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  1. Mac Jones will probably go to one of the teams that were on the cusp of making the playoffs (Vikings) or lost in the wildcard (WFT) and he will have immediate success. Not flashy but very consistent, good decision making and reading defenses. Also, I feel confident that Fields, Lance, and Jones will be there at 8. No need to trade up.
  2. Jones might not have any elite attributes, but watching the Film Room broadcast of the game. He reads the field well and processes information quickly. On that last TD pass, as soon as the safety committed to the right side of the field, he released the ball to left side deep for Smith TD.
  3. Only Trask and Mond. I think under the right system and coaching they can develop into a solid starter or quality backup.
  4. In my opinion it is way too early for the Dolphins to move on from Tua. I don't see Fields or Wilson graded ahead of him. The Rosen situation made sense because a new regime came in and they wanted their own guy and they had the no.1 overall pick. I see Miami improving their offense, to get a better assessment of Tua's ability. I agree with another poster, I dont see BOTH Atlanta and Detroit moving on from their current QBs. But, I know its easier to complain about a doomsday scenario where 6 QBs are taken in the top 7 and then we draft LB and DT in rounds 1 and 2.
  5. I dont get the whining about the Washington victory. Washington was so bad, particularly Haskins, that the Panthers would have had to forfeit the game in order to lose. There are probably 5-6 QBs in this class with first round grades, Panthers will be in position to take one.
  6. I think Lawrence is a great prospect, but the amount of draft capital it would take to get him would set him up for failure because we won't have a quality offensive line to protect him. I'm fine with any of the top 4 QB prospects, I'm even warning up to Mac Jones.
  7. I believe Cam will make enough plays to beat them and we actually have a balanced attack instead of being one dimensional. Patrios quick attack is a bigger problem
  8. Too much zone. Did not have anyone covering Fitz
  9. Defense needs to start showing consistency week to week. Also they run way too much zone, that's why Eli can just throw to spots and get ball out quick
  10. I am happy that the team has limited Cam's run on goaline situations
  11. Fantastic playcall. Also Congrats Cam on your 30th td pass this season!
  12. That was a fumble but the call will stand of course.
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