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  1. I’m perfectly fine drafting Richie Grant at #39...I’m not saying he’s the best prospect in the draft, but after Sewell, he’s my favorite. Also definitely like Creed Humphrey and Quinn Meinerz. If we somehow traded down in the first to acquire another 2nd, I’d be thrilled walking away with Jaycee Horn, Grant and Humphrey
  2. Could we just be marking him a post June 1st cut and saving $10.9mill?
  3. This could be absolutely nothing and just the wrong choice of words to be using. But he says he was being let go cuz of a “rebuild”...now we all know we were super close to trading for Stafford which is the opposite of a rebuild. And a ton of people are still holding on to the hope we get Watson. But “rebuild” isn’t the term I’d equate to going after Watson. Falls more in line with drafting. I also realize management doesn’t have to tell Tre their plans on whether they are rebuilding or if they are simply retooling. Just found that reasoning interesting and wanted to get ur thoughts.
  4. All sorts of places accept Bitcoin...hell, u can buy and sell real estate using nothing but Bitcoin...this isn’t some dark web currency
  5. I think Robby Anderson would get physically sick if we said “SURPRISE”
  6. Can’t imagine why the Bears would want to offer that at all...Justin Leopold also doesn’t seem like somebody in the know...19 followers haha
  7. Couldn’t disagree more...Stafford is good...Wentz is ass
  8. https://www.nfl.com/news/lance-zierlein-2021-nfl-mock-draft-1-0-patriots-49ers-select-qbs-in-round-1 I’d be ecstatic if the top 7 went like this!!
  9. Well damn...glad we didn’t give up that much...holy hell...wonder how much of that was to offset Goff’s garbage deal
  10. Why do people keep talking as if Stafford has Watson leverage?? He doesn’t...he doesn’t wanna be part of a rebuild and the Lions know they gotta move him so they can truly rebuild...so it’s not like he demanded a trade and put the Lions in a tough spot...he’s not able to hand pick his destination
  11. Draft Creed Humphrey or Quinn Meinerz, play them at OG for a yr and let me slide into that Center role next year
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