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  1. fug. Poor kid, I hope he finds opportunities to fulfill his life moving forward outside of football. Your soul hurts for him.
  2. In my experience New Yorkers get a bad wrap. They just got their own way of being nice. FL just full of assholes.
  3. We did, but don't let that stop the "wahhh but Rhule" crowd.
  4. I mean he said it....its the teams philosophy. Doesn't mean they evaluated who the best player was correctly.
  5. I think every coach and GM has said this exact same thing. If fact they all probably say it every year because they have to do media rounds. This is such a common phrase is the NFL/sports.
  6. I think what's nice is the fact that we have Fitt who saw Wilson in preseason and that team started him over...Flynn or whoever that GB backup they paid a bunch for. So if Corral has it, I think he is starting. Personally I think the guys got it.
  7. Draft class all the way. Keep the picks and the cap and don't have to deal with having Watson as the face of the franchise.
  8. I would imagine he would be here for rotation. So running downs mostly, 1-2nd downs. he would be a good fit. Don't think of him as your starter.
  9. Always worth noting....not one person who has worked with Rhule on a peer level or a player has a bad thing to say about him. I also don't know why people make it out to be a mystery, Tepper has been very upfront and vocal about the growing pains they've all had. Everyone can now look and marvel at what a little bit a patience can get you. The belief in the building is they started this out wrong with Marty and a too inexperienced coaching staff and with changes at those it will help Rhule grow by providing him the support a new NFL head coach needs. I think everything else is just people making poo up because they aren't happy.
  10. This is the entire world now. Instant gratification and sucess or its a failure. There is no more middle ground. Its insane. I swear it was literally a MANTRA that linemen take 3 years to develop and you can't really judge until then. Now people ready to write guys off after a 1 v 1 rep in training camp.
  11. I don't think you can give up on a 1st round DT after year 2 when he wasn't god awful. Can we have some patience for players to develop? You don't think he's kinda good if someone wants to give us a 1st rounder for him? Plus then we would have to spend that pick on a DT anyways unless we want to be real thin at that position....which we have seen before and it is not pretty.
  12. I mean sounds like the kid is going to be a 1st round pick. If he is the pick get on board and hope for his success .
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