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  1. Why are those days no longer feasible? I honestly don’t know. Population? I can at least half understand Colorado. What I don’t get is Salt Lake City, it’s hard to understand. Aside from tech companies what in the hell justifies the demand? Denver has renowned restaurants, liberal marijuana laws (not interested myself but I get it for others), all major sports teams, nice beers and brewery’s and yea mountain access. Charlotte same things minus MLB team but has blue ridge, and easy drive to beach or Florida. Both have better weather than SLC, easily. Both have any event/musician you want that will come though there. Can’t understand what in the holy hell does SLC have that males people think it’s Cali? It bewilders me as someone who has lived everywhere in the United States. SLC has almost nothing to offer. Snow? Skiing? That’s a niche when consider a place to move to. NBA team that’s it. College teams yea, ok, give it that. Desert weather or tons of snow. Sure mountain access is 20 mins away. Food? Known to be incredibly bad, because children make up most the population and no one needs good food with a ton of kids for taste and price. Beer? lol nah…Mormons don’t/can’t support that. Events, bands etc. don’t come here for that reason and other reasons, forget anyone worthwhile coming to SLC regularly. As I laid out in my last post/rant I understand why, just not why the why. I don’t understand the appeal. I just don’t get it to be honest, all I can think of is it’s because of the dominating religion.
  2. It completely baffles me that a large amount of people on this forum legitimately don’t understand the metaphor and literally think he’s talking about the supernatural. What a rough life.
  3. I think saying you are just showing up so you don’t get fined because you signed a contract you didn’t understand and then say you will handle yourself like a professional is kind of an oxymoron. But I do like how he laid things out to be understood. Problem though. Teams don’t and shouldn’t reward past play it’s a 5 year contract he’s 2 years into. If he has a bad or underperforming year do you think he’ll step up and take a pay cut? Doubtful. He was the highest paid and not someone else on the team is. That’s business. That’s what professionals put up with. The best players in the NFL are rarely the highest paid year after year. That’s how contracts work, that’s what professionals deal with. Yea the other CB isn’t nearly as good but as someone else said, another player will eventually be the next highest paid. Now if I am hearing him right and he wants to be paid based on his play, I say sign this man immediately and restructure with a pure incentive laced contract!
  4. Pretty simple actually. If he shows flashes and gets a middle of the road like 8-9 record, that is success. You give him another year because he’s already paid. But so was TB, but there are obvious differences. Some of you have way too high expectations. This team has been god awful for a while now and Rhule just had his second draft and Fitt’s first. That said a lot depends on how we win and how Darnold plays despite a loss/win. There is a limit as to what the investment is worth and what else is available. If something great comes up and Darnold isn’t solid, it’s safe to say Tepper will jump and move on. I think he’d have to be TB bad (below average) to be gone.
  5. Depends on your situation. But my realtor (he’s a friend too not just business advice) said if you can afford to weather out the storm in an apartment or temporary living situation, the ideal move is to take advantage, save and wait. Course other things matter too, if you love your house, already have a good rate or lots of equity it won’t be worth it.
  6. Yep. I live in Salt Lake City and it is absolutely bat poo insane. It’s quickly becoming Seattle/Cali. For three main reasons. First people breed here like crazy, most in the nation. They want to stay here as it’s family friendly and they’re probably Mormon. Second is the tech boom. We call this silicon hills. People from Cali are flooding this city. BYU and the city invested very very heavily in tech, it’s all over here. And someone from Cali drools over a decent house for 800k. Tech brings them and so does being the closest largest city to Cali other than Vegas (10+ hours). Lastly the space. There is no where to go. The mountains, salt lake and Utah lake make space very very limited, and in conjunction to that the politics here want ‘healthy growth’. They will not build mass housing despite houseless people. I sat down with my realtor for two hours the other day. He is very passionate about his job and good at it. Couple points (granted SLC market) - The foreclosures will be a blip in the grand scheme of things and will not affect housing in any significant amount. The market is indeed leveling out at this moment, but it is not coming down for the foreseeable future. People are still going to offer asking and then some. This will go on through next year when things will still be appreciating but at a normal rate. I have decided to sell. I bought my house two years ago with a first home buyers loan and zero down payment. 4.5 interest, 375k. It’s now worth $550,000 (got it appraised), after 20k of updates. And my realtor expects a bidding war/offer to pay fees etc. So I will walk with about 200k in two years. I will stay in an apartment for a year or so when it levels a bit more, it may not be a better home, but if I put it down on the house similar to it I’ll get a lower rate and eliminate PMI and not pay for refinancing BS. That and I’m not a fan of the house in the first place. Charlotte is a joke compared to Salt Lake City. People are making cash offers within hours, waiving inspections, without even seeing the house lol. It happened to me before this house. I put in an offer 17 hours after listing and someone offered cash an hour after posting and don’t even want to see or inspect it. I’d absolutely KILL to have my budget and job in Charlotte, I’d be living very nicely (I’ve been checking houses for sale there just to torture myself).
  7. These are still up for grabs. Be aware ticketmaster asks me for first and last name and email to transfer. Not sure if you can make an account with an alias and it won’t affect using the tickets.
  8. Good lord the homerism is embarrassing. Statistics, history, and logic say otherwise - based on the division last year. You’re simply hoping a ton of areas improve. Hope is not absolute. And it doesn’t trump observation or history (last year). For instance a DeShaun Watson on last years team would not have won the division. The rankings just aren’t there. Statistically speaking, success with such poor team rankings such as last year, has been done like before literally a few times in all of NFL history what in the holy hell are people thinking when they post stuff like that…give me numbers and logic that is based on, no feelings or ‘potential’ please.
  9. The oline last year ranked worse than cam’s average oline his entire career. So did the defense….the weapons? Arguably, smitty, Olsen…cmc is a split. One year cam had two 1k relievers including Olsen, and a 1k back had stew gained another 75 years to whatever. You guys get too caught up on weapons when you throw that term ‘team’ around. They don’t matter as much as you’d think ala 2015, and they certainly don’t make up an entire team. The oline matters so much more. Cam was failed mainly due to dinosaur coaching who had absolutely zero clue how to utilize a modern athlete and slightly due to an incompetent ownership/GM for the same reason.
  10. Rothlisburger was the first NFL player to be be penalized without being charged or arrested and the penalty was given shortly after charges were dropped/settled in 2010. Despite weird poo like the first victim bragging about sleeping with him a day after it happened. The second, didn’t want any charges brought after a settlement. I bring this up only because of similarities, not for argument sake. I also feel this is a similar situation yet a different environment. The me too movement…the fact Watson isn’t white etc. Lots to consider here before coming down with the hammer avoiding some sort social injustice outrage. That said, the NFL usually waits and this that is nothing new, as happened with Rothlisburger. Frankly it’s lazy, and a means to cover up facts. Use whatever is found publicly to fuel the penalty while at the same time ignore the details. Rothlisburger for instance, despite no charges and just settlements was penalized for conduct, nothing illegal. Just the fact he was drunk and irresponsible. Nothing regarding the actual alleged rape…because that’s obviously a lifetime ban from the NFL I’d think. Basically, let’s see what the money can cover up what and penalize accordingly.
  11. Hopefully he stops whiffing open field tackles before barking at the team this year.
  12. This can be locked. Sorry to the two posters, got a message before both the posts from a 2008 user (Jai.). Sorry!
  13. Guess the ticket sub forum is gone, hopefully I can just put these up and this can be locked after. 2 tickets together, 40-50 yard line club shade section 342 sent via Ticketmaster. I don’t even live in NC anymore - I bought them thinking my buddy would want them, he was too busy to get decent seats and turns out he can’t go anyways. Only thing left on ticketmaster is uppers so these are really nice seats. Would prefer to give to long term members who can actually go. I see some lame people scalping them already.
  14. Yes I have lived out west and east and west is basically set up for bikers all over including where I am at now, UT. The east however is not at all, as you said. The problem is roads just aren’t meant for bikes. It’s barley meant for motorcycles. I think people should stop trying to force this merging of the two. It’s dangerous, bike lanes or not, period. Where I live people are constantly biking in rush hour times on busy roads and highways. And not for transportation but for fun. No thought about it at all. And traffic rules often don’t apply to them simply because they’re on a bike, they seem to want everyone to yield to them no matter what the traffic rules are. It just doesn’t/can’t work safely on a busy roads full of cars. People get hit all the time. Bike paths for recreation and inner city transportation I can see some change needed there, but the changes need to cater to bikes…not trying to include them in with cars, makes no sense.
  15. unfortunately, what happened 6-11 years ago isn’t relevant to a thread based on last year. I think it make sense given the OP can find subjectiveness in cam’s 2020 year but doesn’t give Sam any slack and just posts stats, ones that have already been discussed at that. typical Cam bandwagon fan input. everyone on this forum is skeptical of Darnold. I have little faith in Darnold and personally would’ve taken a chance of Fields. But I’m not going to act like Sam had this great opportunity in NY and being the youngest QB to ever start in the NFL I’m certainley not going to fully judge until I see some play outside of that shithole. And calling another team a shithole as a Panther fan is (should be) extremely rare.
  16. don’t dare make a thread about Cam and statistics, then the OP will find a million reasons for it to be subjective all the while you’ll be a flaming racist
  17. Uh yea, I’d bet the oline continues to have problems unless we defy logic and history and have an outstanding oline without investing really anything substantial into it aside from Moton. I’m not sure how one could expect otherwise. And saying no one has taken a snap 2021 doesn’t justify predicting they could be great or an unknown. According to what we do know, there just isn’t much there. No reason to ignore that just because the season hasn’t begun. I can logically and reasonable predict TB will TB in Denver even though he hasn’t taken a snap, just as I will predict the oline will coninute to be a problem here. It is a process and every offseason I say ok now they have to address it…and it never happens. Maybe 2022 will be there year. Paradis will be gone and the line will be full of backups and Moton. Hopefully Christianson will turn out.
  18. Agreed. But the Panthers fail at all of it. Panthers overall hurries, 20th in the league, pressures a little better at 18, and yea sacks…22nd. Interceptions? 28th. Missed tackles…28th. People want to say the secondary is what cause all this but the run defense was one of the worst in the league. When that happens, teams will flourish in the passing game. What did the Panthers do well? Hit the QB slightly after throwing it. What’s happening? Pretty simple, short passing. Why the need to gain big chunks when you can just gain half a first down on average against the Panther by rushing? So the secondary fails because the dline fails at stopping the run, and the dline then is powerless against quick passes. Something has to give. I don’t care so much about an individual. But those numbers are god awful. Kings of the bottom 1/3rd of the NFL. It has to get better.
  19. Meh he was never that good, just fast. Dropped a ton of balls. 2015 was good though as was his muffed PR (or was it a KR?) he had with the Cardinals in the playoffs. That was fun. Just makes you realize how many crap WRs the Panthers have had outside of 89. 25 years and we had one great and 2-3 decent WRs. Jebus.
  20. Personally I’m more interested how Sam looks mid season. But fair weathered fans who don’t understand football will be livid I’m sure. The Jets have made some good moves this off-season that I really liked, especially the coaching. A loss won’t mean much. Our record after 8/9 games will matter more.
  21. No only that but had he and Paradis left next year our total investment in the line would be something like $15 million for the entire line and G little….even the Panthers can’t be that stupid. But they sure are skirting idiocy with their history attempting to fix this line.
  22. No designated hour lunch break and they don’t have fun? That’s his complaint? Its not about siding with owners it’s about living in the real world. Welcome to it. People are working twice as many hours with never time for family or lunch all year round for pennies. Get real. Sounds like they just take their poo seriously as they should as the amount of money on the line. And I’m just talking about Americans. It’s sorry how out of touch these athletes are with real life, but it explains a lot.
  23. I mean TB hasn’t played one snap of the 2021 season and no body seemed to want him and predicted he’d be bad without even seeing him practice this year. That logic is dumb. Jesus people sometimes it’s ok to be skeptical when players have been garbage their whole careers.
  24. Every super bowl contender in the last 20 years has had a top oline except 2-3 examples in which case had an outlier HOF/HOF season QB (both Mannings for example. Or in very rare examples, the oline went from crap (Giants) somehow transformed into elite from regular season to post. The only other consistent commonality is a top defense. That includes QB play (which is #3). According to history, you do in fact need a top oline even before elite QB play. Fact of the matter is - a team with elite lines/trenches will always be in the mix to compete in the playoffs despite the rest of the team.
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