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  1. I meant i have "NEVER" stated even once that I hated Cam but have stated that he is my hero! Why can't i edit my response on here....is it broken?!?!?
  2. Who is this "We" you are referring on me hating Cam?!? Again, more BS i assumed cause I have stated once that i hated Cam or make fun of his attributes but have even mentioned on here that Cam is my hero! Just cause I told you my reason why you suggest trading for Fields is that he reminds you of Cam, unlike Bryce, does NOT make me hate Cam like you hope i would because of your obvious hatred of Bryce by making fun of his attributes. Anyone who makes fun of Bryce short comings is pure hate without using the actual hate word. Trust me on this! Don't worry, you are NOT the only one here who acts this way towards Bryce as some are MUCH worse. So if my reasoning on why you want to trade for Fields is not cause he reminds you of Cam, then what is your REASONING? If you don't respond and provide any reasoning because you are ASHAMED that i am right that he reminds you of Cam, then we will end this subject now and i won't bring it up again.
  3. Bingo!!!!! You finally trying to change the subject cause that i am right Lol. You wanted Fields cause of Cam, kissing cousins grown from the same cloth. The idolizing is undeniable so let's get Tepper to trade for your boy so we can finally be SB contenders like you haf predicted before this season started but it will not just be hype. It will be your prime Cam to the rescue awww!!! https://heavy.com/sports/chicago-bears/justin-fields-cam-newton-role-model/ Cam-Jus New-Fields Powa!!!!!!!!
  4. We already know how you feel about Fields cause he reminds you so much of Cam. He has all the tools like Cam that you cherish so much in this article. Maybe you have a point. https://www.sportsmockery.com/chicago-bears/the-most-damning-justin-fields-fact-no-one-mentions-showed-up-again/
  5. Oh so you know nothing about DJ who we all know would say the right thing like most smart players. He's a great locker room guy who never stirs the pot or said anything controversial while he was a Panthers but you expect him to say he wants a new QB like you would? I know you wouldn't trust DJ if he was still here and backed Bryce 100% publicly due to your obvious hatred towards him. If Bryce was his QB, they would be best buddies because they have the same personality and outlook in life, something that Fields hasn't been. https://www.landgrantholyland.com/2021/4/29/22408619/nfl-draft-ohio-state-justin-fields-miracle-shocking Coming from the same poster who created a post here for us to trade for him, I suspect you are related to this bum that is not a leader.
  6. Huh?!? I can't tell cause mods are NOT supposed to play jokes and mocked our franchise QB for his attributes shortcomings or whatever else you think might be funny. I would NEVER do that to anyone! Anyways, if this guy becomes available due to him being released, we need to picked him up on waiver cause he has playmaking speed that we desperately need and Bryce can accurately place the ball right on his mitts like A-Rod can. Bryce can help him out like he does with Jamo when Goff or anyone from Ohio State could not. His breakaway speed will help us spread the field for once imo!
  7. You got that right my friend. The 49ers refused to trade any of their playmakers to the Dolphins cause they had no playmakers which is why Tua was struggling to find anyone open with his accurate yet weak noodle arm. SF rather give the Fins 3 first round picks instead to draft Trey Lance. Fortunately the Fins was able to draft Tua's Bama connection buddy in Waddle as their 1st playmaker and the rest is history. https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/tua-tagovailoa-underthrows-tyreek-hill-in-miami-dolphins-hype-video-01g2smj47700 When Da Bears ask for our only playmaker to help out Fields, our idiot GM complied like no big deal so Fields as their GM must be laughing at us that he accepted. Yet most fans here continues to bash Bryce, calling him names like pillows when he has NO PLAYMAKERS on make a difference! If we can somehow trade for Jamo to complete the Bama connection, Bryce using his accurate arm can finally open up field which will be a sight to behold. But it seems like only a few like us here understand the importance of playmakers that i been harping on since day one! Until we get a playmaker which is NOT Thielin nor Mingo as neither can get any separation even on a good day, we will continue struggling to win games and it will NOT be Bryce's fault!!! https://www.redcuprebellion.com/2023/4/25/23696643/2023-nfl-draft-profile-jonathan-mingo-ole-miss-rebels-football-wide-receiver-first-round
  8. Not sure why this thread even needed to be created since anyone with half a brain would have given this disastrous trade an F like i did when it happened regardless on who would have been taken in the draft months later. Maybe i was the only one who thought trading our ONLY playmaker was one of the worst move ever by a GM and called for his ouster after it was made. This playmaker finally made Fields look good in year 3 when he finally got a true playmaker. I also given the ghost passer trade an F too cause after 3 years of failure as a starter, only a fool would think a change in scenery would make any difference. Our GM is a joke! https://www.derp/2022/3/7/22962178/scott-fitterer-carolina-panthers-year-1-review-player-trades
  9. Bryce is a natural born leader which is why he was made captain once he got here just like he was at Bama. Its one of his best intangibles cause he treat everyone with respect and would NEVER toss anyone under the bus even if its their fault unlike most highly drafted QB. No other rookie in this draft class is as qualified as he is. Ickey can never be a captain cause he eats pancakes as much as he dish em out on game day. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/09/06/panthers-bryce-young-named-team-captain-huge-honor/ Im still shocked a classy organization like the Steelers would sign this guy as a backup knowing he has toss his key players and HC under the bus like a bum that he is. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/steelers_mitch_trubisky_shows_his_true_colors_following_benching_vs_colts/s1_17313_39684284
  10. We NEED this HC to start winning again like last season cause he is a motivator of men. Antonio Pierce is the same type or HC who motivates his player to destroy the Chargers. It's all about motivation that can get thru to anyone, even a bum like Sam D. Don't hire Ben cause he can't motivate but is another Staley. Once we bring him back, we will start winning agajn, trust me on this CamWhoaa!!!!
  11. Agreed, the ONLY concern was trading away this guy from Bryce. Once we draft this guy with our super high 2nd round pick this upcoming draft, all will be fixed for Bryce to be a winner like Tua. Trust me on this!!! Its all about the breakaway speed!!!
  12. Glad you ask and not claim to know about NCCAF like many here pretend to know and undermine. As you are aware, our top priority is to replace DJ whom the GM foolishly traded to move up in the draft. This player is the only one who can come close to DJ in this upcoming draft. I would offer Burns and Mingo to move up if need be for this guy whom Bryce needs for us to start winning games. Its all about the breakaway speed to win games. Tua understand how important that is unlike our clown GM who gave da Bears what they ask for. He reminds me of DJ so much...
  13. I would hire Cam as team president/GM cause he speaks the truth about Rhule that i even knew before the hire. Cam is my hero like Bryce has been as they understand the need for an elite playmaker to win games! https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/12/14/panthers-cam-newton-matt-rhule-christian-mccaffrey-sam-darnold-2021-season/ Even Cam hinted that if Bryce had Steve Smith or DJ, this would be his first NFL game results!
  14. So why don't you go up against Bryce then huh Big Boy since you talk big like a know it all. I would put my hard earn money on Bryce to beat you hands down even in a friendly flag football game since i doubt you can handle getting tackled and would likely run to the bleachers when the lines breaks down.
  15. If THAT'S your requirement to take one QB over another, than its a good thing that you stay away from drafting a franchise QB along with everyone else here who prefers Big Willy over Bryce. Mister Biceps is as arrogant as they come just like Ryan Leaf and Rosen. No one wants to draft a cocky QB who raves about himself while flexing his biceps to scouts at the combine that all you cannon arm lovers wpuld eat that up like jelly on rye. I wouldn't draft this clowj in the 7th round cause i want leaders who are humble as pie and cares about helping others more than himself. That's why Bryce is a winner!!!!! https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10071009-will-levis-deserves-2nd-round-grade-amid-nfl-draft-rumors-anonymous-coach-says https://highschool.si.com/california/2023/04/28/nfl-draft-bryce-young-carolina-panthers-elite-human-being Tepper got it right for once....
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