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  1. I will always wonder how the past few years, and our roster as a whole, would look if we had just drafted Justin at 8 in 2021 instead of trading for Sam Darnold.
  2. This is the funniest part of some of this nonsense. Even John McClain (esteemed long time Texans best writer) said the same.
  3. https://t.co/wQjwMWhwdn “The Carolina Panthers are expected to try to re-sign do-it-all linebacker Frankie Luvu. Both sides discussed a potential deal last summer and didn't agree, but those talks could heat up around the combine.” An absolute must, IMO. Spotrac has Luvu’s value at 4/45.
  4. Scott Fitterer genuinely had one of the worst tenures for a GM in NFL history, Rhule or no Rhule.
  5. 1 year as an OC. 20th ranked offense in DVOA (-3.6%), 20th scoring offense, 23rd in total offense, 17th ranked passing offense, dead last rushing offense. Not particularly whelmed.
  6. https://x.com/josephperson/status/1747667915480916305?s=46&t=1SS8pKeca9SHOLyiUkQixA sounds like he’s not being blocked from OC interviews.
  7. Hire a good GM who understands the importance of draft capital, roster evaluation and timing when it comes to roster building. Hire a good HC, who has a plan for Bryce and the offense (whether he’s the playcaller or an offensive guy or not, is aligned with the GM, and allow him to build his own staff. profit.
  8. CJ would have if his FG kicker didn’t have one of the worst misses of all-time.
  9. Thank you for the thread Verge, in particular the tidbit about Carolina preferring AR v Levis (very reassuring to me). I’ve disagreed with your QB evaluations before (in particular about Willis and Fields) but always appreciated the time and effort you put into them. Thanks for still being around these parts.
  10. I think an interesting path, that I saw in a mock the other day, is moving up to 3 in order to move up to 1, ala the Eagles doing so in 2016. Would be very expensive, but some talk of the Bears not wanting to go below 4 to guarantee themselves 1 of Anderson/Carter.
  11. I wanted to tank when Rhule got fired and thought Wilks would be a dumpster fire of a HC like in Arizona. Now? All aboard the Wilks bandwagon. I want to make the playoffs. This team is so easy to root for. They play tough, they’re physical, and the OL is a thing of beauty in the run game. Let him bring in a legit OC next year and let’s run it back. He’s a leader.
  12. Trading for Sam Darnold. Justin Fields should be a Panther. Fields aside, knowing what Sam was, when we traded for him is when my faith in Rhule began to wane.
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