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  1. Secondary wasn't an issue at. It's the run defense that consistently put the Browns in 3rd and favorable situations. They had 210+ rushing yards and 38 mins in possession.
  2. DJ can't catch a ball if he has to jump or go to the ground. That first offensive drive is on him.
  3. Lost seemed eerily similar to Vikings and Cowboys game. Couldn't stop the run, which opened up play action and bootleg. Special teams was bad too. Kickoffs were short and didnt pin them inside 20 on punts.
  4. I watched a replay. After DJ gained a step on the DB, the DB immediately runs afer DJ and grabs him with at least a full second and 15 yards before the ball lands. The ball was a tad bit underthrown. Yet, I like that there was no hesitation in throwing the ball deep. I also think DJ can do a better job of not indicating to DB that ball is coming his way. In the first 8-10 yards of the route, he is already turning his head to look for the ball. It played a part in the DB frantically running after DJ and committing the PI.
  5. Panthers Offensive line is the worst unit in football and combine it with a turnover machine at QB recipe for disaster. The defense will soon or if they haven't already turn on the offense. On a side note Sam has throw three medicine balls in consecutive weeks. One to Terrace Marshall that knocked him out for 2 weeks with a concussion. Robby against Atlanta, now DJ today. All 3 have the same pattern of a late pass across middle of field.
  6. How bad is Brady Christensen if he can't start over Denis Daley at Guard or LT?
  7. I agree ball was late. Tendency with Darnold is he holds onto the ball too long and is slow with his progressions. On a side note I do understand the gripe of our no.1 and no.2 receivers not making plays unless the ball is thrown between the numbers with no defender in sight.
  8. 1st drive - Hubbard fumble, short field to Falcons, defense holds them to 3 points 2nd drive- DJ misses key block on Shi Smith screen and does not secure catch on would be TD. FG 4th drive- Ian Thomas hold on Hubbard run that would have put them at Falcons 25. FG 5th drive- Tommy Tremble can't secure catch on corner route that would have put them at Falcons 35. Much talk has been made about Joe Brady, which is warranted, but players have to execute on the plays that put them in position to succeed.
  9. That is why I don't put too much blame on Rhule and Brady. Their best offensive player is rarely on the field and their suppose no.1 and no.2 receivers play like scrubs.
  10. Cam > Bridgewater, PJ Walker, Sam Bradford Rookie CMC > Chubba Hubbard, Mike Davis, Reggie Bonnafon Greg Olsen > Ian Thomas, Dan Arnold, Tommy Tremble Ryan Kalil > Matt Paradis Trai Turner > John Miller Andrew Norwell > Denis Daley, Michael Jordan, Pat Eflein Ted Ginn < DJ Moore Devin Funchess < Robby Anderson Shula had far better talent to work with than Joe Brady. Particularly at the positions that matter the most, QB and OL. Until I comparable talent at least at OL, I can't judge Brady too harshly.
  11. I agree with running the ball. Have to limit amount of mistakes. Lost the Eagles game with the 3 interceptions from Darnold. Then Vikings turned it over inside territory twice. Defense is good enough to shut down Giants offense without Barkley and Goliday playing. Offense has to sustain drives and give defense long field to work with.
  12. I still have faith in Rhule. Players have to do better. Darnold throws interception after having 8 seconds to throw. Multiple drops by our No.1 and No.2 receiver. Star RB has played 6 of the 22 games he has coached. I will give it another year.
  13. Need Juston Burris and Myles Hartsfield to come back. Franklin and Chandler are backups
  14. Who the hell is #73. Worse than Daley, yet dont want to try Brady Christensen at LG?
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