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  1. the +4000 bet for us to make the playoffs is really enticing. all comes down to who Rhule starts in multiple positions.
  2. dead ass he probably ran the tape back and went "wow yikes I'm gonna look like a fugging hack if I release this highlight and their celly".
  3. Fans are going to have to get used to Baker, he giveth and he taketh. Today is the perfect example. He's gonna throw some dumb picks but also some big TD's. We've been so used to Sam, Teddy, and an injured Cam that this sort of play hasn't been seen since healthy Cam or Delhomme.
  4. Haven't seen Rashard Higgins mentioned on here a lot. He's obviously in the thick of a WR battle, but word out of camp is that Mayfield and Higgins have been gelling well together like they did in Cleveland. He also scored on a red zone drill today. Not a lot of people realize that in the 2020 Browns playoff season with Baker at QB, Higgins had almost 600 yards and 4 TD's. Sounds like they're picking up where they left off, maybe Higgins can emerge as a true #3 / #4 option.
  5. remember when Darnold could only score TD's by sneaking in those first few games until teams realized it and shut him down the rest of the season?
  6. nice, another corner that shined at UF but not in the NFL. did this guy and CJ play together?
  7. what just made you randomly post this
  8. I think he should play too, it's the coaches and decision makers I worry about. and I know he's confident now, but spending a year occasionally getting a jersey and then starting the next season with a new staff and new high draft pick to compete against could definitely rattle someone's confidence.
  9. my only worry for Matt is that he gets the shitend of the reps due to the capital we've sacrificed for Baker / Sam. He barely gets a jersey this year while those two duke it out and then if that's a failure (highly likely), we will get a new coaching staff. Leaving Corral to start all over with a new staff and possibly even a first round QB to compete with. That sort of rollercoaster ride to start a career can screw development and confidence up. my theory on QB's is sink or swim, I don't think Matt is going to get that sort of an opportunity due to the circumstances.
  10. can somebody confirm what are starting receivers look like? sounds like: WR1 - Moore WR2 - Anderson WR3 - Saunders
  11. weird wondering if he let Stewart jump over him on the first drive for a TD because they knew the rest of the script was in their favor.
  12. what you doin for work G? or is it summer time for you still.
  13. nah remember he wouldn't give Cam the #2 and then changed to #7 when Jason Baker left the team the following year?
  14. Ben McAdoo will be a great interim head coach.
  15. I'm always optimistic about the squad but I'm also a business man. I don't blame people for signing one year deals and getting a bigger check, that's showbiz. I hope he plays well and sticks around for sure though.
  16. Carter long gone, 4th string QB has it.
  17. would be dope actually, can't wait til this is more normalized like it already is in the NCAA and NBA.
  18. seen a lot of guys come through here for a year and cash out elsewhere. nice city, bad franchise.
  19. What's the hold up with this? The only QB number available is #13. Why not announce it? He isn't getting Johnny Hekker's #6.
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