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  1. Moore is weird. He just quietly racks up yards but rarely does highlight reel type stuff. You'll barely notice him all game then will look at the box score after and he'll have 100 yards.
  2. Is it just me or do we hear a lot less from Rhule than we did Rivera?
  3. If Sewell isn't there I think we're in a prime spot to trade back and still get a good OT.
  4. For me its, 1. Sewell 2. Trade back for Slater, USC OT, or CB 3. Stay put for Slater, USC OT, or CB I think Cincy would be dumb to not take Sewell but there are some reports that teams think this is a deep OT class and they can pick one up later.
  5. They're all three very different scenarios but Darnold has some key similarities to Tannehill. They were both raw QBs coming out that were going to need a lot of development to succeed. Tannehill was much more raw though since he had only been playing QB for a few years. They both showed flashes until they ran in to the Adam Gase buzzsaw. Rosen was overhyped from the get go. He was basically a Jimmy Clausen clone. A rich kid who was born and bred to be an NFL player someday. His parents spending thousands and thousands of dollars through his childhood to get him in to pro camp
  6. It really feels like the team does not have a long term plan at all and that is 100% Teppers fault.
  7. The thought of Sewell makes my heart beat faster but I just don't see it happening. Cincy would be dumb to pass on him and I could see Detroit or Miami taking him as well. We'll most likely end up with Slater or Surtain which is sort of underwhelming considering the things we've been talking about on here for months.
  8. You actually think that all of these rookies are going to be good lmao Everything past Lawrence is just as much of a dice roll as Sam Darnold is.
  9. I'm excited. A 2nd rounder is nothing for a guy as talented as he is. I've said it before but Darnold was my preferred option considering the others being 1) Trade peanuts for Darnold, a guy who teams were planning on tanking for just a few years ago. 2) Trade multiple first round picks plus stud players for Deshaun Watson, a guy who is constantly injured and has a massive cap hit. 3) Trade multiple first round picks just to pick from the scraps of this years draft. Darnold is the clear smart move in this case.
  10. It's hilarious seeing all of these people who were advocating making big moves and trading 3 firsts plus two starters for Deshaun Watson suddenly waving their arms in panic over a trade featuring a 2nd round pick lmao
  11. I would guess that their mindset is that they're a QB away from making the playoffs and that Sam Darnold has tremendous natural talent so Joe Brady can probably fix his woes.
  12. I'm excited. I'd rather gamble on Darnold for a 2nd than Gamble on someone else and have to give up multiple firsts.
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