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  1. This looks like a big deal.
  2. These guys aren't connected. It's just speculation. Sports journalism in Charlotte is terrible.
  3. Can't listen to an offer if nobody's making one. Between his contract value and his actual value he's guaranteed to be here next season.
  4. I hope they give Sam another year too. It’ll be so empty week 1 he’ll be able to hear me calling him a bum from the 500 level.
  5. Did nobody else see the blocker being driven into his elbow as he let it go? Watch the game.
  6. The lineman got pushed into his throwing arm as he let it go.
  7. No reason to watch the Panthers means it’ll feel like a bonus 3 hours every weekend.
  8. It's a little questionable but I'm glad we didn't try to game it to force postponements with the way the rookies and role players stepped up.
  9. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he got fired today but who would they promote to finish out the season? Snow probably wouldn’t have interest. It would be odd to promote Rhule’s friend Nixon. Interim head coach Sean Ryan?
  10. I would rather go back to the Clausen year than subject myself to that.
  11. Whoever green lighted that halftime show needs to be investigated
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