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  1. That absolutely is a reasonable argument. With all of the rule changes they keep making it is becoming harder and harder to play defense in the NFL. They had 13 seconds at the end to win the game and an opportunity in overtime to get a stop and get their opportunity on offense. They failed both times. How about make some rule changes that benefit the defense for a change? Not every football fan enjoys a high scoring shootout every game. Some of us enjoy the low scoring, smash mouth defensive grudge matches.
  2. It takes good coaching to get young quarterbacks to the level of what we saw tonight. Unfortunately, we're stuck with Matt Rhule.
  3. What were all the defensive coordinators smoking this weekend? Never seen so many blown leads and sub 1 minute comebacks in my life. It was wildly entertaining though. Losing teams fans must all be on suicide watch. Such brutal loses and Insane wins. Honestly glad the Panthers had nothing to do with this. My heart and liver couldn't have taken it.
  4. It was light years better than what we’ve witnessed the past 2 seasons so I guess upgrade?
  5. Watching this makes me think we need to keep Cam. Good or bad, it reminded me a lot of Mike Shula’s offense when he was here.
  6. In my Tupac voice: “Ain't nothin' but a painkiller party”
  7. It’s all start from the top down. Tepper sees himself in Rhule and now Rhule sees himself in McAdoo. What a fuging clown show.
  8. Facts and apparently they’re taking their frustrations out on the Hornets franchise while their team is currently a dumpster fire.
  9. It’s crazy because half the poo they talk about is easily disproven or Lamelo himself has stated the exact opposite. Like the JB stuff. Lamelo himself has said he loves JB and they’re like family now. Lamelo and a few other players spent the entire summer at JBs house having pool parties and BBQs. I guess just completely ignoring actual credited writers and media sources and spewing what ever crazy BS pops in your head is how you get clicks and views from all the 12 year old Lamelo stans or the sad middle aged Lakers fans who think it’s a sin for any of the Ball brothers to play basketball anywhere outside of LA.
  10. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine Miles Bridges turning into the player he’s become.
  11. I give Borrego crap about a lot of things but never about his relationships with players and his ability to develop them. Guys Like Miles, Martin twins, Terry, PJ, Devonte, Jalen, have all developed way past what I ever thought they could become under JB. His rotations may frustrate the hell out of me but he is one hell of a developmental coach. Imagine what these guys would look like if Steve Clifford was still our coach.
  12. Yo that DKM kid is a fuging idiot and how he actually gets YouTube views is beyond me. His poo always pops up in my YouTube recommended because I always like to go back and watch Hornets highlights. Now I also see his bullshit on Twitter because of other NBA/Hornets related stuff I follow. He posted some bs conspiracy poo about why Lamelo missed the Knicks game and I had to respond because for someone who claims to have the inside info on Lamelo he’s wrong on almost everything he talks about. It’s pretty well known Lamelo and Terry both have had a rough time recovering from Covid. Lamelo in an interview literally said he still has issues with headaches and fatigue and has days where he feels like he has no energy. If Lamelo isn’t feeling well let the man rest for as long as he needs. I don’t want another year of Lamelo not being 100% come playoff time. Need to figure out how to block a YouTube channel because I can’t stand that little British zoomer clown.
  13. What former first round offensive lineman busts are going to be available in free agency this year? You already know Rhule is itching to overpay them.
  14. Seriously, what does he have to lose at this point by being a man and accepting responsibility for this mess. How hard is it to just say what you’ve seen the past 2 years is unacceptable and I have to do everything I can to get better and turn things around.
  15. “My one suggestion: Try really hard to rise above the level of "you suck, you're a dumbass, you should sell the team and only a--holes put ketchup on steak" and instead say something that, while it may not necessarily be constructiveis at least rational and sounds intelligent.” Yeah, no, he doesn’t deserve that for what he’s done to the only football team I care about and spend my hard earned money on. fug you you fat, bald, bitch. Lather those brass balls of yours in ketchup and shove them up your ass. Oh yeah one more thing. Can I have a million dollars?
  16. What’s funny is that Kirk Cousins and Matt Stafford are the same caliber of QB imo and we tried to trade our first for Stafford lmao. it’s almost a guarantee at this point that Tepper and Rhule will do something stupid again this offseason to continue the dismantling of this franchise.
  17. I really like Nick Ford from Utah as a potential mid round pick. (Unless he kills the combine and shoots up draft boards) He played really well for Utah at center and guard. Was first team all pac 12 the past two years.
  18. Just interviewing this clown is a fireable offense.
  19. I still don't understand why the 49er's traded 3 first rounders for Trey Lance. I know Jimmy G has injury issues but you could do a lot worse at QB. Just look at the Panthers.
  20. You can pretty much guarantee that if Dallas makes the playoffs they're going to get bounced in the first round.
  21. It was pretty apparent after that disaster of our post Super Bowl season in 2016 that Gettelman and Rivera needed to go. With Dave’s handling of that offseason (Josh Norman situation and an utter embarrassment of a draft) and Rivera’s handling / lack of defense of Cam almost getting killed on the field every week I think everyone had seen enough. We had our future head coach and GM waiting to step up in an almost seamless transition but decided to stay the course and it’s been all downhill ever since. That blunder even cost us all having to live through Marty Hurney part 2 FFS. Literally all of the Panthers problems are self inflicted. fuging joke of a franchise.
  22. A lot of you seem to be missing a major factor here. Our DTs played like poo this year. We used to see similar problems to this back before we drafted Star and Short. Teams are able to gash us up the gut for big run plays and QBs are constantly able to escape sacks and make big plays down field by stepping up into the pocket because our DTs get no fuging interior push. This is why you see Burns over run sack attempt so much. When our DTs actually collapse the pocket Burns becomes an almost guaranteed strip sack machine. Jones is just a body at this point and Derrick Brown is soft as can be and is basically a bust because of where he was drafted. He was supposed to be a double team eating beast who could wreak havoc on the interior. Unfortunately he gives up 90% of the time as soon as he’s double teamed. We signed Morgan fox who is a 3-4 D end and tried to use him all year as a 4-3 end and a 4-3 DT in pass rush packages and wondered why we got killed in the run game. We are a nose tackle and a number 2 MLB away from having a really good 3-4 front 7 if we resign Reddick. Snow needs to throw his gimmicky college bs defensive scheme in the trash or ideally be packing his bags with Rhule and getting the fug out of Charlotte.
  23. You’re not wrong, that’s where I go lol.
  24. This and the Hurricanes sections should be way more active than they are. People need to quit bitching about the pathetic Panthers and come support the actual good Carolina teams.
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