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  1. Even if it works, I still don't want Rhule drafting any QBs unless he isn't the one doing the picking. If reports are right about the QBs McAdoo were big on, I'd want him and Fitt to make the pick instead.
  2. I don’t want Matt Rhule drafting any rookie QBs. He’ll ruin them. Give them a fair shot by going somewhere else.
  3. I think anyone could start because Reid would put them in a good position to produce =/
  4. I get that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I get that Jay Z took 7 years to become Jay Z. What I don’t get is why keep this head coach around when he’s shown no improvement in the two years he’s been here. If his coaching, culture, and system are 1000% working we SHOULD be able to see it and there would at least be a ray of hope going into year 3. Instead, the only hope we as fans are left with is to look forward to which week next season when he gets fired. Teddy (still sucks) but he was right about this coaching staff and I’m glad he spoke out against them.
  5. Now, the stadium next season will be even more overran by opposing team fans. I have foreseen it.
  6. I don't know if I'd call it racism. When I still lived in Charlotte I recall that RG3 was beloved everywhere. Even Watson is/was adored. I just don't understand the hate towards Cam, and the only reason I can think of is that Cam doesn't display himself as what they expect from a QB1 (Peyton Manning-like). There are anti-cam's out here, but they're open to having conversations about Cam and can still respect Cam the person and player even if they don't like him. To the OP, thanks for sharing.
  7. I thought he was [email protected] Newton, diva, -sexual, selfish, illiterate, etc... I live in California and the football fans here are more respectful towards Cam than the Carolina fan base. I'm glad to see that he's being recognized for accomplishments on and off the field.
  8. When you have a sick child, the only thing that matters is your sick child. Props and prayers to her and her family.
  9. Lighten up. With Rhule returning we have a great opportunity to land the No.1 overall pick in the 2023 draft. Too bad this isn't madden where we can just sim the season and not have to sit through it.
  10. I don’t know how he’s going about calculating his analytics but it’s 1000% not working and everyone can see it. Cris Carter once said that there are only 10 teams that really try to win the championship every year while the rest just want to make money. At this point I’m inclined to think that Tepper just want to makes money (bringing Cam back in). Couple that with Rhules latest comments about how Sam can do what Cam can, it just makes me wonder.
  11. I can't look at Clete the same after SB50.
  12. Cam will be in the panthers ring of honor one day. He has all the accolades at an NFL level. Rhule will go down as the worst (in my memory) head coach in panthers history. Darnold will also go down as one of the worst QBs to ever suit up for the panthers. Heck, at this point I appreciate Jimmy Clausen even more.
  13. My wife made a comment during the game yesterday saying “why does he (Rhule) always look so clueless on the sideline?” He’s clueless at all levels: talent, timeouts, game clocks, game planning, second half adjustments, in-game adjustments, roster and staff building, etc…
  14. No point keeping him around as I have a strong feeling he won’t last 17 games next season.
  15. At this point I hate the panthers more than our division rival.
  16. Calling timeout 1 second before the quarter ends when the play clock and game clock were in sync speaks volumes.
  17. The only way a rockstar OC will come to the panthers is if Rhule isn't employed.
  18. Would anyone really be interested in calling plays for Carolina with Rhule's reported ego, and not having any offensive weapons if we trade CMC? DJ reached 1k receiving yards again but he doesn't appear to be anything special (hopefully, yet). Robby has regressed since his payday. No QB, no O-line, and unproven RB (Hubbard) and TE (Tremble).
  19. I'd say that it is relevant. Solicited or unsolicited, he wouldn't say anything bad about any coaches or players/teammates publicly. He supported the Nate Chandlers, Mike Remmers', Byron Bells, Mike Shulas, Ron Riveras, and everyone else that has received ire from the fanbase/media (when deserved). His support for Rhule, I believe, follows the same pattern.
  20. I don't think Cam has ever said anything negative or thrown any of his coaches/teammates under the bus. At least, not publicly.
  21. You're right I didn't articulate my thoughts accurately. But yes, what I meant was for Tepper to step in and "ask" Rhule to make new hires, meaning he has to choose assistants from outside his bubble.
  22. For me this would be the worst case scenario, with him being fired next Monday being the best case. If Rhule is retained it would be best for Tepper to jump in and hire some NFL experienced assistants. That way, when Rhule is fired mid-season, those qualified assistants can take over and not folks from Rhule's regime. Sounds right in my head but who knows.
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