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  1. As long as Jonathan Vilma is a commentator, he will occupy my top spot for worst of the worst. Matt Ryan will probably be fine.
  2. A big LOL to all of those who thought that having the number one pick would bring us into the national spotlight. National media does not give one single shite about us, who we drafted, or how we'll do this season. The only rookie QB who gets talked about is Richardson. The Saints and Falcons are the only ones in their conversation of favorites to win the NFCS. We aren't under the radar because we're not even on the radar, just like it's always been.
  3. I agree it'd be a more cemented rivalry if there was a sustained period of success for both franchises. For me personally, they are just the team I harbor the most animosity against. It probably has something to do with coming of age as a fan in the Mike Vick era and watching him shred our defense twice a year. Just something about that team makes me dislike them more than the Saints, even after bountygate and years of Sean Payton. In all honesty we're the third wheel rival to the Saints and the Falcons. We are the NC State to their Duke and UNC. Tampa is Wake Forest.
  4. That "just" he added right before "prior to the draft" is doing a whole lot of heavy lifting to support his narrative lol.
  5. I just don't think you can say it's a good class just because there are three(?) starters in year two, especially when you look at the context of why each one is starting. Is Howell even going to start over Brissett? Debatable. We're really only looking at Ridder and Pickett as locked in starters. And if those are the guys you're gonna hang your hat on to call it a good class, then we're just going to have to agree to disagree.
  6. If that's the criteria, then every draft is a pretty damn good QB draft. The vast majority of QBs drafted are not given up on after only one season, especially from rounds 1 and 2. That does not mean they're good QBs. Sam Darnold started his second season. Mitch Trubisky started his second season. Trey Lance started his second season.
  7. And how many of those three are contenders? Falcons? Nope. Commanders? Nope. Steelers? Ehh not likely. It was a bad class, man.
  8. I know he seems bad because we're Panthers fans, but he's never been the worst owner in the league.
  9. What happened to us drafting all four qbs, dealing all of them, and trading for Lamar Jackson? Doesn’t seem like it went that way.
  10. Not to pay myself on the back but I damn near called it way back on April 4th
  11. Obviously. Just an interesting hypothetical.
  12. Mike Minter 56th overall. A rock in the secondary for 10 years.
  13. Thank you Admiral Ackbar
  14. I wouldn't worry too much about this happening lol
  15. A blue chip LB at 39 *cough cough Trenton Simpson cough cough* could really open up Luvu to be more of a wild card. This might be a crazy thought, but a prototypical ILB might alleviate some of the need for another edge, if Luvu can slide over and be more of a hybrid/edge role.
  16. Wait, do you want me to answer your hypothetical question or do you want me to "stop trying to validate the hypothetical crap"?
  17. You got in your feelings about Levis receiving what you perceived to be "unnecessary hate", then proceeded to dish out the same level of hate towards Stroud, if not more. If Levis is your guy, that's fine, but you can't go crying about people making fun of him just to then respond by making fun of another QB. You kind of lose your manufactured moral high ground that way.
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