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  1. ngl those pictures were far worse than I expected. he broke her nose and beat her from head to toe. awful. that's his wife and the mother of his children and you know that wasn't the first time. real sad. don't know how to cheer for the man anymore after seeing that.
  2. Not trying to be positive polly over here, but there's some reason for optimism compared to years prior. if you want to project that lamelo will want to go elsewhere, how often does that happen on the first extension when the home team is offering max? sincerely, I really don't know the answer to that but it doesn't seem to happen much with franchise centerpieces. the team had obvious holes last year and they got inadequately filled. we got a big now that can at least do his part in rebounding and rim protecting and for a big part of the year we were the highest scoring team in basketball last year. with the way JB played him last year, Bouknight might as well be a rookie too. as sad as the situation with miles is, y'all know it probably means he's coming back here tail between his legs and the only max he's getting is a supermax with protective custody.
  3. Duran can't make his own, which was probably the reason we didn't keep him. Williams has better hands in the post and if you're playing small ball he's going to hurt you at the rim offensively. Williams has a standing reach of 9 feet. You're just not going to be able to put a 6-8 wing on him and expect to win there. I think a lot of the hesitance regarding Bridges on a max type deal is that he's been our rim finisher and he's undersized for it despite having the vertical to make it work somewhat so they went and got a real big. That's no knock against Miles because he can play, but without Lamelo is he really a max guy or is he getting a lot of box score help from the attention Lamelo draws when he drives? Miles isn't the typical long and athletic wing who can drive the basket and create like a max player. He does a lot of things decent offensively. He's okay from 3. He's decent at the line. He has explosive hops and insane strength around the basket but he can't really get there by himself because he's not agile and explosive enough to make up for the length he gives up despite moving well for a bigger guy. So there's a little bit of an identity crisis there when you talk about what you need when assembling a team. I think he can start on a playoff team for sure, but people throwing out phrases like "budding star" and all that might need to pump the brakes. I don't think Miles gets a ton better from where he is today, and that's not embarrassing because he can ball. It's just that being able to play and being a max player aren't the same. Williams is going to make us better as a guarantee. I promise that much. Because the difference he's going to make as a shot disrupter and rim protector is going to tighten up this defense by a lot. He's got the lateral mobility, feet, length, and speed to be a Top 5 center defensively. Great anticipation. Great instincts. He can play up high around the free throw line and defend the pick and roll regardless of who gets free. He can take guards to the rim because he moves his feet and that wing span is going to make it tough to beat him to the basket. If the big pops free he has the size and athleticism to handle that, too. The question of his upside is going to be his ability/inability to face up and create offense and how effectively he can run the floor in a high pace offense. Lamelo has to love this pick because there's no such thing as overthrowing a lob anymore. Williams has sticky hands and ferocity around the rim. He's going to get 10 or 12 a game just on that. If he can make 3 or 4 buckets per game on his own you're talking about a 20-12 type guy who is disruptive defensively. Contesting without fouling is going to be important for him as a young player because he wants to get into every shot, but the upside to be elite defensively is there.
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