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  1. tepper isn't gonna go from opening the vault for watson to drafting mac buttfuging jones at 8
  2. great signing. he was crucial depth and could play a very important part this season when we get deshaun watson and need to maximize the value of unheralded performers
  3. they have to know this is their best path forward. my guess is by clamming up they're encouraging suitors to come forward with offers that'll blow the doors off. nick caserio wants to be calvin candy.
  4. that's good news. now someone go leave a horse's chopped off head in nick caserio's bed
  5. he had a rep for taking care of the ball and being a really efficient signal caller. with our receivers and CMC that was supposed to be a pretty decent way to build something while the defense started gelling.
  6. two firsts max. they're gonna trade him out of the conference if they can though
  7. imagine organizing your entire football operation around ron rivera's executive authority
  8. i ran my my mouth when i was that age too and look at me now! very respectful and deferential to everyone.
  9. oh i thought this was a charity thing. well, comment still stands - kid seems sincere to me - worth giving him the benefit of the doubt.
  10. he's a young underprivileged kid at a football camp. were people expecting a harvard application essay? the fact it was written on a notes app and probably had general guidance from a coach but not edited by anyone suggests the kid sincerely feels like an asshole and wants to make it right. people who probably did far dumber poo at that age are being awfully cynical about this
  11. i wish you worked for the panthers front office so you could tell this to tepper and fitterer
  12. of all the social media unfollows i've done over the years deangelo williams was by far the healthiest
  13. good for him. kids are dumb, but hopefully this one learned something important that he can carry with him for the rest of his life. good on cam for making this a teachable moment. god i miss him in charlotte
  14. that's not really news but i love it and i want more of it!
  15. these are universal truths. i'm just the messenger
  16. people who call themselves "old souls" are complete fuging douchebags lmao. imagine being proud of being 30 and everyone thinking you're twice as old because of how crotchety and inept you are
  17. just click the link great grandpa or did they not teach that in world war one
  18. CMC is great, but we can get production from nearly anyone we stick at the position. the same is not true of the quarterback position. this had been demonstrated time and again. if CMC is the difference maker in a trade to get a guy who can make you elite at quarterback you don't hesitate.
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