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  1. The Carolina Tepper Tantrums
  2. This made me lol…hadn’t noticed that during the game
  3. Unless our play calling changes, how does Higgins solve our WR separation issues? I’m asking this as a big fan of Higgins.
  4. This is what I’ve been concerned with the most all offseason
  5. - There’s nothing worse than going out to eat and being seated only to realize there’s live music. Now instead of talking to whoever I came with, our conversation gets drown out by music I don’t care about. - Fireworks look the same every time we see them, yet I’m supposed to be excited every year to go watch them?? - Without Jerry Krause, there’s no MJ goat status - There’s no X in the word “especially”
  6. I appear to be in the minority so bring on the poo. No way am I wasting a 39th pick on a guy y’all are calling a tackle who can catch. Is that appealing on the goalline? Yea sure I guess. Throughout an entire game? No. Taking TE‘s early already doesn’t pan out a lot. Would much rather spend this pick on a position that will contribute far more throughout a game.
  7. Go read the comments from the OP’s YouTube link. Look at the Michigan fans coming in droves to praise this kid. Thats cool as hell to see.
  8. I think this is just lazy reporting by ESPN. They know we brought both in. Instead of wording that we are interested in these guys, they purposely word it like we hope to bring in both. Think it’s just to create a story and views.
  9. I think they agreed to an overall figure with shaq and he was cool with however we structured it as long as he gets that amount after the 2 years was completed. He was cool with giving us the flexibility of not putting it set in stone so that we can add free agents.
  10. The Smitty/Cam situation all over again. Not saying Smitty is like OBJ from a diva standpoint. But too much of an alpha to let Cam be the new leader.
  11. If we thought we might lose him, why didn’t we slap the franchise tag on him? What would that have cost us this year? Edit: Nvm…didn’t realize the tag for any Oline position is the all the same. $18mill is obviously too much
  12. Oh I know. But the free agent class is not. So we gunna overpay for a #2 at best WR or a sure fire TE?
  13. Would rather use the money on Schultz due to this year’s crop of WR FA’s and targets Downs and AT Perry
  14. Superstar? What the?? Never once has a DC ever been worried about gam planning against DJ. He’s good but dude never took over or was a true difference maker.
  15. I’m not frustrated by your answer but I think the OP is because u basically are saying Stroud, Levis or Young without picking any. To your point tho, how the hell would u know without being inside the building, which is why there’s not enough info to make a firm guess. So I feel ya. If u were Fitty, who u choosing?
  16. If I’m a Texan fan and my GM gave up the #12, I’d be calling for his head. Even if it was like #1,39,93 for #2,12. Hell, I’d be mad if my team gave up just a 2nd. Guess only time will tell. While the OP is calling u a parrot, I recognize u are just saying anything is still possible while unlikely we’d take Levis. If u had to bet right now tho, who u do u think we’d pick?
  17. U touch on this in a post u made right after this but I think it’s because we might equally like Stroud and Young for separate reasons. Obviously the Texans were never entertaining moving down to 9. So now the smokescreen is to make them feel desperate to flip flop with us. Bears were never going to trade with Houston unless they had something lined up with another team looking to then take the 2nd pick from them. It would have been too risky. They wanted a big haul. I think we recognized that and are now trying to get a small amount back (i.e a 2nd rounder).
  18. U can always blame it on Tepper in your next job interview. How’s the other team gunna know for sure?
  19. We all know AR is super raw BUT he has made plays where you’re like ok this could be an unbelievable player. He’s shown enough flashes to get you excited about potential. I haven’t really seen that from Levis. Just his self proclaimed “Cannon” comments and then not even standing out that much from the other QBs at the combine. So I’m again left with what do people like about him other than his size and strength?
  20. Didn’t read every page so forgive me if already mentioned. But was David Wesley ever charged with racing Bobby Phills? If he was, I don’t recall it ever impacting his ability to keep playing. While tragic for sure, only reason Carter slides is questions about maturity. It’s not like he’s getting a jail stint.
  21. Historically if u look back at true bottom 10 teams drafting a Qb between selections 2-10, it doesn’t usually end up working out. I think Matt Ryan, Rivers and McNabb are the exceptions until recently with Herbert. Unless u take the Qb at #1 as a bottom 10 team or as a team who trades up into the top 10, it doesn’t really result in success. Usually I’d be worried about us drafting a Qb being a “bottom 10 team” but given we only lost a game due to DJ’s helmet coming off and then not replacing a complete moron for a coach last offseason, I view this team as one who shouldn’t be bottom 10. I think if our brass has a clear cut favorite at Qb, gotta risk it for the biscuit and make a move with the Bears.
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