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  1. You think Rhule is worrying about the optics and how fans are going to react on a message board? This is all player and coaching evaluation. He'll be flexible with the amount of snaps the 1s get, but it won't be based on "The backups are making plays on us, we look bad" it's a glorified practice.
  2. I like the thought on roster building here. Try and maximize what you have. It's been preached non stop here. Versatility.
  3. Jackson is going to have a huge year. I hope we pay him too. Him and Horn for the next 3-5 years? Ohh wee mayne!
  4. I thought it was confirmed earlier this year. He's got an up hill battle. Year off, new coaching staff. He did flash some as a rookie. I bet if we drop him he will be in DC in no time.
  5. I could see him being here as a backup as well. Kinda thin at the position, depends on how the rookies look ( I'm thinking we have 2 drafted and 1 UDFA Oline ). I think the tweet just means to say don't work under the assumption Little will be starting anywhere on the line.
  6. Good signing! He's going to pair well with Brown. They should help free each other. Plus they play with a mean streak on the DLine in Tennessee, we can always use more of that. I kinda wish it was a 2 year deal to be honest.
  7. I trust the staff. If one of these guys falls and they don't think he's worth #8 and grab the BPA I'll be happy. I don't pretend to know how to evaluate a player and the guys we have running things right now seem to do. With Hurney there was no trust after the first round. It might as well have been me making those picks.
  8. Least is WR. I think we have enough talent to make it work and adding some guys at the middle/back of the draft. I'd say LB but Parsons looks too legit.
  9. I like the insight McCown provided. I don't know if you guys remember that shoot out Darnold had his rookie year with Rodgers, but if that was what he plays like when he feels comfortable we are in for some fun.
  10. Considering everything we know about Darnold : 1 - He was a project when drafted. Not a long football history so there was work to be done. 2 - For most of his career with the Jets he was without a QB coach and had Gase to rely on to develop him. So not a good situation at all. 3 - He is young and probably a Iittle rattled from running for his life non stop. He needs to game slowed down for him first and build from there. That all taken into account, I think you treat him somewhat like a rookie. Which I'm sure the staff is going to do. I'd place the same expectations I would if we got Fields/Lance/Wilson. To be good and show improvement through the year and limit the turnovers.
  11. I think they grab an oline 1st or 2nd. It will be tough at #8 because I could see us go Pitts or Parsons.
  12. I'd rather give Darnold a shot then run Teddy back out there. To give some perspective, I know Darnold hasn't grown much since he's been in the league but I think he only had a QB coach for 1 of those years. That's how inept Base was. So he was never put in a position to improve.
  13. Good for Curtis. I think he is going to be good up there with McLaurin taking the attention. We'll miss him but I guess it wasn't in the cards. I'm trying to decide whether I'd prefer they draft a guy or save the picks for linemen/CBs and sign someone.
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