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  1. Add ATL, NO, and MIA to that. What would be more Carolina Panthers than missing the playoffs by 1 game and picking middle of the round.
  2. So we can go one of two ways. Currently we are 8th in the NFC in standings and 1 game out of the WC spot. (Really we are the 7th seed but we haven’t had our bye week and Atlanta is 4-4 and we are 4-5) We also currently would have the 14th pick in the draft. Need to focus on one or the other and go that way so we don’t end up in missing the playoffs by 1 game and picking 15th.
  3. He missed 5.5 games.
  4. McCaffrey was out 5.5 games of our 9 and he is 2nd on the team in receptions with 20. and yards. (217)
  5. The unfortunate thing is it’s going to take other QBs to convince everyone that needs convincing it’s the staff.
  6. Bum ass leadership. Bum ass coaches. Worthless ass owner.
  7. Only reason I don’t want them to fire Rhule is because I’m terrified they are going to Hire Bienemy. I just really think he’s not going to be a good HC.
  8. Agreed but what would you call a loss to the Rivera/Turner/Heineke led WFT in Charlotte?
  9. I heard from a source at a nearby golf course the Keep Pounding thing was considered part of the Rivera era (not realizing how important it was to the franchise) I just didn’t think it would be this obvious. So, I wouldn’t doubt it.
  10. Well we are likely going to lose next week in AZ. If Rivera comes into Charlotte with Turner, Heineke and Allen and blows us out, this fan base and team is going to implode. It’s going to be really, really bad.
  11. Would like to know if it’s legit or not for some reason I don’t think he cares.
  12. My theory on this before all the Sam badgers and defenders get here to start a war is: Gase used to forbid Darnold from making checks. The NY media used to say that Darnold had no authority in the offense at all. I don’t think he knows how to make adjustments at the line. I think Brady just puts him out there like he actually has experience. In practice things are a bit more clear and execution driven. I just don’t think he knows what to do with his freedom and goes full turtle.
  13. It’s was in good fun. I feel like I seen it in a movie before, but I can’t remember.
  14. I sold mine in the late 2000s because we moved further away and the commute would be terrible each week. But I have went to many games since, last being in 2019. I can remember there being almost as many Bucs fans as Panthers fans in the 2018 game where McCaffrey hurdled the guy. And that was before the Brady era.
  15. So I’m going out on a limb here but thinking back to 2006 when Delhomme had is mysterious thumb injury. Rhule takes the easy outs; I’m willing to bet “Darnold played hurt and has to sit out a few weeks for it to heal” gives everyone a chance to see PJ/Morgan and an excuse for losing the games. They also have an out to bring Darnold back in if it gets too bad with those two.
  16. She will sell it before he’s cold.
  17. Lol at Harris Teeter “ best dam bagger y’all ever had, if he just had a good cashier and manager you’d see”!
  18. If only we had a Steve Beuerlein to fall back on.
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