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  1. …but clowns actually do their job right compared to the Teppers?
  2. Stay at 9, keep Moore (even though I was fine with losing him), and draft BPA.
  3. So…the most important thing I took away from all this is that Bryce sucks. That and there’s a lot of drama queens in the organization/staff tattle telling on one another. There’s no more ‘Keep Pounding,’ just keep whining.
  4. Happy wife happy life. Nicole is the real owner.
  5. Been waiting all season for him to prove me wrong and show that he's got "it." Hasn't happened and at this point, I've seen enough to conclusively say that he doesn't have it. He doesn't have the drive or desire to win. Even when things around him crumbled, Cam's motor never wavered. Heck, even Darnold had more fight than Bryce.
  6. He's the only one showing any kind of effort and fire. Everyone else is just out there to be out there.
  7. Nope. I wouldn't even do that in Madden.
  8. Beating a dead horse but every great thing that about BY leading up to the draft was just said and not seen, for me at least. All the great ball placement talk, being fast, great processor were things that people said that I did not see in his college game "film." In fact, everything they were saying about him I personally saw from Stroud, but those things weren't synonymous with Stroud. Sometimes, just passing the eye test is enough.
  9. Our players are more concerned about looking good while playing rather than playing good. They know that no matter what they’ll still get paid. Nobody in that locker room understands what it means to Keep Pounding.
  10. I don't feel bad for her one bit. She was actively involved in the hiring of Reich and drafting of Young. She's part of the problem.
  11. I get what you're saying, but what would matter is Tepper removing himself from football stuff (just a dream at this point).
  12. Bryce was picked by the Teppers so I highly doubt that will happen.
  13. I hope that the Teppers present reflective and contrite over their meddling. Won't happen though =/
  14. Will continue to be a rinsing and repeating if he and his wife continue to meddle.
  15. I feel it was to bring back fans who have checked out, like what he’s doing with the ring of honor stuff. just my own hypothesis but after spending money on buying the team, he just wants to make that money back and more. He has no idea how to or have a willingness to build a competitive football team. He just wants to make that money back so bringing in Cam and the nostalgia stuff will put butts in the stadium seats, putting money in his account.
  16. Just going by memory but Henry is bigger than 90% of our defensive “starters.” Who’s he going to “josh Norman” on Sunday?
  17. I don't know what they do at "practice" every week.
  18. This o-line was supposed to be a strength coming into this season so that's just terrible. If there's anything that Bryce has proved this season is that he is tough. If my math is correct, he is on pace to be sacked 64 times this season (averaging 4 sacks a game, being sacked at least once a game). I'm not sold on him or this coaching staff moving forward, but I would consider this season a win if they can go through a game without allowing the opposing team to sack him. It's not too hard to ask right?
  19. Maybe Rhule did need 7 years and things were working 1000% but weren't seeing it.
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