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  1. Between my dog and my kids my walls always have handprints, paw prints, random splatter, stains, etc. Magic erasers and other cleaning wipes always end up shredding or just spreading the dirt across the wall which shows the discoloration or the area I cleaned after it dries. Is there some sort of tool I'm unaware of or am I just going to be scrubbing this poo on my hands and knees forever?
  2. I hate it too but tbh I listen to my music really loudly too and I'm sure I didn't realize that others can hear. I sometimes listen to really embarrassing music loudly too which makes it even more embarrassing.
  3. not sure if mentioned yet but don't we have his old WR coach?
  4. yes, but look the upper levels. wouldn't look like this if every seat was available for purchase like Panther games
  5. I will say, I hate how the Panthers coverage is so limited and zoomed in or zoomed out. I just saw a video of Will Levis in 7 on 7 making a sick game-like throw with a defender involved. Great camera angle and actual game speed. I wanna say Bryce rip it.
  6. I'll be at Seattle too! Can't wait, first time going there.
  7. wait wait wait, there are actually people that believe Bryce won't start from week 1???? hahahahahahaha
  8. can somebody please respond to me with the schedule dates
  9. Awesome, yeah that is preferred as I am west coast and my girl loves Seattle. Weather-wise too depending on the time of year.
  10. I'm trying to plan a trip to Seattle or Chicago for an away game!
  11. QB's shouldn't have to "bulk up". Unless you're Cam the battering ram Newton, you shouldn't have to use your body weight to make plays. Bulking up, lifting, over training can injure a player, mess with their technique. Some dudes just literally can't bulk up unless they eat sleep and lift. Bryce is too busy studying film and throwing. Too busy lifting trophies. Wonder how much Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Pat Mahomes bench and squat?
  12. I remember where I was, what I said when it happened, everything. Absolute classic!
  13. the attendance still sucks but I think it's mostly because they're a "new" team, charlotte is full of transplants that root for other teams, and obviously the product is too inconsistent. when the panthers are playing well it definitely get rockin.
  14. I think he will post similar stats to Kyler or Russell Wilson's rookie years. Murray finished his rookie season with 3,722 passing yards, 20 passing touchdowns, and 12 interceptions to go along with 544 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns on 93 carries and was named a Pro Bowl Alternate. Russell Wilson had a passer rating of 100.0 with 3,118 yards, 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 16 games in his rookie season in 2012. He was selected to play in his first Pro Bowl.
  15. people drive that far to go to dodger games out here, and LA is notorious for having "bad fans". there's only 8 home Panther games compared to 80 baseball games too. I'm sure people in charlotte drive to canes games and people from Raleigh drive to panther games. PNC arena holds 20,000. BOA holds 75,000. It's amazing what an enclosed, intimate arena can sound like vs an open / spread out stadium.
  16. raleigh is like 2 hours away from charlotte. any fanbase worth it's salt would travel 2 hours to see games. look at any other die hard fan base of any sport. all those people are traveling an hour or two to come to games plus the locals. new team X bad ownership X bad product X small market X transplant city full of other fans = poor attendance.
  17. you literally just answered your own question bro. why get so worked up over something you have no control of? why question someone for being optimistic about something they have no control over and literally just watch for entertainment purposes only? if I don't like a TV show, a movie, a concert, an album, a team, I just don't watch it. I don't get worked up over it and question other people that do enjoy watching it. part of growing up bud, wishing you the best!
  18. I think most Oregon fans are surprised he went that high because of the punch as well. this is Gaulden all over again.
  19. I still see some solid options available. Ringo, Ade, Jones, Trice, To'oTo'o, Johnson, Zavala, Rush, Herbig, and my boy Will Mallory from the TE U!
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