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  1. He would qualify IMO. I don’t agree with it but you can win from “coming back” from sucking
  2. I don’t even think the Lions have won a postseason game since we became a team. this is also a nice reference. Not your criteria though but it ranks teams by wins from 2000-2020. Last 2 decades. Carolina is at 18th place. Not great. Not the gutter though. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thelistwire.usatoday.com/lists/ranking-all-32-nfl-teams-by-records-from-2000-2020-dallas-cowboys-new-england-patriots-green-bay-packers-pittsburgh-steelers-baltimore-ravens/amp/
  3. I'll take a 2011 draft featuring a Cam Newton over a 2009 type class though. Best pick of that was our 7th rounder.
  4. Joe Person just put up an article with The Athletic about Darnold not looking sharp and that Rhule claimed that was "the plan". anyone know what that is about? I hadn't heard anything about Sam not looking good.
  5. Just a wording issue I guess more than anything. no one will ever draft a better FL QB than The Golden Calf of Bristol most likely. That's what he is/was. Best FL QB of all time. They could easily draft a better NFL prospect from FL than The Golden Calf of Bristol though.
  6. I mean, Horn is a very nice prospect. Best Gamecock corner of all time? Nah.
  7. We lead the league in cover 3 last year. We will play more man. But I doubt we actually play a lot of man. More coming from where we were doesn’t translate to a lot vs the rest of the league. At least in 2021. .
  8. He seems like a win now rental. Which isn’t us.
  9. I mean, if a goat had to be named between the two….it’s pretty easily Shaq isn’t?
  10. Talib being a bitch is why we have “ice up son” Intentionally trying to injure Philly Brown in the Super Bowl because he was embarrassed he couldn’t cover a no name WR.
  11. Mahomes is a freakshow QB. McNabb wasn’t in that tier. None one was calling 50 something completion percentage Donavan a GOAT at the time or now.
  12. I mean, Andy Reid was constantly criticized in his tenure in Philly for abandoning the run. That was the Andy Reid knock. is the argument now that wasn’t the case? I mean that is rewriting history IMO.
  13. Competition was also tougher in the postseason. Tougher opponents make you pay more for bad playcalling. Andy was pretty consistent in Philly with his bad habit of abandoning the run..... and it was consistent theme and discussion while he was in Philly. Probably helps to pair a play caller with Reid's habits with a freakshow at QB.
  14. Reid’s play design historically has been better than his play calling. Especially in the Philly days where he would forget he had a talented RB in Westbrook.
  15. Well said. Brady knows how to scheme up a good O. But he has to develop as a play caller. Takes time and reps (like a player).
  16. Kicking that FG is reason enough to keep him out of the top 10.
  17. I think Brady schemes up a great overall offense. I wouldn’t put him top 5 yet though. Red zone and crucial short yardage was too suspect at times in year 1 to be top 5.
  18. CRA


    One episode in. I think this is gonna be the best yet. First episode comes out much better than Wanda or Falcon. Thought I would hate Owen Wilson in the MCU but it worked pretty well.
  19. The load we placed on Cam’s shoulders IMO was the biggest placed on any QB I have ever seen play in the NFL…. and Cam was the most entertaining player in our history. By a wide margin. Big gap between him and 89. And there is another big gap after 89 IMO.
  20. Only RB drafted in the first round in 2011 was Mark Ingram. Has played every season. A bruising runner. In his career, he has tallied 367 first downs on the ground. That is why Cam will always be a unicorn. Cam is at 400+. No QB has ever presented the threat Cam did for opposing DCs. *thats along with his NFL record TD benchmark. Greatest short yardage weapon to ever play the game. Because he also had the arm to make any throw in the book while threatening to truck any defender in the game (another feat no one has ever threatened opponents with).
  21. What would be preferred in a 20 year window though…. 2 Super Bowl appearances…..or none and more consistent regular season records where we stacked consecutive winning seasons sporadically? Cam was a unicorn at the QB spot. There simply was Cam. No one did or has played from the QB spot like Cam IMO. There isn’t a NFL comp.
  22. well, you never know what the future holds. There will be outbreaks/viruses and health concerns in the future. outdoors > indoors certainly has it's advantages in that regards even if you didn't see it come into play this past season specifically at BOA.
  23. Everyone remembers the greatest QBR game ever played. 187 yards. 2 INTs.
  24. Cam Newton during his NFL MVP season.....wasn't even top 10 in QBR.
  25. Jake gave players the opportunity to make big plays. That cuts both ways (did with Jake). But it was the best thing about him IMO.
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