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  1. This should be the draft under Rhule that we invest in the interior. Our short yardage run game is poor, we been stopped several times this year with a yard or two to gain. The inconsistent oline play IMO is a major reason why the offense tends to have lulls throughout the game, which allows the opposition to creep back in the game.
  2. Rhule has to stop with this mentality of going up two scores and calling 80:20 run to pass ratio. The players follow suit and pack it in mentally
  3. Is CMC injured or did we rest him thinking game is in the bag?
  4. Not true. Nnadmi Asomugha made 3 straight probowls and 2 all-pros with a total of 2 INTs in that span. If picking on a CB is giving up 50 or so yards, what do you call Julio's 300 yard game against Bene, assault?
  5. He didnt get eaten up by Wilson. He had a PBU and contributed to the run game. Corey Davis gets paid too. To give up 50-60 yards and no TDs per game will get you to the probowl or even all pro list. Donte gets a lot of flack for his sophmore year, when the whole defense underperformed including Luke and not being a no.1 corner. However, over second half of last year and now has played well. He is a great no. 2 for a James Bradberry (when he was here) and now Jayce Horn because while those two might lockdown their side of the field, they dont get gamble and get INTs like Donte.
  6. My only concern so far, is the redzone production. The difference between the elite, good, average, and bad offenses besides turnovers is when you get into the opposition's territory you get TDs, not field goals. I thought last year, it was mostly Bridgewater, but the first 2 preseason games i still see the trend of kicking FGs and with a bad K like Joey Syle, uncomfortable situation.
  7. Problem with Grier is when he comes in tempo of the offense is off. No dynamic traits. Doesn't elude arm or shoe string tackles, average arm strength at best. Not expecting him to be an all-pro, but there are about 20+ back ups better than him, time to move on.
  8. With Rhule, it seems joint practices hold more weight to him in evaluating starters(i.e. Darnold). Preseason games is to get better evaluation on guys on the bubble like Christian Miller, Ian Thomas, and Will Grier.
  9. I think Bouye played in the slot at Denver. Donte can play outside, but he has to be matched up to the right WR. The Horn pick gives them more flexibility now.
  10. I believe Cam will make enough plays to beat them and we actually have a balanced attack instead of being one dimensional. Patrios quick attack is a bigger problem
  11. Too much zone. Did not have anyone covering Fitz
  12. Defense needs to start showing consistency week to week. Also they run way too much zone, that's why Eli can just throw to spots and get ball out quick
  13. I am happy that the team has limited Cam's run on goaline situations
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