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  1. Went to a customer already - we sell box breaks
  2. We just pulled an Ian Thomas on-card autograph out of 2021 Immaculate Collegiate last night....being in his college uniform it took me a minute to realize he is a Panther LOL
  3. Honestly said the same thing to my colleague this morning - very disappointing performance by our line overall but not unexpected.
  4. Assists - I don't think it will be just Ish Smith making that up. I believe we will see Rozier with minutes at PG just like we have the last 2 years...now with Oubre it is even more likely as he is very much a SG more than PG. But don't miss Bouknight in this role also - the kid has nice handles. Rozier can be streaky so I wouldn't be shocked to see Book running the second unit a bit. Bench Scoring - absolutely I expect Ish/Book/Oubre/PJ to be as good or better than Graham/Monk/Martin/PJ....should be much more consistency in scoring with 2 SCORERS instead of 2 JUMP SHOOTERS. Ish won't have any pressure to score with those guys on the floor. Low Post - PJ at center is a bad joke to me - he is just too small for that in the NBA. Not to mention on offense it takes him out of his game which is the 3-4 stretch game. Miles has a much better game/frame for backup center but even he is too short against actual PF/C's. I think our low post will be the Mason/Kai/Vernon/McDaniels/Richards show. So much there....I only replied to the first section...
  5. So far I am sold on the upgrade in leadership - bad draft scouting and lottery luck have sunk this franchise for decades. If these picks look good it will be more than just luck.
  6. For the first time in how many years we can say we ACTUALLY have a 2nd unit - Smith-Bouknight-Oubre-PJ/Miles-Kai. If this team doesn't make a run it will not be because ownership didn't make some great moves to build a solid roster. First time, at least in a looooong time, I can remember ever making this kind of long term play to build around a guy to become legit....I'm loving this.
  7. Just using the PB's as an example - agree with most of that just saying they never had longevity or the success I expect from Horn. I liked Gamble and agree his was under-rated - but I don't think he was ever on the level of Revis, Sherman, Ramsey, etc... which is what I hope Horn gets to
  8. Typical ignorant immature whiner online - no sir I was a fan from day 1. I grew up in Rock Hill and attended their Training camp behind Winthrop Coliseum - was a student at Clemson when they played their first few seasons there. I was in the stands chanting "WE WANT JAKE" when Rodney Peete looked like trash and in the stands chanting "NO MORE JAKE" when Delhomme threw 4 picks against Philly after blowing the playoffs in 2008. You won't find a more veteran fan than me my friend - I have probably only missed watching a few games in the entire history. But by all means - keep trying to make you idiotic points and insulting strangers knowing you don't know squat about actual football. You're the one looking like a fool...I just keep smiling. And for the record - Cam was overhyped trash his entire career - his underachievement is the saddest piece of this franchises history. No one was more happy to see him go than me. There are plenty of others people would call busts, but his inability to become what he should have is 100% his own fault and easily the worst thing I have ever had to endure as a fan. Without Smith, Olden, Luke, and Thomas Davis this team would have been trash with that clown
  9. I would sure hope he has more upside than all of those guys - 23 years in the league between them and 2 Pro Bowls....at the #8 pick his upside better be 4-5 PB's at least and a few 1st Team All Pro's
  10. I don't disagree - but the original post just said busts which is what I responded to....the thread took its own path. But very true your 3 would be at or near the top of the list defined that way.
  11. I only went to 1 day of camp but I will say I was surprised at Thomas - he definitely didn't look like a guy giving up live previous reports had mentioned a while back. I was hoping to see more from Arnold but he looked a bit timid to me - maybe just because of no pads and he did take a shot from Burris.
  12. I agree you can categorize them that way, but a bust is a bust - doesn't matter if they were scouted poorly, we fat and lazy, had bad luck, or a head case - high picks that screw us by not producing is the same result. We have had lots of all of this!
  13. Part of performing well is consistency and discipline - neither of which did he ever show. The man was out of shape and had no heart - he had the talent but not the drive. They tried to trade him after 3 seasons where he only played 29 games....why would you call that incredible? We were 15-14 when he played and 11-6 when he didn't....had a below average passing offense even with Moose and Smith both seasons which is the primary role of our tackles to create. You can't cherry pick stats and act like that justifies your opinion.
  14. It is still a bust if they get derailed by injury....it just means they never made the impact for the price paid. https://www.sportslingo.com/sports-glossary/b/bust/#:~:text=A bust is a player,round of the NFL Draft.
  15. The question wasn't if he was any good - it was biggest bust. We traded a fortune to get him, he never performed that well and was out of the league in less than 3 years. For a first round pick, 19th overall that is horrendous. Not to mention his trade caused a 3-yr domino of bad trades out of the first round for Brown and Clausen - so he gets more guilt for causing the train wreck - like the last car in a pileup. He is well regarded as the biggest draft day blunder in franchise history by many sites.
  16. I believe a pretty strong case can be made for Biakabutuka, Otah, and Clausen based on cost vs results....honorable mention for Rashard Anderson
  17. Hands down favorite pizza as a kid - we had one in Rock Hill right around the corner. Best part was the little arcade inside with the Star Wars X-wing game!
  18. Fully agree - the pick yesterday was not all him but very exciting - and he had a few nice covers during the 7-on-7 and 11-on-11. The CB group seemed to have alot of confidence which I think is Horn and Bouye created beside Donte.
  19. I like Devonte and wish we could keep him, but he is an excellent backup PG - that is all. He is not a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd scorer caliber player - he was a very good 3-pt shooter not a good scorer. He is solid with the ball running a second unit - and we got a mid-to-late 1st round pick for him? That is very good value for a borderline-starter caliber player. No way is he worth Jaxson Hayes and a 2nd RDer - especially with Hayes' recent arrest - not to mention we just drafted Kai and JT beside Carey and Richards A few other things we have to remember - Devonte is 26-yr old so he is pretty much at his ceiling which is a 38% FG shooter - not great. And the Pelicans are not that good - Zion-Ingram-Val are not going to carry this team very far - especially in the West. This pick is VERY likely to be somewhere in the 17-22 range which is very good for a nearly 27-yr old backup PG looking for a contract. We are building a team here folks - it takes a few years and picking up the 22nd overall pick next year while avoiding $12M/yr gives us tremendous flexibility to draft and sign another big FA in the near future. This looks like a huge win for us IMO.
  20. Could be - but the fact that suspensions significantly affected Monk's development and haven't happened to Bouknight yet still makes it more likely not to happen.
  21. That is a pretty apples to oranges comparison to make - Monk was only a jump shooter coming out not really a "scorer" or starting caliber SG. He had 1 year at Kentucky with alot of "potential" but he wasn't ready to start. Bouknight is an all-around proven SG and scorer instead of just a streaky shooter. He is much further along than Monk was at the draft....and hopefully mature enough not to smoke and get suspended every year.
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