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  1. I had several non panther fans send it to me..including a cpl that aren't even football fans at all.
  2. This just keeps getting better and better.
  3. Have fun at the game everyone and be extra loud and rowdy. Also, some of yall got some baller ass houses!
  4. sportsurge.net has a whole list of (usually great) working streams to choose from for any game.
  5. Is that really what happened? Screaming A. Smith had him booted? I don't like either one of them so I don't watch the show but I didn't know they changed it.
  6. Every now and then I'd go to the Pat's forum and subreddit to see how they were talking about Cam and honestly I was surprised by how much they seemed to like him. I saw much more positive stuff about him than negative from the Pat fans.
  7. Alright so wtf does the shirt mean? Some new slogan the Panthers are going to run with in some way? I searched and the phrase isn't trademarked by them.
  8. I want to get it because I just got back into video games earlier this year after not playing since the late 90's. I got Madden 20 and enjoyed playing it (came with the used PS4 I bought on Ebay). I only play the online versus mode and want to get 22 just for the updated rosters. Reading all of this on here has me rethinking forking out the $$$ for it though. For the past few months though, MLB The Show 21 has been my ish. So addicting.
  9. Lord, some of yall are fuggin weirdos.
  10. Male cheerleaders in the NFL have been a thing right? I remember hearing the Eagles added one a few years ago.
  11. $7.99/mo but you can cancel after the initial 6 months for $1. Of course after you cancel they're gonna offer you another good deal to get you back.
  12. I'm over the black helmets. I'd probably rather see some kind of silver/gray (not metallic) variation before black.
  13. Just signed up for $1 a month for 6 months. Can't beat that.
  14. Yeah, I hear ya. I get it. It's just really corny to me and I'll never get over that. Sallgood tho.
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