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  1. There’s no way burns could have known that ball was already thrown lol
  2. man those refs really don’t want us to win. What a bs penalty.
  3. I was mistaken, it’s Mark Sanchez. Same idea though, QB that probably sympathizes with Darnold and makes a lot of excuses for him.
  4. Oh, mixed up my terrible QBs drafted high to terrible teams.
  5. He was making sure he didn’t go catch the tipped pass. Announcers were making out like it was revenge or something stupid, but he was just defending the broken play
  6. David Carr. He’s just incredibly sympathetic to QBs edit: I was mistaken. Mark Sanchez, same idea though.
  7. Not even close to Shortbus Rivera.
  8. Cuz we don’t have the present right now. And as a side benefit, it would be a good olive branch to disgruntled fans.
  9. Sacks aren’t the definitive stat for NTs. They’re not the end all be all qualifier for defensive linemen, not even DEs. They’re more important for DEs, but not the whole story.
  10. We definitely made the right choice. Our defense fell off a cliff after we lost Star. Brown is someone that can be built around.
  11. Yes, you do. Guys like Brown make the whole line click. Their productivity isn’t measured in individual stats.
  12. Rivera was/is a shitty coach. If Rhule is following in his footsteps I want him gone yesterday.
  13. I also thought he slipped, looked like he was getting low to cut back the other way and slipped.
  14. The problem is Chuba drops 9/10 check down passes. But other than that, yea he’s a quality starter. Drop off from CMC is drastic though. Good enough on a team with a good QB to take advantage of our WRs so the defenses can’t just crowd the line and cover the passes easily with three or four DBs.
  15. In all seriousness, the only player I can say had an actual good game is Chinn. Maybe Brown and Jones too.
  16. Browns coaches, Jets coaches get fired after one or two seasons. Most owners and GMs know that’s not how to run a franchise.
  17. Rhule isn’t getting fired after two seasons. If year three is bad, who knows.
  18. That doesn’t have anything to do with what I said. And it’s all the proof I’ll ever need not to trust stats to tell the whole story. I could walk past a burning bush tomorrow and Morgan Freeman’s voice could say “Teddy Bridgewater throws a better deep ball than Sam Darnold” and I’d reply “sorry God, you must not be actually watching the games.”
  19. Darnold’s deep ball isn’t accurate. He’s overthrown DJ a number of times this year. Still not as bad as Teddy’s though.
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