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  1. Just put Darnold in ffs. Baker legit can’t see the middle of the field when he’s in the pocket.
  2. Has nothing to do with Walker. His scheme just sucks. It always has.
  3. We should have poo canned McADoo with Rhule and Snow
  4. No. We have talent that can win games with a halfway decent QB and an actual NFL coaching staff. Fire Rhule, draft a QB and then see what happens.
  5. How have you not benched this bum. Just fuging fire Rhule
  6. After seeing the replay that’s kind of BS. He stepped on his foot.
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Baker step up into the pocket
  8. I don’t think Baker can see over the Oline and has no idea how to adjust to it
  9. Would have been huge if Baker blocked for DJ there smh.
  10. Imagine if we ran a 3-4 and just let Burns and Luvu run wild off the edges.
  11. It may be time for PJ Walker. Mayfield has looked awful for us.
  12. Our depth at the position consists of a 6th rounder with about 2 season worth of experience, a 7th rounder who's played in 3 total NFL games and a rookie undrafted free agent. Idc if they are washed. They have NFL experience and are not still trying to learn and adjust to the NFL. We have the most inexperienced DT depth in the league.
  13. Eazy-E


    Dunlap or Clowney sure would have been nice additions.
  14. He's on KC's practice squad so we could snatch him up if we wanted to.
  15. Suh, Richardson, Jackson, Star, Williams, Joseph. There were a ton more if we would have been proactive in actually signing some depth at the position before the season started. If something happens to Brown or Ioannidis we are beyond screwed. Bravvion Roy is our most experienced backup FFS.
  16. Or you know, sign an actual DT who knows the NFL and can help stop the run. There are at least 5+ guys on their couches right now that would be immediate upgrades to our interior line.
  17. He was never worth a top 10 pick but he isn't a bad player. Rhule and co just have no idea how to build a proper NFL D line. We need an actual nose tackle whether we run a 4-3 or a 3-4. Just look back at how bad Kawann Short fell off when we lost Star. We need an anchor in the middle of the D line and that's just not who Brown is.
  18. If there are any doctors in here, write this guy a script for a lifetime supply of Vicodin and help get his ass to Charlotte.
  19. Rhule got tricked into calling a timeout towards the end of the half when the Browns looked like they were going for it on 4th down. Stefanski laughed and then trotted his kicker out there. Even the guys in the booth were clowning on Rhule for it. The guy is a dumbass who still has no idea what he’s doing.
  20. We could do that fan controlled football league poo and it would be more successful than Rhule’s dumb ass.
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