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  1. Another example of systematic racism our black qbs face , no way mac jones should go higher than tre lance just because of his skin tone , this is insane ! . Racism at its finest . If we pick Wilson or Mac jones I’m no longer a fan
  2. Get Watson do whatever it takes idc who we trade bye bye ! Watson is worth it
  3. Love dak that would be ideal w/o giving up draft picks
  4. The last 20yrs a totaled of 59 QBs taken in the 1st rd only 5 won a super bowl. Largely part of Brady denied them witch he was a 6 rd pick. I rather roll the dice and take a chance on a proven QB than draft one in the 1st who maybe a bust. All 1st Rd picks aren’t guaranteed there’s more LATE PICK HOFS THAN 1st rds ,Gotta roll the dice like the bucs did sometimes. We give up 3 1s we still have rd 2,3,4,5,6,7. IJS LET ME TEACH YOU HOW ITS DONE
  5. Trading our best player would be a mistake he’s not just a rb he would be a top 10 wr too
  6. We need to get Deshaun Watson , he is 25 years old and early in his career. Deshaun can give us at least a solid 10 year run as our starting qb, which gives us a franchise Qb , something that’s hard to find. Trade whatever we can to get him it’s a long term investment, most of the players we would give up won’t be on this team in 5 years let along 10 .
  7. What has doing nothing done for us? We have 0 Super Bowls , trade the farm for watson
  8. Texans fans think they can get Shaq, brown , burns and chinn and 3 firsts for Watson
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