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  1. Injury History DateLeagueInjuryDetails Oct 8, 2016Non-NFLInguinal Hip Pull McCaffrey missed 1 game (vs. Notre Dame). Sep 20, 2020NFLPedal Ankle (high) Sprain Grade 3McCaffrey suffered a right high-ankle sprain during Week 2's loss to the Buccaneers and missed six games Nov 8, 2020NFLShoulder A/C Joint Sprain McCaffrey injured his shoulder on the last drive of Week 9's loss to the Chiefs. He missed 4 games Dec 9, 2020NFLThigh Glute Strain McCaffrey's thigh tightened up ahead of Week 14 game. He missed 4 games due to that injury. Sep 23, 2021NFLThigh Hamstring Strain Grade 2McCaffrey suffered a strained hamstring in Week 3's Panthers win over the Texans. He missed five games. Nov 28, 2021NFLPedal Ankle Sprain Grade 2McCaffrey rolled his left ankle in Week 12's loss to the Dolphins. He was placed on injured reserve Monday and has been ruled out for the remainder of the season.
  2. Just leave the damn picks alone. Rhule already chose his qb and was allowed to give up enough for him. Plus you got him a rookie. Demand results with that. Course if you’re already just giving him 5/6 years like some sort of idiot I guess it doesn’t matter.
  3. Yea it didn’t turn out well, 5-6 people. But I have a house on top of a mountain out west so we knew we would attract a specialized group. But realtors are definitely doing them out here. It’s such a hot market offers come in before but realtors have a big show so everyone just bids each other up it’s insane. That said an investor who privately saw it the night before just slapped down full cash. Wanted us out in a week. Seems to be true investors are just buying stuff up. I always thought people were exaggerating and low and behold it happened to me.
  4. yes? Like selling my house and had to leave for about 5 hours so realtor could do his thing during an open house.
  5. because it’s a sign of a cheap, clueless owner trying to save money grass looks better and is better to play on, also better for events there is literally no reason to not have it other than cost
  6. Ah yea the good old argument… Burrow became the 5th QB in 23 years to go to the Super Bowl with an oline ranked that bad and if only we had a qb we could have been that team lol
  7. Dline is an issue. Pass rushers and run stopping. On paper I don’t see it being even close to playoff caliber. Also not feeling the LBs. Personally, I don’t think Moore is a #1 and Robby sucks ass. Moore will have to stop giving up on routes and blocking and Anderson will have to catch passes, along with cmc stay healthy, if this team is going to outscore opponents with a true 1. But other than those - pretty solid all around. Biggest hinderance imo is that Dline…not liking it.
  8. Don’t understand the hate, why you guys care about Kurt so much? Lol …he’s not wrong. We know what Corral is and isn’t to an extent of his strengths and weaknesses. As Kurt alluded to, quick release (arguably Corrals biggest strength) is less of a factor the further he needs to throw it. That said If he can perfect his long ball, look out imo.
  9. Write up: Essence of the video: Corrall is excellent at short throws between the hashes, superb quick release and operating play action. Will/can excel in a specialized offense, wasn’t asked to do much more at Ole Miss. Struggles with 15-35 yard ‘mid level throws’ with accuracy and touch. (Warner) To be a difference maker, a franchise guy, those throws are what make the difference and in order to have success in the NFL a QB will have to make those throws consistently.
  10. No picture, but I got this bad boy coming in the mail: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Systems/CORSAIR-VENGEANCE-Series-Gaming-PC/p/CS-9050016-NA Would have been nice to save $500 and build it myself but $1650…not too shabby. Good luck getting a GPU, every time I do I can’t help but sell it for 4x the price to BTC miners. So long as the cooler is figured properly all good. Going through a depressing break up of 4 years so it will be getting all my love and attention. I used to be a console person but unless you’re a die hard FPS competitor hooking a PC up to your TV FTW. You can get TVs meant for PCs, though nothing will beat a monitor rate. Still as a RPG and RTG/TBS player, nothing beats sitting on the couch with a couch master keyboard. Sitting at a desk ruined it for me for the longest time even with a ridiculously priced computer chair. Never going back to console.
  11. I had an open house for a while and had literally nothing to do. I thought the movie looked incredibly dumb. So clearly my expectations were just to kill time at a 10 am showing. that said it wasn’t awful. I wasn’t itchy to just leave and just dick around on my phone in the car instead. So goal achieved. I’m not sure how much that really says other than it’s worth it if you have nothing else to do but I wouldn’t plan a weekend movie night for it.
  12. His personality wouldn’t allow it. You know the type - overly flamboyant about how humble, down to earth, and spiritual he is. Those are usually red flags for an arrogant, better than thou, hard headed type that general does not like facts or opinions that don’t aline with his own. Not unique. But I do agree with you if those traits in the first paragraph actually were true/not toxic, he would’ve been good.
  13. i mean cam kept himself from stealing more laptops and we were good
  14. it used to be whenever we were predicted by the media to fail we’d upset and kick ass as the underdog now it’s just accurate when the media is always right about you sucking you’re 100% in Jets/Browns territory
  15. snow gonna run that D and Mc taking over the O and new qb will there honestly be a difference if Rhule shows up or not? I wonder
  16. As I think Brady will too. Nope not even close. Maybe for you personally, but ratings have proven he’s the best. If it wasn’t for Aikman’s knowledge and Collinworth’s stories they’d be trash too, and kind of are in a lot of ways. Other than Romo…they are all kind of bad imo.
  17. I think Tep needs to simmer down with this whole 5/6 year thing, you’re basically telling players like cmc their prime will be wasted i also am not sure what they think when historically it’s actually only 3 years for new coach to bring in success if you really think it takes 5-6 years, fine but that takes a reset, a tank of some sort, and trade your guys and stock picks
  18. Cam is one classy dude on the field despite his dumb poo off of it i’ll never forget drafting Grier when the analysts and myself were screaming for Crosby and the dumbass blank looks after Grier was chosen I think Rivera was a perfect coach for Crosby fuging Hurney being Hurney hometown heroes and all, god what an idiot
  19. yea he’s got some uncoachable, elite traits no doubt, and tbh I’m not even worried about this off field stuff especially in boring Charlotte lol good city to just focus my concern is really just the general NFL learning curve and dealing with failures - he has to keep on top of it, some of those moves on film are great and all but they won’t fly at all in the NFL…which I suppose you could say about many qbs coming in, Zach Wilson is found that out last year Mahomes made em work tho, but mahomes also got a year to sit and tune it along with elite coaching these are the reasons I really don’t want to see him out there too early, let him learn for half season-ish at least imo even a high caliber back up would be worth the pick. And since Rhule refuses to let go of PJ we can move him to assistant to the back up qb or something
  20. think you’re getting cam stans and Panther fans confused i was not happy about wasting 10 m that could’ve been rolled over on a lost season whatsoever and thought it made Tep look even more foolish from a success standpoint but you’re right in that he was shown all he had to do is play with emotions and he’d be loved no matter the results from the stans pretty much ruined my enjoyment but at some point when those things aren’t an option Tep will have to find success
  21. why you all gettin your panties in a wad about 2025 not even halfway into 2022? lol
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