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  1. It’s a Matt Rhule lead team boss. Don’t you worry about there not being material that drives people crazy. The M Rhule Shyamalan twist might be Baker is the the starting….center.
  2. There also is the fact you don’t know the end result of a hit immediately after the hit. So unless you can see the future….it also can be easy to immediately celebrate a big hit in the moment and have no clue how bad it was for the person on the receiving end.
  3. Yeah, I don’t care how an agent gets paid. I don’t care how much a player puts in his pocket. I care about their cap hit on the roster. That’s all that matters if you are a fan of a team. And Robbie has had one of the biggest cap hits on a roster for a WR the past 2 seasons. Top 15 the past 2 years. That’s a lot to cap space for a Robbie caliber WR.
  4. Well they are doing kickoff drills and lighting players up. So the coaches are allowing the tone to be for people to get rocked. Hard to set up a practice with all that nonsense and then think people will pull out the kids gloves on a RB after all that IMO. don’t really like the way the reporting has sounded on of these joint practices. I’d rather they just do the preseason game and thump in an officiated setting where there is no confusion on how hard to play personally.
  5. I only care about salary cap. That’s what impacts a team. That’s why I was using cap numbers. And Robbie ranks really high there.
  6. Hit didn’t look out of bounds
  7. Joint practice with the Pats seems like more a poo show than some great and ideal scenario.
  8. Probably his paycheck Top 15 cap hit in the 21 and 22 seasons amongst WRs.
  9. Defending Rhule with a quote by a bullshitting conman? Dang. Why you beating me to the punch on the good stuff. I’ll call it a night on that one.
  10. How dare these guys question Rhule’s BS football competition. Matt Rhule is a professional.
  11. Context is Matt Rhule said reps do matter. People obviously get better with them. He made that clear. Please don’t second guess Matt Rhule on that fact. He is a professional.
  12. The great Matt Rhule said this weeks reps do matter. He said, obviously, the more reps you get the better you play. But I guess you know more than the professionals. everything and anything has always been a big deal here. It’s revisionist history IMO to act like this is something new. And Rhule frankly has gotten it light….given this is the worst window in our existence compared to the bitching we did about a Fox or a Ron during different windows. Nothing rational IMO about the Rhule diehards here at this stage. It’s just the opposite end of the spectrum of what you bitch about. Rational falls inbetween and doesn’t huddle lol. IMO.
  13. Do you even huddle bro? you name it, it has been bitched about on here. and yes, people bitched about Clausen “starting” over Cam in the preseason. Because they watched the 2010 season. and they 100% bitched about Ron waiting so late to actually name Cam as the starting QB for the season. this Matt Rhule is being treated uniquely unfair is fan fiction. We have always been crazy here about the Panthers.
  14. yeah, people never bitched about Marty or Ron or Fox or Shula or Davidson or anyone else. Never blasted their roster management, game day handling, tendencies, drafting, free agency, manner on the sidelines, etc. It’s just all unique Matt Rhule treatment that has never been seen before.
  15. Well 2 things… 1. This is a sports message board on the internet. This is simply what has always happened and always will. 2. People question Rhule. And rightfully so. Because no one thinks the micromanaging hot seat coach is going to defer everything to people he doesn’t know well with his job and reputation on the line. Campen seems like a solid young coach. He also hasn’t held down a job anywhere for more than a year. I doubt Rhule is like, whatever you think is best, I’ll be over here.
  16. I remain oddly excited about ST. I really like Tabor. Also Hekker has the 2nd best QB rating on the team for a reason lol. If we don’t see some fun on special teams this year that will be a travesty
  17. Breaking news. Team with no LT finally announces the #6 overall pick and first lineman drafted is the LT.
  18. Campen was a fine add. I still largely look at the top of the food chain if I were to rank the 32 NFL staffs. I at least think I give Snow decent credit. I don’t go around trashing him. And I’m not shy about doing those things, I’ve always said he has been the key to Rhule’s success. Which he clearly had in college. But I wouldn’t call him a great NFL DC. I think the staff is improved. But I consider it bottom 3rd of the league. So I wouldn’t call it great.
  19. I mean, we added a very good ST coach and secondary coach. But our big 3 trio of HC, OC and DC is still one of the weakest in all the NFL. I wouldn’t call this a great staff. You can call it improved. But just saying something improved doesn’t equate to good.
  20. You see that with rookies. Cam wasn’t announced the official starter either when he was a rookie in preseason. but Sam and Baker are vets. We know one has been the worst QB in the entire NFL over the span of the last 4 seasons and the other guy is actually a decent starter.
  21. 1000% working and there is no reason to change something 1000% working
  22. TMJ and Horn I think DJ improves this year but I already have him rated pretty high
  23. I think this team could have potential on O. But the coaches seem set on limiting it to date and making it as hard as possible. maybe Rhule shows up in NE and starts repping his starters properly. Or maybe they are working on chemistry in season as a Rhule slowly puts the people in place….when they should of gotten in the work this off-season. I mean we have seen in season how it takes weeks for OL groupings to get chemistry down. C/QB. All that. And the first half of games is where a big chunk of winnable games are.
  24. I mean, NFL history is slam full examples of stubborn people and flat out idiots. Massive egos too where everyone thinks what they do is always right. and the older I get, the more I realize that every single avenue of life contains idiots. The people running your town, school board, state, country, big corporations. You name it and you can find idiots. The good old boys club of coaching is no exception to that rule of thought. We aren’t in Spartanburg. These aren’t rookies. And Rhule still has Sam, Elflein, Jordan, etc competing for starting roles. Whatever you want to call that….it isn’t good. there aren’t a lot of good NFL HCs coaches. It’s not an easy job. And we have seen the college to pro experiment countless times. You can keep claiming Rhule isn’t a problem. I don’t care. Free country. But others think he is and it isn’t an unreasonable take at this stage. So I can think Rhule isn’t a good NFL HC. You can still hold out hope. Neither should be a problem. And if Rhule proves the doubters wrong? That would be fantastic. But my money isn’t on it.
  25. We were 16th in pass play percentage in 2022. 15th in pass play percentage in 2021. Which puts us essentially exactly in the middle of the pack. It’s a passing era but we weren’t pass heavy by league standards
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