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  1. The salary gymnastics to get him though aren't worth it. He's got like 3 years left on his deal at $31M, $33M & $36M each of those years. Hayward can be moved as a salary match, but Hayward is a better fit and player. Pass on Porzingis imo.
  2. I'm open to trading the pick. But my guess is that we'd rather use FA or Trade to address the starting center spot anyways. If we keep the pick, there could be some intriguing wing options there to replace Monk in the event we don't re-sign him. Kispert is a guy I really like among others.
  3. Terry being an expiring contract at an $18M is probably the main trade chip we have at facilitating a trade for a starting center since there is a level of salary matching you have to do. I'd be interested in knowing how Mitch feels about a Terry extension given the other contracts that are both on the books and coming up. Trading Terry may make the most sense....
  4. So much of the focus with the Panthers trading back was centered around round 1 with potential QB hungry teams. Based on how long the team took to make their pick, they clearly entertained calls, but obviously didn't move back. Fitterer said before the draft that they had 16 players on their board with round 1 grades. So I always assumed that if they did trade down in round 1, they were limited in how far they'd be willing to drop. Case and point with the Bears who traded up from 20. Yes, they gave up a future first round pick, BUT if the Panthers felt like they'd be drafting a player wit
  5. I'd actually disagree on this as well. This tackle class is much deeper than Corner imo. Plus given the amount of talent at WR in this division, the margin for error in talent gap we have at CB right now is razor thin. We need the best we can get. We all like James Bradberry. He held his own in this division but look at how good he became once he went to a division with less WR talent. His value skyrocketed. We need an elite player at this position and Horn has a chance to be elite.
  6. I feel the opposite actually. I think the bust potential is super low.
  7. Crappy O-line and no CMC are valid, BUT he was also the only QB in the league with three 1,000 yd WR's. Still went 0-8 in games where we had the ball with a chance to win at the end.
  8. Hope he's wearing a Panther uniform well beyond that 5th year
  9. Tepper also doesn't get to where he is without hiring good people and letting them do their jobs. I'm sure Fitterer and Rhule have a pretty clear expectation on what Tepper wants and have a strategy in place based on their own philosophy on how to achieve that goal. As long as Fitterer and Rhule present a clear and valid case as to why the pick is who the pick is or why this trade offer is the best move, I can't imagine Tepper not agreeing to it even if the pick isn't his first choice.
  10. Why would there be need to smokescreen the pick when picks 1 & 2 are all but confirmed? Not like they're trying to trade back after giving up all those picks to move up.
  11. DJ Humphries - most on here should know this because he and Shaq were holding hands on Gettleman's board. Humphries went to Arizona one pick before we took Shaq Thompson.
  12. If Monk is healthy by the 4/16 Brooklyn game, I'd still hold him out until that Knicks game on the 20th. Like you outlined, Brooklyn and Portland are likely losses so bring back a key role player for the NYK game and don't risk reinjury for those games we are outmatched regardless. If we can get Ball/Hayward back by May, that's a win imo.
  13. https://twitter.com/KeithSmithNBA/status/1375163142309838848?s=20 Not sure why the tweet won't embed. Just says Charlotte made a push for Daniel Theis, but Boston took Mo Wagner return instead. Also says Charlotte will target Theis this summer.
  14. Wannamaker is the caliber of player I assumed Mitch would acquire if he made a deal, I just thought it would be a big man though. Maybe feels Richards or Carey will be able to help lift that position group up before the end of the season.
  15. Mitch has been here 3 years now and still no in season trades. Interesting to see at what point in the future that mind set shifts.
  16. I actually feel good about this. I never wanted the team to give assets away in what's technically year two of a rebuild. LaMelo, Hayward, Terry's leap and other players improving have shown we are further along than we anticipated after last year ended, but I still think there is value to letting this thing take shape organically. Doesn't mean I'm opposed to a move. Think it would be a lower profile one though ie trading for a bench piece instead of an impact starter.
  17. I definitely had zero expectations of big names given it's year 2 of a rebuild. I like the fact that we have moved quickly on getting depth at our biggest position of need (outside of QB). I bet we slow play most other positions.
  18. I loved Cam Erving out of college! Who said the Panthers wouldn't start fast? lol
  19. Jets fans probably thought we overpaid for Robby Anderson too
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