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  1. This team was punching above its weight with Miguel. I have strong doubts that this same squad will be this competitive with a new manager. Hope I'm proven wrong.
  2. Well that press conference was fugging useless. No new information was divulged it was just "I don't want to speculate" in reply to every question. Might as well not have had one.
  3. He just wasn't a yes man who would lick Tepper's balls like Rhule does. Tepper don't like that.
  4. Saw a random twitter post claiming that Miguel gave an ultimatum to Tepper to go back to real grass or he would walk. Probably not true but thought I'd share.
  5. I mean I'm all for giving out honors and awards for the best players in a given season, but to have those players actually get together and play a "real" game is stupid lol. Just give them the accolade and be done with it.
  6. I don't disagree. I guess I'm making more of a semantical argument that someone can't be "right" on a prediction of future events. At least not in the present moment, anyway.
  7. Unless he 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt proves he's the man for the job in training camp, then Sam should be starting week 1. Rookie QBs tend to not do so hot when immediately thrown to the wolves.
  8. Lol how is he right about this? It's just his opinion on what he predicts might happen. There's nothing to be right about.
  9. 4, 9, 13, 17, 18, 19, I believe are the numbers available that he can pick from.
  10. I think it probably just boils down to the media evaluations and the respective team evaluations being incongruent. The disparity, for one reason or another, was quite large this year. It is unfortunate, though, that it seems that this incongruency apparently caused Howell to declare before he needed to. He probably wasn't the only one.
  11. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/nfl-power-rankings-chiefs-and-eagles-improve-while-tennessee-slides/ 25) Carolina Panthers The Panthers didn’t have much to go on in the 2022 NFL Draft, so their standing in the NFL Power Rankings was probably always going to remain static. Ikem Ekwonu was a pick of necessity that lined up with great physical talent. Replacing Cam Erving was and should have been priority No. 1 for the team. They moved back into Round 3 to grab Matt Corral, who can quietly sit and learn behind Sam Darnold for a season. https://www.sportingnews.com/ca/nfl/news/nfl-power-rankings-2022-chiefs-packers-patriots/ygtdit6py824cfud98myytcw 28. Carolina Panthers (29) The Panthers have their own bridge veteran vs. rookie battle in Sam Darnold vs. Matt Corral. They did upgrade their offensive line and will hope their offense can be more efficient overall with Ben McAdoo, regardless of who's QB. The defense has got some playmakers, but it needs to come together better. https://fansided.com/2022/05/01/nfl-power-rankings-after-nfl-draft-2022/?utm_campaign=FanSided+Daily&utm_source=FanSided+Daily&utm_medium=email 32 CAROLINA PANTHERS The franchise is looking to rebound from three straight seasons of 11 or more losses. The talk was that the Panthers were in the market for a quarterback in the draft and they wound up getting one in the third round in Mississippi’s Matt Corral. North Carolina State tackle Ikem Ekwonu was the club’s first-round pick. Free agency netted safety Xavier Woods and veteran offensive linemen Austin Corbett (Rams) and Bradley Bozeman (Ravens). And last, but not least, some Super Bowl Odds... https://fansided.com/betsided/posts/nfl-power-rankings-based-on-super-bowl-odds-following-2022-nfl-draft?utm_campaign=FanSided+Daily&utm_source=FanSided+Daily&utm_medium=email 31. Carolina Panthers (+10000) The Panthers are a mess. They took Matt Corral in the third round, forming an ugly quarterback duo with Sam Darnold. Carolina has won just 10 games in the last two years, and it's hard to see much changing in 2022.
  12. So you're telling me that "most teams lose because they don't know why they lost"?
  13. If we play them while Darnold is still starting (if he even does this season), they're gonna feast on the poor lad
  14. All the UNC homers shudder in fear at the thought of Howell going undrafted.
  15. You start foaming at the mouth anytime someone mentions Cam or Malik. Quite the "negative nancy" indeed.
  16. Draft a formal letter to the front office and give them a piece of your mind why don't ya
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