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  1. I still don’t get the Tremble hype. Arnold on the other hand seems like a underrated addition to this offense. Especially when u factor in opposing defenses will be focusing on all our other weapons. I could see him being a very nice contributor this year.
  2. @Trainwreck Why u so triggered? Just telling u what happened
  3. Fletcher had been talking to another team about signing as an UFA, not us. That’s why when we called, he thought we were about to start pitching him the idea of signing with us. So no, we aren’t getting in trouble.
  4. Several people on this board who thought Horn was the better CB including myself...mock drafts are like a flu...these “experts” see a few mocks with Surtain higher and now everybody does
  5. But but I thought we had 2nd and 3rd round grades on guys....anddddddd
  6. Didn’t like this pick...will obviously cheer for the guy to succeed but I’d caution that we do this every year...compare guys to the best at their position to get us pumped up...Kittle?? That’s such a long shot at this point...I hope y’all temper these expectations
  7. Meanwhile Falcons having the draft I wanted...
  8. Still excited as hell about Horn! Kept questioning why was he the default CB3 in early rankings...easily one of my favorite guys in the draft...now imagine adding Richie Grant...
  9. Trade down to who if Horn was our guy? Good chance he woulda been gone at 10
  10. I can get behind this...at least our 1st rounders haven’t been Morrison, Ajinca, Biyombo, Vonleh and Kaminsky...cuz there’s no way to spin that in a positive light
  11. Yea I think this changes nothing for Miami at 6...just might mean they target a Guard later in the draft
  12. I don’t agree...they traded away a Guard...a replacement could be had in the 2nd...mayyyybe they look to fill this with their 2nd first rounder. But I don’t see this meaning Sewell has to go there
  13. This same thing was talked about regarding the Rams and Goff...people said “stop treating this like madden”...would have been a great move
  14. Sewell Pitts Chase Slater Horn
  15. Not saying they undoubtedly would, but I could see them trading up for Lance...so many reports of them liking him a lot...they have Fitzmagic for a year...could sit and learn for a year...plus they have Marty who has no problems moving up....definitely wouldn’t shock me if they swapped 1sts with Lions and gave them their ‘22 1st as well
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