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  1. It's our duty as a society to make sure this backfires heavily. If this catches on we're toast.
  2. Copetti was a ghost for most of the second half. Seems the team was content conceding possession to NYC while 1-0 up. Shades of Simeone at Atl├ętico Madrid.
  3. Kind of pointless to still be droning on about measurables don't you think?
  4. Nah let Bryce either prove he can be the guy or be the tank commander.
  5. Dude you gotta stop ranting about demographic change.
  6. Hellas Verona Seeks Crucial Reinforcements in Transfer Window to Avoid Relegation It appears Hellas Verona have tried to sign Swiderski on the last day of the transfer window. There's been no update since the window closed, so we'll have to wait and see how this develops.
  7. I think in a vacuum you'd be right, but with the context of the game of thrones FO we had last year I think people would understand wanting out.
  8. Ok, so take everything I said and insert "DC" for "potential HC". Point stands.
  9. The NFL is a small world when it comes to coaches, and coaches talk to each other. Holding a potential HC hostage because he's technically under contract would be a horrible look. Yes, he signed the contract, but he signed that contract in drastically different circumstances than those which stand in front of him now. Do you blame him for trying to leverage a way out of this mess? I get that many on this site see this as a black and white contractual issue, but introduce a bit of nuance and think about it from all sides of the equation.
  10. Great way of continuing on the theme of blue body, white sleeves, while incorporating some local geography in a subtle way. Well done, Adidas.
  11. Impossible to grade yet because the Bears haven't used the picks they got from us yet, and Bryce still has one more year to prove he belongs. We won't know how exactly to grade the trade for 3-4 more years, after it's been determined if Bryce can turn it around or not, and after the Bears' picks they got from us have been in the league for a minute.
  12. Yeah I said this back in September when I still believed Bryce could be the guy. It hasn't aged well, especially the part about Reich and Fitts not being fired lol.
  13. They don't need to. They had a succession plan built into his contract which was previously communicated to the league, which allows them to bypass the whole coach hiring process.
  14. Which is why people say that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.
  15. Oh Frank get off it with the passive aggressive remarks. Stop being so miserable all the time and enjoy that the Panthers played well today.
  16. Take off your garnet colored glasses for a second. Rattler has day 3 pick written all over him.
  17. There's a podcast put out by the Panthers called "Cardiac" about their run to the Super Bowl in 2003. There are 10 episodes so it's more like an audio miniseries and the last episode was just released today so I'll be listening to it soon. Figured this was relevant to this thread.
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