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  1. Oh I know. Just wanted to he “fair” and not bust out any tin foil hats but, it certainly felt like a certain SB50 where refs did everything in their power to shift/stop momentum of our offense. #cotchcaughtit
  2. I think every team commits penalties that go unnoticed. I also believe that the Panthers were specifically targeted last night because in the 2 games we’ve seen them they appear to be very disciplined. Burns’ burst off the line is so quick that, perhaps to an opportunistic agenda driven ref’s eye, it looks offsides. Several of Darnold’s long passes also looked like it happened only because the o-line held the defenders who got near, so I’ll give them that.
  3. Let's see...in 2015 we had Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, KK, Star, Josh Norman. 2021 we have CMC, DJ Moore, Robby, Brian Burns, Brown, Shaq (2021 version), Jackson (2021 version), Horn (based on 2 games), Chinn. I'd say it's about the same sans a dynamic QB.
  4. Watching that in real time it seemed to me like he wanted 31 to get down to allow the offense more time to play with.
  5. going to be petty and say that I am not very impressed with the athletic.
  6. He absolutely lasered some passes into tight windows yesterday. Dude has me optimistic about the QB position moving forward.
  7. Keep screening until teams stop it. Kind of like what happened in 2013 when Luke and TD stopped the Saints in that rain game. If I recall correctly, the saints stopped screening so much after that game.
  8. No evidence, but I have a feeling he won’t check it down on 4th and 8.
  9. ...then the media will overhype Zach Wilson even more.
  10. I hope Rhule didn't rig the voting this season like he did last season to get the QB a captain's badge (LOL - JK). off topic, but who was it that did that anyways? I think the captain's badge is a fluid thing anyways. What really matters is how you lead your teammates and by example on/off the field, whether or not you have the badge.
  11. Teddy 2020 (with CMC 3 games, mike Davis, DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel): 15 games, 3733 yards, 15 TD, 11 int we gained a stronger arm and better attitude. Not worried.
  12. If we still had Tahir Whitehead then Wilson would shine, but our defense has vastly improved since last season. Losing him alone improved our defense.
  13. Doesn't matter to me. I didn't think Teddy deserved it last year either. Looking back on last season and what transpired this offseason, I still believe that he didn't deserve it.
  14. No need. We don’t plan on receiving any punts lol.
  15. Puncture lung? No problem. Not wearing a tie? Bench.
  16. Who knows, but for some reason this game has a Super Bowl 50 rematch feeling.
  17. Only player I’m ok paying dead money for is Luke. Guy deserves it. And we actually have cap space? That’s blasphemy!
  18. I don’t know how updated this list is, but courtesy of NFL.com RB Darius Clark FB Rod Smith WR Krishawn Hogan WR Ishmael Hyman WR Micah Simon OT Matt Kaskey* OT Martez Ivey G Marquel Harrell DE Kendall Donnerson DE Austin Larkin DT Walter Palmore DT Mike Panasiuk* DT Caraun Reid LB Jonathan Celestin LB Paddy Fisher LB Nate Hall S Brian Cole S Doug Middleton S LaDarius Wiley K Joey Slye https://www.nfl.com/news/player-cuts-tracker-nfl-teams-53-man-rosters-for-2021-season
  19. Whomever plays opposite of him better get their act together. They’ll be seeing a lot of balls thrown their way.
  20. Deservedly, but I’m sure at least one of them will get snubbed (again).
  21. I’m fine with the short passes if it negates the opponents pass rush. Too many times I’ve seen us get beaten by the opposing team through dinking and dunking. It’s actually the right strategy compared to what we’ve seen before with Shula where he expected the offensive line to protect Cam for 10 seconds while the receivers ran routes that take 15 seconds to develop (exaggerated but you get the point). All QBs do well with a clean pocket. I hope Rhule and co. has answers for when the pocket gets dirty.
  22. Player: Teddy Bridgewater 2020; I don't think I ever recall a player tossing his coaches under the bus. Even terrible players like Bell, Chandler, Fua, Legedu Naanee, etc did their jobs terribly with some dignity. I'd put Carruth as well but I was too young/not a fan (yet) to remember the impact. Coach: Ron Meeks; He was supposed to bring that nastiness from the Colts to us, but our defense fell flat instead.
  23. Wasn't the dabbing during his 2015 MVP season based on a rap song that took the whole world by storm? I still see kids dabbing nowadays and secretly, inside, I'm thinking "My QB started that."
  24. You're right, Hurney lucked out on the Chinn "conversion." I don't know if that was solely on Hurney though as I recall Rhule saying that they made the switch out of necessity. Nevertheless, things appear to be trending upwards with this new GM, and I'm hoping it doesn't end up similar to what happened to Gettleman.
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