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  1. I mean this is the type of game football is. If we convert those chances early in the game and win comfortably no one would be talking about questioning Rhule and Brady. Just like how a quarterback is only as good as his kicker, so too is play calling only as good as its execution. I find no issue with what Rhule is saying here.
  2. They don't have breezy anymore and all that saints love from the media has to go somewhere.
  3. Falcons and Saints losing today would feel great.
  4. We should absolutely not lose to this team. But we all know that we'll make it interesting still.
  5. I'm pretty sure his job description is just to say off the wall nonsense to get people to tune to watch his co-host(s) tear him a new one. Also what's up with his eyes in the thumbnail?
  6. 12 sacks against the Jets incoming
  7. Currently imagining the Panthers having both the OPOY and DPOY and I'm trying really hard to temper my expectations.
  8. Not sure on the actual stats of this, but it seems like most punts end in fair catches anyway. No need to send our best receiver back there.
  9. The mindset is that being ranked 6th in the NFC is better than being ranked 16th so I’d rather be closer to 6 than 16?
  10. Who cares about the games tonight it's all about Clemson vs Georgia. Go Tigers baybee!!!
  11. I mean, if we're talking new panthers shirts, 704 Shop has a pretty cool one coming out tomorrow.
  12. You mean to tell me we shouldn't call the season as a failure already because we cut a third string running back???
  13. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/08/30/nfl-updates-covid-19-protocols-weekly-testing-vaccinated-players From the article: "Fully vaccinated individuals will not be designated high-risk close contacts, and only unvaccinated players are at risk of missing games without a positive test."
  14. Yes, I am aware of that. But the protocols for unvaccinated players who catch covid are much stricter than for vaccinated players who catch covid. This is due to the fact that the vaccine drastically cuts down on severity of symptoms and ease of spread. Also, nice scare quotes around the word vaccinated. Do us all a favor and get your anti-vax nonsense out of here would ya?
  15. Those unvaxxed players better hope they don't cause any forfeitures.
  16. This board would not have been a pretty place if this happened to us.
  17. Can always count on you to find the bright side in any situation lmao.
  18. It's too early to come to any conclusion is my point.
  19. Bruh we haven't even played a real game under Fitt and you're already labeling him a failure.
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