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  1. At this point, I barely watch the movies. I just watch their review. I’m down to talk RLM
  2. Never thought I’d see a picture of Mike Stoklasa on here. Big RLM fan
  3. I agree. I feel like I enjoyed football in general more when I did not look at the forums.
  4. I hate to say it, but Rhule was somewhat likable in this
  5. I understand why some are against it, but staying in the middle of the pack is worse to me. The Cowboys went 3-13 the year before Aikman, Colts 3-13 for Manning, Panthers 2-14 before Cam, Bengals, 2-14 before Burrow, and so on. If you don’t have a staff that can build around top draft picks or even make the right top draft picks, you are then screwed (Browns, Jets, Lions). Then again, I’m not sure I trust this staff anyways, so the caveat is that they would clean house then draft high.
  6. Teams like the Browns and Lions constantly fug up high draft picks, but it can be done right. The Colts hit on two franchise QBs in a row after tanking a season before.
  7. It’s not exactly like saying DA should have started. I don’t want PJ to potentially be a starter here. It’s just a tricky situation that Rhule put himself in. I’m pushing back against people that believe Corral can be a savior for the franchise. It’s Jimmy Clausen all over again
  8. I prefer being TERRIBLE a year before a good QB class comes out. For example, 2020 and 2022. But we HAD to get Teddy and Baker. Sam could have done that for us and been somewhat worth his contract. $20M to tank this season. Hell, at this rate Matt Corral could have gotten us the #1 pick next year.
  9. Rhule is the biggest troll since George Siefert. Didn’t he cut Steve Beurelein because he would be “tempted to play him”? Lol
  10. Smitty is not as biased as this guys. He was funnier too. When Zane kicked, he said, “I bet Joey Slye wouldn’t have made that one.” Classic
  11. “You’ll get your $5 back when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.” -David Tepper
  12. PJ even won a game in the cursed all-black uniforms. That’s got to count for something
  13. I don’t disagree about the coach being stupid, but has proven to be a worthy backup. People here treat him like Armanti Edwards. And for the record, I do believe Corral should get more opportunities. PJ deserves to put game tape out there just as much as these other guys trying to make a roster.
  14. He’s had his bad moments, but his positive contributions shouldn’t be totally discarded. Corral has shown nothing but the ability to draw penalties. The jury is still out for me
  15. PJ is MILES ahead of Corral and it showed. People really need to drop the delusions with MC. Hating on PJ is popular around here, but the guy has literally proven he can win games as a backup. But no, “muh Corral is getting reps stolen from him”
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