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  1. When my fiancee was in college, a guy who claimed to play for the Los Angeles Kings hit on her. She called bullshit because she knew all the players on the team, and he was not one of them.
  2. Really really really wanted Sewell, but with the fuging Lions snatching him we also desperately needed help at corner.
  3. TE and WR. I know some want Pitts. I recognize he's very talented. But if an awesome tackle is there, how do you not take him so Darnold doesn't have to run for his life here like in NY?
  4. I'm only 23, but the only NFL team I've ever rooted for is the Panthers. I didn't become a Panthers fan until the early 2000s because I only liked basketball for my first few years. But once I got into football, I was drawn to the Panthers pretty quickly. My brother is 21 and did the same thing.
  5. We swapped 2nds with the Rams, and gave up the 3rd and 6th rounders. Someone beat me to it.
  6. At the 1:40 - 1:42 mark, it's actually pretty easy to hear that it was Hardy saying "you shouldn't have hit me, you shouldn't have hit me". After he says that, you can vaguely hear the woman saying something, but you can't tell what she says. That's a pretty big difference between what the transcript says and what the audio contains. Edit: Never mind. I think I misread the transcript.
  7. Certainly could be. I couldn't understand much of what was said by the caller or operator. Just the caller voice didn't sound natural to me.
  8. Sorry if someone already said this. I'm too lazy to go through the entire thread right now. But it sounds to me like Hardy's voice was altered somehow. If that really is his natural voice on the recording, it's really deep. But it sounded to me like it was distorted.
  9. I believe it was reported as a misdemeanor to begin with.
  10. Maybe Gettleman took the whole "make Rivera think his job is on the line every week" idea and ran with it...a tad too far.
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