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  1. You don’t draft Clemson DBs. Sincerely, A Clemson fan. The whole D lives and dies with the front. That’s been the case for a decade plus.
  2. Take even a Curtis Samuel. Nothing on the outside vs a good slot option. Same can be said for corners. Take Captain. One of the better slot corners. Asking to play on the outside he then becomes a liability. you got to draft talent and then use it right
  3. yeah, I think it is a combo of him being raw and the SC pass game being sporadic. He had pretty good games vs the best pass defenses he saw in UGA and Clemson. I think he is a raw freak. That’s the gamble. That wasn’t Mingo IMO I mean, like him and don’t pending where he went
  4. Played 2 top 10 pass Defenses 6 for 68 7 for 71 I like Leggette but he was my 3rd round target. I think he gets over drafted now and goes round 2. I don’t want it to be us. I think we are targeting him with 39. And I’ll only like that if it’s a double dip and get a less raw kid at 33. But I don’t think that’s their plan
  5. lot of guys I saw talked about his arm being a concerned when the pocket took away ideal conditions. Ideal conditions Bryce is fine. But playing QB in the NFL means you don't get those often. He doesn't have the arm strength when the pocket collapses and isn't set to make all the throws you want your QB to be able to make. And that's largely framed as what you would be expecting from a #1 overall give up picks for type player. And his size becomes an issue not just durability, but it limits his ability to extend plays. I think most deemed him the lowest ceiling, highest floor player of the 3. And that still might be true. The others could of looked worse in Carolina's mess overall. Who knows. But I still think the lowest ceiling part is probably true.
  6. that's the Tepper way. He probably will draft that Purdue C that plays basketball to be our QB to stick with his overcorrection ways. That's about as polar opposite as you can get.
  7. my biggest complaint of the Frank era....is that son of....didn't give us one usable gif to use on the huddle. Rhule had iconic shrug. Ron had the Star presser stare. Frank gave us nothing. Someone gif that so we can use it this season when needed.
  8. Not me. We need that doctor that gave roids to our 2003 OL to hook him up w/ some HGH or something.
  9. I think Bryce was #1 in a lot of media stuff. I don't think there is anyway to know where teams really had everyone. I mean, plenty of football guys did talk about Bryce's limitations as a NFL QB. And they look to be right. He doesn't have the type arm you ideally want. That's just going to cap his ceiling. So will his size.
  10. think he is hanging with the youngsters on the facesnaptok.
  11. nice to keep them, sometimes it is better to not bring it up though. I mean, let's just say random scout was a CJ Stroud 100% guy. Well, you probably don't go up to Dan and be like....see Dan, I was right. Morgan, if he was a Bryce guy..... already knows who was a CJ guy.
  12. I mean, if your billionaire boss upon hiring you....strongly encourages you to do X and Y? I'd say the decision was made for him. But I agree there was never any cohesion on the players or system. That's why I think you look at Tepper. Because what coach doesn't' want cohesion and his dudes. I still think everyone was essentially setup to fail. Bryce to Frank. And I'm not a super huge fan of either of them but I still think the biggest blame is at the top. Fitterer and Tepper. It was easy to kick Frank and I certainly did it a lot. But I also thought he looked mentally defeated from the jump and IMO you can sort of see why in hindsight. I just think retaining Fitterer was the bad move. He was just on a unique timeline. He knew he was the next man out. Even if it didn't happen that way in real time given how Frank basically gave up IMO. I think Fitterer really need the all star staff and Bryce moves to save face and alter the narrative. Much more so than Frank.
  13. Hasn't it basically been confirmed that Tepper dictated that Frank couldn't just hire and build the staff as he wanted?
  14. as soon as a pick gets made, the PR narrative is always the same. We all agreed and got exactly who we all wanted. It went perfect. In reality, there should be disagreement in house on how virtually every pick is used. Your OC with a glaring hole at WR....shouldn't be like yeah, we should totally draft that DB Evero wants despite a WR they like being essentially right there in the same area on their board. Everyone tows a company line in the end. That's just work. NFL or the real world. I still think as reported, there was a split on the QB last year. Then a decision got made and everyone sings the same song. Because that's just what you have to do.
  15. KB was always very TEish though. I mean, Greg Olsen was more dangerous after the catch. And that's wasn't reallly Greg's thing.
  16. also a really good OL. Line basically just had a weakness RT given we started Bell. But he had Gross, Wharton, Kalil. Which really took care of your blindside and Kalil managing things in general up front for him. Cam was definitely put into a good spot.
  17. I want a WR double dip. I'm fine if that a 2nd and then the 3rd. Mitchell and Ladd are probably my favorites at 33. There was a time I thought Leggette could be there at the top of the 3rd but I think the combine killed that dream.
  18. feels like Gilmore wants to get paid more than the Panthers want to do.....but if they can't solve their DB problem they will give him what he wants. Think Gantt touched on the pay dilemma I think a couple weeks ago.
  19. I mean, it's no secret, I not a huge fan of the new changes BUT I will say this.... I think Morgan and Canales have the potential to address the culture here. And to me, that also is a pretty big deal. Our culture and attitude sucks and has for awhile. I think Morgan gets it and I think Canales is good in that department. But I think in the end, the QB is the end all be all to most problems. That's what you got to hit. I hope to see a very different Young this year. I still don't think this org knows how to build around him. Think Bryce is too unique. Guess we will see after the draft.
  20. wish I could find Leggette's contested catch stats from last season. I got Coleman's.
  21. yeah, I don't disagree. My only worry is I think sometimes Tepper overcorrects off the most recent error. I think Rhule was a 180 from Ron. Reich a 180 from Rhule. Maybe this one isn't such an overcorrection given he tried to keep what worked (D) and only carve out what didn't (O). I still think he might of gone too young off of Frank. Canales and the OC have a combined 1 year of NFL playcalling between them. Think that pairs up better with vets than a struggling rookie QB.
  22. certainly seemed like Fitt was in the random parts game. That what 2023 was on just about every level. The coach/scheme didn't fit the QB. The skill talent didn't fit the QB. And it went accordingly. At least on O....it certainly looked like random parts being forced together from the jump.
  23. for all his flaws, Tepper has proven 1 thing.....he doesn't get attached, doesn't care to be wrong and will move in a new direction quicker than most. He might not bluntly say it in words, but his actions speak loud. You see that repeatedly in everything he does. From soccer, to football to his business dealings. Nothing suggest Tepper will stick with Bryce too long if we need to part with him.
  24. if Sanders rebounds.....he still is one of the worst receiving RBs in the NFL. Because that what he was in 2 of the last 3 seasons in Philly and ultimately why they parted with him. We aren't meshing talented with our QB. Bryce needs diverse RBs that can catch and make plays. We need what Cohen was in Chicago pre injury. We need to draft RB talent. Rounds 3 or 4 is where you build your backfield IMO. We should always be adding talent. We should quit with FA RBs.
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