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  1. If you folks think you have it bad read this and yake heart it can always be worse: https://jetsxfactor.com/2021/10/25/robert-saleh-adam-gase-jets/ Robert Saleh's 2021 New York Jets squad looks frighteningly similar to Adam Gase's 2019 and 2020 Jets teams. Robert Saleh’s New York Jets are on a historically bad pace With their gruesome 54-13 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 7, Robert Saleh and the New York Jets have fallen to 1-5. A 1-5 record is bad enough in itself, but the team’s overall performance level independent of the win-loss record puts them on track to become one of the worst teams – if not the worst team – in Jets history. Yes, even worse than Adam Gase’s squads. Let’s stack up the 2021 Jets against Gase’s 2019-20 Jets and some of the other brutal teams in Jets history. Season-long pace The Jets currently own a scoring margin of -95. They are scoring 13.3 points per game (32nd) and allowing 29.2 points per game (29th) for an average scoring margin of -15.8. If maintained, that would be the worst mark in the history of the New York Jets. Here are the worst teams in franchise history based on their average scoring margin at the end of the season: 2021 (-15.8) 1976 (-15.3) 2020 (-13.4) 1975 (-12.5) 1996 (-10.9) 1963 (-10.7) 1962 (-10.4) 1989 (-9.9) 1995 (-9.4) 2016 (-8.4) We’re only six games in, so the Jets have 11 games to pull themselves out of the franchise’s all-time basement, but the sad fact of the matter is that the Jets very well could finish the season in this spot if they do not start playing a substantially better quality of football. The Jets’ numbers in non-scoring categories indicate that their scoring margin is not a fluke based on their performance to this point. They are currently ranked 31st in total offense and 27th in total defense. If those rankings are maintained, they would become the first team in franchise history (since moving to the NFL in 1970) to rank bottom-six in both categories. Saleh’s 2021 Jets have been out-gained by 130.2 yards per game this season. Not only is that the worst mark in the NFL this season, but it would be the worst in the history of the Jets as well: 2021 (-130.2) 1963 (-118.3) 2020 (-107.6) 1976 (-99.0) 1975 (-87.6) 2018 (-81.2) 1971 (-77.9) 1964 (-73.7) 1977 (-73.4) 1989 (-61.4) Yikes. Even before the New England debacle (551-to-299 yardage edge for the Patriots), the Jets had an average yardage margin of -105.8 over their first five games, which would put them on pace for the third-worst mark in franchise history. Six-game start The Jets’ six-game start in 2021 is up there as one of the worst that the franchise has ever experienced, comparing closely to Gase’s 2019 and 2020 teams. Here is a look at the worst yardage differentials through six games in Jets history: 1963 (-873) 2019 (-859) 2021 (-781) 2002 (-720) 1976 (-687) 1971 (-662) 2020 (-613) 2001 (-607) 2007 (-571) 2006 (-463) Here is a look at the worst point differentials through six games in Jets history: 1976 (-122) 2020 (-110) 2021 (-95) 1962 (-94) 2019 (-93) 1996 (-91) 1995 (-90) 2002 (-74) 2016 (-69) 2014 (-62) We are witnessing perhaps the most embarrassing era in Jets history. The 2019, 2020, and 2021 seasons represent three of the five worst six-game starts in franchise history based on point differential. The Jets are a young, rebuilding team, but that is no excuse for the level of ineptitude that has been shown thus far. This is a historically bad football team until proven otherwise.
  2. Sam hasn't really changed from USC... that is the problem. Never got coached up by JETS and the same issues he had there manifested in NFL (esp with multiple CS and schemes)... guy never had a chance in NY and I thought he may get better here esp. after the 1st three games but.... As a Jet fan I have seen the good (not too often), the bad(very often) and the ugly (like today's loss to NE) but our OL and yours is terrible, i.e., our rookie QB got injured because the scheme, PC and Coaching is poor to bad. Sound familiar? Looks like both CS are not NFL ready because they seem to get schooled each week... just saying.
  3. gents, I posted this on a Jet forum. It was about the Jets OCs who said he took a hard look at himself during the bye ... This is my response. what is it with these coaches. Your scheme based on the personnel is not working as designed. Get it! Adjust the scheme to what fits with the skill set of your players... it is that simple. Carolina is going through the same dam thing with their OC... Both of these guys seem to think that better execution will fix everything - and to an extent it will but you need the horses - yet fail to recognize the limitations of their players. If I made the mistake of hiring either of these guys I would have set the expectations up front, i..e, I want to be a quick passing team that uses PA for longer chunk plays, or I want to be a physical run team, etc. When they failed to deliver, I would have pulled them aside and clearly stated that what they are doing is not working and they need to adjust... if they did not, I would fire them. This is how I managed 300mm business... no BS, no excuses, perform of get out! What we have with both teams is NO O identity, period, and that falls squarely on the HC who should have defined it and seems to have deferred it to their OCs... So maybe it not just our OC or theirs it maybe a problem with the HC....
  4. just thinking that giving up 1000 + yards in the last few games qualifies as being great. During that time, the O put up 74pts vs. 91 points.
  5. It is possible that the OC thought Sam to Andersen would work and therefore based his use-age - longer slower developing routes - on that assumption. The jets game they connect on an bomb and ,maybe just maybe he figures he got something. I have read on these site all of your comments about the OL and wonder how the CS knowing SAM limitations actually increased Robbie's routes... I mean its ludicrous, know? What is troubling, for this writer, is that the OC either doesn't understand or worse believes his system is full proof. I mean does he really believe league hasn't caught up to his O? To not make adjustments - as he has indicated recently because it all about execution - is IMHO tantamount to coaching malfeasance. Similarly, this is what is happening with the NYJ now, there O scheme is not working yet (if ever) and the PC has been predicable yet the OC continues to do the same thing.. sound familiar.
  6. So in your opinion who lost the last two games, the O that lost the game in dallas in the final minute because the D didn't make a stop or again in OT last week when the O marched 94 yards to tie the game and lose in OT because the D failed to make another stop.
  7. Just a thought, Maybe instead of blaming the O, maybe just ,maybe he should be looking at a D that over the last two games gave up over - in OVER - 900 yards of O.
  8. Frank, your right here they all need to work harder. However, let me ask you and anyone else here... where was his outlet pass when the WR were cover...which they were most of the game. None, and guess what, the announcer kept repeating that... The scheme is not working without CMC so rather then adjust the scheme ( like maybe go up tempo) I see the same patterns which require time to develop - which with this OL is a prescription for disaster, just my thoughts. BTW, IMHO Sam will never be a great QB that can carry a team (but look dam close it on that last drive) but he can be good enough to win games when everyone else executes. The last three games there has been plenty of blame to go around form players to coaches....
  9. I guess you forgot the 40 yard pass on 4th down or 20 + one too...just saying... For shits and giggles, try lining up, have someone snapa a FB to you and try to hit anyone when someone is in your face within 1.5 secs. and then look at your list and see how you fair. Smile, we other know the answer don't we.
  10. this is the correct answer, the other poster is playing in left field with no glove.
  11. Sorry I disagree, your HC was playing a Field Position game. Now knowing that and the fact that the D was playing well up to that point makes your statement about their lack of faith in SAM not only ridiculous its absurd esp. since you have no factual proof to the contrary. In addition, the fact that your OC acknowledge or maybe infers that he doesn't make half time adjustments is tantamount to an an admission that he "still" doesn't understand the NFL game because - even bad teams - made halftime adjustment to counter what the other team is doing, i.e., just relook at the Dallas game, etc. I am thinking you should maybe start to look at your schemes, your personnel and how the fit into the schemes and whether they are being utilized correctly. Finally, no QB can play well when the OL is a turnstile, i.e, NYJ, KC last year SB, etc.
  12. Sam has always been a guy that will try to make a play even if it isn't there... holding the ball to long is result + when he gets rushed, like he did in Dallas and last week, he will start making bad decisions. There are things that happen to any QB that has little to no time to set-up (see last SB) and I am not making excuses for him.. I thought he was making progress, and he is, but he still needs to be coached up and the CS needs to make sure he doesn't lose confidence. Finally, what the hell is with your OC and his second half PC? The guy sits on a lead and becomes conservative...
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