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  1. and then the run game was working through all the adversity and injuries until they just couldn't carry the load anymore after Goings went out vs Seattle. 03, 04 those teams were fighting all 4 quarters no matter who was on the field.
  2. Man came in and saved a season, props to him and hope the best for everything he does next.
  3. As you guys said. Its time to put up the numbers now. Seemed like he came on a little at the tail end of the season when Darnold was playing pretty good. Seems to operate well mid/deep. Not a lot of YAC. Another interesting prospect is Preston Williams, I think an injury history but had a pretty good year in Miami I believe.
  4. about 50 minutes in and this is awesome. Getting some nice insight into Reich on a lot of fronts.
  5. That's true. Apparently Bryce Young scored off the charts so....maybe a little relevant to the Panthers.
  6. You know I used to think that too but there might be something to him : https://theathletic.com/4226466/2023/02/24/nfl-quarterbacks-s2-cognition-test/ He also has that "it" factor. Cool under pressure, get his teammates to rally. I hope he can recover from the injury.
  7. Cool, never thought about it like that. Makes sense. I figured guard was the easiest to play so it would translate.
  8. I thought he played pretty well at center, but he has no versatility, ass as a guard ( which is weird to me ). I'd imagine they are looking at Mayes and possibly a FA/draft pick to be backup center and guard.
  9. Probably the best place for him to land. If Prudy doesn't recover he could win the starting job. He finally has real NFL coaching, its crazy.
  10. I will not be shocked or mad if they take AR15 #1. They have the teachers to do it. If they believe he has the work ethic and attitude to hone his fundamentals and he shows he can process on the whiteboard.
  11. I listened yesterday, it was good to just listen to them cut it up. Someone already mentioned the Shula thing. They also talk about Ron and Harper says during our losing streak if it was Sean Payton someone would have been cut but Ron worked different and it worked out in the end.
  12. You send our fastest staffer to run the card to the podium if he is there at 9.
  13. Not too mad, mainly because I don't think they have a good head coach down there.
  14. If I remember correctly Tepper didn't want to pay a fully guaranteed contract when it came down to Watson ( smart ), so I doubt we will be looking here.
  15. I'd Young falls in range for the Panthers to jump, it's over they are making that move.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if we were one of them. It such a glaring hole and if all the hype right now is to be believed both Young and Stroud are legit.
  17. Don't know much about him really so I'll pose the question to someone who may : Hooker or Corral? I assume Hooker is being looked at as a 2nd-3rd round pick. Not that I am against taking him if they think he can play, just curious.
  18. I think the general story is he was in place to have an amazing year and just kind of fell flat. His team sucks but there were expectations on him to play above the level of his team and he seemed to regress to their level instead.
  19. I love Jaycee but Sauce is already the better corner. There were 2-4 games where he personally sealed the deal, played 1 on 1 vs the #1 WR and they tried to test him and it didn't work. Kid is out of this world. Jaycee is just behind him though.
  20. Honestly, I am on board with Richardson at #9 and keeping the picks. Get Darnold or Brissett in here and let him learn until its time to drop him in.
  21. I was thinking the same thing. Like...he is getting 17 this year for sure.
  22. Look....if he is BPA at 9 I am not against it. There is always space for good linemen and you need bodies there anyways. Injuries always happen, seems especially tough for O-line. On top of that they can get hurt and the odds of returning to form are a lot harder due to sheer size. I don't think its a bad idea to have as much of a rotating factory for offensive linemen as you can and if the value of picking DE, WR at 9 isn't there and this guy is someone the team can see playing 10 years.....its not that crazy. Plus it keeps whatever QB you base this franchise around healthy and productive. As Panthers fans we should rejoice if they are not going to let us fall back into the dark ages of offensive line play again. The days when the QB was an open target all game. Only due to the fact that HE was a freak of nature did he even last as long as he did. It was scrubs all the way down. We had fuging DTs playing the position.......
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