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  1. Sorry that listing Lockett instead of Golden Tate caused you not to see any positivity in Canales' coaching track history.
  2. having good receivers helps the QB, the Seahawks have had a lot of solid receivers top to bottom from 2011 to 2017 thanks to Canales in part. Golden Tate, Sidney Rice, Baldwin, Lockett, Kearse. These guys all showed up and helped the Seahawks win a bowl and be a top team in the league for a while. I see you ignored the two other examples in Geno / Baker, so it looks like you're more focused on complaining and being right than looking at positives - so go off king.
  3. we're primed to give Young some weapons and a QB guru that has made 1 year turn arounds, and if that doesn't work we can take one in 2025.
  4. you can use whatever word you want, but he is obviously doing something to QB's, WR's and offenses that has caused an undersized QB to win a super bowl (Russ), a WR room consisting of Doug Baldwin, rookie Tyler Lockett and David Moore to be a super bowl winning trio, the career resurrection of Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield, and offense that was a drive away from being in the NFCCG tomorrow when people thought they would be bottom feeders.
  5. better than a retread. I've been wanting a young, innovative, offensive mind, and he seems to check that box. a lot of folks wanna rag on tepper / the panthers / this hire and say he's unknown, hasn't had much success yet - but in reality he has been in the league for a while now and had success at every stop. he was there during the Seahawks entire reign of domination, and he had those receivers, Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, David Moore looking like all pros. He then shifted to re-igniting, or igniting Geno Smith's career in general, which still to this day is kinda wow to me. He then went and did it with Baker, which is a really close to home sample size and enough to say - well this is an upgrade. he seems like a breath of fresh air, but I will let it play out before I get too ahead of myself. everyone keeps saying bring Mike Evans, I say he goes after his boy DK Metcalf instead - I'll take it off air.
  6. we cleaned house but clinged onto the only front office guy left, just because he played for the team. we did this last year with Reich, que the old player highlights and pictures of him in a Panthers jersey. nobody gives a shitt anymore. we want results. we want to remove the disease from this team and heal properly. they completely fugged this up and nothing will ever change. he did nothing for buffalo, nothing for seattle, nothing for carolina, and nothing for his pizza restaurant. HUGE whiff.
  7. not a fan of hiring Vrabel, this would probably do it for me. another retread coach that never did squat. another defensive minded coach. rinse and repeat. I'm looking at the Raiders (I'm a day 1 Golden Knights fan and frequently go to Vegas, also my father is born and raised in Oakland as a Raiders fan) or I'm going with the Rams. I work next to their HQ and their practice field is literally in my back yard. Never thought I'd see the day, but if Vrabel is hired - I'm out.
  8. I just saw something that says Vrabel is now the favorite??
  9. boy would that be the ultimate revenge for them fleecing us.
  10. your list for us is missing several names
  11. they will, all the talk about coaches not wanting this job and blah blah is fan speak. this is a business, they'll get paid what they need to consider, they'll get to hire who they want to, they get a chance to mold a #1 pick QB and if it doesn't work, they get another crack at finding a guy in 2025. the owner is an absolute idiot that is way too involved but the hope is that he's learned his lesson and that you're a good enough coach to not have to have an owner start putting in his 2 cents and what not. if you're afraid of your ability to coach this team and bring in the right guys and that you'll be on the chopping block, we don't want you here tbh.
  12. meh maybe, I'm going for a young offensive minded coach - not young defensive minded. I have a feeling MacDonald gets exposed by Stroud this weekend.
  13. if the coach isn't Frank Smith, Bobby Slowik, Dave Canales or Ben Johnson, I am out.
  14. ya that's gonna open a very attractive HC opening unless they plan to promote from within.
  15. this goes to show how bad our drafting at WR is, we have fans saying Funch wasn't that bad.
  16. anyone that says 01 or 2010 must not have actually been around for those seasons. We at least had the hope of having the first pick. The fact that all of this failure and embarrassment without something in return is enough to be the worst season ever. don't forget about all the Tepper crap throughout the season. don't forget that this was a brand new all star stuff, not an old staff waiting for the inevitable. and the cherry on top, Bryce. the most disappointing first round pick in sports history. 2023 was not only the worst season in Panthers history, but in sports history.
  17. we should find out which WR's the Rams, Seahawks, Steelers, and Ravens are targeting and then go for them.
  18. Great list, I don't want Monken though. Too old, college thing, Lamar doesn't need an OC to look good.
  19. Best WR and TE available with our first two picks.
  20. this would never happen but I guarantee you he would do better than what we have had going on since Tepper purchased the team.
  21. if that cockroach survives another coaching change I will, you know what I prob won't even be surprised lmao.
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