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  1. Our Lt is doing just fine and costs less than 6m. If he continues to be at least serviceable then he's a steal at that price.
  2. I don't know about the Texans, I never saw that. The Ravens did do something similar before.
  3. Just sit back and enjoy it. How often do we get to be happy? If we aren't happy when we get the chances then we are just sad. Have fun while you can.
  4. Unfortunately, I can't follow tonight's game but I'm expecting a breakout game for the Panthers. I predict season high numbers for Darnold and there is no way the Texans score double digits. This will be a statement game. Panthers destroy the Texans. 34-6
  5. I think he is just another example of this coaching staff knowing what a player's strengths are and how to use them effectively. We are seeing this difference among many players. Another thing that I've noticed and appreciate is their ability to understand a players correct size and their ability to get those players to that size. Reddick wanted to play here and now we understand why.
  6. This guy gets it. 7) Anyone underestimating the Panthers New regimes better show teeth by Year 3. Matt Rhule's Panthers prefer a faster track, jumping out to 2-0 behind a balanced, creatively coached roster. Some balked when Rhule hired Joe Brady and Phil Snow, a pair of coordinators with scant pro experience. Brady has unveiled an easy-on-the-eyes attack that feels like home to reclamation project Sam Darnold. Snow's top-ranked defense smacked the wandering Jets in Week 1 and held the Saints to 128 yards on Sunday, their lowest output since 2002, per Pro Football Reference. By comparison, Christian McCaffrey alone put up 137 yards against New Orleans. Rhule's staff has shown an ability to develop young players like Brian Burns and flip the switch on veterans in Robby Anderson and Shaq Thompson. We're mere steps into the season, but this Panthers cadre arrives well-prepared and determined to create darkness. It's less about Houston in Week 3 and more about every foe to come: Carolina is a playoff team. Many will crumble at its feet before this whole thing wraps.
  7. No, they were using them to make excuses for their asses getting kicked without saying the words. They'd just played a game without them and now they are distanced from everyone. It's just making excuses. Fug the Saints. They were wearing another protection over another hole but it was already to late. The damage was done.
  8. I personally want them to always disrespect us and I hope our team feels the same way. Just gives us an extra reason to prove them all wrong. Haters gonna hate but haters gonna get smashed too. TRUTH HURTS!!!
  9. Reason 1, I was born in Greensboro, NC, on March 22, 1972 and grew up in a trailer in Reidsville. My parents were the oldest children of large families in rural NC. My family was poor and life was hard. As in most of the South there wasn't much of anything until the 1990s. That's when things finally started to improve and the city of Charlotte started blossoming into a wonderful city and professional sports crept into our lives. Although I played many sports, Football was always my favorite to play and to watch. When the Panthers came, it took me about 1 full season to mentally switch from my old favorite team, (Minnesota Vikings) to my new one. It was wonderful to finally have a team of my own that I could identify with locally. A team that carried a part of me in their name. I have always been and will always continue to be proud to tell everyone who asks that MY team is the Carolina Panthers. Even if I no longer live in Carolina. My heart will always carry a part of Carolina with me wherever I rest. Being a Carolina Fan isn't easy. We've had highs and lows. We have been luckier than many of the newer franchises in that we've at least found some success quite early in our existence. Compare to most teams, we've been very fortunate in this regard. When we look across the NFL, the most successful organizations have had many more years to reach their level of success and I'm grateful for our few incredible moments and especially those players that made it possible. Almost none of our greats were ever suppose to be great and yet they were. That's what it means to me to be a Panther's fan. We've been blessed with so many great players who nobody believed in and yet they still made us great from time to time. My all time personal favorite was Steve Smith. Probably because I'm short too and I always heard that I was too small to play and I just loved him as a player and he's still the only jersey I wear. The little guy full of fight always seemed to represent our team to me. Charlotte, the small market team that shouldn't be good but sometimes is. (but will always be dismissed because, well, you know, it's the South.) Reason 2, Mr. Tepper. No, I don't mean Dr. Pepper. I'm speaking about our glorious owner. Now I will always be grateful to the previous ownership for bringing an NFL team here and for the success we had here but Mr. Tepper is clearly a different type of owner. The fact that we have a "new" team all starts with his acquisition of the team and the philosophy that he brought with him when he took it over. I greatly appreciate the fact that he didn't come in and just clean house. He came in like a business man. He knew what he wanted, he formulated a plan and he has followed through with his plan. He's been slow and methodical but he's made every move with patience which is rare these days and every move has been with the intention of improving everything that needs to be improved and he's put his money where his mouth is which only emphasizes his sincerity in this project. He let the team he bought continue as it was on the field, giving everyone a fair chance to prove why or why not they should be here while he concentrated on the "business side" of the organization. To me, this not only showed respect to the organization but also intelligence. He gave himself time to see who we were and what we were and to better understand the operations at the time while creating a better financial situation which was the part he was most comfortable with. I believe it was this attitude that allowed him the opportunity to learn more about the organization, the community and the base as well as time to decide what he wanted and how best to find "his" people to put his vision into progress. This likely lead to Hurney staying one year more than most of us would like but I can understand the reasoning. One stable piece with relationships to the old to help bridge the gap with the new. Especially considering the new were all from the NCAA and mostly lacking NFL experience plus the outbreak of Covid. It was also an opportunity to see where his new coach's ideas fit with the old system. The first draft I believe was huge for solidifying our direction. I have no idea f this is true or not but I've always felt that Rhule wanted to draft in a way very similarly to what we did this year and Hurney wanted to do it the old way and that during the course of the year, Mr. Tepper was able to see that Coach Rhule was right. Exit Hurney, enter Fitt, who thinks like Rhule on how to draft. Reason 3, Coach Rhule. I know it's too early to speak definitively but I think we won the lottery when we stole him away from NY. Going back through his whole career, from results to people's comments, I cannot find 1 negative thing about this man. From the moment he first spoke to us as fans, I wanted to believe. He's inspiring. He has a vison and a philosophy that he not only preaches but lives by and it seems obvious to me that his players not only understand it, but accept it and those who don't are shown the door. I'm okay with this because in my opinion it's obvious that the players who do have shown tremendous improvement. I do understand that it's only been 2 games but we all can see how much certain players have improved. Not just the rookies but veterans who are playing better than ever right now. I have to put this on their hard work and dedication and their belief in the system and culture that Rhule has/is creating. One last mention is the dedication he seems to have. Coach Snow, who has been phenomenal and appears to be a defensive Guru has followed him everywhere. The ex-players that have turned down other offers to come here speaks louder to me than any word I could give. Actions speak louder than words and men follow Coach Rhule. I think I can understand why based off what I've seen. He always speaks about a philosophy. He has a plan and a belief system and everything he does is based off that system. Nothing is random. He believes in the system and he has surrounded himself with people whom believe in that system from GM to water boy and anyone that doesn't believe in the system and doesn't follow the system can go somewhere else. He's building a culture exactly like he said he wanted to and we can already see the results. We are not an elite team yet. We have many missing pieces and the process has only just truly begun but the base is already clearly there after a very short time and I only expect things to get better. To see the changes that we all can see, even the most apprehensive see them too, so soon is what has us all so damn excited so quickly. We all know it's too early to expect too much and that we've definitely still have some wholes to fill but the enthusiasm is there because we know that if we were so close last season the this team has to be very close to that last WC spot and especially with out schedule. He's an admirer of Bill Parcells. I found a copy of his writings online and once you've read it you will realize how much of what Coach Rhule is doing is totally from his teachings. Bill Parcells was an incredible coach. I honestly believe that we have someone who will be remembered as one of the greats for his time. The Panthers are going to finally put Carolina on the map and teach the rest of the US to respect the South. Family, Unity, Strength. Keep Pounding, Ice up son the TRUTH HURTS!!!
  10. I personally love it when they say that. Yeah, that college D just destroyed your outdated ass. Ice up son. TRUTH HURTS
  11. Yeah, you like the safe road. We've understood ya. Let's not have too much fun because life generally sucks. Ok, he's gone. Party anyone?
  12. I really don't think the Saints are considered a bad team. I know there have been some questions with Brees retiring but they won without Brees the last 2 seasons in several games and I'm pretty sure they were/are considered to be a possible playoff team. Doesn't mean they are or aren't and this thread is just to give people something to speculate about as most are just happy to be where we are at this point. We may be terrible the rest of the season but why can't people enjoy the moment and have fun now without people like you running into every discussion trying to take the jam out of their doughnuts and raining on their parades? Do people being happy about the first 2 games of the season really bother you that much? Let them have their fun. They can be sad later if it all goes downhill. Geez.
  13. While I agree with the basis of your assessments about different angles and overloads not being new, I would say that the personal they are using and the versatility they are displaying is new. They are hiding the play extremely well and can morph from their fronts into almost anything. They are able to read the offense and and call their exact plays from the field. They are making it very hard for the QBs to make pre snap adjustments. The OLs don't know who there assignments should be and the QB doesn't know if it's a run D or a pass D because it's both. When we see multiple defenders running past the OL untouched it means that the OL doesn't know what's coming. That's because they haven't see it before. The Saints OL is very experienced and considered to be top notch and they often looked lost out there. I think it's also giving the RBs problems as they can't read which hole to hit and they are not hitting lanes very hard so far and are therefore getting stuffed even by DBs. Even strong RBs can get flattened if they are attacking flat footed which is what I've seen these last 2 games.
  14. It does have a nice sound to it. Kind of like Keep Pounding. The Truth Hurts.
  15. But tbf, if Marshall didn't fall down we would have been in a good spot to score in the 3rd.
  16. Yeah, that wasn't an issue when they picked the Saints to win. Only 1 half of the Bleacher report picked us. Everyone else picked the Saints and everyone knew about the coaches being out.
  17. Only 13% of Americans declare themselves as superstitious. So if you are then yes, you're probably in the minority.
  18. Riddick,Burns, Shaq and Horn all had nice games
  19. It's still too early but I did find this interesting statistic if you like that sort of thing. Week 2 NFL regular season is super important to the future success of your team. You wouldn’t think so, with 14 games left to decide their fate, but the historical numbers show otherwise. Since 1990, teams that start the season 2-0 make the playoffs 61.3 percent of the time, according to Pro Football Reference. Now this season there are 17 games so we'll have to see how that effects things too I guess. But obviously 2-0 is better than the other options. Those chances rise significantly if we can win the next game and the one after that as well. Since 1990, NFL teams that start 3-0 have made playoffs 73.6 percent of time (109/148); 2-1 teams have qualified 53.8 percent of time (169/314). Teams that open 4-0 have reached playoffs 82.4 percent of time That's a 20% difference depending on winning or losing the Texas game. Statistically speaking, that game could greatly effect our chances of a playoff game this season. We need to go down to Texas and take care of business this week. If we do that, I'll start thinking about the possibility of an extra game.
  20. Yeah, I read the game summary @nfl and while they mention the QB play from other games and even gushed a little and made excuses for Fields 6/13 + fumble + Int, they didn't say one word about Darnold's great game. I guess that crow doesn't taste to good. I don't know because at my table they served Saints.
  21. Ah yes. Thanks for reminding me to put you on ignore. I could have sworn I did that already.
  22. The kindest thing I can say to the Saints is that I don't hate you more than I hate the Falcons. I hate you both equally the same.
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