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  1. Does anyone actually ever use the term “color me” irl ? No offense at all, I just don’t get out much and wondered.
  2. Agree with your point about ownership meddling in personnel affairs. Also , I believe it’s plausible that Rhule came to the idea about Cam on his own without having the management pushing him to .
  3. Rhule has coached 25 games and some are ready to get rid of him ? Whether he is the answer or not is still to be determined. Jeez I guess I’m out of touch with how long it takes to rebuild a team and create a mew culture.
  4. Those new contracts generally seem to make players soft
  5. When they show Dallas fans cheering it make me want to take a big $hit. i love when they are depressed so much.
  6. These refs are causing me to drink way more than normal.
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