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  1. No one in this division has a QB. It makes sense that we’re all rushing to get a guy. I’m not sold on Carr though
  2. How did Smitty even get hooked up with that guy? No Panthers knowledge, no charisma, and looks like he listens to Limp Bizkit while driving 1999 Prelude
  3. Why do so many people want to “wish Rhule well”? The guy was/is a POS. He left this organization in shambles and probably wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire
  4. Trading Dan Arnold was a huge mistake. He was obviously one of Darnold’s favorite targets before being traded. The wheels fell off the offense soon after and it affected Darnolds ability to get in rhythm
  5. Terrible idea. He would be constantly injured and not necessarily elite. No more glass players
  6. People on Facebook and Instagram have a hard-on for Wilks. Embarrassing. It’s like the average casual Panthers fan knows jack poo about Panthers football
  7. A) Mine: Fitterer is usually one the who gets fleeced not the other around. David Tepper is slowly learning how to not be a dipshit.
  8. I get your point, but can you really call the last player selected in the draft a bust?
  9. I’m pulling for the Eagles, but damn that’s refs got the home cooking served out
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