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  1. Sam played a great game today. The Dallas, Philly, Minny stretch will tell us if we should get excited or not IMO
  2. No doubt they will likely want to... but I doubt their will be the prospects in the next draft to accommodate all the teams that will want to draft a first round caliber QB. Probably 11 teams or so could be in the market to snag a QB high.
  3. He got fired. Petrino, Saban, Spurrier, quit to go back to college.
  4. Falcons were furious at Petrino. They just couldn’t do anything about it.
  5. Wonder what the Jags ended paying Urban….can’t find his NFL deal anywhere
  6. If I had to guess, Kirk when he made that guess he assumed Rhule’s salary…and didn’t know what Tepper opted to pay Rhule. Could of assumed he was making 3-4 mill in Carolina.
  7. Yeah, that was just facts in response to someone saying Matt Rhule doesn’t seem like the type to start something and leave. so again, Matt Rhule signed a deal to coach Baylor until 2028. 4 months later he signed a deal with the Panthers. Matt Rhule will do what is best for Matt Rhule. It’s what people do. I don’t think the USC job would be better for him right now. So I don’t see him leaving. But he could hit a window after this year….where he realizes what he does works better at the college ranks and dips before he establishes himself as a meh NFL coach.
  8. Matt Rhule signed an extension to coach Baylor through 2028….4 months later he signed a deal with the Panthers Matt Rhule will do what is best for Matt Rhule. That ain’t hate either. That just the reality of it. If he bails on Carolina it would mean he didn’t have confidence in where things would be headed for him here. Because a USC move wouldn’t be about pay in the near future.
  9. Do we actually know the details of his contract? Petrino had a 5 year deal with the Falcons and went to Arkansas after 13 games. Arkansas didn’t buyout that contract. I think those crazy buyouts are in college sports. right now per year he makes close to Saban, Dabo money. So USC I would think would have to make him the highest paid coach in all of college football…..which seems unlikely.
  10. Really would help to know the average distance of the clutch kicks too 2011 Panther Orlando Mare rates pretty high all time on clutch kicks.
  11. Sam makes his top 10 of QBs that are 25 and under. #9. basically the only starting QB he beat out was Daniel Jones who is # 10 I think.
  12. pretty sure I have watched the Saints O a time or two.....especially the version that didn't cater to letting Brees finish out his career with no arm. and I'm not sure 3 pass completions beyond 10 yards is the Saints/LSU Payton O in effect. OLs don't have to hold long to successfully attack beyond 10 yards. Deep bombs isn't what is argued for. Intermediate. That's where you saw a lot of the bad in NY though.
  13. and people all view me as some giant Sam hater. But again, I was an advocate to go get him when he really wasn't talked about around here. But that was to kick the tires. The potential seemed worth it. But not to make him the only plan/option. That's my problem. I think given how bare we are at QB.....they are going to coach a super conservative approach with Sam. Which is just going to delay the obvious questions that needed to be addressed.
  14. well will see. I view Sam for what he is. A 4th year starter. Rehab project or not. He has to prove he can play like a starting NFL QB pretty quick, especially given Matt Rhule has opted to have this roster be Sam Darnold and nothing else. I got no interest in giving him 5 or 6 years to just confirm he is what we likely knew in year 2.
  15. correct, all short throws are not checkdowns. But like I said, statistically, he is overwhelming playing with 10 yards of field. a trend that comes form camp, to preseason, to week 1. you can't compete with good teams with that type of football. The Payton/Brady offense isn't a small ball passing scheme. That simply is what Matt Rhule and his QBs are doing. That was built in with Teddy. Looks coached in for Darnold.
  16. if you look at week 1, his half in the preseason, and camp reports....yeah, he is checking down at a very high rate and is almost overwhelming playing with 10 yards of field. And while he might make the occasional intermediate throw, but he isn't having success there. Zero completions in week 1 10-20 yards downfield, 1 in the preseason, and it noted and questioned all camp about the checkdowns.
  17. well, it is simplistic. And Zach Wilson would have been statistically superior to Sam Darnold in his rookie debut. But yeah, considering Sam is essentially just playing with 10 yards of field.....but yeah, if you watched the 2 QBs last Sunday, Zach Wilson looks more promising. The purpose of bringing up the CMC swap was clearly to dismiss the fact that the W and stat column don't make the argument. Not that I am a fan of Zach Wilson nor do I think he will have success long term.
  18. You give CMC to the Jets….they win that game and the Jets QB has the best stat line.
  19. some of the best moments in stadiums are prompted. College IMO has better traditions than the pros. But yeah, the loudspeaker, band, scoreboard, cheerleaders, etc. all prompt and set stuff into motion. Gamecock fans are waiting on that shitty techno music to hit. Clemson fans are waiting on the band. And on and on.
  20. Yeah, teams prompting chants and fan action is pretty routine. Professional to college.
  21. was Joey Slye ever asked to kick a 50 or under game winning kick?
  22. CRA


    is there a 4th option? Daniel Jones is about to be Sam Darnold after this year.
  23. CRA


    for your first 3 NFL starts (including a postseason game vs the SB champs).....he has shown a lot of promise. I don't think anyone is calling him the next Joe Montana. But yeah, what he is doing is what you are suppose to get excited about. Take a look around here, people get more excited about guys who have given us less to be pumped about it. would you rather have our current backup QB or Heinicke?
  24. not sure that is all on him. WR stopped on what was suppose to be a quick hitter. regardless, that play doesn’t change the fact he has shown a lot more than our stable of backups.
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