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  1. Why did my eyes gravitate to those pepperonis?
  2. 10 Bucks says Mike Evans requests/gets traded.
  3. Crazy, heard about it tonight at the restaurant I work at in Beaufort, which is also where Jerry was residing.
  4. Quentin Johnston in the 1st and Duggan with one of our seconds EZ Draft, EZ Superbowl.
  5. crazier things have happened, I'm with you on this.
  6. The Panthers should do absolutely everything in their power to get Cam signed (again). This time do it for a multi-year deal. Let the man come in and do his thing and do it until he is ready to retire, whether that be as a starter, competing for the job, mentor, back-up, hype man, I don't care it doesn't matter because that man and all he brings 100% is a good thing for this team, locker room, fans, city and all the above no matter how you swing it.
  7. I'm gonna be honest.....our owner is an absolute moron. This man is not built for owning a football team.
  8. If we Draft Ridder it would be in the 2nd, which means we would have traded down in the 1st to get another piece. Would not hate this.
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