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  1. Coaches largely don't let Cam Newton's happen. They become DEs long before NFL draft time.
  2. 66% completion vs 53% completion 30 passing TD vs 17 passing TD 20 rushing TD vs 9 rushing TD 4300 total yards vs 3200 total yards An average SEC QB that can run isn't Cam lite. Cam is a unicorn that probably doesn't even need to be talked about. There won't be a next Cam.
  3. Cam Newton day 1 in the NFL was the dominant physical runner at the QB position in NFL history. That's what made him special. Cam Newton was a unicorn.
  4. Batted balls are going to happen. Especially if you like to stay in the pocket. Defensive lineman are too big and athletic vs offensive lineman. and you can't get predictable. I mean, if Julius Peppers largely knows what you want to do. Over doing RPOs for example. His mitts are getting on the ball. You could be 7ft tall and playing QB. Baker having a batted ball fest that exceeded his norm was Rhule over doing the RPO stuff and defenses just being able to time up too much.
  5. I assume it’s more the old school model where you have an athlete personality in 89 and a “nobody” that is just there to largely steer 89 to do his thing. Which sort of doesn’t exist anymore in a lot of the new popular sports type stuff or podcast in general.
  6. way to early to grade him. See Jeff Otah. Historically deemed one of our worst picks by the board. Horn is off to a worse start than Otah.
  7. give me drums and tots too. But a good breakfast is the best meal you can eat.
  8. Also after the Super Bowl, the NFL machine will do its thing. How the prospects are portrayed today will be viewed different in the coming months I suspect. So we will have to see what it looks like then and who gets bumped and up down.
  9. Keep Fields and get some dumb team to do what SF did for Lance. got to wonder if the last QB trade ups are going to cause outlandish offers to comeback down to Earth a tad.
  10. I mean, you pair a rookie QB with the worst HC in decades and give him bad talent….and he won’t play good. Trevor didn’t. I guess call that what you want. They fixed the glaring issues around an uber talent and saw immediate success. From #1 overall pick to advancing in the playoffs in the same year. Trevor didn’t change that much in an off-season. Fields went to a horrific spot year 1. It improved some year 2 and so did he. But still isn’t a good spot for a QB let alone a young one. I’d take him for a 3rd all day and twice on Sunday. Regardless of what my QB spot was.
  11. Jags had the #1 overall pick last year. It wasn’t because of Trevor Lawrence. It was their horrific HC and absence of talent around the QB. Good HC and some basic additions at RB, WR and TE and boom. Fields went to a horrible situation. Talent coming out his ears. Calling him Josh Rosen like is just weird stuff IMO.
  12. Whoever that is just equated Justin Fields to Josh Rosen. I don’t see that. I would think tons of teams would take Fields and his rookie contract for that. Those who need or even don’t need a starter. That’s just seems too cheap for Fields. Who did near historic stuff on the ground this year with bad offensive weapons
  13. Fields would already be gone if you could get him for that
  14. There is offset language in NFL HC contracts. It’s just standard. It benefits the Panthers. Rhule getting a job and not sitting out….benefited Tepper. Saved him money. Frankly, Tepper got insanely lucky Rhule managed to get that good of a job. Tepper made a stupid contract. Paid Rhule too much. He seems to have a hard time dealing with his early stupid moves. Doesn’t seem more complex than that. I don’t see this great Tepper argument. Rhule contract was what it was. He owes him the money. Nebraska gig saved him a little. A lot actually. He should be grateful someone was that stupid to pay Rhule.
  15. If he? You mean if Nebraska? Nebraska can do whatever the fug they want. Panthers owed Rhule X amount of dollars. They were cool with that. They fired him. He could of sat out and taken it all. He got another job which will reduce what the Panthers owe him.
  16. opened and was excited to see a PJ/Lavar Ball gif nothing but disappointment instead
  17. well, you will find no one on this board who would dump on Matt Rhule more than me. This just doesn't seem like Matt Rhule is the one playing a game. Seems pretty dang simple. He signed a routine NFL HC contract that included offset language. The offset langauge has been discussed on this board for over a year. Everyone knew
  18. again, offset clauses super routine in NFL contracts. It's not unique or special. It's not something Rhule brilliantly came up with. It's standard language for NFL HC contracts. Spinning this as Matt Rhule being a bad man is silly IMO. It's a billionaire trying to use his mega wealth to get out of stuff he shouldn't be able to. Matt Rhule isn't super wealthy. Tepper is super wealthy. and it shouldn't matter if you dislike Matt Rhule. Billionaires shouldn't be able to do whatever they want. No one should cheer that on IMO. Not in football....and more importantly everywhere else in life.
  19. Rhule is literally doing what every other coach would be doing along with everyone on this board. Tepper owes him. Saying it reflects poorly on Rhule is just fandom getting in the way IMO. How bad of a coach Rhule was doesn't really matter. Offset clauses are routine. Tepper owes him. Tepper just using his big checkbook to pay him less. Hardly something to celebrate Tepper over. Part of what is wrong w/ this entire country. The mega wealthy using their money to screw people over.
  20. Classic David Tepper IMO. What is becoming classic Tepper. I mean, yeah, Matt Rhule sucks and was horrific. But an offset clause is pretty standard. That's what he is suppose to get. Tepper is suppose to pay the difference. This was long talked about. Like RH. Like this contract. Tepper is a billionaire because he think he can make his own rules and probably generally has. I can seperate my Rhule distain which is massive. This is another bad look at Tepper. He once again, doesn't come off like a stand up business guy.
  21. He is just a lotto ticket. Like basically all of them are. One drafted by a horrific HC, that ran horrific offense and didn't rep him. Him sucking in preseason doesn't mean anything to me. I'm curious what he might look like this camp/preseason. But he can't be counted on anything other than a lotto ticket we didn't scratch yet.
  22. Corral wasn’t really getting reps in camp though either.
  23. This time last year….no universe existed with Zach Wilson going ahead of Fields
  24. SB50 easily is my #1. Week 1 Denver is my #2. And I still got that game the Saints tried to murder Vikings Favre as my #3.
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