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  1. I still can’t believe this hasn’t leaked yet. I remember Steve Martin coming on FNZ one of Kroeger’s last days and basically passing the torch to him. Then fast forward to when he had a hornets play call go viral…and then bam…fired and vanished without a trace
  2. Our offense gives us something to feel proud about but our rush defense is abysmal and thats what fans will b1tch about the most by far this year.
  3. “On June 7, we will reveal a very important community relationship.” Womp wompppppppppp
  4. Somebody in the Twitter comments guessed an extension for Burns or bringing back Cam…but I can’t see that being all that exciting. Wouldn’t think it’s a new agreement on a headquarter location as rock hill fans would be pissed. Getting rid of the turf or getting all black uniforms with a black helmet would be awesome but not warrant a tweet like this. No way we r firing Rhule. Darnold trade is all I can think of but would adding a hurt Jimmy G or a guy like Baker be a GREAT day? Who am I kidding, trading Darnold would be an AMAZING day
  5. Anybody else open this thread strictly for the jokes?
  6. U don’t think Fletcher Cox and Jordan Davis could provide the same kind of assistance as Burns provided?
  7. I’ll be honest. I’d be happy to sign Morgan Fox back. I assumed he signed with a team after we cut him.
  8. For those that think the ship is sailed on Baker and Jimmy G, what do u all for see us doing with the remaining cap? Any rumors tying us to any current free agents? I read a report this morning that at 4pm, any remaining free agents that are signed, won’t count against the compensatory picks. Still some big names out there. Tyrann Mathieu OBJ Julio Jones Duane Brown Jadeveon Clowney Melvin Ingram Gronkowski Akiem Hicks Jerry Hughes JC Tretter Or do we sit tight and just wait for offseason cuts?
  9. Anybody else find it weird with his answer to committing to keeping the panthers in Charlotte? He said multiple times that Charlotte makes the most sense for the CAROLINA Panthers. He said this a couple times and emphasized “Carolina” every time. I took that as “so long as the team remains in the Carolinas, then yea”. Didn’t answer the question. A simple “yes” was all we needed. Not some round about politician answer.
  10. That presser was an absolute waste of time. Tepper: I’m here to talk football. Not going to talk about Rock Hill or soccer. Please ask me a football question. Reporter: *Asks a football question* Tepper: I’m not going to comment on that. That’s really a question for Fitterer. Next time u see him, you can ask him that one. What in the actual F was the point of today?!
  11. Individual episodes for each player airs this week for those interested. Thought last night’s show was pretty insightful.
  12. I will barf we make that mistake…we better not dare trade back into the first
  13. And see honestly, I can see it being the exact opposite. Jags - Hutch Lions - Walker Texans - Sauce Jets - Thibs
  14. In that scenario if we can’t trade down, gimme da sauce babyyy
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