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  1. For sure it starts from the top when you can clearly see its more then a lack of execution. Someone on this offense has to show some fire too. Like...come on guys, someone has to WANT it. Coaches can only motivate so much too. I wonder if anyone in that offensive room even has better ideas? I took a look through that staff and while there is experience it all looks like they are tied to Rhule or MacAdoo, but that doesn't necessarily mean they see things the same way.
  2. Honestly it sounds like everyone needs to take the next step. O-line lets pressure in too quickly on 3rd. Baker misses opportunities. WR aren't getting open, being in the right spot. Plays aren't the greatest. Someone in the building needs to have serious talks with the O coaching staff.
  3. I think it will improve as the season goes on. The o-line seems to be playing better. Baker just has to start trusting and sticking in the pocket to make the throws. He is always ready to run outside and try to make a throw. I do like that we Shenault out there, hopefully we keep expanding.
  4. They also got it wrong a bunch, so did the guys in Buffalo. I'll give Tepper the grace of the next hire. He should have learned a lot here. I still like Fitt too, let's see him with a real NFL coaching staff to work with.
  5. Probably having the wrong staff for 2 out of 3 years. If he had the experience ( not saying these same guys, just coaches who what NFL careers ) early on. MAYBE, just maybe he could have avoided this disaster. Too late now, he had 1 offseason to get a completely new coaching staff, QB and O-line working. He had every chance to succeed. He put himself right in the deep fryer. He's cooked.
  6. Someone pointed out to him that people don't give a fug.
  7. Bail on us Rhule and take Snow with you. Maybe we can salvage a game plan for Sunday lol.
  8. The talent is there and it shows. This offense blows. I was at the game, I saw him get open a few times. He looked good out there but the offense cannot operate.
  9. I am imagining a new coaching staff and I think no. I hope they trade him and get some decent value. He can still play but I think Shi Smith stepping up makes it an easy move to hopefully bolster the draft next year for the new staff.
  10. I can't wait for this to be over.
  11. We'll know today. If it's really that disfunctional then you'll see it in play and sidelines. This team comes out hot and ready, this is a bunch of bullshit.
  12. No doubt. I'm always optimistic in the off-season but 0-2 is undeniable and I don't think Tepper hesitates making a change mid season if it continues to slide from there.
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