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  1. What the hell?!? Just sat down and we are down 2-0.
  2. Don’t do that, don’t give me hope.
  3. I’ll concede that point to you. I didn’t consider the trip distance.
  4. So, we are all having TV issues because of your in-laws!!!! Edit: Or because you are visiting your in-laws. Now you can’t go there again because you screw over the rest of the fan base.
  5. In the end, you still have to beat the best teams. Play hard.
  6. Those close up views of that tie up looked a hell of a lot better than the normal game camera view. Maybe it is something with the lighting at the stadium.
  7. I was thinking it was an issue with my eyes with the white ice and yellow sweaters. But I’m “streaming” so my feed isn’t a constant 1080.
  8. Just play hard, don’t try and game the system. It’ll all work out in the end. If you need to game the system, to avoid a less favorable matchup you’re not doing yourself any favors.
  9. Thanks for the helping them, not all wounds are visible.
  10. I think they are all to blame, the pass to Dougie (not sure who sent it) was bad, which Dougie lunged to, to keep in the zone. Aho made a weak ass play on it. Pete was napping. Sloppy hockey all around. If any of them stepped up, we wouldn’t even be talking about it now. Just a complete breakdown of four players.
  11. Hmm... Rod on Star Wars, good pick with Han, and loves Chewy. Needs to watch Clone Wars. Yeah
  12. I wouldn’t put it all on Dougie, Aho had a chance to do something with it. But I cannot debate that Dougie flat out, got out skated. So maybe, maybe as I write this I agree with you more.
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