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  1. I hope he's right. One single player is not worth the huge price tag they're asking. Pat Mahomes is the only player in the NFL worth what they want.
  2. I really don't like the direction this team is going. Football is a team sport, and pretty much no single player is worth the ridiculous haul that Houston is wanting. I also really dislike that all of these articles say that it's Tepper pushing so hard for Watson, not Rhule.
  3. I'm guessing he went to who offered him the most money. Packers, Bills, or Browns are closer to competing for a championship. It would have been insane seeing him across from Myles Garrett.
  4. I don't understand why he'd want to go to the Dolphins when he seemingly has a deep hatred of the Patriots way.
  5. Even if the worst case scenario happens and we aren't able to land a QB, I'd rather watch a season of PJ Walker and Will Grier than I would another of Teddy.
  6. Walter Football should not be taken seriously as anything other than a news conglomerate. He has no sources and he's ridiculously biased. He's been acting like Howie Roseman is the greatest GM in sports history for years and he consistently overrated Christian Hackenberg just because he went to Penn State.
  7. I never thought I'd see the day when the Panthers would be the most irrelevant team in the Carolinas
  8. It’s a flawed logic. Complete teams wins championships, not defenses. If one team has a subpar offensive line and the other has top tier pass rushers the defense is going to win every time though.
  9. Too many teams need a QB and we’re right on the borderline of being out of reach. We’re going to have to get very lucky to come out of this with a quality player under center.
  10. This is the first time in my life that the Hornets have been exciting. Thank you lottery balls.
  11. No one ever brings that up. If all this doesn’t work out we’re looking down the barrel of not being relevant again until 2030.
  12. He says No one on the team but Greg Hardy went to his moms funeral.
  13. I want Deshaun but I also don’t want a trade that knee caps us for half a decade.
  14. Winning that Washington game fuged us hard. Great win for the culture though!
  15. 2nd best DT in our history. Good luck to him in whatever is next.
  16. Mahomes as a prospect was basically what Trey Lance is this year. The difference maker for him was being drafted by the greatest QB coach in NFL history, getting to sit for a year, and being surrounded by elite level skill position players.
  17. fug that noise. The NBA is the worst of all the major leagues when it comes to parity and it’s 100% because they let the inmates run the asylum.
  18. Unpopular opinion but he wouldn’t have been worth everything they wanted for him anyways. We’re not just a QB away and having him would deplete our drafting and free agency options.
  19. I thought it was funny. Some people need to lighten up.
  20. I'm pretty sure Tepper got honey dicked by Rivera and Hurney. I guarantee they blamed everything on Gettleman.
  21. I've never understood the fascination with McCown. No one has ever been rewarded more for being so bad.
  22. This dude acting like an NFL professional who was just hired as GM doesn't even know who are QB is lol
  23. Teddy starts at least half of the season, ideally all of it while Trey Lance gets a year of development.
  24. I'm just jaded at this point. I hope he does well but I'm not going to get excited or anything. Rivera and Gettleman's conferences showed us that they can say they believe in something and want to do it, then pretty much do the exact opposite.
  25. I laughed when he said the team is going to take on the character of the city. I guess he's going to be drafting subpar players and beg the NFL for bailouts every few years.
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