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  1. Adam Gase won more than 5 games in each of his first 4 seasons as a HC. Only hear he didn’t was when a NFL front office attempted to tank for Trevor. Matt Rhule has earned the ability to be viewed as better than Urban and Petrino. That’s it. Gase is a better coach.
  2. It’s just fun. Fun is nice. She did a good job. What wrong with giving her props. we certainly had a lot of threads here that clearly demonstrated the collective fan base enjoyed the work. I mean it doesn’t impact what what happens on Sunday but….what’s wrong with acknowledging she did a good job? And brought some folks a little entertainment. Maybe Matt Rhule should talk to her.
  3. Could be. Rhule probably sees what a walking dead coach has to choose from and is going into PR mode. this ain’t 2020. When it was an attractive gig.
  4. 1000%. it might just be 2021 Mick Jagger at the Thirty Beaver type of rockstar but….
  5. Mike Shula’s window as OC was the most successful window in franchise history too. not saying that was all because of him. But it’s hard to call him the worst we have had. Shula wasn’t exciting…..but we won. Maybe that was because of him or despite of him. Probably somewhere in the middle. But we had the best win % under Shula vs all the other OCs.
  6. There have LITERALLY been countless threads over the years made here….about the awesome things her social media department has done. Definitely thread worthy. Especially in the off-season. Which we are in….because the only thing well run in Carolina of late has been our social media team.
  7. Well, she was really good at her job. Carolina had one of the best social media departments in all of professional sports under her.
  8. Well that was what a quick google search said and it might be wrong. but even if Chip Kelly was the highest paid OC in the NFL…..it’s a paycut from his UCLA gig. Job demotion. And loss of job security.
  9. He is literally a .500 QB. Cousins doesn’t have “it”. All things being equal in terms of cost, I’d always prefer to roll with a lesser talented Jake type that is a gamer/gunslinger over what Cousins is.
  10. If you are looking at offensive talent surrounding the QB….present day Vikings are going to edge out some of those Dallas rosters Romo had. Minny got a crazy good trio right now at RB/WR/WR.
  11. Kelly is making 5 mill a year Joe Brady made 400k. Someone like Leftwich makes like 800k. I mean I would by totally fine with Kelly as OC. But for Rhule to even put feelers out to see if Kelly would like to take a massive demotion to come be part of a staff that essentially all will be lame ducks says something about what little is going on in that brain of Rhule’s.
  12. So Matt Rhule sent feelers out to see if Chip Kelly would…. - take millions and millions of dollars in a pay cut - take a job demotion this is what we have folks. A desperate man. And desperate people don’t think right. Maybe we should ask Kyle Shanahan if he would like to quit his job and be our OC. Which is why we should just fire Rhule. Everyone knows he is a dead man walking and will eventually be fired. He isn’t a NFL coach. Another year won’t change that. All we are going to do is give Matt Rhule a year to dig us deeper in the hole with bad contracts and building a roster toward an experiment everyone knows will end. Just pointless.
  13. Mentality and play style. They also have near identical starts. one QB is 59-59-2 one QB is 78-49 Bet you can guess which one has been battling his risk adverse tendencies his whole career based off that stat. QBs like Cousins are pointless IMO at the end of the day. You won’t do anything that matters with a QB like him.
  14. Cousins and Romo have completely different play styles and mentalities. Romo was basically a gunslinger and Cousins has been battling his risk adverse tendencies his entire career.
  15. Well, that’s why you fire Matt Rhule then. Because Cousins isn’t Matt Stafford. Cousins is a slightly better Teddy Bridgewater. and we are suppose to be “rebuilding” our offense. Trading away Stafford type comp for a bland and old Cousins isn’t how you build.
  16. A RB? In the 2nd? Chubba looked fine. He is a rookie. He progressed as the year went on….and ran behind one of the worst OLs in the NFL with the downfield pass totally disregarded by defenses. I don’t think you should draft a RB in the top 3 rounds. Better investments out there. If you have a OL and a QB….you can find a RB on the streets practically.
  17. And not having DeAndre Hopkins really changes the offense. Who scares you with him out?
  18. He should be. But I don’t think he will be. I think Tepper is tripling down on a mistake. Rhule is in control until fired.
  19. That’s not real tanking though. That’s just sucking. And then you end up with like the #7 pick or something. and it’s totally pointless. Because Rhule is trying to win and will use resources and give contracts that will impact us after he is gone.
  20. 5 wins 5 wins and 5 wins Tepper’s Panthers. If he isn’t a whiff to date, what do you call that?
  21. I think you are giving Tepper too much credit. And if you want to tank….it’s a front office job. It means you trade away all your assets and sign no one that will help you. Matt Rhule would not be onboard with a tank job. A real tank job isn’t about coaching in season. It’s about the off-season prior to the season. And Matt Rhule will want to use resources to give him the best possible 2022 he can get. Because that will be the last entry on his resume.
  22. When is the last time he got an OC interview?
  23. I mean wasn’t it basically Eli chucking the ball to Odell Beckham Jr? That was right when Beckham Jr got drafted and was really good….before he became a basketcase. The ElI to Beckham connection got a ton of hype and was good ( think that’s when “the catch” happened)….but was it really more than Eli having a lot of success because of a freak WR the league didn’t really know?
  24. I think the SF O is largely Kyle Shanahan
  25. This is exactly the type hire Rhule attracts. Someone no one wants. He is a “consultant” because he couldn’t find a job. That’s how the coaching fraternity works. He was a position coach for the worst team in the NFL the year prior to not finding a gig. Rockstar lol.
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