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  1. If Darnold fails, and the Panthers screwed up their chance to get a franchise QB this draft, it’s a greater issue then the men selected to play qB, it’s the men who put that QB in that position who are not getting the job done I do not see Fields dropping, the Panthers will waste a second or third round pick on Kellen Mond, Trask or the Stanford QB
  2. nothing earth shattering but I always like Scott’s view on things as he is not a ‘homer’ My favorite quote ‘Of course, in 2022, we also may be writing about the Panthers moving on from Darnold, just as they moved on from Bridgewater, just as they moved on from Newton. What this team wouldn’t give to have the QB problem solved! Maybe Darnold is the solution, but his Jets stats would argue otherwise.’ FULL COLUMN BELOW Panthers had to dump Teddy Bridgewater, but will Sam Darnold really be any better? BY SCOTT FOWLER| [email protected] 1 hr. ago
  3. My head will explode if Fields is there and they don’t take him and drop that low there is nothing about Darnold that screams ‘winner’ the panthers just had one reclamation project fail and that was with someone Brady wanted AND knew his system i’d hedge my bets and take Fields if he is there I guess I had too many years of Fox passing on the likes of Aaron and Big Ben because he was happy with Jake you are either getting better or you are getting worse in the nfl. as far as Darnold, tape don’t lie.
  4. I have an open mind about Darnold but I would not be ready To hitch him to my franchise wagon he simply has not done enough ...even when he could production league Want him to do well however, he had to produce year one
  5. Yes, you wil need to click the hyper link. Too in-depth to copy and paste https://theriotreport.com/film-room-just-how-generational-is-penei-sewells-talent/?fbclid=IwAR0ZSelKf3OnJ56XMQVwnVqycK_nrB70Ye1Ht0ne_GHqvCQ7tKB_soN-7mc
  6. Thank you there are many different points of view of what will happen the lynchpin, unfortunately, is Atlanta if any team benefits if fields falls, it’s them i don’t begin to know. I hope for the best seeing how I put my money and time where my mouth is by choice with this team. nothing like NFL Sunday in the stadium.
  7. I think Slater is a LT as well but the author is simply stating what more than one evaluator has said. It’s probably a 65% to 35% split with LT being the majority selection
  8. read the full link, that might help I found his take to be possible and probable based on the trade up to Atlanta for number 4 That changes everything and realistically, Fitterer will not go lower than 12 to 15 range not directed at you but some people on here bitch if you just give a link, some bitch if you give just the text or too much text , some bitch if you give both andsome just like to criticize to prove how much smarter they think they are than others and today is one of those days in which I have no patience for it I shared this because the author is someone wh
  9. You could pass it by and frankly I’ll take the opinion of the author of that article over yours I wish people would stop bitching about other people posting articles when they post nothing of value of their own
  10. The focuses of the link from BR are the first rd selections and trade down picks not compensation Many links do this. Obviously the Panthers are getting compensation
  11. 2 trade downs in the first ...picking Darrisaw. Not difficult to grasp
  12. Carolina two trade downs 1 TRADE: Miami trade up for the 8th pick with Carolina receiving the 10th pick The Panthers really want to trade down, and while they would want to be well compensated for doing so, Miami have the draft capital to make it worth their while and with no receivers off the board to this point they would certainly be keen to go and get their man. —————————————————————- 2. TRADE: Philadelphia trades up for the 10th spot with Carolina receiving the 12th pick Philadelphia want to add offensive weapons, especially at receiver, and there ha
  13. Honestly I read that it had to do with leverage particularly with outside speed rushers Nfl has stats on perfection for every position
  14. For some reason, that made me lol. Seriously if he hasn’t, that means the Tepper Rhule and now Fitterer brain trust have brought us Teddy Bridgewater AND Sam Darnold and a fourth year of losing Pray for the best
  15. Or maybe it screams a QB1 and OC who do not execute in the redzone
  16. You absolutely can be optimistic. I’m just a ‘leopard doesn’t change its spots’ person getting away from Gase, Tannehill improved enough to be good enough to displace Marriota and be their franchise Qb would he succeed everywhere, no but he is what he has always been and if I’m an owner, I want the best QB I can get for the money paid. Others would be content. Which do you think Tepper is? my thing with darnold, he has arm talent, but does he have the brain and more importantly, the confidence and guts, to pull the trigger for a winning drive consistently I’m
  17. Exactly right panthers covered their bets. It’s a win either way, even for Darnold if he plays well if he doesn’t play well, Fields is there. Darnold hasnt exactly set the world on fire. In QBR, number 33. Time is up for him and any excuses
  18. I’m a season ticket holder....very invested in the team at the end of the day, it’s Fitterer and Rhule’s ass if this Darnold experiment bombs I’ll say in this thread what I said in another, if the HC AND GM both agree that Fields is the QB of the future and can work in Brady’s system or in whatever system remains when Brady leaves, take him. It is as simple as that as for Darnold, it hedged their bets and allows them to get rid of Teddy. Whatever really went in with Teddy, it’s a full and total break. They don’t want him here period As for Darnold, he now has to
  19. From what I understand, there is an arm length preferred for tackles an that helps with outside leverage and such at this point, the nfl has stats for best expectation of every position and every system as a guide
  20. Time will tell on Darnold potential is great the Nfl is production. Doesn’t matter your potential or your past accomplishments ask Cam
  21. If Fields is there, I have zero problem if they take Fields at 8 if they truly believe he is the guy or will be the guy drafting in the top 10 again best not happen again Since Rhule screwed the pooch on the QB lottery, he is where he is. they covered their bets with Darnold Is the smart thing trade down, or take a cb or OT, probably but it’s poker, if you really believe in fields and he is there, you take him. Get your LT in the second and cb in third next year them, if Darnold is serviceable, you trade him. Let someone else carry the 18 million. If he is fabulous, you
  22. So sick of playing the Washington team. Every damned year looking forward however to Cam’s return
  23. For his sake, I hope so but the NFL with 17 games plus Pete and post season and OTAs and training camp is a whole different level and his chances of a collision much greater and more cumulative hits as well really like him Hope it is nothing
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