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  1. The way we pass the ball this might not be the worst idea...We better really bulk up the OL.
  2. "The Carolina Panthers are continuing to talk to several folks about their open offensive coordinator job, but have already spoken and interviewed seven candidates - Mike Groh (Colts WRs coach), Scottie Montgomery (Colts RBs coach), Ben McAdoo (Cowboys consultant), Luke Getsy (Packers QBs coach), Tim Kelly (former Texans OC), Klint Kubiak (Vikings OC), and Jay Gruden."-FanNation.com So is Gruden the best man for the job when compared to the other 6 who have interviewed? IMO I might put Getsy and Kubiak ahead of him (maybe Kelly too), but he does have more coaching experience and OC experience than most of the other candidates. I think that was the main criteria Rhule said he wanted.
  3. Yeah...Rici was actually a WR in college. You'd think he'd have a role that saw him catching the ball from time to time rather than doing the real dirty work. Not saying he could not learn to do it, just learn it on the practice squad.
  4. I was kind of hyped when we drafted Tremble. I saw him as a versatile weapon and thought he'd play in the backfield, inline and flexed out. I think we under utilized him especially coming out of the backfield. For some reason Giovanni Rici was turned into our FB and I can't remember him being too effective in that role. With Thomas leaving in Free Agency that will leave Tremble as our undisputed #1 option at TE, pending whoever comes in as a FA or via the draft for the 2022 season. What do you guy guys think about that? Do you guys think Tremble will work out? Or will he be a bust? Tell me how you feel.
  5. Bring in someone cheap to compete with Darnold. Preferably someone who doesn't turn the ball over and is relatively mobile (like T. Taylor maybe...). Draft O-Line prospects like they're cornerbacks and bring in (or draft) a FA RB to help pound the rock (a bigger downhill back who can pass protect). Give DJ more carries and CMAC more reps out wide or in the slot and design a clock-control offense with lots of wrinkles that utilize our skill players.
  6. To Tepper. "Buy Low and Sell High" is a common saying in the stock market community. It seems simple enough but there can be a lot of work that goes into it. I think mostly success following this motto comes because of skill in evaluating the products and markets involved. Based on your portfolio you probably are someone with this skill, or at least consult with people who have it. In football evaluation is pretty important too. Its more than just measuring arm length and suggested versatility. "Buying low and Selling High" is still an important concept in football, but the evaluation is different. Please invest in getting some people on the Coaching Staff and FO that have these skills where football in concerned, because based on the product (The 2021-22 Carolina Panthers) you, and nobody you have been consulting with lately have this skill. Sincerely MG
  7. Its a slap in the face when a guy won't even consider an OC Interview. Its true he will have other opportunities but we don't even rate as a fall back....
  8. From all I see D. Brown is a work in progress. He has good technique and is really powerful. He has decent feet for a guy his size. His issue at this level is conditioning I think. Can he maintain a healthy weight and play deep into games without too much of a dropoff due to getting gassed. With a good offseason and NFL team mates and staff checking in on him you'd have to hope he has a shot. We will see. Elf is our back up Center next year I hope. I think you bring someone in to compete (not just Teck) or draft a young player and see what happens. You have to take a look at someone else though..you can't just stand pat. He has not proven to be good enough IMO.
  9. Rhule and Tepper interviewing for the DL coach position
  10. Rhule and Tepper interviewing their new OC
  11. Rhule often said he wasn't happy with the DL. He would say it everytime someone mentioned how poor the OL was. Okam is the only one of the three coaches fired today that came with Rhule from Baylor. I wonder if they have asked Satterfield come up from South Carolina to be OL Coach (wasn't he the assistant OL Coach here in 2020)?
  12. CMC may be right but right now with Rhule the Panthers are on the "Highway to Hell."
  13. Robby's production is partly (maybe) mostly a result of Poor scheme, OL play, and below average QB play. He has had some bad drops and he does not always work to get open. I thought he was more focused last year. They ran several quick WR screens or "smokes" to him yesterday and that's not his bag. He's fast, but not elusive or powerful enough to get RAC yards when you toss it to him in the backfield or on the LOS. He's a guy that is at its best running down field and catching passes in stride if possible.
  14. Rhule to Tepper--I got a couple of Rockstar OC's Boss. I was thinking of going with a 2-OC system this year. Its innovative. No one else is doing it. You'll be a trend setter. Just check these guys out.
  15. There were once again multiple bad decisions by the coaches, besides Sam's sneak. When will the process include competent coaching?
  16. Derrick Bown playing Safety?....At least he didn't give up on the play....The S totally bit of then misdirection
  17. great Catch- the throw was good enough..Gave his guy a chance even though he had a guy in his face
  18. Developmental TE that's been on our PS. Fit signed him from Seattle. A 7th round pick a couple of years back there.
  19. Hartsfield is the NB--It was a matchup created by the play call...better coaching
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