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  1. That was really just a light hearted joke, with some truth in it at the same time I’m not arguing on the internet with anyone lol I’ve stated my 2 cents that’s all there is for me but you may need to take a break, it’s not that serious
  2. If I had to choose between a random huddler and Tepper to call plays for my make believe team it wouldn’t be Tepper, just sayin
  3. And he is using the data to critique play calling. Are we still defending Tepper. You know damn well he meddles. Good lord. Thats not how people like Tepper operate. Hopefully that is obvious to you seeing the past 5 years. He’s the type to learn a little or some, but not a lifetime worth and then thinks he knows more than the lifetime guy and starts ‘critiquing’. The only thing he should be doing is focused on results but then he’d have to consider firing himself so…but I would NOT want him thinking he has clue clue and instead surround himself with people who do. see - 49ers franchise history
  4. Very excited about this and this came from a doubter the first 1.75 seasons. Bro proved me wrong. Beast.
  5. Nah it’s a ‘bonus’. All casinos have crazy bonuses. My guess is he didn’t read the terms. Probably a stupid rollover where he’ll need to spend 500x what he wins to ever cash out lol Or did read them and didn’t care. I guess it is just a bunch play money for entertainment I guess.
  6. There are a lot of examples from players coming from college basketball to the NFL. Though it’s not lineman. But it’s possible.
  7. I think y'all are hyping this a bit much. Ravens had 5 pro bowlers on defense ? And Clowney wasn’t one. He was aloud to feast with that line and a scheme that put him all over because the other team was worried about everyone else. Meanwhile here in Carolina he is most certainly going to have attention and be doubled up on. Only plus is the money, he’d have to be very bad if he can’t earn 10 mil. This team still needs a dominant rusher go with the likes of Clowney/Browb to be in contention imo.
  8. I believe there are eight parts that go into a lot of different aspects. I watched it a long time ago. This one just keeps it simple. A couple of things talked about are false. I am perfectly willing to see/accept that. However, as you said the gist of it and hundreds of other things/examples are very correct. And that’s quite an overbearing amount of information to not plainly see the pattern.
  9. Multiple first round picks??? 8 game suspension!!??? JAIL!!!!!???? lol wtf literally NONE of that is going to happen.
  10. Real grass is easily possible. How do people look around at what’s been done all over the world and even how the stadium had it before and be like it’s just not possible anymore lol. It will cost more. Millions a year more. But it is easily possible. It’s money. That’s the single, only reason to not choose it over turf as a whole.
  11. With the money Hurney gave him what else is he going to do lol
  12. As of now I agree. They really want to tap into what Young may have, which they could never do with the state of things. Could be nothing. But it’s really the only option with the investment made. If he shines, you splurge on defense. If not, enough time has passed where they’re actually in a position to try again. They’re not in a position to try again right now, people really need to accept this. You don’t just simply instantly bounce back from the likes of Rhule, Reich and most of all Fitterer. What reality does that happen?
  13. I think they are actually wanting to be bad. Just in a different way. They want to give Young support to develop while the defense will suffer. They’re not expecting to win but to keep Young healthy and see what he has. And considering the investment I think it’s a reasonable move. Especially considering they’re digging out of a huge hole left but idiot moves.
  14. Some of you still haven’t accepted the Teppers are doing with the franchise what kids do with doll houses and legos. This is their toy. To distract them from boredom. A brief talking point at dinner. They’re beyond rich and have zero worries in the world. They are just tinkering around. They have no ties or personal reasons to care about Charlotte or success. This team is at most just a stream of revenue but it doesn’t even need to be that in the slightest. The Panthers don’t have a chance to win anything until a new owner takes over.
  15. Exactly. He’s a role player like Reddick was. He doesn’t have that ‘dog’ Morgan likes. Even the 28 mil the Panthers offered him was extremely gracious. And that is exactly why a deal hasn’t been worked out yet. Even Fitt knew better. This is a huge test for Morgan.
  16. Those same people said Young would come in and light up the league. I’ve literally had three highly regarded dermatologists completely whiff on identifying skin cancerous spots. I had well known contractor completely fug up my house. And the highest rated concrete guy pour a god awful patio I had to take out myself. Scott Fitter was a NFL GM. I could easily continue.
  17. Our only hope is either a trade or a contract worth his price. 30 million for 8 sacks and zero run defense is going to cripple this team. Reddick got half for twice as much production lol
  18. Because for almost two years he looked like a bust. He was very bad considering where he was drafted. And yes, he was elite this year. And people changed their minds. Seems logical. What’s the issue? Don’t know why people on this forum act like they’re a pro scout and have some sort of crystal ball, saying they were right by what criteria? Watching YouTube highlights? Albeit people here do need to be more patient.
  19. I didn’t take it that way. So how does playing scared change anything I said though? Is playing scared tough? Playing scared with ‘that dog’ in him…wtf are you on about?…that’s what’s dumb about this comment. In fact, only thing your comment added was suggesting Burns played 100% to his abilities. And if that’s true 30 mil a year for last year is asinine.
  20. This whole scenerio will be the tell sign if Morgan is for real imo Burns played not get hurt, put himself over the team for money. This will not command respect from the other players and sure as hell won’t send a good message. It will not foster competitiveness like Morgan wants. This is not ‘that dog’ mentality Morgan keeps referring to. It’s not passion. Not the toughness he wants. And certainly doesn’t ‘embody what it means to be a Panther’. Well Morgan…we full of poo? Or can we move on from this guy and try and get a pick or two.
  21. Tepper is pathetic…why in the world would any player with options want to be here? I don’t understand at all. I guess money but there is literally nothing else.
  22. Imagine Luke saying some poo like that. Would never happen. This team desperately needs toughness and leaders. Signing Burns goes directly against that sediment and will leave a bad impression to the other players. Thats not even going into whether his play is objectively worth what he wants.
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