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  1. exactly anyone who has winning as a priority isn’t going to come here vs . Minny lol going to be hard to attract the best, there is really nothing going for the Panthers except a shitty division. Dumb as rocks owner, fuged cap, HC is ‘ok’, a GM Rhule hired… oh and it’s warm in Charlotte…that’s good I guess. just one more reason to draft that elite talent QB.
  2. The Rams have superior coaching and had a much superior team. The Panthers are not Carr away from being close to that team. That may not be the case soon as they sold the future but was then. The Panthers can’t get away with that. I’d say the team is still a couple years away and Reich is not even close to Mcvay level despite the hype on here. So even with that team, with Reich it may not even be possible. I just don’t understand the problem with drafting a QB. Why can’t we expect our franchise to scout and select the future properly. Why must we go from from Cam to TB to Darnold to Cam to Balker to Darnold? Hell if we just stopped being stupid we could have Herbert right now. But no. There is really no need. The perennial contenders do not have a plug in QB, they drafted them. I’m interested in consistency and a real chance not a NFCS title with 8 wins. I would bet this draft has more than one franchise guy.
  3. Reich likes cerebral QB. And Carr technically fits the bill. Meaning a smart QB that can pick apart areas of the field with Reichs gameplan. Mobility is almost a requirement now days for success unless an elite passer so that’s a given really. But I still say f no. You have to look at if this QB can go head to head with Hurts and Mahomes (if going that far) and pick apart SF type defenses, with Vikings and Cowboys in the long run in order to make it all the way and Carr can’t do that. Some people here are so used to this shitshow Tepper has built they see a weak NFCS and think a division title is the end all. It’s not. We should be thinking more long term and bigger picture like stated above. For the record I like him but he relies a lot on luck. And I like a rookie deal with an elite talent, despite the growing pains, far more than overpaying for a QB that will never go all the way.
  4. Like I said beginning of the season, falcons building right. Lots of cap and same number of wins as us lol Bucs got their trophy Saints did too, and got close again meanwhile panthers look like idiots, years ago our cap was extremely healthy and just got fuged to hell for no reason
  5. I used to know a dude who loved getting wings on the weekend, almost every football Sunday. Friends for 22 years. He dropped dead at 43 from a heart attack. How you guys stuff that down your gullet I’ll never understand.
  6. Lol that’s fake stress. he has enough money to take care of his family for several generation.
  7. Not only did Rhule hire Fitt, Fitt was willing to come to a team where a Baylor college coach was CEO and he basically just signed off on things. You guys realize that isn’t how things work and not in a million years would any respectable GM come into a situation where a small college coach is the ‘CEO’ right? Honestly, it’s a worse story than hiring a journalist to be your GM.
  8. I mean it’s a ‘GM’ Rhule hired. What do people expect. I am remaining optimistic about this franchises ass backward ways and will cheer on Reich, but damn I would’ve loved a new GM.
  9. Getting a QB in the draft round 1 is the only thing that can excite me about the season. Reich needs a young QB to mold similar to Wentz (but legit) in order to have success. No more sloppy second QBs, time to grab the guy. Really hard to believe there isn’t a franchise QB in this draft…dare I say even more than one.
  10. GMs hire coaches not the owner, that’s his mistake. And no legit GM is going to work for (ass backwards) or make a college HC ‘CEO’, yet…that is what happened. Well if you consider Fitt legit. Signs say otherwise. Finally, that much power isn’t the problem. All star coaches (Payton, Belicheck, Harbaugh) will likely require it to some extent. The problem is giving it to a Baylor college coach with zero experience. No one does that. I really hope he sees the true issue. It’s great Tepper is learning but unfortunately is learning what everyone already knows. I really wish he’d show some humility and surround himself with legit football people/council that will not only challenge him but tell him he’s wrong and he will allow it. Fitt won’t do it (obviously) and Rhule didn’t know his ass from his face. Then there is Hurney. This has been a big issue.
  11. All I know is he needs a QB. He isn’t going to succeed without one, and a good one. He lost the team and players quit on him. His Colts team was last in points by any team I believe. I also don’t want him calling plays. Get him a good OC on the same page. That didn’t help him either. I’m not a fan of the hire to be honest but I will feel much better if he is able to go up and get the QB he wants.
  12. Good lord lol there is no reason for owners to even have success…you guys will literally swallow whatever this franchise does can we just wait on calling Reich a SB winning coach until it actually happens? Right now this is all words and everyone was just as excited for Rhule’s presser things aren't looking good in Charlotte until things are looking good in Charlotte
  13. Lol 95% of what I just posted isn’t a take it’s an observation and is literally reality.
  14. Tepper looked back at his awful history and then decided he was still qualified to call the shots. If he truly wasn’t happy with the results he would have fired Fit, and hired consults to get a GM in there that would have in turn hired a coach like every other team does. But that would’ve taken some humility. Pretty clear he thinks he is special, knows better than anyone, and is a path maker. This team is just a toy to him that only he can figure out. Instead, he’s clinging on to a GM Rhule hired and still calling the shots as if he knows what he is doing. He doesn’t get props wasting his own money (which is fan money too btw).
  15. Personally, I like Stroud. I think Young is better for Reich. I’ll be happy with either though.
  16. It’s not hatred, it’s the results. I’d encourage you to care more about them when forming your perspective and understand how they have come about.
  17. These are competitively natured guys. Money is not everything and it will not buy everything. We have seen this time and time again with players and coaches during Tepper’s tenure. Countless players (with options) would never fathom going to the Browns in the past and this is no different - You can’t be a dysfunctional, losing franchise and just expect to pay for wins/success. That mentality has been a big part of the issue all along.
  18. There is absolutely zero theory or equation that predicts incompetence. It’s random. Look, I love some evidence. Just some. I’m willing to listen. Do you guys have say the top 30-40 bad calls in high stake games in recent times that you can reasonable formulate (with numbers/stats) in even just a logical projection as to how the NFL benefitted in forming a conspiracy to make it play out? Because otherwise, like ever other fanbase, bad calls are rigged. Everyone thinks it. Look at their forums. If it was so glaring as some of you say, should be easy to prove. If it were up to me there’s be refs in a booth watching replays calling plays, but only a couple. Chip in the ball and helmets and a laser grid field. Maybe in the future. For now we still have 70 year olds calling the shots.
  19. serious question how would you tell the difference between outdated old men genuinely doing a shitty job and ‘conspiring/meeting together ‘rigging’ the game with zero proof? all fans think then and their team is special and if luck doesn’t go their way things are rigged. It’s not unique in reality, the concept of primarily old men running around trying to spot things, in a day an age where we have laser and computer chips, is more likely and logically the culprit
  20. Fitterer is not a GM and should not have be carried over or hired in the first place. High value coaches and players won’t play for Tepper and Rhule’s GM (lol) and those interviews are likely a disaster behind closed doors. This franchise will never see success until Tepper takes his hands off, and hires help to put the right GM in place that will be able to bring in a winning coach. Basically the blueprint for most successful teams since like forever. The Panthers and Tepper are a laughing stock trying to find a cheat code, trading valuable future assets and money, at QB, and consistently displaying how Tepper has zero clue evident by not following rules etc. There is a reason why coaches/players in demand do not come here and we are always left with personnel with little options. Some fans side with Tepper and say this is being smart, path makers, and finding a diamond. I say it’s ineptness, and evidence in lies in results.
  21. we already have those issues minus the first round pick lol
  22. Because he isn’t a real GM just like Rhule isn’t a real NFL coach. And when he is fired along with Reich and his bottom dwelling coaches at the bottom of his list with no options in three years with zero results, Fit will also be gone. And then some of you will be gasping despite being told right now, just like before, it’ll happen.
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