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  1. What is it with you anyways? You must be related to him to constantly bash Bryce while claiming CJ is so comparable to Cam from that closed thread you created. If you were honest, Richardson is much more like Cam so you have kind of bias towards CJ to lie as well. Bryce IS the right QB choice in this draft cause of his accuracy under pressure unlike CJ who was worse than Sam D under pressure or did you missed that Michigan game? It just that most of the time he is not under any pressure but will be against that Steelers front D tomorrow where he will struggle so bad unlike Bryce would. Why you go root for the Texans so you can stop this non stop whining. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2023-nfl-draft-rankings-quarterbacks-bryce-young-anthony-richardson
  2. On a Saturday? He is studying some film on the Vikes defensive schemes like most rook QB today.
  3. Even Addison can get those numbers with his glue like hands if JJ is covered like a hawk. I missed DJ
  4. No surprise here, he WILL struggle like that Wolverine game all over again. The greens are flowing into the Steelers game against the Texans and it will be the easiest crushing in week 4. The Panthers has a better chance of beating Minny on Sunday than the Texans winning.
  5. The real stars from the Buckeyes are the playmaking receivers, not the QB and that trend will continue. I would still draft Bryce for any team, especially contenders who has to start a rookie QB to compete for the SB. Hopefully CJ will be successful in the NFL but Bryce will be a star imho.
  6. Why would he fires the greatest backup QB in the NFL, who happens to be our very first QB when this franchise was inaugurated. Solid hire for once imho. https://www.quora.com/Who-is-the-best-backup-quarterback-in-NFL-History
  7. Hiring a stubborn college coach was a big mistake from the very start but Reich is none of that and keep in mind he was fired by Irsay, who also fired Cardwell after 3 seasons, two of season they made the playoffs including the SB. He was assumed told to Tank for Luck when Manning was hurt during his last year and was fired afterward as a scrap goat. Now I wouldn't mind if Wilks was retained but he did went 3-13 in his lone season as the Cardinals HC and didn't have a winning season for us last season even tho won them at the end. Bottom line is that if Wilks is a good coach, he will get more opportunities as HC in the future like Reich has which I believe is the right coach cause he was also a QB in this league who throw his 1st TD as a Panthers. You should give him more time instead of only 3 games that has nothing to do with the play calling along with losing our best playmaker in DJ
  8. First off, I NEVER TOLD or stated that I was fine with losing so thanks for putting words into people mouths. And since you didn't respond to my question, I can only assume you do want Rivera back or is it that when he loses, it's the players fault but with Reich, it's his fault even tho his play calling was text book as a much better team would have won with those same calls. But hey, keep pounding it cause it might your lover coach back.
  9. Agreed with the play calling as well but some fans put all the blame on the coach if they lose, even to better teams regardless. Just 3 games into the new season of losing is all that is needed for the coach to be canned as far as these unrealistic fans are concerned. One of them want to rehire Rivera to bring back the Keep Pounding that was under his leadership. Do you want him back?
  10. So you rather have Jim Irsay as an owner cause he meddles and get rid of them if they don't win like Jeff Saturday who didn't last long or Peyton Manning cause he was hurt. Players will play for Tepper over Irsay all day other than you.
  11. The keep pounding era like you want Ron Rivera back? Lol im sure Washington will let Tepper have him back for low round pick if you want him back that bad as the new owners already have someone else in mind to coach their team. You seem to know nothing about winning.
  12. Frank hold players accountable but maybe you prefer coaches who chew players out in front of the entire team is your cup of tea. You tell me how it should be done. https://theathletic.com/734739/2018/12/26/no-filter-needed-how-colts-coach-frank-reich-got-his-teams-attention/?amp=1
  13. We are a rebuilding team so what did you expect?? Reich is a solid hire imo but a few games in and you are already whining like many here on the coaching. Let me guess, you wanted Steichen like that other poster but he reminds me of my old boss from Wal-Mart who yells down at his employees even on the first day i was hired. No way i want any head coach like that and doubt he will not last as long as Frank did for the Colts, whose owner oddly acts the same way behind close doors. How he treated Peyton Manning was beyond bad. I will play for Frank over Shane all day cause he's my type of leader. Again solid hire Tepper, for once.
  14. Broncos would only go on a fire sale if they are rebuilding which they are not with Payton as coach. If they do for some odd reason, Russ would need to be the first to go which i doubt they can do even if they include Jeudy to unload. Unless teams are willing to offer a first round pick straight up, he is staying. I followed him in Bama and the guy is an elite route runner and has great hands but can't stay healthy. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10082333-jerry-jeudy-trade-rumors-broncos-rebuffed-inquiries-wanted-1st-round-draft-pick
  15. Interesting choice as Johnson was born and went to school in the state. I wouldn't mind pegging him to start his head coaching career with the Panthers. Any coach that as previous ties locally or with the team is a plus in my book. Keep in mind that Reich threw his very 1st TD with us as a Panthers and was Peyton Manning QB coach. Do not want Steichen as our HC and think he's way over his head. Same with Rhule from the very beginning. Please give the comeback beard a chance as I believe he is a leader of men unlike Rhule.
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