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  1. I didn't even realize how much I missed this man.
  2. Nah fug this guy. He single handedly crashed the whole market a few months back when he decided he wasn't accepting bitcoin anymore because it wasn't eco friendly. His blatant manipulation is going to end up having heavy restrictions placed on the entire industry.
  3. I don't think he's going to be good, and I thought bringing him back was going to be a bandaid at best. But as soon as I saw the news this morning I started smiling and got high as fug on hopium.
  4. I bet this is one of the most awkward meetings of all time.
  5. This is it, bros. This is the redemption story. We're winning the super bowl.
  6. If things keep going down hill I wouldn't be surprised at all if they're all gone, at the very least Joe Brady is gonna fall on the sword.
  7. I know we've heard that Tepper wanted Fields, but where did we hear that Fitt did?
  8. Would have been great for a keep pounding chant after that 3rd interception
  9. There's so much you can realize just by reading between the lines. Sam has sucked since day 1. That's why they kept him hidden. That's why he never played preseason. That's why they're obviously scared as poo of letting him sling it. It really looks like the offense around Sam has just given up. The receivers have completely forgotten how to catch. Christian isn't playing as hard as he typically does. I noticed Robby breaking and leaving the huddle while plays were still being read yesterday. Either every single person in the offense started sucking, or the problem is on someone elses shoulders. Part of the blame goes on Joe Brady because he's shown absolutely nothing and hasn't developed players at all. They were bragging about having a 1st round grade on Brady Christiensen at guard and has proceeded to play him at tackle while both guards as a massive weakness. I believe there's in fighting from the offense and defense. Rhule alluded to this when a few weeks ago we can''t start blaming each other and pointing fingers. I can't blame the defense for being annoyed when they just keep getting completely hung out to dry. Their work alone should have given us 14 points yesterday.
  10. Chip Kelly actually got results though and built a nice chunk of the roster that won a super bowl.
  11. It sucks, but we very well might be stuck with Darnold again next year. We've only got ONE decent value draft pick and we're pretty much having to rebuild an entire offensive line. Bonehead is most likely here to stay, albeit with a veteran brought in too.
  12. I was a MASSIVE Dexter fan back in the day. I mean, so much where I enjoyed every single season except for the last one. The first episode of this one was up and down. For about 30 minutes it was boring. I was scared they were going to drag some of this out for an entire season. It was shot beautifully but it just didn't feel like Dexter. Deb didn't feel like a natural inclusion. The whole thing with the deer was stupid. The friend guy randomly spilling his guts to Dexter was stupid. Dexter thinking that hiding a body in an ice fishing hole was a good idea was stupid. But boy, when he finally snapped, killed, and the voice over came back, they had me hooked. Some of the stuff that was unsavory before instantly became an artistic choice and was made much better. Excited to see where it goes, and hoping they don't fug it up.
  13. Lol there's not even any fun in that. We've already sent away our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks
  14. Investing so much capitol in our secondary while there was a stud offensive lineman sitting right there is the most outstandingly dumb thing the team has done in a while. Even if Sam was never going to be the guy, we'd at least have a stud LT for the guy who would be eventually.
  15. Darnold has time. He just holds on to the ball forever and rolls out if someone even farts in his direction.
  16. This is what has caused all of this mess. Tepper thinking that he was going to come in and outspend and outthink his way to relevancy. Matt Rhule believing that he's so good he can coach up anyone and that he's some Belicheck tier tactician. He really thinks he can take bums like Sam Darnold/Cam Erving and turn them into solid players. Brady believing his own hype. He's been nothing but hype with no substance since day 1. He horrible at playcalling and players have not devleoped at all under him. Fitterer thinking that he's going to outsmart the entire league by trading constantly. Trading away our future assets while foolishly thinking that we can compete now. Taking a cornerback instead of a stud offensive linemen in the draft. We have a bunch of guys who think they're the smartest in the room while actually being nitwits.
  17. I was saying not to bring him in because what's the point, but fug it at this point. At least he'd keep things interesting.
  18. Whoevers fault it is that we have this bonehead needs to get fired
  19. How depressing is it that we wasted a high 2nd and 4th on this guy
  20. This defense is super bowl worthy. Too bad the offense probably couldn't even beat an SEC defense.
  21. It sounds like this game is in Boston. Tepper and Rhule should be ashamed.
  22. Say what you want about him, I appreciate him keeping things interesting though.
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