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  1. The alternative is giving DJ a big extension. He’s not a difference maker. No D coordinator is stressing about how to game plan vs him. Just cuz he’s the best we e had since Smitty doesn’t mean he’s untouchable. “Addition by subtraction” is what u say when u move a guy without getting anything in return. A 1st or a 2nd & 3rd is very different than just cutting or trading a guy to simply remove him from the equation. Now if you aren’t confident in us hitting on those draft picks, then fine. I could understand you being hesitant. But giving DJ an even bigger contract does nothing for us. Getting young guys to add to this oline would seriously help us. We drafted TMJ and Shi for a reason. Let em play, they are both talented. However we have NOTHING close to a formidable oline.
  2. Been saying this since last offseason. But some people around here want to act like he’s untouchable…
  3. What was Christiansen ranked this past week?
  4. Didn’t he just come out unprovoked, stating Washington should have never dropped the name “Redskins”? Regardless of ur thoughts on the matter, not necessarily the smartest thing to be saying to the media. Creating problems for himself for no reason.
  5. Great point haha…hopefully that means no trade coming
  6. 1) I dunno who sucks worse…Rhule or David Newton 2) I dunno what current OC or former head coach will sign up to be an OC in a lame duck season 3) Pep Hamilton is my hope for OC
  7. This is part is so often overlooked when saying Rhule will stay another year. No current OC is going to join Rhule’s staff via a lateral move (no promotion) knowing Rhule will probably get fired. That’s far too risky. So it’d have to be a positions coach. And now we’re back to having an OC without experience. So this option makes no sense. Then u look at it from Rhule’s perspective. He’s not going to hire an OC who might have a chance at replacing him because that would make it that much easier for Tepper to let Rhule go mid season. So that rules out maybe an older OC who might have sat out of coaching last year. For example, how Ron hired Norv Turner. So where does that leave us? Either a lame duck year with Rhule and whoever the hell. Or we once and for all did ourselves of this problem and let Rhule go now.
  8. I’m gunna have to respectfully disagree with ya here. I think the last thing a team like Houston should do, is trade for a high priced RB who has had back to back injury riddled seasons. They have holes everywhere on that team. They need those picks just as bad as we do.
  9. And it still blows my mind people will argue that we are stupid to want Tampa to win this week. In every year we r out of contention, so many self righteous fans will act like we aren’t panthers fans because we are rooting for a better draft pick at the end of the year. Blows my mind.
  10. Can u imagine working in Ticket Sales if Rhule is brought back? I feel for those people.
  11. It’s funny cuz I got roasted in the offseason for mentioning trading DJ for a 1st as I likened it to a Diggs to Buffalo kind of trade. I was told we’d be crazy to do this. And I’m not saying it was u at all who said that. But we should definitely be able to get a 2nd and 3rd. For me, DJ is not some difference maker. I think he’s talented for sure but I’d easily reallocate the money that would be spent on his new contract and put it to better use. I also do think you can trade away a player like him because we aren’t a few players away from being a contender. Sacrifices will need to be made for the betterment of our long term success.
  12. So with the hurdle of finding a team that actually can and is willing to take on these contracts, do u find this realistic?
  13. There is so much talk about our lack of draft picks this year. When this gets brought up, it almost defaults to a debate of whether to stay pat at #6 overall or if you are willing to move back. For those wanting to pick up a 2nd and/or 3rd, is moving off of #6 your top choice? Or would you be willing to realistically move a player on this roster to acquire that pick. I for one think it’s a no brainer to sell DJ Moore to the highest bidder this offseason as I do not want to give him the contract he’s most likely seeking given our current state of affairs. I also do not want to move from #6. I think DJ could definitely net us a 2nd and 3rd. Kind of curious why discussions like this aren’t being discussed more and wanted to get your thoughts.
  14. Don’t trade down. Let’s get a star at 6 and trade DJ for picks.
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