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  1. I'm sure the saints, falcons, or bucs have room for an extra fan
  2. man everyone in here is so whiny. still plenty of time left ladies and gents
  3. Following Dave Ramsey's principles changed our life. I would highly recommend anyone looking for "money tips" to read the "total money makeover" and follow " the ramsey show" on any podcast app. it's monday-friday for 3 hours so I listen on my commute every day. paid off $60k in debt, we live now in an affordable area where we should have the mortgage paid off within the next five years (just got it last year) and being debt free has allowed my fiance the ability to stay home when we have our first kid (hopefully next year). wouldn't be possible if we hadn't sacrificed and paid off debt by following the baby steps.
  4. Sam Darnold threw 11 interceptions already this year. Cam also had 12 rushing touchdowns many of which could have been passing td's but the scheme called for runs, and he had a high completion %
  5. the ticket ploy was kind of weak, kind of making it look like it's all for show but I believe Cam still has some left in the tank
  6. I say play action deep ball to robby on the first play of the game. Nobody will be expecting it at all
  7. Let's go pats! a 5-5 falcons team would be so annoying even if we do own the tie breaker
  8. I think we're going to see a heavy dose of CMC, Chuba, and PJ mixed in with cam getting comfortable on slants and a few deep shots
  9. I knew darnold would never be great but I did think he could be a game manager and with our defense I was optimistic he could get us somewhere special just by staying out of our way. I was wrong about that and he couldn't help himself, led the league in interceptions and blew his opportunity. Oh well he had his shot
  10. haven't been back to charlotte in years but in week 2 I bought tickets to the december 26th game against the bucs. Can't wait! i don't want to see brady or rodgers in the playoffs, I want the cards or rams
  11. lmao the only team without a qb and they have freaking taysom hill instead of anyone we have
  12. I agree, coaches and GM's can't make many moves like that and keep their jobs. losing those picks is rough but trading a ton for Darnold and having him cause us to lose Reddick / Djax would be even worse imo. I hope we don't get caught up in the past and make the most of our current situation and maximize keeping that defense intact
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