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  1. His athletic profile probably means he'll learn just enough from us to only have another team poach him and reap the reward. Doubt that we can stash him. Especially from a team like the Raiders, who were known to covet speedsters.
  2. He is picking up where Brandi Chastain left off.
  3. Well We're drafting you anyway.
  4. This is not a fight song. This is the song that popped into my head when Coach Rhule said that people wasn't seeing the progress. Heavy D and the Boyz- You can't see what I can see.
  5. He even flubs the I love you hand sign.
  6. Was this just a post of a cool video or it suppose to have some other meaning that I am just not getting?
  7. Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Um, somewhere. I'm excited but how deep in a hole are we. How much realistically are we expecting can be accomplished this season at this point.
  8. Pat Coletrain, is that you? If Cam accepted to comeback, atleast there can be some sorta closer.
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