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  1. This past football year was pretty fun. Its nice when all you're looking for is progress and you get surprised with more progress then you expected. I'll tell you whats different. KK would still be getting paid right now, Boston would still be here and we would be signing declining vets to band aid the secondary if our old regime was still in charge.
  2. I get it as a gut reaction but he was injured his rookie year and last year he showed flashes. I think that lines up with a player who has raw talent but needs to hone his skills. I understand he was picked earlier then he needed to be but everyone isn't going to come in and produce in year 1/2. It takes time and you have to give him that. I'm also not saying time is going to make him a better player, that's up to him and the coaches, but we need the time to find out and by time I mean this year. He needs to put together a consistent year of at least average play. I really think if
  3. I mean hes has a contract, we are super thin at the position and its year 3 for him. I see no reason to not keep him until at least the end of training camp. I think people forget that a lot of what was said about Little around draft time was that he was a great athlete with great size, Little has good feet but the rest of his technique needs work. Which is why he was taken too high. Let this staff work with him for a year or two and see what they can make of his skills. They seem more capable of molding him them our last staff, which couldn't build up a o-line player to save their jobs.
  4. I hope they lock this guy up for the next few years. I feel like his production is only going up. Plus he's versatile, plays well both inside and outside.
  5. I won't complain about making our OLine better. We've needed one for almost 10 years now. Not always sexy but it pays offs.
  6. Sounds like Cam Newton before his shoulder blew up. What a shame. It does also sound a lot like Stafford. He wins a lot of games in the 4th quarter : https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/gwd_active.htm
  7. I wouldn't mind Stafford a couple of things that stick out to me : Much better arm/deep ball placement then Teddy B. Has the "It" factor. He can get you a win. 38 game winning drives since 2009. You can see how that stacks up here : https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/gwd_active.htm He is always banged up but he always plays through it. That could be good and bad especially at 32. He has never had a run game to support him. He took that offense on his back a lot ( well the years he didn't have Calvin Johnson ). It seems like he's elevated guys like Marvin
  8. I'm excited for the future. I think as long as we have good talent evaluators to keep the build going by hitting on key players in the draft/FA the "Rhule 3 year turn around" will be realized here. We are a playoff team if we can close out some games and I trust Rhule to work on getting the team in a better position. He definitely passed the test this year.
  9. Not to be too political but it's because Trump. He said he would only send masks to states that were nice to him. So now the fed is out bidding the states for masks. Places like OK, KS, MS, etc... Are getting all the masks they requested mean while NY, NJ, CA, CT all get screwed because they had the audacity to not give Trump a glowing review on his mishandling of this pandemic? And 50% of people are cool with this behavior. We are screwed.
  10. "Oh my God they are pointing out flaws in our system! How Anti-American!"
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