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  1. If I see that MFer I'll tell him straight up. You want the fans and the locker room hyped and behind the team? Greg Olsen is that dude.
  2. That's what I'm saying! We need a leader after all these plain toast HC we've had. Team is SOFT, directionless. We need the guy everyone wants to play for period. We need someone who is looked at as the man in the building. I bet you he would have an OC and DC who knew what they were doing. None one would be playing soft. AND he's one of our own? Who knows exactly what keep pounding means in the building and to the fans?
  3. He is a crazy SOB, but maybe that's what we need.
  4. No thanks, I want to be able to root for this team.
  5. Friday got me feeling hype. I'M ALL IN ON THE OLSEN TRAIN! Calling it now, that's my HC!
  6. Bring him in for an interview at least. Greg knows what he's about, he knows football. Coaches son, undisputed leader. He is smart enough to surround himself with the right people, and I believe Olsen definitely knows the right people. I'd be all in! F U C K IT!
  7. I mean....all we can really do is give him time or find another team lol. Let's hope 3rd times a fuging charm.
  8. Do you think Norv was down there coaching Cam on his mechanics on the day to day? That was the QB coach.....you are being obtuse for no reason. Do you think all 32 NFL teams hire QB coaches for no reason when they have an OC?
  9. I feel that... I wouldn't call that sabotage though. That implies he did it with malicious intent. I just think he's not that good of an OC and has no flexibility. He fuged it up but he didn't sabotage it.
  10. Right.....my point still stands. They finally decided to do some actually QB coaching with Cam and it made a huge difference. It was just too late, his should was a big hit away from blowing up. Like what are you not understanding here? Which brings us back to the original point.....QB coaches do matter and make a difference. Which you seemed to disagree with.
  11. There is no proof anywhere that Young wasn't the consensus #1. Anything posted about that is pure speculation. Plus that is stupid, Reich would know sabotaging Young would sabotage his job here.
  12. I brought Cam up. 100% it was known that they really just let Cam be Cam. Which was amazing, I love the dude. Me a literal grown man who had tears in his eyes after Cam came back and scored in Arizona a few years ago. So none of this is diminishing Cam. If everyone remembers he actually got some coaching on his mechanics and fundamentals before the 2018 season. This was the first time they tried actually using the QB coach with Cam and not just having it be his buddy. I believe it was a shorter, tighter throwing motion and really working on setting his feet. That was right before his best career completion percentage and I think he was like 15-2 TD/INT. It 100% made him a better QB and he was on pace to have his best "traditional" QB season until his shoulder gave out. I remember the details homie, I ain't talking bullshit here. No one is trying to trash Cam. Ron Rivera and his staff did not want to challenge Cam at all on his mechanics until the older Turner came in and they actually worked with him to improve. Cam Newton is the proof in the pudding that you need a good QB coach to get the most out of your QB. Someone has to guide them and correct them.
  13. 100% those guys need to be simpatico. We need 2 fresh pair of eyes that can evaluate this mess and have no ties to anything before it. Correct me if I'm wrong, the GM usually brings in the HC ( with owner input ), so why have we been shying away from that? There is too much corporate America through patterns floating around BOA.
  14. Just sending this out to the world : FIRE FITT!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
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