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  1. Every play caller and coach has certain tendencies. Someone will figure Snow out. Then it will be all about execution. There are a lot of problems smart coaches know how to fix and counter. The key is having players that execute! Talented players doing their jobs and coaches calling a good game are hard to beat!
  2. A young kicker would have gave us more options, but because we snagged Zane G. from a practice squad we have to use a roster spot on him for at least 3 weeks, even if we cut him prior to 3 weeks- he takes up a spot. So most likely he's our guy for a while.
  3. IMO It was an ok 1st Game. We won- so that's great....but there were some red flags. We definitely have some things to work on, but its only the first game of the season ..so..everybody else does too. That said here's a breakdown of what I saw that I liked and what I saw that has me concerned: Pro's CMAC was very good, and will be even better if he stays healthy Darnold rarely looked too panicky- He hung in there and made some good throws The defense can be very good this year (Brown, Gross Matos, Shaq and Hartsfield -when he was in- looked really good) Cons Coaching and play calling (A few questionable decisions by Rhule, Snow and Brady). I hoping that as they get a better feel for their team they make better decisions Kicking (I am wondering if we make a change--the missed extra point was concerning, but I was also worried about he 50 yarder we didn't try and punted instead. Is Ryan S. worth the conditional pick we will sent off if we keep him?) Not Sure The OL was not as solid has the Team seemed to think, but probably not as bad has most of us huddlers thought they would be. Daley looked good at RG as far as I could tell (He got a great pancake). I am still worried though they won't be able to hold up against a better team..
  4. Michael Jordan our other reserve Guard is inactive also- That leaves only Tecklenburg, Scott, and Christensen as our backup OL today since Daley is in for Miller.
  5. If Brown is inactive and with Daley in for Miller, we are real thin at Guard
  6. I wonder what kind of scheme we have to help Paradis, Elflein, and Daley in the center. Rhule ID'd that has our biggest worry against their Interior and our interior Oline has not been good this Preseason. I'm betting a heavy dose off Cmac off right tackle behind Motion and Daley with Tremble leading the way at times!
  7. This is one I rarely think about but it can be huge! Hopefully having mostly veterans will help us here (Even if they aren't the most reputable group).
  8. Ch Chinn and Horn on the back end will hopefully stop the use of so much soft zone on 3rd down. Add some extra pressure from Reddick or Fox and it would seem we will be better at that this year
  9. Those first two really are key to winning today! I'd add "Our D gets multiple turnovers and our offense protects the ball."
  10. We're having last nights leftover lasagna at my house pre-game. After the game we'll put a couple of steaks on the grill. Hopefully we'll be celebrating a "W"!
  11. Whether we are talking about Cam or Sam or really any QB, If they are changing their footwork they are having to consciously think about what they are doing. In their head they are remembering where to put their feet and how to position their bodies. When you have the time to do these "new" techniques it can make a difference. When the bullets start flying you really need to be able to process quickly. Call it muscle memory or instincts, or whatever you want to, but like many people have said the bad habits will resurface when he doesn't have enough time. That's why our seeming disinterest in putting together a more notable group of players on the O-line worries me. Its going to be hard for same to develop that new footwork if he's running for his life down after down.
  12. JR Sweezy, a local product (NCSU Wolfpack) who played pretty well most of the time on the Saints OL. He might sneak onto our squad as a vet who knows a little about our offense and a lot about the Saints! (If he is actually cut) Also I wonder if we bring in a Kicker to compete with Ryan Santoso to try to avoid giving up the conditional pick we traded for him?
  13. Offense (2) QBs- Sam makes it.....I think Grier has outplayed Walker lately and is a better option right now. (5) RBs- CMAC, Hubbard, Brown, Cannon and Ricci if they consider him a FB now (Cannon may be better placed on the WR list) (10) OL- TMo, Paradis, Miller, Elflein, Erving, Brown, Christensen, Daley, Scott, Tecklenburg (3) TE's- Arnold, Tremble, Sullivan (6) WR- DJ, Robby, David Moore, T. Marshall, Smith, Bayless (Cannon) Defense (8) DL- Brown, Jones, Roy, Dixon, Burns, Haynes, Fox, Yetur GM (6) LB- Shaq, Carter, Haason R., F. Luvu, J. Stanford, C. Johnson (5) CB- Horn, Bouye, D-Jack, Taylor, Melvin (5) S- Chinn, Burris, Chandler, Robinson, Hartsfield (3) Special Teams Santoso (K) Charlton (P) Jansen (LS) *Fletcher loses here. He just hasn't adapted fast enough to the speed of the game to replace a solid vet like Jansen.
  14. I Think it possible Grier wins the QB2 job. He has looked better then Walker so far this season, tho IMO neither could be considered a "quality" option as a backup QB. Sam is not in danger of losing his job at this point.
  15. You can’t rush these things. Erving is right on schedule to hit peak ‘physically unable to perform’ status by end of camp. He’s a vet. He knows how to get there. If Moton keeps getting time at LT because Erving cannot go, then we may be more on point to be concerned about how Scott or Brady C. is doing at RT. If Erving doesn't hold up its starting to look like Moton and Scott might be our starting tackles (just on opposite sides then many of us were thinking).
  16. I'd definitely take this with a grain of salt. It looks like veterans and homers were given a lot of grace in this depth chart. When it all goes down, I doubt we keep Kirkwood over Bayless or put Thomas before Tremble if everyone is healthy when its time to start making cuts to reach the 53.
  17. Yep,-This staff likes big, athletic safeties. Chinn and Franklin are big guys for the position too.
  18. Rhule said today that they may or may not carry a fullback. After releasing the Wisconsin Kid, they signed Rod Smith yesterday, he has played some FB and they are looking at him there according to Rhule's comments. It seems that if If Smith or Daniel prove to be able to contribute on special teams we will probably have a roster spot for a FB. If not and another RB like Spencer Brown or Reggie Bonnafon can, then they'll take that spot and Tremble will be our main blocking back. Im not sure how they see Trenton Cannon since he's repping so much with the WR's but based on his special teams play I'd say he has one of those RB spots as well.
  19. Rhule was asked today after practice how they viewed Rod Smith and he said they saw him as a FB- (so his signing was more to replace Mason Stokke who was released a couple of days ago). He also said its not 100% we keep a FB, but we would if one (Smith or Daniel) shows out and proves to be an option on special teams.
  20. Yep- This signing was in response to losing Darius Clark yesterday. Bonnafonn is definitely competing for a spot this year since they brought in Chubba H., That leaves less room for him. If they keep a FB on the official roster, rather than using Tremble in that role at times that means even less room. T. Cannon is a stalwart on special teams so I'm thinking he has a spot too. Those last 1 or 2 spots (depending on how Tremble and Cannon are used) will mean fierce competition between Rodney Smith, Reggis B., Spencer B. and Rod Smith (or Darius Clark) to make to roster.
  21. Yeah maybe- Chinn is probably doing most of the FS work. Our safeties are kinda interchangeable but when deep middle duties are part of a package I bet Chinn plays that role. I am really interested to see if our safety's roles change because of the addition of Horn, Bouye, and Taylor---less zone coverages usually means someone's playing the help-centerfield duty.
  22. Rod Smith is a bigger back (Has lined up a FB in certain packages for the Cowboys where he played for 4 seasons). He came into the league as a UDFA signed by Seattle back in 2015-2016. He is 6'3 or so and the last weight I saw on him was around 230ish. Back at his Ohio State Pro-Day he ran a 4.6 40 time which isn't bad for a bigger back. HIs stats indicate he's a decent receiving option leaking out of the backfield. he has 30 receptions in 4 seasons at Dallas.
  23. If I remember correctly Rhule's issues with Charlton weren't with his punting, but more with his holding and other duties. With an offseason it sounds like maybe that stuff's sorted out. There should be no more excuses for Slye. Hopefully these guys will both play well.
  24. Hmmm...is it too early for CMC to have his spot on Lock...really Bill?
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