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  1. It has all basically been said, but he needs to be traded from both the business and personal perspective. His professional relationship is already damaged by the comments we know about (internally who knows how much more has been discussed). Even if he stays there is slim to no chance he has the drive to overcome and beat out Darnold. He needs another change where he can move on. From a business side we HAVE to trade him - and likely still eat a large chunk of salary. Any viable picks, players we get in return and money less than 20-mil is a win over cutting. But I agree it is like
  2. I don't think there is any chance we go all offense in the draft - makes no sense considering our needs. We still need 2 DB's and a DT or 2 - having bodies in positions doesn't mean we are set. And these guys are all signing 1-2 yr deals. It all depends on the QB choice as everyone else said as well...if it is DeShaun then no way we go all offense. I would hope we get 2 OL, 1-2 DL, 2 DB and a WR or TE - but of course FA isn't over yet. I do like how this defense is forming up though - FINALLY might have a nasty LB core after losing Luke and TD. We might actually be able to stop t
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