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  1. Nothing earth shattering there. He's not obviously wrong about anything, but didn't exactly make any bold predictions either. 6/10
  2. I'm not surprised, not sure any of us should be. Our receivers are excellent, our RB may be on course to be an all timer. The only question mark is at TE. I'd put our skill group up against anyone in the league aside from KC honestly.
  3. Good for him. I wish him the best of luck. Elsewhere.
  4. Paradis is gone in 2022. We converted 7ish million of base salary this year into bonus in order to spread the cap hit over two years, albeit two years he is not on the team. I'm guessing the thinking was that this year our cap is in bad shape due to Luke, Teddy, etc. We needed the 4 million in relief. The next couple years our cap looks way better, and so by spreading 4 million over each of those years we have a lower impact on our ability to field a good team.
  5. As much as I hate to see us lose, I'd almost welcome 0-17 with Darnold because it would answer all the questions definitively and give us our choice of the best QB in the next draft. I'd be way more excited about 0-17 with Darnold than 5-12 with ANY of our recent QB's.
  6. If that's your expectation for your QB you are fine being the fan of an endlessly mediocre team. Let's face it, TB5 nearly threw for 20 last year and NOBODY wants to see that again. Ever. I expect a franchise QB to account for 30+ TD's every season. Especially with an extra game. Here's what a franchise QB looks like:
  7. The worst part of any trade for Watson will be what we give up. His contract is actually fine. No guaranteed money on the books after next year except for his signing bonus which the Texans are going to be responsible for regardless. What that means is that if he does lose his mind and do something like what he is accused of again he can be purged with little long term cap repercussion. If we choose to put a different contract in front of him, one would presume we protect ourselves with that as well. It's all about the cost up front, particularly draft capital.
  8. That's actually an amazing contract for us if true. All of his guarantees are out by 2023, so our dead cap after that is incredibly low.
  9. All political issues aside: Cost is everything. If you give up too much, you can't surround him with the team required to win. I'm the first person on the QB is everything bandwagon, but just having the QB isn't enough. Green Bay has had a HoF calibre QB for fifteen years now and only one SB appearance to show for it. Likewise Drew Brees in N.O. Etc. You have to find your QB, while continuing to draft well at other positions.
  10. As a team last year, our pass rush win rate was pretty good at 12th overall. Where we struggled was with run stop win rate, where we were 28th. Yikes! We have GOT to learn how to stop the run. Offensively, also probably what you would expect. We were 23rd in pass block win rate, but 7th in run block win rate. Looking at that run block win rate, it occurs to me that Mike Davis may not have been as good as we thought. We were actually setting him up pretty well. If we can figure out how to pass block, we're going to be dangerous.
  11. Exactly. While I don't know the woman at all, I can speculate and remember other situations where athletes were taken advantage of in similar ways. Again, I don't know her, however it is possible her entire motive here was to get him so drunk he had no idea what was going on, provoke him into retaliating and taking him to the cleaners. It would certainly not be the first example of behavior along those lines. He may well remember exactly what happened but is keeping it close to the vest at the advice of his attorney. We don't know. What appears to be true is that he handled himself well in a tough situation. Whether he figures the NFL out or not, that is a good trait to take into life.
  12. Of course he's an option on the left . . . now. Had they even HINTED at such prior to getting the deal done it would have given Moton and his agent additional leverage to push for more. By keeping those cards close to the vest, they were able to secure him to a contract that pays him like one of the best RT's in the league - which he probably is - but can now acknowledge that he may move left if it becomes obvious they are out of alternatives. It's a good move on their part. Smart business.
  13. All I see here is (apparently) a professional athlete exercising commendable restraint in difficult circumstances.
  14. There are rivers of regret to be cried over with regards to the way Cam was handled here in Carolina. No doubt. We likely ruined the most talented QB of the past 10 years through both our handling of him and our coaching of him. All that said, if anyone is buying the story that his shoulder was "fully healed" for last season, I invite you to go put on some 2015 tape, beside some 2020 tape and tell me his shoulder is now "healed". He may feel healed, and I hope that at least he doesn't hurt every day. It doesn't change the facts however. He's a shadow of the player who once was.
  15. Too simplistic a take. Luke enabled us to reach a SB. You cannot look at "just" his stats - and those are impressive enough. You also have to look at how many times Luke put the players around him in position to win. It was all the freaking time. You cannot compare Luke to other MLB's. He's just different sauce altogether. This isn't to say Horn wasn't the correct pick. Our need at CB was immense. I suspect Horn will make a greater impact for us than a Micah Parsons would have. Parsons is a great talent, and he'll make a ton of plays. I just think that when you look at our needs and the relative talent you're taking and the positions . . . Horn was probably the better pick.
  16. For a player, winning isn't everything. Archie Manning never had a winning season, yet he was widely considered one of the greatest QB's of his generation. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl, but is there anyone you'd want on your team more in that era? Barry Sanders, never won anything of note, but the dude was just ELECTRIC with the ball in his hands. Calvin Johnson, likewise. The list goes on. When you speak of a franchise as a whole, becoming a winning team is important. But when you're talking about players, greatness is separate. CMC is a great player, regardless of our success as a franchise.
  17. We don't need YGM to be great. We need him to be Mike Rucker. That's more than enough to call him a success.
  18. Honestly, I don't look at the Panthers as currently having anyone in the HoF. I know, Green, White and Polian spent time with the Panthers, but they aren't really "our" HoFers. We just had short term rentals. I think Smith and Peppers will be the first HoFers we can really claim as "ours".
  19. DJ may never be 89, but he doesn't have to be. He's got the tools to be that sneaky good receiver, you never think about him until he's got the ball 20 yards downfield and running away from you. If Darnold can put it together, DJ and Robby will get their props.
  20. Darnold may well fail, but there isn't a universe where PJ Walker is a better QB. Rest assured, if PJ starts more than half our games next year, that's a sure sign we are "Sucking for Sam".
  21. Even having a NT who demands a double team every down is a straight up win for your defense. If you double Brown, are you saying you're going to single block Burns? That seems . . . suicidal. You're single blocking Reddick? What happens if we blitz just one guy? If Brown plays up to his potential, he's going to unlock our line to maximize every other player on it. I know there was a section of the fanbase that didn't like taking Brown where we did, but he really could be all that. I'm hoping we see it this year.
  22. We ran plenty of go routes last year, we just didn't have a QB who could throw them. Defenses realized this after a few games and just stopped covering it. In some cases literally.
  23. Obviously, as a team you want to be above average, but what this does say is that our drafts haven't been the dumpster fire we sometimes make them out to be. Our drafts have been perfectly average. I'd be curious to see the year by year breakdown. I suspect last years draft may have covered up some below average performances prior.
  24. Toward what? Sure if your division is trash you've got an easy road to the playoffs. I said that was definitely the case. What I don't buy is that being in a trash division makes you successful. The successful teams aren't successful because they beat the dregs. They are successful because they beat whoever is on their schedule every year. Remember, teams that win their division play 25% of their schedule against other teams that won their division last year.
  25. Anyone crapping on DJ hasn't been paying attention the last two years as he has continued to get better despite the downward trajectory of the QB position. Dude is a baller.
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