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  1. He’s currently doing his weekly ritual of blaming Cam for holding the ball too long. This dude is the literal definition of a loser.
  2. I wish Howell was going to stay, but I don’t see a world where that happens. I pay for UNC rivals like a dork and all the beat writers have confirmed Howell is 95% not playing in the crap bowl game UNC will get and 90% out the door to the draft. I also don’t believe Drake Maye is willing to sit another year. I’m sure Sam is feeling nostalgic right now after the pitiful season, but when the time comes he’s going to go pro. On top of all that, anything short of winning the Heisman next year will tank his draft stock even worse than this season did. Right now we are talking about him as a top 5 QB still. If UNC flops again next year we will be talking about him as a day 3 draft pick. The smart move is to get
  3. He wears a glove on his throwing hand and that alone gives me enough PTSD to not sleep for a week.
  4. Awesome that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the response!
  5. Hey John, quick question for you. I’m pretty interested in the X’s and O’s of football, but I’ve never heard of a 3-3-3 look. I thought it might be because only 9 players were on the field, but I counted 10 when I rewatched the video. Is 3-3-3 a variation of a 3-3-5 and terminology used by Snow and the panthers?
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