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  1. who cares honestly giants are hot trash, a win won’t mean anything and a loss is worth a chuckle
  2. As I stated and anyone with a brain knew soon as this poo storm started swirling. Works for me aside from having a rapist as QB their price is rediculous.
  3. the point is the pick Darnold is being paid $12m a season for two years, that’s peanuts in the scheme of things, especially on this team who isn’t winning anytime soon. hell right now the Panthers have 12m alone sitting and doing nothing you don’t sign Darnold long term after one year of play and you don’t give up a second round pick for a one year rental the argument is losing that second round pick (and preferably drafting Fields) believe it or not that option money really doesn’t mean much at all future wise, significantly less than the second round pick will just have to agree to disagree
  4. ehh you’re stuck with paying big money based based on only 1 single year of decent play then what if he does enough to warrant an extension but you need to see more…to know for sure? now you’re stuck with more money and more importantly, multiple years personally, the option wasn’t a big deal to me, but again personally, I’d rather of just drafted Fields and keep our second pick than risk the above two scenarios i get what the Panthers were doing, they wanted to get as much of a look of him at the cheapest price with lowest risk of being stuck or not knowing enough to shell out money it’s very, very easy to say now the option wasn’t worth it, when he is playing like trash but before the fact/hindsight it wasn’t a big deal as the pick itself was worth more than the option
  5. that wasn’t the mistake, if we are looking at it from that angle, you simply don’t trade for him giving up a second rounder for someone you don’t believe will work until you see it with your own eyes for at least two years is equally as if not more stupid imo
  6. well the better question (assuming what appears to be more clear - he isn’t the answer) is who exactly are you attracting with arguable one of the worst lines in the league, a whiny bitch Robbie who drops everything and a RB the staff has no clue how to use and is not on the field… and not to mention a franchise averaging 6 wins since 2017… oh an 1 pick in the first three rounds (as of now) to reasonable fix any of it Stafford already said f no you’re left with attempting to get a QB willing to come here or begrudgingly traded here or draft something, which you’d probably have to trade up from (and possibly reach) mid pick since this is the shittiest qb class to come out in a while.. everyone who constantly shits on Darnold should really be secretly hoping he turns around to be at least worth another year because there isn’t going to be exactly a plethora of options course you could always say fug it and trade your future for a alleged rapist, he probably can’t be too picky
  7. Yep deep ball placement is possibly Darnold’s biggest issue followed by decision making. That said, this pretty much directly implies, or at least the thread title does, that TB was better when the same amount of yards were probably chopped up into a dozen 5-6 yard completions with zero ability to throw deep.
  8. Can you imagine Darnold dropping into the fetal position whenever his traffic cones fail and say it was a ‘hospital blocking’.
  9. So in hindsight if Sam never made the passes and we lost, and he came out and said he never made passes because the wrs weren’t getting open enough and they’d be hospital passes, y’all would be praising him and be more ok with the loss? Interesting.
  10. The Titans oline, while one of the worst pass blocking groups in the league are one of the best run blocking groups in the league, they’re literally built for a HB like Henry. Basically maulers who can’t handle speed like at all. I don’t follow the Titans to know if this was intentional but hard to believe it’s coincidental. The Panthers have neither.
  11. Didn’t the Titans pro bowl starting LT go down? I’m surprised McD went for it know that.
  12. No you do not trade away a generational talent, you learn to use him to his fullest, surround with blocking talent and stop being fuging lazy with play calls.
  13. He should have never been signed to top 10 C pay. He was injured. Stated injury still affected him over and over. The Broncos let him go for a reason. Big men don’t heal. Yet Hurney swoops in stumbling over himself with a ridiculous contract.
  14. Don’t worry, I’m sure all those people who spent $250 on parking food and tickets will go back and tell others how amazingly worth it it was and the stadium will be better next time.
  15. As bad as Clausen? Did you even watch 2010? It’s not even close…Sam has serious issues but if you think Clausen would’ve led us into OT or even thrown it 10 times able to hit the WRs in the hands for 10 drops, you’re on some serious drugs.
  16. If I am giving Pie to killerkat, it is guaranteed to hold some weight.
  17. Sam may not be the future. Sam may have shat the bed the past two losses. But played good enough today for what he is. He led a last minute drive with precision passes. He side stepped poo blocking (once again). Today we lost because of drops. Had the receivers caught those dead on passes, we would’ve won, guaranteed. I understand the concerns of Sam but let’s keep this in perspective.
  18. Believe it or not by the same measurable metrics, this oline is worse.
  19. There would have been more had we not set the NFL record for drops today
  20. when his top receivers aren’t dropping it, he looks pretty good
  21. Seriously. Darnold shat the bed the last two games, and I’m not saying long term he is the answer, but he absolutely played good enough today. Some really nice passes. Receivers more than shat the bed today.
  22. Honestly, losing at home vs two mediocre to poor quality teams on a 4 game lose streak…something is seriously wrong and it’s not something you can pinpoint. there is failures everywhere. That usually means something is failing at the core meaning coaching, bad signings, motivation, whatever. I’m concerned more about the future than this season. This season is done. I don’t see this team winning anything anytime soon.
  23. I just don’t believe with 9 picks or whatever it was best to go defensive at every single pick. Also, we need to tack on another 2 for special teams. This is a 7 year rebuildz guys don’t be reactionary!
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