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  1. huh? How come this was never talked about prior to the draft? This is literally the first time I've heard anything about this.
  2. No chance of him being fired midseason unless he sleeps with Dave's wife.
  3. I wanted Stroud and it’s hard to watch him playing right now compared to what we’ve seen so far with our guy. God I hope I was/am wrong about this pick. Poo me now.
  4. I got so sick of everyone constantly acting like his height was the big red flag with Bryce. Sure, that's a big deal but my thing was he's just small in general. He looks like he could get sneezed on and go down. Then you start talking about 300lb guys falling on him numerous times a game...
  5. I sure hope that's not the case but it's what I thought of too. This poo sounds SERIOUS.
  6. He messing with little kids or what? Wtf is going on?
  7. I don't think Keyshawn's take is that crazy. I bought the #9 jersey and I hope like hell that he defies the odds but I'd be lying if I said I think he will.
  8. I'm guessing the 2018 game against the Eagles in Philly (that I was at) when Cam balled out in the 4th quarter for an epic comeback win was the last time we won a comeback game?
  9. That's depressing to read/realize but sounds right. Pathetic.
  10. Who knows if it's really him or not...but due to the timing etc of it all, my money would be on it's most likely him/family member/friend. Really disturbing stuff whoever the hell it is.
  11. For everyone that watched both the Week 1 Young video AND the Week 1 Stroud video, what was his overall evaluation of the two in their first week?
  12. I see Horn is getting slammed on Twitter for supposedly using a burner account to talk poo to people.
  13. I tell myself all the time "thank God at least one of the three teams I'm obsessed with is the Braves"
  14. Sigh. What a fuging shitshow this team is man. Guess I just have to accept that we really are cursed after all. I give up.
  15. Lol, good lord. The hits just keep coming. Comical at this point.
  16. Can we go back in time and draft Micah Parsons instead? Pretty please?
  17. Oh wow, I hate to see this. Hopefully he's alright.
  18. Looks like I'll be trying to sync up the radio audio to the tv this season.
  19. No hate deserved. A video like this you took the time to make deserves it's own thread on here imo.
  20. Oof..looks like Ron is gonna have a rough season on the field and in the media.
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