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  1. It will all be funny as long as we are not the ones that end up with Mac Jones.
  2. Yeah it's complete crap but not really surprising unfortunately. Also worth noting that this came out when we dump Teddy. Not looking forward to the new uniforms, our taste and the the way we roll out crap is getting unfun. That logo midfield change is a real distant memory...
  3. Cam is up there. Hard to compare the older players. They played some incredibly tough football but it's too hard for me to say if they were as physically gifted. I think of W Moon, Cunningham and McNair. Now it's pass first but back then lots of hard nose football. Feels like someone obvious is out there I can't remember.
  4. They paid a 6th and 3 million for Teddy. That part is sweet. Not having another option and having to watch Teddy 2 Gloved Yards all year is the huge downside. Try paying him 20 a year lol and another 17 to not play.
  5. What? I don't know or care what they want. I know without them we would still be playing on grass. Fug them and their sport. This is as bad as having a dirt diamond on the field because baseball sucks also.
  6. Don't forget the wasted year...
  7. Or just cut him and paid 10 this year and I think 3 in dead next year. Maybe another moving part? Glad he is gone but that takes it from good job to ok but why.
  8. Wait, we are eating 17 million in dead cap instead of 10 for a 6th round pick. Umm, I'm glad he is gone but that's a bit dumb.
  9. But the cost! LoL. Just kidding. Great news. More than I dared hope for. Good riddance.
  10. Another reason soccer sucks and now it's taken real grass from us. And concerts? Fug them, we are here for football not that garbage. Huge fail! Edit: Does this translate to PSL prices going down? LoL
  11. No idea but I'm also not selling anything so we will see.
  12. Well duh big buddy. I never said I like or dislike it. Or that we can do jack about that. The failure in all of those places is their owner first. Hell, it sounds like the Seattle’s owners may be ghost and look what happens when there is zero pressure, that team hasn't been doing all that well the last few years. It's all a hell of a dynamic and I think it's fair to say we are still seeing if Tepper is going to be a Jones or a Rooney.
  13. Show me a billionaire who doesn't have control. You don't get that rich by giving much away in the end. It's a fantasy Tepper isn't involved. It's how he does his owning and if they can make that a positive.
  14. At this point, that sounds great but the real dynamics are all guesses in the end. Maybe Rhule and Fritts are all in on Darnold and Tep wants to play better odds. Tep wants to make money, Rhule wants to win and I'm not sure enough to know how much power Fritters has in this dynamic. At the end of the day the fans, media and professionals are all weathermen/women making guesses anyways for different reasons and motivations. BB is a HOFer and he still has plenty of poor areas in his GMing.
  15. Sounds like a solid plan. I would hope Rhule wouldn't want a repeat of last year but who really knows at this point. Until we have a proven franchise QB we need to keep trying to get one. Spending a 2nd in 2022 on Darnold isn't enough of a commitment or cost to not take a QB at 8 or in the later rounds. I don't like that it has to come from the owner but I do like the outcome in this case.
  16. I miss having a great QB and knowing we could win any game. I miss that kind of hope and fun.
  17. I have no idea what we want and will do. I am incredibly grateful that Simms doesn't work for our team. This is just awful for so many reasons.
  18. Dude, keep the hope alive. If Shanny wants him at 3, why can't we play him twice a year for another 48 hour?
  19. This is all nightmare fuel. Please don't change the unis if they are going to fug it up this bad. Some of the crap they roll out now looks terrible. TB, ATL or the new Bangles unis? An alarm clock with a STD, a uni for people that can't handle more than 3 letters & 2 numbers without an exploding head and taking ugly and downsizing it to make it fit on way over worked spandex design. Nightmare fuel.
  20. Saw on Twitter just now that Shanny wants Mac and the scouting department wants Lance. Could get interesting there. Not like we haven't seen a similar situation here, thankfully it was a much smaller potential cost. They have already paid a ransom for the 3rd, they have to get someone who produces or heads will be rolling. I would just love to have the 49ers take Lance and Mac 'slip' to the Falcons. Damn that would be sweet!
  21. But Ron is a players coach and they all love him....
  22. He better watch out or Tep will build a sewage plant near his stadium. One huge bonus of having the richest owner is he can backup a swing at another owner.
  23. Do it lol. Sounds fun. Honestly if the mainstream 'draft experts' backed up anything they spew every year I would start paying attention to them again.
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