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  1. Bro people here act like he isn't even fit to be in the NFL. I think he will show he is a franchise QB, take that for what its worth. Don't really care what you think he will achieve, you like all the other posters here including me don't actually know fug about poo or poo about fug when it comes to what Bryce can and can't do and how to evaluate and train a QB. No matter how much we like to think so.
  2. Easy to root for these guys. Odaba made a decent career for himself. We need all the DE help we can get, hope he can get in the rotation.
  3. Just to point out : Canales has said that he does this with every QB he has ever worked with. He starts them from the very basics again and works up. He has a plan he sticks to when working with QBs, he mentioned how he will be doing the same with with Dalton. It also sounds like that approach is kind of used for everything. He seems to start basic and small and has a plan to build upon that week over week. If anyone has time to listen to his OTA press conference after the first day he talks about his process in the scope of building out the offense. Interesting stuff.
  4. Just to answer the question plainly : Yes I do. I think Bryce is going to prove the doubters wrong and all the naysayers will line up with their excuses and won't eat the crow. Kids gonna ball.
  5. I mean what team doesn't surround their QB with talent? Mahomes has had very good WRs his whole career as well as RBs and a HOF TE. Only last year was he without a true #1 and it was evident. They even went out and got a WR in round 1 this year. Is that not getting him talent? They also have had an amazing defense which doesn't hurt a QB. Baltimore has done everything they can to get Lamar Jackson WRs. He already has a great TE in Andrews and they got studs at the RB position like 4 deep. The Bengals didn't draft Joe Burrow and leave him WRless, the followed up with Ja'marr Chase. If the only example anyone can pull is Mahomes, who is already in the argument of being an all time QB, I don't really think that reflects negatively on Young. I guess you could look at the Rams as an exception. Being able to get guys who are producing like they were drafted in the first round shows they have something special between scouting and scheme. Now do you think Bryce will succeed by surrounding him with talent? That is up to you. But don't take anything away from him because the team gives him weapons and protection? The two things any QB in the NFL needs to operate?
  6. Super interesting! The talk of the different variables and even taking into account being an underdog is cool. Also I like the attitude/approach of if we are going to play 4 downs we need to actually play it as 4 downs and not have 4th down be a desperation play. You can use 3rd down to setup for it, but it has to be intentional. For me one big thing I pulled from this is teams are better are getting 1st downs now then scoring TDs and all games go "under" even Mahomes and Lamar. Possessions are even more valuable then before and you are mostly going to have to drive down the field to score and not try and rely on big hitters. So really seems to be a shift to this short/mid passing game because that is what defenses mostly give you. I also like his mentality on football also being football and things like momentum and edge are real. Hopefully that can help strike a nice balance between analytics and coaching moving forward.
  7. I do think its laughable that people want Bryce to lift weights like A) he isn't but his goal is not to get jacked B) Unless you expect him to pack on 50 LBs of muscle I don't really see the point. Arm strength/velocity has a lot to do with range of motion and flexibility in your shoulder. Basically creating torque. After that mechanics of transferring that energy and then its pure strength after that. He proved his durability, don't need to get bigger for that. MAYBE gain some weight to help get out of tackle but that should be lower on his list of priorities.
  8. What a stupid list.....how can you rank players who haven't even taken a real snap? How do you know one rookie is going to be better then another?
  9. I like supporting this guy, true fan working hard to provide us content.
  10. Ah damn, was really rooting for his come back. I hope he gets a shot somewhere else. Best of luck Tarik, you deserve good things coming your way.
  11. I hope he is here. He is good enough and earned the right to miss camp grind. I wonder how it plays out, there must be a contender trying to get him too.
  12. I doubt they do. These are the people who post things like " I was banging the table for CJ Stroud ". Bro the only person who can hear you banging the table is your wife and she don't care. Dan Morgan can't hear you. I'm also 100% on board with how you feel. This last season was probably the first where I didn't finish games and towards the end of the season even watch them This is as simple as it should be : I haven't let the Panthers ruin my day or change my attitude negatively since like 2010. I watch the games and root for them, I look at the upside in all FA and draft picks and I pull for the entire team through the season. Wash and repeat every season. Its great.
  13. Add to that the fact that we have no control as fans. Like how upset could I possibly get? Side note : it took my some time to get here, when I was younger I used to get dang heated over these Panthers. On topic : I think XL is going to be the real deal. Will go down as one of the best two WRs of this draft when it is all said and done.
  14. Let the best men win. Sounds like Brooks will be a slow roll out which will give one of these guys a chance to ball out. Personally I am rooting for Cohen to make the team!
  15. I need to see some 4th quarter wins. Either holding a tight lead or coming back and winning it. That plus just better overall play, less ints and more TDs.
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