tc (The second part of the article is kinda meh)
  20. I'm sorry raz, but from what I'm reading, you (and other EU countries, especially Germany and France) are way behind us in term of numbers. When the first ill patients were found, thousands of people from the same towns were tested in just the first couple of days (while the rest of the country was acting like "it's just another flu"). And those were small towns, less than 20k people. China is "recovering" because they shutdown everything for almost 2 months, in an extreme way
  21. Also https://www.thelocal.it/20200311/hospitals-are-overwhelmed-italian-doctors-describe-the-struggle-of-fighting-the-coronavirus-outbreak And keep in mind, a lot of this is happening here, up north, where usually healthcare is way better than in other place of the country
  22. No, you're not informed. I'm pasting this again, in case you missed it https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca The virus DOESN'T only affects "elderly and people with chronic diseases". You are acting like everybody did here 2 or 3 weeks ago. As of right now, our ICUs are overwhelmed, doctors and nurses working on shifts of 12/14 hours. The first sick man discovered here was 38 years old, with no health related issues and a sport guy. You're right in saying that the majority of people will only experience mild symptoms. But with unavalaible ICUs, medics will have to decide who will get the treatment, even if it's just for a little part of population. You don't have to be scared, but you don't get how much worrisome this virus is. Please, be safe
  23. Please guys, be safe. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca I'm from Italy, and I've read and heard the same no-sense stuffs from a lot of civilians, politicians and media guys around here for the past few weeks. But as of right now, we're in total healthcare emergency and are allowed to leave our homes only for emergencies, basic supplies and for going to work (catering and restaurant, offices, non basic commerce are all shutdown).
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