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  1. Fake news. Pure speculation. That guy is sitting upside down and talking out of his pants.
  2. This man said it best ^^^ I have never hated the Panthers nor will I. Panthers fan for life. Next man up. Keep Pounding!!!
  3. and only 2 of those coaches were hired in that same year. Judge and Rhule. The others were all coaching before that. And only 1 coach had 2 gms during that same period. Rhule. The context means nothing and is only designed to create a negative view that the Panthers are abnormal in some way.
  4. and every coach except Judge coached more than 2 season before getting fired and technically Gruden wasn't fired, he resigned.
  5. Lol, that would be interesting. I can't see the NFL showing everyone 4 reasons why the league is too big and watered down now at 32 teams. I'm happy they did as we have a team ow but there just aren't enough players for 32 teams and it shows in the quality of the product on field across the league imo.
  6. Yes, I believe he will be too but not because Rhule thinks he's Mahomes but because WHO the HELL ELSE CAN WE GET????? Next season will be his make it or break it year. We will try to fix the Oline and then if Sam continues to fail we will look to draft a QB in 2023. I swear, people act like they didn't try to get 2 other QBs before Sam and they got the best chance they could get or that they could have drafted a starting QB, LT, C and G ready to play in their first season and all problems would have been resolved and that they are stupid for not doing that.
  7. They came in with the intention of improving the defense first as it was in the worse condition. By season 2 they have built a good young defense who I'd expect to continue to improve. They tried to improve the offense a little and the offense was terrible this season but I prefer to let a process move on a little further before committing to completely starting over again as is the most popular opinion around here these days. The offense does have some pieces already, they just need to sure up the OL to decent and get a system in place that works. Was that Brady's fault? I don't know. Possibly. I do know he wasn't doing what the coach was asking for and that's a bad sign. As for the coaching carousel, it's true that coaches can be scapegoats but it's also true that coaches are like players and you have to have the right ones. If a player doesn't fit in Carolina, it doesn't mean he's a bad player. Same can be said for coaches. The Org had 2 season to evaluate where they are and are responding to that as they should do. All evidence points to us having a patient Owner and an HC who is building patiently. I am a patient person myself so I'm okay with this approach. We will see what happens next season and likely the season after that before this question will really be relevant.
  8. I guess you had 4 questions. Or maybe 3.5 as the last one isn't really a question. What the heck were they doing last year? They drafted and signed several lineman on both sides of the ball. Why did they just wake up and have this revelation? Did they? See above answer to first question. And why do you think he had all those short throwS? Because the Oline sucked. Now they say it is important???? Yes????
  9. You can't rationalize with internet mobs. They never listen nor take the time to think things through. They just ride the wave but I do appreciate your efforts.
  10. Funny, I want WhItE HeLmEtS. We always play our first home games wearing a lot of white and with the heat it just makes more sense to me. Plus, I think it would make our blue pop more.
  11. It's nice to see someone is finally thinking about it instead of screaming emotionally. Complete rebuilds take longer than 2 seasons. Landry needed 7 seasons and Starbach, Noll 4 seasons and Bradshaw, and Belichick 4 and then had 2 more losing seasons while also being fired and changing teams before he found Brady.
  12. But in the video, the show stars on the uniform. Generals wear stars. If it's not Generals the maybe they could get away with Defenders but because of the stars on the uniform I'm still calling Generals.
  13. Yeah, that's what I saw too. I believe there were 5 of them as well.
  14. QUESTION: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ANSWER: As much wood as a woodchuck chucked if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
  15. Yes I agree and it's the most popular choice but legally they cannot because of copyrights from other teams.
  16. Washington Football Team to unveil new name and logo Feb. 2 (nfl.com) Finally, the wait is almost over and we at least know that Football Team will NOT be the new name as well as Wolves nor Redwolves. They have a hype video which I think offers a clue as to what the new name will be. I'm guessing that they will be known as the Washington Generals. (which I think is a good name for them) Watch the video and tell us if you see the same clue and if you agree.
  17. I liked Robbie before this interview and I like him even more now. Start at 2:50. He clearly states what he considers a real fan to be and I agree with him. Keep Pounding used to mean we always have your back too. Enjoy.
  18. I'm for keeping in another year, firing him now would be stupid. A complete rebuild takes more than 2 seasons. I don't get the argument for firing him now and having to wait at least another 2 years for another coach to get us back to where we are now or even worse. Decisions based on emotions are rarely good decisions.
  19. Oh, I kept checking in these last 2 weeks just because I was waiting for this. It was due and justified. Rhule doesn't play around for very long. You are in or you are out. It's refreshing. Now I'm curious top see if the offense is as bad as they seem or not.
  20. We're in the top of the league! What planet do you live on?
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