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  1. Washed. Played a total of 8 games since 2020 and been awful in all of them.
  2. Great conversation. Would love to see these two sit down with Jake.
  3. The only sane answer here is to put Corral on the field this offseason and let him compete. There is literally zero down side to that. What if he beats out Young or just looks like a quality QB? No! I don't think it's likely! Completely unlikely. However, what if he did? You can instantly recoup some draft capital for whichever QB you choose to offload. Brock Purdy just showed us that no one has any clue about QB's. If you have a young, relatively proven guy you can get capital for him. How much do you think the 49ers could get for Purdy once he proves his elbow is healed? There is absolutely no reason to get rid of Corral, and every reason to cheer him on. No one knows the outcome, and success can only benefit the team. Where is the problem?
  4. Fingers crossed that this guy can finally break the receivers curse we seem to have. DJ almost got there, but never really took the step to being a true number one and take over games.
  5. He was cut and then resigned. I think we even have a dead cap hit for him, while he's on our roster.
  6. Come on man. Do at least a little research. Campen was a center. He played ever so briefly with Favre, but Rodgers was like 10 years old when Campen retired.
  7. Hopefully we don't lose any of them THIS time around. Keeping them for two seasons means we get draft compensation when they leave.
  8. Unfortunately that lands him squarely in territory to do our games.
  9. When healthy isn't exactly a ringing endorsement. Guy is talented, there is no doubt. If he ends up missing time this year, I'm afraid he's never going to make the impact we need.
  10. I trust our coaching staff to develop our quarterback in the best way possible for his long term success. Whatever that might look like, and whatever the Huddle thinks of it, is simply not important.
  11. I am still blown away how so many people are sure that Corral has no future in the NFL based on a training camp where we had two "first stringers" in a "competition" for a completely crap coaching staff. Followed by 20 plays in the fourth quarter of the first preseason game. Really? Look, I expect Corral isn't anything special, but for heavens sake, let's see what this staff can do with him. Who know, maybe he gets coached up, looks good in preseason and we can flip him for a draft pick.
  12. I'm actually a little surprised we haven't brought Ionnidis back. He seems well suited to being a 3-4 DE, and that's where his best years came.
  13. If the guys coming off our bench are average, we are in a great place.
  14. Hooker was back on the field doing drop back drills two days ago. I don't see him missing the season. He may not be 100% for camp, but I think he's got a chance to play.
  15. It's either going to go down as our best pick ever, or we're gonna be taking another QB, with a new coach and GM in two years.
  16. I know a lot of Huddlers think our drafting has been terrible pretty much always, but the truth is that we haven't been bad. The article is about a year old, but here it is from ESPN: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33297949/nfl-draft-which-teams-gotten-best-value-2012-rank-all-32 TL; DR - we ranked 11th. There are 21 teams who wish they had drafted as well as we have.
  17. Too many needs, too few draft picks. Shoot your shot and move on.
  18. That's flawed logic. You cannot inflate true accuracy by attempting more deep throws. First off, these QB's didn't know these stats would even be measured. They couldn't manipulate them. Second, what it's actually doing there is weighting passes that are more difficult to throw accurately higher. Think of it as a measure of how honest a QB can keep a defense. If a QB can complete downfield throws with a high degree of accuracy, it stress a defense vertically. NFL teams value that highly. TB5 would be the poster child for why this measure matters.
  19. I know there has been a lot of negative press around Stroud, but man. Knock: His receivers are running wide open. Fact: Stroud threw just as many tight window passes as Young, and was the most accurate QB in the class when doing so. Knock: Stroud can't play under pressure or outside the pocket. Fact: Stroud has the highest accuracy in the class under pressure and outside the pocket and is pressured at just slightly below the average for the class this year. If a Huddler (good job OP) can dig these numbers out, you have to believe that teams have done the same. Looking at those numbers, I'd have a very hard time not taking the guy (Stroud). I wonder if all the hysteria around Young is a product of the highlights instead of the body of work. Does Stroud just make it look so easy that we gravitate toward Young who makes it look like a million bucks? It's an interesting discussion. Both QB's seem to have said all the right things and shown all the right personality traits. The mystery stops soon.
  20. I think what S2 is trying to do is put numbers on mental ability (not intelligence). It's easy to measure physical attributes of potential NFL players. The rub there is that within those measurable attributes, there are outliers all freakin' over the place. High physicals, abject failures. Low physicals, HoF career. I think it's too early in the history of the S2 to tell us whether it's successful or whether it has tons of outliers and whether those outliers are at the high end, low end or elsewhere on the scale. As it relates to Stroud, it would certainly give me pause simply because the delta is so large. I'm a Stroud fan, for sure, but the test does give me pause. I'm sure the Panthers are in the same boat.
  21. If Cam wants to actually retire, I'd be ok with him being an assistant to McCown. I just don't see him being interested in something like that.
  22. Then you're being silly. He's actually made a remarkable turnaround in his life. Dude is actually quite insightful, often sitting in with and for Rich Eisen.
  23. If you are running / going to run a heavy RPO offense, you don't get rid of Matt Corral. He was really good at that in college. That said, I'm not sure that's really Reich's system to date. He likes the play action. Maybe the influence of Thomas Brown will send us down a different path. In any event, ideally, if Corral isn't the guy we want, our best outcome is to showcase him and get something back. Even a fourth is better than nothing.
  24. AR has a lot of commonalities with Smith. On paper just looking at college, Smith looks like a slightly better prospect.
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