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  1. exactly. i hate rhule too but i'd hate him even more if higgins did that in the regular season and cost us with a good kickoff return
  2. hard to believe he beat out the 48th ranked quarterback over the last two years
  3. nah. not yet. as much as i hate his ass baker is still immature and needs to fight for it. if darnold is getting the reps with the ones at the end of the week i'll start to worry.
  4. kudos to anyone who could get more than thirty seconds into that video
  5. no replacement for talent, but boy is it nice knowing the person you're hiring actually wants to be there
  6. you should get into coaching!
  7. he's explained this to you very patiently like sixty times guy
  8. agreed, anderson is annoying but it's because he has an enormous ego, which is essential for a wide receiver, so i don't get the hate. also he's our only guy who can truly stretch the field. if you have questions at QB why on earth would you jettison a guy like that because he gets on your nerves as a fan? silly takes around here
  9. i can't stand his stupid bunched up face but it makes sense to keep him on the roster
  10. sometimes they're better on the brown side of ripe
  11. couple of sneak peak production stills, first featuring jackson rathbone and the second with arnold vosloo (the mummy!) who plays nazi colonel martin bach. seats still available for the premiere! get your asses up here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/condors-nest-premiere-gala-tickets-372929019737
  12. A few years I posted on here about building a full-scale B17 bomber in a field in eastern NC as part of a collection of movie sets to attract investors and leverage name talent by presenting an interesting visual look to match the storyline. A few years and approximately ten thousand hours later, lo and behold, it's all come together. As you can see on that poster, we managed to pull name talent and then some. Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy, Blood Diamond) signed on as the lead heavy. The legendary Michael Ironside followed days later. Then we landed Jackson Rathbone (Twilight dude) and Bruce Davison, an Academy Award nominee who added serious clout to the film (Oscar noms don't take shitty projects.) Jorge Garcia (Hurley from LOST) took a role and the lowest key (but constantly scene-stealing) add was James Urbaniak (The Office, Venture Bros) an accomplished voice actor who plays Heinrich Himmler. Getting to direct these guys was an unbelievable rush and the highest point of my career to date. We filmed last year during COVID, which was a fuging nightmare beyond all comprehension, but managed to somehow pull it off. Our little airplane went from a design on a sheet of paper to this on the day: The film is set during a hunt for Nazi war criminals in South America, so we ended production by doing a stint in Peru and Puerto Rico shooting some scenes, adding unparalleled visual scope and scale to the picture. After filming wrapped we signed a deal with 7-time Academy Award winning sales agency Voltage Pictures to represent it worldwide. It began selling at Cannes last month and already has representation in two dozen countries, including the U.S., where it'll be distributed and placed on Netflix (probably early next year.) Check out all the sweet deets on IMDB. Here's a sneak peak production still featuring Arnold Vosloo being terrifying. He was seriously THE perfect casting for this role. The gravity he brought as an SS tank commander was unreal. You can see the French farmhouse sitting there in the background - we built that too, in eastern NC, on the same set as the plane. Wanna watch it? On July 16 we're hosting a one-time, exclusive theatrical premiere event at the Carolina Theater in Greensboro, North Carolina, with an after party at the luxurious Davidoff Lounge. It's a private pre-screening event and tickets won't be available at the box office. You can buy tickets here! Use the promo code HUDDLE for 10% off any of your tickets, whether it's general admission or VIP/gala inclusive. Some prominent Huddlers involved in this, from executive producer/actor @Chaos to associate producers @Dex and @OneBadCat who plays a prominent role as an actor. Hope to see some of you there too!
  13. lol you must not post here much. i don't recognize your handle. this cat45 guy has been posting here for years and has made his views about race, society, and the greatest quarterback in franchise history very, very well known
  14. he vocally supports and actively pushes the worst of the evangelical dominionist camps like focus on the family and gay conversion, is a willing stooge of the military's propaganda wing and publicizes guantanamo torture facility tours like it's a zoo trip, is an anti-kneeling chud whose first comments after george floyd's murder were about disrespecting the flag. he's fuging gross
  15. he's one of the only NFL players i despise at a personal level so i would legit hate this beyond words
  16. dumb. he would've had prime time future HOFer cam newton throwing to him here. but you're a weirdo shadow racist street preacher cam hater so of course you have this wonky ass take
  17. perseverance is essential to winning but it's not sexy and a slogan's gotta be sexy.
  18. usually football traits are strong, big, and fast, and you only get to chose two. ickey is all three
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