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  1. I don’t think Neil deGrasse Tyson could explain their salary cap.
  2. Agree. Maybe he can do well this early but seems like a huge stretch at his age and experience. At this level It’s about leadership /experience as much if not more than X and O’s.
  3. Would be a to see Brady win another one, not in a Patriots uniform. Not as a fan of either team obviously but a fan of history and a cool story. Our team isn’t in it ..so basically, entertain me or I turn it.
  4. Hey Davos I miss you’re ole Davos game of Thrones avatar .
  5. I hate to say this, but I just don’t think the Pats can score 25 unanswered points and come back from being down 28-3 to win the Superb Owl in overtime .
  6. The real life “Coors mountain”
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