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  1. I'm pretty sure Tepper got honey dicked by Rivera and Hurney. I guarantee they blamed everything on Gettleman.
  2. I've never understood the fascination with McCown. No one has ever been rewarded more for being so bad.
  3. This dude acting like an NFL professional who was just hired as GM doesn't even know who are QB is lol
  4. Teddy starts at least half of the season, ideally all of it while Trey Lance gets a year of development.
  5. I'm just jaded at this point. I hope he does well but I'm not going to get excited or anything. Rivera and Gettleman's conferences showed us that they can say they believe in something and want to do it, then pretty much do the exact opposite.
  6. I laughed when he said the team is going to take on the character of the city. I guess he's going to be drafting subpar players and beg the NFL for bailouts every few years.
  7. His massive contract is enough to have -1 first round pick. With a contract that big you're going to need picks because you sure aren't getting anything good in free agency.
  8. One of the main knocks against Clifford was that he never gave rookies minutes. Name one single player that developed under Clifford. Monk, Kaminsky, Vonleh, and Gilchrist all completely failed under him. Borrego has made the Martins, Devonte, PJ, and Miles Bridges all look like legitimate NBA players. Borrego has done more with less.
  9. No? I don't care if Lamelo Ball is starting. I care about player development. This team is not going to contend this year so I don't care about wins, I care about young players getting better, and under JB our young guys have shown consistent growth. Developing players make us stronger in the long term which is what we need since the team is so young. If you've actually watched this team you'd know how far they've come since Cho and Clifford was fired and you wouldn't want to give that up over something frivelous.
  10. He was connected to us last year and most expected for him to become our offensive coordinator. It's probably nothing.
  11. You people are fuging crazy. We have actual player development going on now for the first time in DECADES. Pretty much all of our young guys have been steadily improving under JB and player development is exactly what we need in order to become legitimate contenders. You don't fire a coach that is doing that just because you lose a few regular season games.
  12. Imagine putting Marty Hurney in charge of finding your franchise QB. He thought Will Grier was a 1st round talent and the best QB in his draft.
  13. Imagine looking at the fuging mess they made here and thinking its a bright idea to give them the keys to your franchise. You get what you deserve.
  14. Lamelo has made him worse. Its like he's been trying way too hard since Melo got drafted, probably because he knows he'll be the one getting benched eventually. He doesn't take what he's given, as soon as he touches the ball now he tries to force things. He chucks shots that he has no business taking.
  15. I'm fine with that. As long as he isn't the only option I'm good. If we draft someone like Trey Lance I could even live with another year of Teddy as the rookie learns. I just need to know that they recognize Teddy aint dat deal.
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