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  1. Cheap clickbait there by ESPN. It's not about his height. It's about the Browns D-line being really good and Joe Wood building his line's game plan around getting their hands up if they can't get home. He was probably staring his receivers down a little because his playbook knowledge isn't quite there yet.
  2. I see your reasoning, but the run defense was bad from the first snap.
  3. This was my thought too. Baker was out of rhythm with most of the offense in the first half. But the run defense is the biggest culprit.
  4. Not from me. The Browns do have a great running game, but you should expect to lose just about any game where you allow 200+ yards rushing.
  5. My wife went to Florida the same time as Pineiro. She said he's really good.
  6. Matt Rhule merely annoys me. At times he profoundly annoys me. But it's fuging football. I can't imagine hating anyone on your own side.
  7. CMC will miss the majority of games again this year because we overuse him. It may not be another injury brought on by playing on artificial turf on 3 days of recovery again, but he's so tempting to use as an all-purpose security blanket that he will get too much run. Hopefully having Baker and looking deep more will help reduce the number of checkdowns CMC gets.
  8. Trying to make Rock Hill whole by selling their land and giving them the proceeds.
  9. It was a cool sequence. Guarantee I could not have hit that net if I had 1000 tries. Accurate throw
  10. If Matt or Sam is truly better than Baker, then yes go with the best one. However, I don't believe for a second that Baker wouldn't win that competition, with Matt coming in second.
  11. My only response to the article's author: LOL whatever. It sounds like a fan who was having a bad day wrote this.
  12. I agree with your general point, but you feel a lot stronger than I do about it. I just wish he'd keep his thoughts to himself occasionally.
  13. Won't be going. I guess we re-upped for Spartanburg for a reason, but I think they're asking for someone to get hurt. The heat in Charlotte has been brutal this summer. Spartanburg is going to be like an oven. I wish they were doing camp at an indoor practice field.
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