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  1. Positive that Cam is doing what he can to protect his body from punishment these days. Wisely sliding and diving forward and getting down when he knows he doesn’t have a chance to break through to make a play.
  2. Don’t understand why people do this. I guess they want to represent but seems dumb. Hey, let me wear my Panthers jersey in Jacksonville when they’re playing the Dolphins.
  3. It’s the easiest game day experience for an opposing fan. CLT is a hub and it’s a stadium downtown with numerous hotels within walking distance. Weather from Oct - Dec is balmy relative to a lot of other NFL towns.
  4. Per the Athletic: Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson is expected to miss some time with an apparent foot injury he sustained in Carolina's Week 4 loss to the Cowboys, a source told The Athletic. Thompson, who played 100 percent of the Panthers' defensive snaps in Weeks 1-3, has 25 tackles, one sack and one interception this season. Thompson will likely be week to week and may not need to be placed on injured reserve, which would require he miss a minimum of three weeks, according to the source. This story will be updated.
  5. Their D-line lived in the back field all night. Rough showing all around.
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