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  1. There is no way this gets released without the agent’s permission. He either gave it in advance, or afterwards. Given how well prepared he was, I’d guess the former.
  2. If you are the Panthers FO, why do you release this clip now? You’ve already scored a big win with the fans with the Draft-night video. So why put this clip out? Who is your audience and what message are you trying to send?
  3. For the folks who are familiar with the stadium… where was the Draft Room located? At one point it looked like one of the club lounges. Anybody know for sure?
  4. MK Acosta-Ruiz opens the show with “everybody thinks they have a shot at the Super Bowl… whether they actually do or not. We see you Carolina, we’ll get to you in a bit.”
  5. Did I miss NFLN completely ignoring this lick?
  6. This is important. Are we a Fully Vaccinated Huddle?
  7. So when we finally do pick, will there be any actual football players left, or are we just building up our groundskeeping and concession crews?
  8. I don't recall seeing this. Anybody else have a similar experience?
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