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  1. I absolutely LOVE Cam, was all about him coming back last year, and up until last night, I was very on board with bringing him back this year. But now that we drafted Corral, I no longer want it. Love the guy, he's a Panther legend and will always be so to me, but we need someone to teach Corral how to handle the mental side of being an NFL QB, particularly off the field... that's not Cam lol.
  2. There is a difference in mentoring the player on the field itself and mentoring the player in the locker room and outside the facility. The coach is there to do it on the field and in the film room, everywhere else, it's on the other players on the roster to show them the ropes. It's just about how you handle yourself everyday as the starting QB of an NFL team, those aren't the things these kids learn from their coaches, it's their teammates.
  3. But the problem is what do you do when Darnold is terrible as expected, we then throw Corral in there in the final month of the season and he shows flashes of potential and flashes of being a bust. We go into next year's draft with a top 10 pick, which also means we're missing about the 70th pick in the draft thanks to the Corral trade. We could easily draft a QB at that spot or use future picks to move up and draft someone if needed. But if we start Corral all year and lose games due to the holes in the roster around him, but see that he has the potential to be our long term starter, we can then use that top 10 pick on other positions of need and fill in those holes around him. My fear is going into the draft with a top 10 pick and no idea what Corral could be, that's the ultimate worst case scenario. I'd probably feel differently if we didn't give up next year's 3rd, if we just had our 3rd rounder instead of trading it away and took him, I'd likely take a different tact here, but giving up the 3rd increases the need to find out who Corral is immediately in my opinion.
  4. On the field this season, yes, minimal benefit. In the locker room and film room, invaluable benefit. Darnold isn't the guy you want teaching your rookie QB how to go about daily life as an NFL QB. If I told you for $3-4 million out of this year's cap, we would know going into next year's draft whether or not Corral could be our QB of the future, you'd take that in a heartbeat. Part of it also is just getting Darnold out of here to give Corral the piece of mind that he's the starter and not worried about making mistakes and getting benched. You bring in someone where it's known to all that they are the backup and Corral is the starter, with Darnold there, he'd always be looking over his shoulder.
  5. He's an extremely smart guy who has been around the league for almost 20 years, mostly as a backup. There isn't a player in the league right now better suited to teach a rookie the ropes about how to go about being a professional QB in the NFL right now.
  6. Why not? We're paying Darnold whether he's on the team or not, starting him doesn't benefit our future as we don't find out what Corral has in that situation. And Darnold is NOT the vet we want mentoring Corral, we want someone who has been around for a while and not someone who constantly sees ghosts out there. The money is a sunk cost at this point, just do what is best for the long term future of this franchise. We aren't making a SB run this year no matter what... so don't worry about the smart financial decisions for this year alone, worry about the future of the QB position.
  7. I'll start this by saying I doubt this happens, but if I was Tepper, I'd demand it and immediately fire Rhule/Fitterer if they refuse, but it really should be the ONLY way this season plays out if they're smart. I totally understand that Corral likely needs time to sit and learn, but with the likely elite QB talent in the top of the draft next year, plus trading away our 3rd next year, we HAVE to find out this year if Corral has a chance to be our long term solution or not, we have to go into next year's draft knowing if we have our franchise QB, not still wondering. It's basically the same thing as with Brady last year except they screwed that one up and didn't play him at LT until the very end of the season and thus had no idea if we needed to draft a new LT this year or not. Sign a smart, savvy vet who is okay being his backup and knows his job is to teach Corral how to be a QB in this league, how to go about preparation the right way, the whole thing (Fitzmagic anyone?). Best case scenario, he looks great and shows enough flashes that he can be a legit QB in this league and if we still end up with a good draft pick, we can use it elsewhere and/or trade back with a team going for a QB to get some future early round picks out of it. Worst case scenario, we absolutely suck, Corral shows us he's not the answer, we end up with a top 5 pick and get our new QB in the draft next year. The problem is I'm not sure Rhule will ever get on board with it knowing he's coaching for his job this year, but it really is the way we should go, whether he's ready or not, we NEED to see what this kid has right away, and not in mop up duty at the end of the season with half our usual starters on the IR.
  8. Doesn't really matter that much at this point, nothing until the 5th round, we're taking guys who at best will contribute on special teams and be a decent backup as a positional player.
  9. Trying to keep Darnold from holding out to force a trade? LOL We can't get anyone to take Darnold right now to save our lives, NOBODY is going to want him if he holds out when his NFL life is already teetering in the balance.
  10. Ugh I hope that look was about throwing Darnold under the bus and not about Corral already, because that was not a "good" look by any means.
  11. Almost every starting QB in the league right now was a first rounder. Brady, Wilson, Prescott, Cousins, Hurts are the only decent starting QBs that weren't first rounders, and then only a couple after them are starters at all.
  12. highly unlikely any team trading for Baker signs him to an extension before the season, if any team liked him that much, he'd already have been traded.
  13. As long as we're not paying his current contract and not giving up anything better than a future 5th rounder, then I'm 100% on board with it. He's a significant upgrade over Darnold, give him a healthy CMC, a completely new OL, and DJ coming into his prime, I think he can put us into playoff contention this year. Now if we give up anything more than a future 5th and/or pay anything above the vet minimum of that contract, then I'm strongly against it.
  14. The problem is that I'm not okay with giving up 2023 draft picks to get back into the draft today. Trade Robby? 100% on board with it, but I don't think anyone is giving us a 3rd round pick today in exchange for Robby, not a chance. If anything, maybe give up a 2024 pick 3rd rounder if it can get us into the 3rd round today, but I doubt anyone is doing that either. If we trade back into today, odds are we'll have to give up something that is too much for us to give up seeing as we are more than likely to have a decent draft slot next season as of right now (I think Baker could put us middle of the pack, but even then, I'd rather have the middle of the round picks than a 3rd rounder this year).
  15. The fact that nobody traded back into the first round to take Willis and get the 5th year option with him is a MAJOR red flag to me. Especially for someone like him who is known to be a developmental prospect, that 5th year becomes huge if he doesn't play his first year or two. So when there seemed to be a trade every other pick towards the end of the first round, and none of them were for someone to jump back into the first to grab him, says a lot about what the teams actually think about him compared to the media "experts" out there.
  16. Just do whatever it takes to make sure he's not on the roster come training camp. He's just not that good, and his mouth is really getting old, he needs to be exponentially better for a team to want to put up with his talking.
  17. I'll take 13, their 2023 1st, and a 3rd rounder this year for the 6th and say a 5th or 6th next year Then hope one of the top 3 LT's falls to 13 and if not, take Penning. Anything short of that, stay at 6 and take the best LT on our board, I'm good with all 3 of them.
  18. Beyond furious There isn't a QB worth taking at 6 and there are 3 LT's worth taking there with at least one of them, if not multiple, likely to be there when we're on the clock. Next to QB, having an elite LT can be the biggest difference maker a team can have. I don't want a vet, I don't want Becton who can't stay healthy, give me a rookie who can be our starter at LT for the next 10-12 years. The only other acceptable decision to me is to trade down to the 12-14 range to pick up additional picks and still come away with Penning, anything else and I'll be the most disappointed I've been with our first round pick in a long, long time.
  19. If we'll have a high draft pick with Pickett or Willis running the show, we'll have a high draft pick with Darnold under center as well. I'd much rather go into next season with a new coach, a top 10 draft slot, and an elite starting LT on a rookie contract instead of having a bum first round bust QB that we then have to trade for peanuts after taking a QB in the top 10 back to back years. Highly doubtful that all 3 of the LT's are gone when we're up at 6, taking anything other than one of them will be an utter failure of a draft IMHO.
  20. What a terrible trade by the Saints LOL Giving up a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to get an extra first this year and move back one draft spot with their other pick. That's a trade you make the day of the draft when there is a specific player there that could put you over the top on a SB run, they aren't in that position, not even close.
  21. Super Bowl within 5 years, and I'm absolutely serious (assuming it's the 3 firsts and 2 of our top defensive players). I'm so against doing that trade that it's not even funny, having a franchise QB isn't worth not being able to build around him. The teams that win a SB are the ones that build a contending team and then draft a QB to have on a cheap rookie deal or mortgage the future to get one now and deal with it later. We'd be mortgaging the future without the contending team built up already, it's a terrible move, it's the desperate and incorrect way to build a franchise. Tepper is the definition of on tilt right now, and that's not the way to run an NFL franchise for the long run. So if we make the trade, they better find a way to compete right away or else it's going to be a horrendous move. Keep the picks, draft an OT this year, take our lumps with Darnold, trade the farm next year to move up to get the QB we want in the draft and get 5 years of a cheap QB on a rookie deal.
  22. If we can get Watson and not give up any players, I'm all for that at almost any cost... want our next 5 first rounders? Take them But I just can't get on board with 3 first rounders plus two of our best young defensive players, losing the combination of all that would decimate our ability to build a competitive team around Watson, particularly the defense. But if we can keep say Chinn and Horn and give them 2 way future first rounders instead... COUNT ME IN... as by that time, those should be more like early second round picks anyways.
  23. Oh please be the case And while we have a solid defense, we wouldn't after giving up those players to get him and still not being able to afford guys like Gilmore or Reddick to be re-signed.
  24. No, we don't need to draft a QB Just because we need one, doesn't mean we have to get one this year when they aren't the right QB at the draft position. Taking a QB now just because we're in need of one, is more likely to set us back another 5 years than help propel us to be contenders. Make the smart decision with an OT, spend wisely on FA, take our lumps this year, and make a run at a QB next year when we get back our full set of draft picks and possibly have a high pick of our own in the first as well. Just look at all the teams that have tried to reach for a QB to fix the need when the player really shouldn't have been taken there, it doesn't work out and they're put into the vicious cycle that we're in now, where you try to fill that position every season and reach every time to do it (whether in the draft or through FA/Trade). Point blank.... we're not contenders this year no matter what QB we get, and there isn't an elite QB option for the 6th pick in the draft. So don't make a mistake, build the smart way, not the desperate way.
  25. I'm petrified that we're going to do something stupid and give up multiple Firsts, plus other picks, and a player or two, for Watson. We're not a contender if you add Watson right now, especially when it takes away our firsts for a few years and current starters. It would reek of desperation and only backfire on us, we have far too many holes to fill, start to do that this year and draft a new QB next year in a better draft class.
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