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  1. This year is irrelevant to Horn. I will say I think his mentality is weak. He had a hamstring injury in week 1. It's week 10. Aaron Rodgers blew out his achilles. Required surgery. He returned to practice this week. Think what you will about Rodgers, his mentality is not weak. Also, Rodgers is 40 years old. From the outside looking in, JC looks like a guy who just doesn't want to be here. Right now, Horn is three years into a career and has played the equivalent of one. I could be wrong, he could never be injured again and have an All Pro or even Hall of Fame career ahead. History doesn't stand on his side right now.
  2. Here are some facts, do with them what you will. When talking about Mingo as a prospect, I look at all WR's drafted after him this year. Those drafted before him are irrelevant since we couldn't have chosen them while still drafting Bryce. Of those 22, only five have outperformed Mingo: Puka Nakua, Tank Dell, Jayden Reed, Demario Douglas and Rashee Rice. Of those five, it's clear why Nakua and Rice have done so well. Does Mingo need to improve? Yes, of course. But in truth he's performed about as well as you could expect a rookie WR to perform in his situation. When looking at Fitterer (or Rhule, or whoever is running the show) as a GM in the draft, you've only got three years of data. Of all players selected, the only one drafted in the first five rounds who is no longer on the team is Brandon Smith. And FWIW, Smith is on the Eagles practice squad. You can argue that our roster is low on talent - you won't be wrong. But the guys "Fitterer" has chosen are generally still here. Now, using this . . . . . . as your justification is weak sauce. In fact, it's just this argument brought us Sam Darnold. Yikes! This is a terrible argument. Great players play great regardless of what's around them. Joe Burrow was sacked 32 times as a rookie before his injury. Had he played out a 17 game season at that rate he would have been sacked 54 times. Bryce is on course to be sacked 68 times this year. Not that different. However, watching Joe Burrow play in 2020 made it VERY VERY CLEAR he was the real deal. Burrow elevated his team and was SPECIAL. As you might expect of the first pick in the draft. Barry Sanders never had a team around him, but he was GREAT. Cam Newton elevated his team. Archie Manning never played on a winning team, but you could see how great he was just by watching.
  3. Yes we do. He came right out and said why. FWIW he withdrew from ALL HC opportunities. He was in for a number of them and likely would have gotten at least one offer.
  4. He's a guy who played pretty well for other teams. Oh, and injury history says he should fit right in.
  5. Our problem here is that our GM didn't follow his own advice when he arrived. One of the things he said when he arrived is that you should ALWAYS be drafting a QB - every year. He's not saying at the top of the draft, but just as a general rule you should be spending a pick trying to find a guy. Doesn't matter if you have one already, if you uncover one you literally cannot lose. Look no further than the last draft. The Eagles, Chargers, Browns, Rams, Cardinals . . . . all drafted QB's despite having a franchise guy on the roster already. That's good roster building. Unfortunately for us, Fitts said all those things and hasn't done it, except when pressured to fill a need.
  6. Likewise, getting better in the short term doesn't predict the future. I would rather swing for the fences trying to find a really great coach than settle for "just ok". That's one thing that kinda bothered me about Frank - I'm not sure that he was "that guy". The staff he assembled seemed to make sense - lots of young talent - but clearly something was wrong with the chemistry.
  7. You need to go watch the Jimmy Johnson documentary for "A Football Life". Jerry wasn't involved until after the dynasty had been built.
  8. Or, conversely, he built an offense for a QB we didn't draft. Unfortunately, we'll never know. One of the clauses that is apparently inserted into these coaching contracts is that they are not allowed to disclose information like that if they want to get paid after being fired. They are contractually obligated to keep their mouth shut.
  9. The only thing that comes to mind is "Corey Brown is a nice young man. Philly catches the ball."
  10. I feel like some of us are forgetting the mistake we made with Star and KK. We paid KK and let Star walk. The year before we let him walk, our defense 3rd against the run, 15th against the pass and 10th in scoring. One year later, we were 12th against the run, 15th against the pass and 19th in scoring. Having that big dude clogging the middle makes your defense better in ways that are very difficult to quantify to a player, but easily seen when looking at the defense as a whole.
  11. The hope is that we don't have to use the tag on Brown, that we can just agree to a deal. That leaves us free to tag Burns and see what the market will turn up. If we let Burns just walk after turning down what we turned down - both from the Rams and the Bears - Tepper should fire the entire personnel department. Which may amount to firing himself, but that's another thing altogether.
  12. To be fair, only Luke was still the player we loved. Cam had duct tape holding his shoulder on and Greg's foot was broken constantly. Luke had some concussions earlier, but over his last three years only had one which caused him to miss one game. Luke was still great.
  13. That ship sailed when we refused to trade Brian Burns. By trading Burns we could STILL have Bryce, AND our picks AND another #1 pick AND DJ Moore. The stupidity of not taking that deal is just staggering now.
  14. This, this is what we call an "agenda" kids. You can't look at targets vs receptions to determine drops. For instance Theilen has 100 targets and 77 receptions - did he "drop" 23 balls? No. Theilen has 4 drops this year. Chuba is a better player this year than last, who finds himself on a far worse team.
  15. I disagree. Chuba has looked much improved, particularly in hanging on to the ball both as a runner and as a receiver.
  16. And all three of those trophies are brought to you courtesy of one of the greatest coaches and talent evaluators of the modern football era - Jimmy Johnson. At the point those were won, Jones was just riding JJ's coattails to glory. Switzer took Johnson's team and got them to one more championship, but the roster was deteriorating. It still hasn't recovered. The only thing separating Jones and Tepper are 33 years of experience.
  17. If a move is in the cards to replace Fitts, that move should already be under way. There is absolutely no advantage to waiting until the offseason to replace your roster builder. In fact, it's a distinct disadvantage. In order to build a roster, you need to know the current roster. This is experience a new GM can pick up right now, during the season, allowing them to enter the offseason with the needed knowledge to begin the process of fixing this mess. Because he's still here, I have significant doubts as to whether he will be shown the door.
  18. I am actually not at all surprised by firing McCown. Who McCown may or may not have wanted is not at all relevant. You have to coach the guys on your squad. What is relevant is that Bryce has regressed as a player since coming here. It seems like more and more folks are finally catching on to how bad BY's mechanics have been this year. If you aren't, go look for the threads here, lots of good links in them. Then go back and watch his Bama footage. His mechanics are far better then. That falls squarely on the shoulders of McCown as the QB coach. I don't expect improvement this year. Hopefully Bryce has the self awareness to look at his own tape this offseason and realize there is a problem. Hopefully he will look to work on it on his own. But as much as I respect McCown's ability to watch tape, whatever methods he was using to coach Bryce up were not working.
  19. A few points to consider. Firstly, this isn't statistically bad, this is historically bad. Bad stats can happen. But seriously, it takes a lot to end up at the bottom of a list of 431 names. Think about some of the names on that list. Tajh Boyd. Bryce Petty. Nathan Peterman. These are bad, bad players . . . and BY is at the bottom. That's scary. Secondly, he's going to get next season to turn it around. There is nothing we can do this offseason to fix the QB spot. If you bring in a guy, Bryce is done. Now maybe he should be, but I don't believe you can give up on a guy you invested that much in after only one season. No! It doesn't look good right now, but he should get that chance. Finally, we have to be honest. By the middle of next season, we will know about Bryce. And if it's a bust, we have to be ready to call it a bust and move on. Let's not hang on hoping for a miracle.
  20. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried!
  21. You're wrong on multiple counts. Cam was toast and needed to go. We didn't handle it well, at all, but the decision was the right one. The potential compensatory pick for Cam is a flea on the a^# of the issue. Bridgewater had a three year contract. He should have been here for all of it. How much did we sacrifice for deciding Bridgewater wasn't our guy after one year? The mistake wasn't signing Bridgewater, though perhaps we overpaid a bit, the mistake was getting rid of him. How many draft picks did we surrender by cutting TB5? How many players did we then get rid of because of it? How much dead cap did we incur? It was an absolutely horror show, and it all goes back to our owner not being patient. Make no mistake, our owner drove the QB frenzy train.
  22. You missed the point. Brady could be single and never work another day in his life. His wife's earning potential was irrelevant. Brady wanted to win championships. He took less money to facilitate that. We hear players talk all the time about how they want to win championships, compete at the highest level, etc. All the talking points you expect. The difference is that most of them don't really mean it.
  23. Yards per attempt is not the metric we should judge Bryce by. We should be looking at Air Yards per Attempt. That's the metric that tells us how far he was TRYING to throw the ball. It currently sits at 4.7 air yards per attempt. Honestly, his interceptions aren't overly concerning. He's currently throwing INT's at a rate of 2.5%. It's not awful. During his Panthers career, Delhomme threw them at a rate of 3.3%. And Jake was great. Would you take young Jake back today? I sure would. What is concerning is his TD rate. It's only 2.8%. That's a problem. Cam and Jake both threw TD's at a rate of 4.5%. There is plenty of fault to go around with our offense. But BY needs to control what he can control. Be mechanically sound, make the right read, get the ball out on time. Those things show up on film. If your QB is doing those things, you can see on film that he is not the problem.
  24. Eventually QB's will learn the lesson Brady tried to teach them. If you want to win multiple championships, you have to take less money so the team can surround you with weapons. As great as Mahomes is - and he's a far more talented QB that Brady - he can't do it alone.
  25. While you are not wrong, it doesn't really delve to the level of nuance required to make the statement you've made. It's not like they had the draft capital or salary cap to simply replace everything. This is a coaching problem - or perhaps a meddling owner problem. If a coach looked at this line and said "They can block wide zone" you'd have to ask "Based on what evidence?" If the rumors of our owner forcing BY on the staff are true, it's very possible the mess is 100% on the owners plate. Think of CJ Stroud at QB with our run scheme from last year. That looks a lot different than BY in . . . whatever this is we have this year. I think Reich needs to go, but it may not even be his fault.
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