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  1. LOL Yeah I know that one - I meant to the ratings we can give on the thread itself.
  2. They need to add a Facepalm emoji to our options...
  3. Although I agree they got us into the situation with an overpaid Darnold, the QB room was one of the worst in the NFL before they got here. They took a shot with Darnold - a little too expensive, but a reasonable shot to take given their options. They didn't make a mistake in the 2021 draft ( could get proven wrong but not yet - Fields & Mac aren't the answer). They didn't make a mistake in the 2022 draft. Their free agent moves have pretty much all been very good. I do believe it is mostly Fitt, so I'm all for Rhule taking blame, but truthfully Rhule walked into a crapshow and Fitt has done about as well as anyone could given what he has had to work with. Getting Rhule out is fine but I love Fitt so far...no issue with him acting like he isn't at fault.
  4. Because he was projected as the top QB in this class and First Round talent - until he twisted his ankle. His stats and film in a very good conference show his potential and his personal maturity impresses people. I don't think I have seen anyone who thinks he is a HOFer but top 10 potential is there. If he is a consistent top 10 QB he would be the best QB we have ever had.
  5. I would expect Darnold sits all year and walks in FA in the offseason since we likely won't get a trade for him. With Corral there no reason to keep him. Plus if Baker plays well we are set - if he sucks we have a high draft pick and grab a rookie QB.....either way Darnold is done if he doesn't start
  6. This franchise has a rich history of horrendous drafting - bad trades, bad picks, bad luck. We have about as many busted picks as Duke has busted players over the last 18 years. The consistency of "bad" makes this year look worse even if it could make alot of sense. I appreciate the explanation - makes sense if it works out.
  7. Worst case scenario we saved money to pay other guys - we saved picks by not wasting them on QB's in trade or the draft - and we have a high pick in the 2023 draft with a shot at a true, young, Franchise QB. No reason to stress - keep building - keep pounding!
  8. I am not a fan of promoting college coaches directly into Pro HC roles - unless they have some seriously high-performing results for about a decade - and even then it is rare that it works. But I do think the first female HC in the NBA could easily be her - she has done an incredible job so far. In the pros it is so much more about building and sustaining a team that plays well - which she seems to be very strong with. Most importantly I would ONLY consider promoting directly into HC like this with an already successful franchise also. This team isn't a consistent winner yet...that is way too much pressure for pretty much anyone.
  9. I know where he was Saturday - in Greenville, SC signing autographs and taking pictures with fans....said he was ready to go and that Tommy Tremble was gonna have a huge year. I will immediately top load all my Tremble rookie cards now...
  10. Even if Corral is the next Will Grier this won't be a bad decision - no matter what happens we saved picks and $$ by doing this instead of trading for Baker or Jimmy G. At a minimum he is likely an upgrade at our backup QB position. This is an absolute win regardless of Corral's future.
  11. Not a terrible idea - depending on cost. Likely a better mentor and potentially a better starter....if cheap enough you release PJ and keep SD
  12. Not that it matters but Pro Football Reference shows 9 sacks - wonder why it is different? Either way there is a reason he has been on 4 different teams the last 4 years and is still on the market - anyone still available right now has a reason. In his case it is an absolute heck no! I have said it since he was drafted and he has proven to be not worth it for 8 years.
  13. Overpriced - injury prone - getting (football) old looking for longer deal - poor work ethic No thanks
  14. I meant wouldn't - but also those guys were not traded for first round picks - they had other picks included in the deal. And I said that as well when I said package the same deal for a 2nd rounder vs 1st.
  15. There is nowhere in my comments that even remotely says Robby is worth a first rounder. I literally said we should trade him AND a 3rd to get into the 2nd round this year.
  16. Actually plenty of teams would like Robby - most consider his drop in production due to our QB play and offensive scheme. He would be worth Hollywood or AJ value but plenty of value considering the WR run yesterday and other WR trades. And the reason we didn't trade back (if it was due to lack of offers) was likely due to the way the draft went...the stud DLinemen were gone by 6, no one had faith in these QB's clearly, and the teams that needed the OT's were all up next and could get one for free. And we didn't want to trade out of one of the top 3 OT's so none of the later guys had good enough offers. 2nd round is a completely different ballgame and value - early 2nd rounders are worth 1/3 what our #6 was worth....it doesn't take too much to get back there. But I guarantee you Willis and Corral are gone by pick #8....no way they get past NY, HOU, and SEA considering their 1st rounds. I think our only shot is Robby & 2023 3rd rounder traded to KC or CHI - but even then I don't know that we get Howell so probably still not worth it.
  17. So many people misrepresent this statement. This is the NFL not the NBA - the difference between pick 6 and 13 is significant, but it is nowhere near half. And 37 is still a very good pick - Jonathan Taylor, Antoine Winfield Jr, Trevon Diggs, Javonte Williams, Nick Bolton - all drafted after 37 in just the last 2 years. And don't forget just because you pick high it doesn't mean you pick the right people....ask the Jets....or Philly...or Detroit......
  18. I would be 100% in for this - especially if we get Penning. That means we could also address our LB depth with potential upside and 37 might be Howell, Pickett, or Ridder depending on how things shake out. I don't necessarily want those QB's but Fitt may and would prevent the reach.
  19. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/
  20. Seriously y'all go try this site - it proposes lots of trades. I'd be thrilled with this. Profootballnetwork
  21. Trading back can be great LOL - might not solve 2022 season but check that out - picked up a 1st and 2 2nds in 2023. I am addicted to this - wish teams were really this stupid.
  22. Although I agree to an extent we aren't talking about trading a dime for 2 nickels...we are talking trading back 3-8 spots plus an additional pick....that can very well be a great deal. Especially depending on how the first 5 picks go. Some boards have 0-1 OT's gone by our pick...we could certainly trade down to 11-14 and still get one of those top 3 OT's while picking up a 3rd or 4th in that scenario. I would take that deal every day of the week. Cross or Neal and a 3rd? Oh yeah. Not saying the probability is high but it isn't crazy given the recent rise in Walker pushing down the DE's. If Stingley and Hamilton stay high and even 1 team reaches for Willis this is probable.
  23. My hope for this year is the following in order: 1) Draft a top LT @ 6 - stick with Darnold - draft QB next year with high draft pick 2) Trade down, draft QB with 1st rd, LT with 2nd or 3rd - see who is better QB in camp - possibly draft another QB next year That being said I wouldn't be surprised if we go with option #1 and we sign one of those 2 guys out of desperation - but it is a waste of money IMO since I don't believe either is better than Darnold if we have a stud LT....and signing means we have 2 big QB contracts - like paying for the top 5 QB's in the league but getting half the production.
  24. No doubt there - but 1 person vs many doesn't always equal the right decisions. Ask the Cowboys or Raiders. All comes down to whether or not they listen...how good of a saleman Campen is...
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