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  1. Honest question…what’s the hype about him coming from? Have seen his name mentioned a lot this offseason
  2. Listening to Smitty last night had me thinking a couple things: - his roasting of guys is funny for a meaningless preseason game…but I dunno if it’s a good look for regular season - to know surprise, he’s absolutely full of himself - Taylor Z did a good job of responding after some of smitty’s long “philosophical” comments Overall, I think Smitty was entertaining at times, but in my opinion he’d be better off commentating an XFL game or Rough N Rowdy match.
  3. Exactly…how tf did it take this long to make this move??
  4. I like this draft class but come on…this board talks about Hubbard as if he’s a beast…this statement is further proof
  5. I was just sitting here thinking wow we made it a whole preseason with no noteworthy injuries…fml
  6. As much as I’d want a quality tackle, I can’t imagine another team doing that when it’s far easier finding a WR. I think trading him for a 1st is far more likely if we actually decided not to resign him to a big deal. And to all the homer’s who think this is a ridiculous question, when did a non top 10 WR become untouchable?? Some of y’all are the main ones who clowned Hurney for always thinking with his heart and not his head, yet y’all are just as biased.
  7. The dead money next year if the Saints trade Michael Thomas would be insane. With that said, I keep seeing people suggest Thomas for CJ and a pick
  8. This is why it’s sometimes hard having conversations with people on here. I love the enthusiasm but this comment leads me to believe when discussing the panthers ur views are more biased than objective. Nobody is gunna take yours or anybody else’s fan card for being objective. I’ll say this for the 1000th time. DJ is currently not elite and outside of this fanbase, I’d bet 99% agree. Doesn’t mean he can’t get there. But his stats don’t equate to difference maker.
  9. “A little Ruuuu babyyyyy” - Ja Rhule
  10. Can we please see this damn Shi Smith TD i mean got dang got dang
  11. Give u a break? Nothing I said disagrees with what u wrote...I said myself he belongs on the list...my point is when discussing his next contract in previous threads, some people here think he’s top 10 and are fine paying him elite money. Meanwhile outside of Carolina that decision would get laughed at because he’s not currently an elite WR...but just so u hear me say it again, yes he’s def top 32
  12. This further proves the point some of us have tried to make multiple times on this board. Should he be on this list? Yea...But outside of our fanbase, nobody and I mean nobody is pounding the table for him being a top 10 WR...this board easily overrates him and it’s not even close
  13. He’s gunna end up a Patriot...Kraft knows Pats fans won’t care cuz nobody cared about his rub and tug...Mac Jones and 2 1sts...Bill would do it in a heart beat
  14. I saw a few comments on a posting from Twitter saying the funding was to go towards roads being upgraded to prevent traffic congestion vs all this money being put the the facility itself. Not saying that makes a difference, but just sharing as I had assumed it was just the facility itself
  15. Is this right so far? vs Jets vs Saints @ Texans @ Cowboys vs Eagles vs Vikings @ Giants vs Pats vs WFT @ Bills @ Saints Vs Bucs
  16. Looks like we aren’t playing the Giants or Saints week 1...packers vs Saints and giants vs broncos https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/12/aaron-rodgers-gets-the-fox-late-afternoon-slot-week-one-whether-with-packers-or-broncos/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  17. I still don’t get the Tremble hype. Arnold on the other hand seems like a underrated addition to this offense. Especially when u factor in opposing defenses will be focusing on all our other weapons. I could see him being a very nice contributor this year.
  18. @Trainwreck Why u so triggered? Just telling u what happened
  19. Fletcher had been talking to another team about signing as an UFA, not us. That’s why when we called, he thought we were about to start pitching him the idea of signing with us. So no, we aren’t getting in trouble.
  20. Several people on this board who thought Horn was the better CB including myself...mock drafts are like a flu...these “experts” see a few mocks with Surtain higher and now everybody does
  21. But but I thought we had 2nd and 3rd round grades on guys....anddddddd
  22. Didn’t like this pick...will obviously cheer for the guy to succeed but I’d caution that we do this every year...compare guys to the best at their position to get us pumped up...Kittle?? That’s such a long shot at this point...I hope y’all temper these expectations
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