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  1. Hmm makes you wonder about Kenny Pickett this year then. Well he's technically Jersey but close enough.
  2. The social media hype with this team started in 2015 when social media was blowing up and our team was great. The hype has carried into these dark, embarrassing years and it does not align with my interests in this team. I can't get behind all this rah rah, scripted and somewhat cringe content they've been shoving down our throats. Hope we dial it back, at least until we're good for god sakes. Fire Matt Rhule.
  3. hmm from Northern California too. I have a theory about QB's from NorCal, Rodgers, Brady, Josh Allen. The list goes on but there could be 3 in the conference championship alone.
  4. We're stuck with Sam, keep him as a backup. Re-sign Cam to a one year deal to be the committed starter, no rotating BS. Sign top free agent OL talent, no scrubs, no castaways. One solid OL player is better than 3-4 scrubs like we purchased last year. Draft the Iowa Center Lindenbaum, Ikowonu the NCSU OT, or Cross. Draft the best OL player in the 4th, really hoping we can trade up or acquire some picks through a trade with one of our current players. Also possibly draft a project QB in the 4th or 5th rounds, a Davis Mills type - low risk high reward. Someone that can actually get some reps late in the season if Cam and Sam are just absolute damaged goods. The season is an absolute wash anyways, whoever we hire as OC will most likely take over as interim HC. Hopefully we have a a top 3 pick so we can go all in on Bryce Young or CJ Stroud in the 2023 NFL draft.
  5. I've seen much worse from this team tbh. They aren't nearly as bad as the Clausen Fox year. I will keep watching just out of habit and to see who steps up when times are tough. Nothing will happen until years end, but I am confident that Tepper will pull the trigger. What happens after that has a lot to do with how I will approach this team moving forward. They need to hire and draft the right people, no short cuts, do it the right way and don't get cute. These days I have gotten really into sports betting and fantasy football which keeps my love for the game and allows me to be more flexible with who I'm rooting for on a game by game basis. I'll tell you what though, Vegas is worse than that SOB Rhule at ripping my heart out!
  6. Fire the entire coaching staff Hire Peterson or Eberflus Trade CMC Sign the best FA OL Draft Pickett or Howell Be respectful with Cam by signing another one year deal to help ease the new rookie in like Mac and be a great backup / leader - or making sure he retires a Panther and is always around this organization in a positive way, thanking him for his time, effort, sacrifices and the memories Fire the whole social media crew and dial back all of this rah rah BS / sketches / overly scripted and cringey Gen Z social media wave
  7. I do. It was my 21st bday and I was at a bar in San Diego. Got laughed out of the building.
  8. So heated that BOVADA is down. Ruining one of the best sports betting weeks of the year.
  9. have him train at kicking FG's and punting too, all the best kickers these days play / played soccer. then you get to enjoy him on a FB team too. kickers need to have mad mental toughness. not a bad idea. my kid is playing QB no doubt gonna Cecil Newton that boy.
  10. I would work from home all the time if it wasn't for my crazy loud kids / dogs. it's nice to go into the office and kill it with the boys, and keeping work / home separate. there are pros and cons, when my kids are older and I have a better home office situation I will prob fully transition.
  11. idk man, maybe I'm weird. I love watching the Panthers every time they're on. regardless of record. especially with Cam playing. I also love betting sports, so yeah there isn't really anywhere else I'd rather be than on my couch.
  12. you're a fuggin weirdo lmao can't even believe someone would enjoy hitting balls with you @hepcat
  13. fade everything I do lmao thinking Baylor, Bama, Cincy, Michigan, Pitt today.
  14. I got Western Kentucky ML and Oregon ML in my parlay tonight.
  15. I haven't even seriously began thinking of listing my house or working with an NC realtor yet. I have alerts set on Zillow and browse options but nothing serious yet. Especially this time of year. I've also never sold a house before, this is my first home - I have no idea how to even go about a process like that. A lot of this is contingent on timing with my kids and my mom. My desire to move grows stronger each month though, between some family members out here that we're forced to spend time with that my wife and I strongly dislike and other state regulations - there are only a few things keeping me here. Just last week during Thanksgiving, they shut off 75% of my counties power due to high winds and fire warnings. Who the hell wants to live in expensive ass California if they're going to turn your power off on a national holiday because they're afraid of a wildfire?
  16. I honestly liked it better when teams didn't have social medias and all of this rah rah crap being shown online. Just comes off the wrong way when we're playing this badly. Can't stand some of the cringe social media posts our team makes especially when in such a bad place franchise-wise. Tree lighting is cool, but this just made me think of how different things are these days.
  17. Finally brought the little guy home. My wife and kids love him already, he is a little monster and my other dogs aren't too sure about him yet haha. Glad I pulled the trigger, can't wait to see him grow.
  18. Yeah I expect a fun win that gets our hopes up for the bye week only to get crushed the following week.
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