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  1. We all hope for the best. I personally remember you as a mod that mad a sticky a few years ago about how political discussion related to the pandemic/covid would not be tolerated. A few days later I pointed out in in another thread engaged in the same activity discussing politics ( Trump) your sticky said you would not tolerate. When I did so....you banned me! The real metaphor is.....hypocrite! The team you rely on now and the outlet many of us use....you so casually banned people from for calling you out on your own violation of your own rule. Best wishes on the cancer battle. Its a beast! But damn you for talking about how this place and team is a haven of light for you in trying times when you denied it to other for noticing you braking your OWN rules!
  2. You and I both will likely be creating new accounts soon~
  3. Quality people leaving? This board is dominated by the same 20-30 folks posting and replying. All the other thousands make random comments here or there, or if they are smart just lurk and look in to check see the latest news those same 20-30 folks compete with each other to be the first to post some bull they saw on Twitter and discuss. Every whiny thread and every interaction to it is money in Igo's pocket. Let the man's board have freedom to enhance his bank account. It's pretty easy to just not click on bull rather than deny others a chance to interact when in fact...they did not break any terms they agreed to when joining.
  4. Isnt there a rule about obvious trash threads? Ahh damn i know, rules don't apply if you have a high post count.
  5. Fools like this are why this site is really little more than a news source of people trying to beat each other to post whatever, than a real and thought out discussion. JRE this is not! Most people come here to get news many of your fools compete to post about first.
  6. I'm not as passionate because since 2008 I have watched my accounts be banned in this fan space for bullshit other members with higher post count get away with. I had an account banned because i called out Ricky Spanish or whatever for violating his own sticky thread about political and false news stuff related to covid. I saw threads of this asshat 4corners where others screenshotted him literally going through every one of their previous posts giving them poo..... dude literally spend hours going through this one cats post history to poo hundreds of threads So really my fandom has decreased because the one place I can be a fan is a shithole good ol boys club where the users with the higher post counts live where the rules set forth do not apply to them.
  7. Exactly this. Some folks let "sports" affect their mood and life to a point its worrisome and some might argue in need of mental help.
  8. Hell yeah. Embed twitter posts to slow this joint down!
  9. I do miss the recaps of Training camp. No one has really stepped up to do it like you.
  10. South Korean broadcasting station SBS has the Panthers helmet as a thumbnail for their sports channel! I thought I was on the only Panther fan in Korea, but apparently I'm not alone!!
  11. Its almost as if you don't know how business works! He didn't buy the team to make fans happy, he bought it to make HIMSELF money! He is doing that.
  12. I personally do not give a rats ass about what gunslinger Jake from 20 years ago play style/tactics says or thinks about Bryce. If Jake were a more technical QB i might have a softer stance. And Jake is a legend for this franchise but get that old head mofo away from our young diamond!
  13. Truth. Fans need to stick to the game, and get out of the business they don't understand.
  14. The kid is 24 years old and grew up in this age of social media. Its a given that he is "immature" and rightfully so being that age, and dealing with all the pressures of a draft, a team, agents in his ear about 10's of millions of dollars that is possibly on or off the table and so many others. Somewhere in your posting history is much more immaturity than Matt Corral making an instagram post dealing with all he has to deal with.
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