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  1. The NFL wants to go with the broadest subscriber base possible. Apple doesn’t have it. Amazon would be a better choice since they’re already streaming TNF with success. Prime Video is also available on more technology platforms. Apple TV is hard to get unless you’re already inside the Apple ecosystem.
  2. I’ve said it before. “The Chuba giveth, and the Chuba taketh away.”
  3. Did we not just score more TD’s in 20 minutes than we have in the last 5 weeks?
  4. "I'm shocked! Shocked, I say."
  5. So today’s game will be just like every other game this season.
  6. He knew, the team knew, and the league knew. That’s why they started pointing fingers as soon as this surfaced. League said it was the responsibility of each team, Matt LaFleur referred the question of Rodgers vaccination status to Rodgers. He tried to make the case to the league that his homeopathic remedy should qualify him as being “vaccinated.” He was told, in no uncertain terms, that it didn’t.
  7. Will not play on Sunday against the Chiefs. Joins Davante Adams who was pulled last week.
  8. I was there. The crowd was actually making more noise for Our third downs than they were for Eagles third downs. Eagles fans were energized, Panthers fans were quiet even when we were ahead. They had a few “On Your Feet” attempts for Panthers fans. No one stood up! No one! Winning changes everything. When we hosted the Steelers, they started off loud, then got very quiet as we pulled further ahead. Yesterday it was the reverse. Don’t blame fans for being fans.
  9. The Chubbard giveth and the Chubbard taketh away
  10. This is not the usual crew officiating. Alex Kemp leading a bunch of ex Big Ten officials.
  11. Oh, and the AR Panther was tremendous. You can’t tell from the clip, but the stadium actually vibrated as the Panther, still unseen, was supposedly breaking out of his statue. It got people’s attention.
  12. Re: the player intros. One of the players was not at the head of the line in the tunnel when they called his name (I forget which one). The next player then just waited for him and the names got out of synch. True, they didn’t do the Keep Pounding chant, but that hasn’t been rev’ing up the crowds lately. They did, however, broadcast a musical bit with a heavy and accelerating backbeat that was getting the crowd worked up. You could feel it. This may have been a trial run for the routine. If so, it will be used again.
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