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  1. lol this is going to be another shitshow of a season isn't it?
  2. Man, some of yall are really sensitive to what a stranger posts on a public free message board.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA holy poo. Someone locate that man and lock him up. He can't be safe to be on the streets.
  4. What's the "ted lasso coaching model"? I see it referenced a lot on but I never saw the show..isn't it a comedy about a soccer coach? Just curious what the reference is about.
  5. Really hope the team employs the same strategy from last year of not doing anything remotely right during preseason so they can deceive and trick the league into thinking we suck before we really turn it on Week 1 and catch everyone by surprise. Only problem is last year they forgot to turn it "on" once the season started.
  6. This is the case for any team and their fans. I even know life long Chiefs fans that talk poo about Mahomes.
  7. So I gotta ask...is this just your gimmick or are you into dudes? After seeing it for years on here I'm just curious (not judging, just genuinely wondering)
  8. I'll admit I haven't paid too much attention to him or his pressers, but that's the vibe I've gotten. I naturally raise an eyebrow at the overly polished everything is positive guys.
  9. Sadly, I watched every damn Panthers and Gamecocks game this season. How sadistic am I?
  10. Downplay this all you want but waltzing in there (joking around or not) and immediately taking a hat off of a stranger's head is WILD.
  11. Man...huge Gamecock fan...big fan of Legette (the player and the person)...but won't lie that I am worried about this pick. I just have zero faith in the decision making, scouting, developing, coaching etc when it comes to this organization...new staff or not.
  12. Panthers social media team trolling the fanbase hard... Bryce Young ready to get back to work, GROW as a leader
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