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  1. That was trippy as hell on the tv screen. What did the fans in the stadium see?
  2. At some point Chase Blackburn have to be held accountable. They've been horrible in every phase of special teams.
  3. It's definitely possible. If they wouldn't have expanded the field I'd say no though.
  4. Traditionally, what makes defenses is wrecking poo up front. I really don't think a whole lot matters besides having a stout line/pass rush.
  5. I don't see how you could be disappointed at this point. He's making his reads and getting the ball out very fast. I love how he'll pump fake and sell faux QB runs. He's been very poised and seems like he's starting to become more relaxed. He's got a rocket arm and he'll use it when the opportunity proceeds itself. He throws darts into tight windows. He can hit the checkdown when he needs to but that isn't his first option. When the pocket collapses he's shown the ability to escape and improvise. Several plays yesterday could have been disasters if he wouldn't have started scrambling. That play when he saw the safety sitting there waiting to jump the route so he went the other way was next level. I think he has the potential to be THE guy. It's going to be interesting to see how he does when the offensive line improves and gives him more time. He's already grown immensely. Sean Ryan has done an excellent job helping him grow. His next big step should be deep ball accuracy. If he can get a bit better in that category the sky is the limit.
  6. God Emperor Quarter Back of the United States
  7. I don't get why people are mad. We should be glad to have inherited this meme. That sub has changed itself to Panthers themed and is now in full support of us.
  8. It hasn't been as bad as we thought but it still isn't good. Darnold gets the ball out fast and he seems to have good pocket awareness.
  9. How many times now have the Vikings been boned by a kicker in a huge moment?
  10. Kyler Murray is playing like a midget Brett Favre with wheels. Jesus.
  11. Just sail the illegal seas. They can never catch you unless you go on social media bragging about it.
  12. I skimmed it and it felt like a bunch of old people desperately trying to appear young, cool, and hip.
  13. We've seen it time after time, even if Alabama does lose, the selection committee will give them a mulligan. Stuff like that is what makes it not fun anymore.
  14. At this point the ones like Ohio State and Alabama can get by with their reputations of being NFL factories alone. It makes CFB a whole lot less fun though.
  15. I really wish VT would have got rid of Fuente. Despite his record it is obvious that he is not going to be the guy to get them back to their former glory. That was a fun game though.
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