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  1. Trade up. It’s really unfortunate we can’t just tank to get our guy and rebuild the right way, but this is really the only option. A good vet doesn’t want to (understandably) play for Rhule or Tepper. So this is the only way. If Rhule is here though, no doubt he he try and find the next qb reject cheat code because he knows he’s not a legit NFL coach who can develop a QB and the highest college level, let alone the NFL.
  2. Baker literally looks worse or just as bad than Darnold with a top oline vs. historically putrid. Not saying Darnold doesn’t suck but is it not obvious they are both trash by now? Yet another Rhule QB project down the shitter. Rhule has to develop a rookie QB there is no way around it. Just the simple fact he clearly doesn’t understand that is grounds for being fired imo.
  3. never even played college but I did play texas state so I traveled and we did use some college stadiums. our own was grass. and in the summer heat it was patchy, dead, and sometimes prickly. but we always preferred grass 100%. any fool who has played on either knows grass always wins. as someone with flat feet I was always more sore after turf. It’s not nice to ligaments. Literally no player ever prefers turf.
  4. Lol Pure delusion, this is fake argument honest question, do you watch NFL football outside of the panthers? Because if you did you’d know the team is easily bottom 1/3 if not 1/4 of the NFL.
  5. Even then it’s unlikely. In over 25 years of watching football, I have literally, rarely seen a team beat themselves as much as the Browns did week 1 and we still lost. It really is about draft position. If Rhule can muster up 4-2 or 3-3 over the next few weeks, maybe something is possible. But I just don’t see it.
  6. What does a win every 3 games project to? 5-6 wins? Hmmmmmm if only we could play the browns giants and crippled saints over and over again we could break out into that 6 win territory
  7. Yea some people already knew this. Problem is you guys are all ready to jump on a players’ nuts before even seeing them play for and completely ignore the evidence we already had - to include no other team wanting him and taking a pay cut to play. Good QBs don’t take a pay cut it to keep playing. He is trash.
  8. Dunno…any other team with an injured qb a defense that has given up with their 1 and 2 receivers out and a worthless kicker left on the schedule that we play at home?
  9. any team out there with an injured qb and a defense that has completely given up, look out! the Panthers are coming for you!
  10. uh Rhule canned cam for TB and wasted a poo ton of money at the same time telling Hurney to stfu trading up for Herbert cause…Teddy…then goes on to trade valuable assets AND waste a poo ton of money on Darnold singing the 5th year without even playing a down, while passing all all qbs in the draft….then goes and gets baker while our backup makes 20 million on the sideline this is only addressing his qb blunders, not his shitty coaching, high school tactics, or god awful evaluations of players - don’t get me started on the coaches he chooses…you can’t make this poo up Rhule is not the problem? PLENTY of crap teams without a pro qb win more than 5 games, are are able to do it without a huge portion of cap going to nothing, and do not hold the nfl losing streak record wtf are you talking about lol
  11. baker is even worse than I thought and I thought he was garbage
  12. we didn’t even have that far to fall…like drowning in 6 inches of water
  13. y’all still going to give me poo about baker always being ass? seriously fug the qb rejects, good qbs don’t take pay cuts to keep playing
  14. Rhule- ‘great play Chinn, now back up 30 yards and get back in position’
  15. it’s really a shame Tepper bought the team…I wonder if he even knows how much Panther fans despise him, especially considering who he took the team from…’by force’ lol from a fans who were used to a sexual predator, mediocre, NFL-first, cheap ass who embarrassed the poo out of this franchise with pie charts, ‘Harbaugh who???’, ‘didn’t know it’d be this bad’ letters to PSL owners, ‘what’s an e-mail/cell phone???’ and then LITERALLY erecting a fuging god damn statue of himself outside the stadium. yet Tepper has somehow managed to be more hated… quite the feat mr Tepper, quite the feat.
  16. what fans what is a top pick for the next coaching staff and asking a coach to lose is basically saying you fuging suck and we have given up, now trying to turn this into a best possible scenario…it’s the coaches fault long before a tank scenario and it’s also beyond time to move on. man’s I don’t believe that about Tepper at all those few drafts spots didn’t mean poo, Tepper needs to pull the plug around 25% mark of the season when statistics and analytics seal most teams’ fates if he was to truly tank properly rhule lost those games actually trying…unless you think Tep also told Rhule to go ahead and continue that losing streak into 2022 because that’s what’s happening
  17. well I’m the minority - financials aside, icky, horn, moton, chinn everyone else is replaceable and not worth keeping imo moore is close and I know financially he stays but I don’t think he can’t be easily replaced i think the talent of this team is overrated on this forum, though I do agree the talent should easily garner more than 5 wins
  18. meanwhile Stroud be watching Panthers games in a cramped space on a 1998 Zenith bubble TV being like “yeah, college dorms and ramen noodles aren’t so bad”
  19. it’s going to be a process people. Rhule effectively dug this team into a pit that will take a couple years to get out of. during that time you hopefully get your franchise QB and have some learning year or two, a blueprint like other teams. keep in mind this is beast case scenario. sometimes the losing culture and FO ineptness gets engrained so much, it comes to a point of no return. like the Browns, Lions or Dolphins until recently…Bills too. In this case you’re looking at a decade plus of just putrid football. This is why it’s so important to get things right. Our owner doesn’t see it and just doesn’t get it. He has destroyed this franchise and it’s really sad. i honestly have no faith anymore. I don’t expect the Pa there to be a good team until nearing 2030 tbh.
  20. this dude must be kicking himself in the balls he did not find SOME way to get an interview for HC and swindle dumbass Tepper out of 70m lol
  21. Norwell wasn’t terrible in Jax, he just wasn’t elite like he was here. He was also surrounded by utter trash and worse coaching but he was still average at worst for them, when he wasn’t injured. Hell, Jaguars Notwell would instantly be our best olineman outside of Moton…not that it’s saying much. But I do agree tackles usually take 2 yearish…not sure what fantasy maddden land people live in saying they contribute day 1. It’s unbelievable rare even for HOFamer. Which reminds us all how Rhule downgraded Slater defying all odds and doing just that lmao… Rhule is such a fuging clown.
  22. Nope. Winning a game every 2-3 we play is actually losing in the worst way possible. It puts at that 5-7 win point as usual. At worst closer to seven it’s justification for Tepper to keep Rhule and trust me if he’s kept him this long he’s looking for that reason more so one to fire him. At best and most important we get rid of Rhule but still a later draft pick for the new coach and get fuged yet again. Winning out or losing out is what we need and I think we all know what we don’t need hard drugs to imagine happening.
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