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  1. number one defense... man that is nice to hear
  2. if we take down dallas to go 4-0 the media is going to go berserk
  3. 2015 DL: B 2021 DL: A+ 2015 Linebackers: A 2021 Linebackers: B 2015 Secondary: B- 2021 Secondary: A 2015 Defensive Coaching: B 2021 Defensive Coaching: A A couple games in at least this is definitely a better defense than the super bowl team.
  4. i'd much rather see a woodshed game a la new orleans, but houston is pretty stout on defense and we're still finding our rhythm on offense. i expect it to be too close for comfort for a couple quarters but eventually mistakes will doom that texans offense and we're bound to capitalize.
  5. houston only scores FGs field position battle in the first, CAR pulls away in the second big day for the TEs
  6. sure would be sweet to take houston to the woodshed on national tv. that'd trigger a 2015-esque breakout in terms of media coverage and hype
  7. i remember that like it was yesterday. 14-0 right off the bat at the top of a promising season and then everything just went to hell (in the game and in the season)
  8. i'll settle for baldy talking about another woodshed game on friday
  9. i'm confident this thread will bring out the progressive and forward-thinking je ne sais quoi this fan base is known for
  10. ehhh that's a balls move in college with a bunch of kids but i feel like it builds resentment among pros
  11. hopefully we get some steve smith sound bytes out of this week
  12. with the line playing as it is burns could legit end up dpoty
  13. if we go 3-0 and look like we could make a run i absolutely am all for offering picks to the first 0-3 team lining up for its offseason fire sale
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