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  1. I said 5 wins. Even though there it's literally a 1-game difference, it feels like a lot more. 0-5 wins = dogshit team 6-8 wins = mediocre 9-12 wins = good 13-17 wins = elite
  2. You're not wrong. The desire to get a QB has been in the FO for years, but they've been idiots about it. Every single attempt failed. Fitts gutted the rest of the team for nothing
  3. We need that franchise QB though. Otherwise, best case scenario we'll be that really good team that can't get over the hump
  4. Yeah, the only thing I'm really paying attention to is Bryce's development this coming year. Eeking out wins despite of him doesn't excite me. If he doesn't show traits of a franchise QB, move on.
  5. He was on the list for possible owners before Tepper bought the team
  6. Yep, this is a P. Diddy thread. Could you imagine if he currently owned this team and the turmoil in BOA that would be happening on Mint St. right now? They would probably fold the franchise https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/allegations-against-sean-diddy-combs-b2523096.html
  7. I was not a fan of MC, but damn, Bryce has lowered my standards so much I would take him back right now
  8. I don’t need year-round football actually. You gotta take a break from these things and enjoy other hobbies.
  9. Yeah, those “in on every deal” or “Fittmagic” comments were tired from the start
  10. I honestly don’t think that I ever believed in Fitterer
  11. I hope this happens so we don't have to fear drafting a CB at 33
  12. I never purchase any Panthers gear anymore and refuse to wear the stuff that I do own public. It’s damn shame what this carpet bagger has done. At least we still have college basketball
  13. Yeah, he eventually "stayed in his lane". He was hilarious on TV for awhile though...
  14. He was solid. Bryce could have used him. Not our fault the other team couldn’t use him
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