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  1. While I think JC is the real deal and loved the pick from the moment it was announced, you don't take JC over Sauce. IMO it's those two are the top two corners in the league, but JC is just slightly below Gardner. I hate the injury prone label, it was 2 random ones. The wrist was just real bad luck. I don't consider that injury prone.
  2. Competition for the XFL guys signed. Let's hope they are better haha.
  3. Good signing. Back up who's a known person in the locker room. I like the attention online has been getting. Bring in as many as you can and see who sticks.
  4. An interesting thought for those who know Xs and Os better than me. How would the Rams adjust their offense to fit Young? It sounds like Brown has a big part in the playbook.
  5. I don't think it hurts to give BY a young receiver he can grow with. Him and maybe Marshall will be the only ones here in 3 years.
  6. They didn't like the pick so now character assassination.
  7. Really political based mock drafts? USA turning into a poo show.
  8. Is it bad that I wouldn't be upset if we took him #1?
  9. Laid it all out there. If he has has heard correct......
  10. Evero called out Chinn by name as one of the stars on this defense. He will find the place for him to excel, I have faith. Don't let Phil Snow fool you on who Jeremy Chinn is. As far as the defense as a whole, I think a lot hinges on Jackson coming back strong. If I remember correctly the defense in Denver was focused on the secondary being the backbone of the defense.
  11. I agree that nothing is for sure. Just in the context of what Steve Smith is saying he is hearing it sounds like arm or not Young is going to run an offense better, especially when things aren't always clicking.
  12. Yeah lots of great stuff in this episode. Perception vs reality, Jalen Carter stuff. Feeling more and more confident that Young is the pick. The praise here was high.
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