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  1. Imagine being a writer for the team website. Can’t be an easy job right now. Got to come up with something
  2. I currently live in Boston, pal. From NC. I stand by my statement
  3. Go back to NY, yankee! Nothing wrong with wanting an NC native to own the team. Also, JR selling was objectively not the best thing to happen to this franchise. Complete falsehood. Also, I said I didn’t condone his creepy poo
  4. I miss JR big time. Too bad he was creeping too hard. I remember people calling this team a "Mom and Pop" operation with JR when it's literally David and Nicole running this thing into the ground. JR knew to stay out of things for the most part. Also, it doesn't feel right having a Northerner for an owner. This is isn't the same Panthers that I originally became a fan of
  5. The only thing that keeps me a fan of this franchise is the CAROLINA in in Carolina Panthers. Take that away and I'm completely out. I'm one foot out of the door of my fandom as it is anyways. Hopefully, in the next several years a new franchise would come here and be respectable.
  6. After preseason, he was saying that BY didn’t look or feel like a guy who was #1 pick. I agreed
  7. That was probably the game right there. And we have to give those tech nerds credit for making noise
  8. Fitterer: Burns went out for a pack a cigs. He'll be back, I promise.
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