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  1. Those back to back double overtimes ended our season. You could just tell that our guys didn't have the same energy after that. We also got beat by the NHL version of a super team so a lot of people are really overreacting. This team is going to be good for a long time to come.
  2. No offense to him or anything, but why would Matt Rhule doing it get the guys fired up? He's never really won anything. I think they should have had players who won the cup crank the horn for every game.
  3. AJ Brown, Julio, and Derrick Henry wew boy.
  4. I'm playing Rod at this point. They're raining hellfire upon us and he's not changing a thing.
  5. All things considered, just having flashes was a disappointment considering how he was supposed to be the best talent in the draft and the most pro ready. He wasn't bad, I just had high expectations.
  6. This team desperately needs a few extra days of rest. Why does the NHL schedule things like this? You would think they would want their teams to be better rested.
  7. For all the hoopla around Joe Brady, Phil Snow ended up doing more with less last year.
  8. I think this series would have looked completely different if they got more rest. Having them play that many overtimes and then only getting one day of rest before a new series starting is just ridiculous.
  9. If you look at his Linkden you'll wonder how in the world he ever got the job in the first place.
  10. It's a long shot, but if like 6 of our new additions come in and play like All-Pros, I can see it happening!
  11. Lol imagine getting excited about a 5 yard slant with no pads or contact.
  12. Hindsight is 20/20. I remember most of us not really caring about losing Bradberry and he has went on to be pretty good. We all hated losing Norwell and Norman and they ended up being pretty big busts for the teams they signed with.
  13. Robby Anderson has photos of he and Darnold in his house. He is not going to request a trade because of Sam lmao
  14. He should get in but I'm not holding my breathe. If he was a Steeler, Cowboy, or Patriot he'd be a first ballot lock.
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