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  1. That's not true. it's been reported that he was offered a contact by Denver. John Elway: Colin Kaepernick 'Had His Chance to Be Here,' Was Offered Contract | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights " Denver Broncos general manager John Elway said Thursday that free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick had an opportunity to sign with the team. According to NFL Network's James Palmer, Elway said, "Colin had his chance to be here. We offered him a contract." In 2016, Elway told reporters that the Broncos had made an offer to Kaepernick. According to CSN Bay Are
  2. Let's put this into a reasonable perspective, dividing our schedule into tiers and giving a modest win loss ratio to each tier. Divisional games: Atlanta New Orleans Tampa Bay Yes TB won the SB but they didn't dominate the regular season. I believe they made the playoffs as the 6th seed and just got hot at the end. They are older than the Appalachians I they are beatable. The Saints lost Brees but they also lost some other key players that I don't think they replaced in the draft. Definitely beatable. Atlanta is a bit of an unknow. New coach and system so we'll have
  3. At this point, for players like him it's better to wait for teams who have injuries to come calling as players can usually get more money at that point.
  4. Yes, I think the same. it's looking like the harder part of our schedule should be at the back end which will hopefully give us time to get hot, build our confidence and see some rooks start to find their grooves. That happens sometimes with young teams and I could see that happening with us this season.
  5. I'd much prefer to and I expect to hear something more like I'm not playing to beat the Jets but to win for the Panthers. I have to prove myself to them and not the Jets.
  6. 3-1 at least. We should be much better than both the Jets and Texans. Winston should be the Saints QB and if he has a good game he's capable of putting up points, will depend on the Ints and if we can stop the run somewhat or force them to pass by taking an early lead. Their defense shouldn't be as good as it usually is. I'd say it's a 50/50 game. Dallas, as usual, will be overrated. Their defense is really bad and they din't do anything to fix it that I can see. Dak is back but last season when he played their offense wasn't much better than is was when he was out and now he has his big payda
  7. Proehl was a really good slot receiver too if you wanted specifically a slot guy
  8. What I like about it is that it was done so subtly that no one realized they were doing it until this draft ended with 11 picks and a 23 year old former 3rd pick at QB. In the last months I've even read posts by people complaining that we should be rebuilding the team instead of trying to win now which is wrong and will leave us as a middling team forever. Yet, in reality, they made this team as competitive as they could in the first season, fixed our cap problem that we've suffered since what seems like forever, signed a lot of interesting FAs and brought in a plethora of rookies at po
  9. Yeah we should stick with our favorite source this season. The Jests. Lol Good organizations take talent away from bad organizations in the business world too. Bad organization have talent too but they stay bad because better organizations can take their talent away from them.
  10. These are good points and I agree. Brady being able to bring several players with him that he knows well and feels comfortable playing with in big games is a pretty big deal too. Another thing people don't talk about enough is that TB was on the verge of not making the playoffs even with all that talent because of the coaching staff insisting on winning there way. It wasn't until they realized they might be eliminated from the playoffs and having a disastrous season that they finally checked their egos and gave over to Brady. Brady was able to say this his how we'll run MY offense and we
  11. I wasn't here for last season so I can't comment specifically about what was being said her but I know in general, expectations for our defense was very low and it was largely doubted we would even be close in many games but people liked our WRs and CMC and many thought Teddy good do pretty well with that. And with 3 1k yard wrs that went pretty well actually but CMC missed 3/4s of the season so that hurt. The lack of TD was a bad surprise though. However the defense while not good was much better than expected and we were close in a lot of games which was a very pleasant surprise. Then the c
  12. I always like The Golden Calf of Bristol. He's a good person and he was hated by so many people but he never did anything to deserve any of it. The only thing he did was take the shot he was given and yeah he was never that good but he played above his abilities and that's why he got that shot and even with all the hate I've never heard him say a bad thing about anyone.
  13. I'm extremely optimistic about the direction this team is going and I do expect us to be a in yearly playoff contention very soon. Do I expect it to begin next season? No. Is it possible? Yes but we are so young we must be willing to accept some growing pains and mishaps along the way but we have the pieces mostly in place to find our lineup moving forward by the end of the season. I also don't believe it all hinges on Darnold. Not this season. What I want to see from him this season is for him to play settled down. I want to see him regain his confidence in himself and to play with confidence
  14. I think you are being to black and white here. Yes, most of our FA moves weren't long term but about getting enough talent on the depleted roster to get a fair assessment of the young players we had. However, the all defensive draft and doubling up at positions where we had absolutely no young talent was definitely for the long term. We needed young DL and DBs for sure and we got them. After that year's evaluation we went complete long term in FA and the draft for this season. This team is now full of athletic players who have underachieved and/or have a high upside that if half of these playe
  15. I think all the talk of Tepper pushing for this or that is all bullpoo. He hasn't shown that quality at all since he's been here. He took 2 seasons letting things continue as they were while he fixed the business side the way he wanted. Then when he focused on the football side he still went slowly. Got his coach and kept the GM for 1 season so he could see what was up and then he decided the Rhule did know what he was doing and then went out and got the GM that fit best with Rhule and his Vision which also fits what Tepper imagines for his team. He's been slow, patient and methodical. Never t
  16. I honestly don't want him. He is on that Brady train like Wilson. They want to have too much control. We have a great thing starting here and I for one am perfectly content to keep moving along with the nice little wagon we already have. We're building a culture and I'm in no rush anymore. No shortcuts. We're ok where we are and great things are coming our way soon enough. Let someone else take him. Even if it's the Saints. Our super young and fast defense is going to be bringing the heat this season and these old QBs are going to feel it this season and the season to come.
  17. Fair enough. But that's a very general statement without much in the way of supporting arguments. So, please educate us all by explaining exactly who was on our OL last season that isn't on the roster this season and was so good that the possibility that any of these new additions couldn't possibly match their level of play is "dumb homerism" and why. I'm more than willing to consider your point of view if you can support it with an explanation.
  18. This something I have mentioned in passing once or twice myself and it's one of the reason I strongly support the trade downs we did for more draft picks and hope we continue drafting in this way to some degree or other depending on roster needs. One mistake we, and most other teams too, have always made is resigning good players for more than they were worth. It's an easy trap to fall into. If a player is really good you want to keep them. If you have nothing waiting behind them then you "have" to resign them. This is how teams get into cap trouble. Especially when those players are getting o
  19. Then I recommend limiting yourself to 5 in the future. 6 is clearly 1 too many.
  20. Yes,. you're right. It's true. However, I'd also like to point out that they rarely have the chance to restart so soon. The Jets became the first team in modern draft history to draft a QB in the top 3 twice within 3 years. Has there ever been a QB traded to another team so soon and so young after being a top pick?
  21. Yep! I totally agree and think that makes perfect sense. He has the talent, he's young enough that I don't believe he's been ruined. Carolina is the perfect place for him and I'm personally expecting this to be looked upon as one of our franchises best decisions.
  22. This is just dumb. I won't even waste any more words or time on this as it speaks for itself. Dumb.
  23. If I had as many as we had I would if it also ensured we had a very important, if underappreciated need to fill with the best at it.
  24. Yes, I think Smith is going to be great and I LOVE TREMBLE!!!!. I think his evaluation is too low and I think we see him much better than that (obviously I guess). His blocking is vicious. His ability to take out defenders at the 2nd level is going to increase CMCs big play possibilities a lot I think. I also thought his route running was already pretty could as well as his catching ability and both will only improve with time and coaching. He's only 20. Plus as a 12th man hybrid type he will really allow us to run some different looks at defenses and catch them sleeping a couple of times a ga
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