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  1. I think we might have a situation of Fitterer and Morgan vs. Tepper and Rhule. We all know how that will go, if so.
  2. Do it and then tell them it was Falcons fans just visiting.
  3. Nothing but a PR stunt from the beginning.
  4. Morris has been begging for it for years. He earned it.
  5. He’s a piece of poo which is why he no longer owns the franchise, the reason why we had Marty Hurney as a GM (twice) and the reason we had Ron Rivera posing as an NFL head coach for 9 seasons. Spare me.
  6. Ron Rivera is a born loser and, outside of Richardson and Hurney, the absolute worst thing that ever happened to this franchise. I couldn’t despise him more.
  7. I agree Mitch has done a nice job thus far. Only took nearly a decade for MJ to allow a GM who had a clue.
  8. You’re not wrong. Two limp dick owners (Richardson and MJ) who hire limp dick GMs and coaches and don’t prioritize winning.
  9. Is KK back on the field? If so, add him to the list.
  10. With last nights addition of Jeremy Lin, we now have: Walker, Batum, Lamb, Hairston, Daniels, Roberts and Lin in the backcourt. While I don't feel terrible about that rotation, I'm wondering if someone will be the odd man out. If not, then we really have no room for Harrison who has been the brightest star IMO during the summer league. Is Cho going to pull a Cho and drop the ball by not signing Harrison? Is someone getting cut in lieu of signing Harrison?
  11. Cho should realize that he's also a mistake and resign. He's an absolute disease and completely responsible for the mess that he's created with terrible draft after terrible draft and contracts that have hamstrung us. I wish he would take MJ with him when he goes.
  12. He shouldn't act like a pussy and say he didn't want to come here before the draft in that case. He didn't want to be here, and he shouldn't. Cho and MJ fuged up again. He just needs to shut his trap and play now. Put up or shut up.
  13. They fooled us all with the hype of becoming the Hornets again, but we are still an incompetent organization in most every facet. We have a below average team, a below average coach (average at very best), our GM's only talent is finding trade partners dumber than he is while still not translating his haul to more wins, and our owner likes to play basketball know it all while real franchises are making moves and drafting their way out of the basement or staying on top. We are in the basement and settling in for the long haul down there. This franchise is a joke.
  14. I still don't feel any better about it. Cho and MJ fuged us again. Those two illiterate nutsacks couldn't find titties in a strip club and certainly can't find talent in the draft. MJ thinks he knows how to run an organization based on his own playing abilities. He's shown time and time again that he doesn't knot dick, and the only reason cho still has a job is because he pumps MJ's nuts and won't stand up to him. We were all thinking that guys would sign here to play for MJ. It was a good thought, but it isn't true. No one wants to play for a losing franchise that is a laughing stock and a doormat. Those two fuging idiots can't leave fast enough and will probably burn in hell.
  15. I won't ever eat the slice of bread at the front of the loaf.
  16. 300 East is my favorite restaurant in Charlotte.
  17. I graduated college. Twice. So what's up?
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