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  1. I am sure these same guys are probably slurping off Teddy Bridgewater for playing well against two of the worst teams in the NFL.
  2. so roughly 45% of his catches came from the slot. I feel like he hasn't played the slot that much this season.
  3. Do you have the Saints line grades because they got man handled.
  4. I may be mistaken but didn't Robby play the slot a lot last year?
  5. Both he and Nixon were steals for there draft position. I still remember the dark days of spending 3rd rounders on guys like Fua and McClain.
  6. Crazy to think this defense is getting even stronger. It’s a short week so hopefully he plays Thursday. Defense is about to feast on a backup QB. KEEP POUNDING!
  7. Horn shouldn’t be mad. Smart play was to bat that ball down.
  8. I don’t really understand why we’re using Terrace as our slot receiver.
  9. Darnold has to throw a better ball there. Robby had him beat.
  10. His funky arm movement makes me think fumble but I don’t think the refs will view it that way.
  11. I’m starting to hope someone hires Joe Brady away from us. He’s starting to cause Shula levels of frustration.
  12. This team stands no chance if something happens to McCaffrey
  13. How the fug does no one on the second level see that coming?
  14. Rhule needs to learn fast that no lead is safe in the NFL. Doesn’t matter how good your defense is playing. Rivera never managed to understand that in 9 seasons.
  15. We were almost down 2 guys on punt coverage and barely got the 10 guy in there. That’s on Blackburn.
  16. Both our injury prone FA linemen are now both out. Shocker.
  17. I’m loving McCaffrey’s little smirks after those penalties lol.
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